10 ideas for influencers to revamp their walls in 2023

10 ideas for influencers to revamp their walls in 2023

Whether you’re a makeup guru, fashionista, food blogger or aspiring Instagram star, no it doesn’t matter how big or small your influence is, we are here to help you give your room that perfect quality look and feel.

There are many reasons why influencers or photographers want to decorate their room or studio, be it to have the best spot to take OOTD pictures, to make Tiktoks or a picturesque background for your youtube videos.  It’s easy to make a wall look good with the right pieces of furniture, colors, and accessories. This is especially true when you’re trying to create a distinctive style. 

We are going to give you a few ideas on how to make your wall look on fleek. Let’s go!

  1. Up your wall game with frames

If you’re looking for a fresh, inexpensive way to change up the look of your room or home, painting your walls with frames is a great solution! Choose a color that complements the decor in your room and then place multiple frames of different sizes on your wall. It’s as easy as that. Painting your wall will give a contrast to your frames, but even without the paint, you’re good to go.

We believe you do not need to spend $4,000 for that perfect backdrop for your Instagram. Bring home some of your favorite movie posters and fine art prints from flea markets or thrift stores, or print your favorite digital art and frame them with something a little more permanent like a wooden frame (or pick up vintage ones at a flea market). 

wall decor
home decor
  1. Get yourself LED neon lights

Nothing makes a place happier like wall hangings to brighten up your walls. LED Neon Signs are the perfect highlight to any space. Create and customize your own sign in minutes to match your décor and build brand awareness. With LED wall art, you can add a touch of light to any room!

Bring the vibe of lights to your home and your instagram. LED Neon lights give your space a cool, bright look for pictures, videos and more. Get your own custom made neon signs with just a few clicks. Choose from hundreds of fonts and colors, or upload any design you want. You will receive a mock up for your approval before completing your order. It’s a vibe, I swear!

Cluod neon sign
  1. Peel and stick wallpaper is your answer

If you want to upgrade your space, Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add color and personality to any space. Creating an accent wall is a cheap and quick way to give your room some flair. It’s easy to install, so you can do it yourself. You can find peel and stick wallpaper in a variety of colors and patterns to match any decor. If you are choosing a colorful pattern then add any simple plain furniture, It could be a table or couch against it to create the contrast. 

home chair
  1. Showcase your interest

You might have an interest that you would like to express and showcase through art or decor. Whatever your passion is, whether its interior design, music, fashion or another, you can use your wall as a canvas.

If you like painting, place paintings on your wall. If you’re a fashionista and love accessories or clothes, place a mannequin with a fancy dress on it and some accessories against a wall with a fashionable frame on the side. For music lovers, you can put records on the wall. And, if you’re a traveler, place those souvenirs or stick the stones and pebbles that you have collected all your life.

home showcase
  1. You can’t go wrong with a map

You can make a personalized map for your wall.This is the perfect decor for all instagram influencers. If you are someone who loves trying new restaurants and loves taking food pictures then, I’m sure you would have a bunch of pictures of these. Well, get those pictures printed and place those polaroids on the map, write the name of the restaurant. This is a fun way to document your food trips and will also add aesthetic to your background. 

home wall map art
  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall

Can’t find anything to put on your wall? Are you still confused? Don’t worry y’all, grab a mirror from online stores or thrift market, vintage? Even better! And place it on your wall. It won’t only make your space look bigger but you will get a place to take mirror selfies for your social media. Below are some ideas for mirror decor. Check ’em out.

home wall mirror
  1. Delve for shelf

Adding even a wooden plank on your wall with the right objects would beautify your room. Floating shelves is not only a great way to store and showcase your stuff but it adds an edge to your wall. Be creative with the shelves, and call your carpenter right now and get your customized shelves made. 

home wall raket
  1. The OG canvas

Get a big blank canvas if you can’t afford to buy a big painting for your wall. You can experiment with pouring paints, or just splash the paints on the canvas to make an abstract art. You can even get multiple canvases, put them together and start painting on it, this will give you continuous multiple canvas painting. Youtube is filled with painting tutorials for beginners, give it a watch and give your wall a makeover. 

home wall art
  1. Green scene

Go green or go home! Let me tell you the easiest way to give your room a facelift. Plants make the best accessory for your photos and videos, plus it’s the most affordable way to revamp your space too. Indoor plants are not only considered a makeup for your room but your soul too. Here are some inspirations on how you can place your plants with furniture and printed cushions.

indoor plants
  1. Plates, but for your wall

Who said plates can only be used for eating purposes? Well, it can also be used for wall decor. You can use printed plates, hand painted plates or colored plates, and hang up on your wall. It will make an aesthetic background for your pictures and videos, plus it’s easy to do. Good selected hanging plates are like food for your wall. Want some inspiration? Check out the pictures below.

indoor plants

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