15 Ways to Turn Your Spare Room into a Storage powerhouse

15 Ways to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Storage powerhouse

Storage is often one of the biggest issues homeowners faces. There’s never enough space to keep everything organized and tidy. However, by utilizing your spare room, you can create a storage powerhouse that will help keep your home neat and clutter-free. Do you have a spare room in your house just sitting there, collecting dust? If so, you can easily turn it into a storage powerhouse! This blog post will discuss 15 ways to use your extra storage space. Whether you are looking for extra storage for your holiday decorations or want to create a dedicated space for your belongings, we have the solution for you!

Under Floor Storage

If you have a spare room with hardwood floors, take advantage of the space by installing some underfloor storage. This can be a great way to store seasonal items or other things you don’t need regularly. You can cover this storage with area rugs when you’re not using them, so they don’t stand out.

Add some shelving!

One of the quickest and most effortless ways to add storage to a room is to install some shelves. Whether you go for floating shelves, corner shelves, or even ladder shelves, they provide an instant storage solution that can be easily customized to your needs. Make sure you choose to shelve appropriately for the items you want to store.

Install a closet system

You’re lucky if you have a spare little room and a closet! Many different closet systems on the market can help you maximize your storage space. From simple wire shelving to more elaborate wood systems, there is sure to be a closet system that will work for you.

Utilize under-bed storage

If your spare room has a bed, you can take advantage of the space beneath it for storage. There are many dissimilar types of under-bed storage containers available, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. From plastic bins to fabric bags, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Fabric Storage Bags

For larger items, such as bedding or out-of-season clothing, fabric storage bags are a great option. These bags can be stored on shelves or in closets, and they’re usually clear so you can see what’s inside.

Use Rugs and Curtains

Rugs and curtains can add both style and function to a room. Rugs can help define different areas in a room, while curtains can be used to mask storage areas or create more privacy. Some Modern rugs also have pockets to store items like tv remotes or other small items.

Plastic Bins and Baskets with Label

Adding labels to your plastic storage bins is a great way to help keep things organized. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s in each bin and where it should go. Baskets also are a great way to store smaller items that might otherwise get lost in larger storage containers. You can use baskets to store items like socks, underwear, and other small clothing items.

Hang things up

One of the most pleasing ways to maximize space in a small room is to make use of vertical space. Hanging things on the walls or ceiling can help clear up floor space and make the room feel less cluttered. For example, hang a clothes rack from the ceiling or install wall shelves.

Foldable Furniture

If you have the space, foldable furniture can be a great option for a spare room. This furniture can be easily stored away when unused, freeing up space for other activities. For example, you could get a foldable bed or a foldable table and chairs.

Keep it organized

No matter how much storage space you have, it won’t do you good if it’s not organized. Taking the time to group things together and store them in an orderly fashion will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it.

Use The Walls

Walls are often overlooked when it comes to storage, but they can be a great way to add extra space. Putting up shelves is an obvious choice, but there are other options. You could install hooks to hang things from or even add a pegboard to hang smaller items from. For example, you could use the pegboard to organize tools or other household items.

Ceiling Storage

If you have high ceilings in your spare room, take advantage of the extra space by adding some ceiling storage. This can be anything from a hanging rack for clothes to overhead shelves for boxes and other items. For example, you could use the shelves to store out-of-season clothes or holiday decorations.

Shoe and Books Rack

If you have a lot of shoes or books, or both, then a rack specifically for them can help to keep your spare room more organized. You can find shoe racks that fit over the door or ones that stand on their own. For books, look for a small bookshelf that will fit in your available space.

Add A Loft

If your spare room has high ceilings, you may be able to add a loft. This is a great way to create extra storage space without taking up any floor space. Just be sure to make the area safe by adding a railing or some other type of barrier.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are another great way to add storage space without taking up any floor space. They can be used to store books, knick-knacks, or even clothes. Just be sure that the shelves are secured properly so that they don’t fall and injure anyone.


You can turn your spare room into a storage powerhouse in many ways. Just be creative and think outside the box. One piece of advice choose rugs as a storage solution; you can shop from RugKnots to find the best rugs for your space. With a little effort, you can easily transform your spare room into a storage oasis and your spare room into the ultimate storage solution.

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