20 Literature PhD Dissertation Topics for UK Scholars

Overcoming the challenge of choosing the best topic for an English literature PhD dissertation is no mean feat. PhD in English literature hones a student in English proficiency, communication skills, and research survey skills. However, the need for professional assistance in choosing the best dissertation topic in English literature remains.

Students majoring in English literature should possess a creative mindset and be proficient in critical and analytical thinking if they expect to achieve maximum productivity in their dissertation. Are you one of those students who get irked at choosing a literature PhD dissertation topic? Well, worry not, my friend; you have a great opportunity today to change your thinking.

We have come up with the twenty best topics that you can opt for for your PhD dissertation in this article. Moreover, if you want to choose another topic of interest, you can follow the tips below. You can become creative and confident enough to choose the best topic through these tips.

What is English literature?

English literature study mainly covers critical theory, debate and analysis of various literary works, plays, poems and novels. The broad range of English literature studies based on the genre it covers is interesting. Beyond their core modules, two students enrolled in the same degree program may elect to study very different areas.

In English literature, you must give plausible explanations and arguments to support your ideas and write background information about the topic. Moreover, you learn to be creative and express your ideas in many literary forms. Although students sometimes find it exhausting as it requires a great deal of focus and concentration, despite its challenges, it is rewarding for those who are passionate and willing to continue their career in English literature.

Therefore, if you find completing your literature PhD dissertation difficultyou can always seek dissertation help Birmingham online.

Types of the topic you cover in PhD literature study:

English literature study encircles various common modules and courses which you can opt for your literature PhD dissertation:

  • Contemporary British fiction
  • Gothic literature
  • American genres
  • The romantics
  • Literature in the world
  • Writing poetry
  • Language in society
  • Writing and the environment
  • Craft and art of writing
  • Modern drama
  • Language foundations
  • Literature, origin and drama
  • Interdisciplinary subjects

Guidelines for choosing the best topics for a Literature PhD dissertation:

If you are wondering about seeking a career in English literature, choosing the best literature PhD dissertation topic can pave the way for you. However, choosing a suitable topic for your dissertation is challenging. Below are some guidelines that can aid you in choosing the best tips for your literature dissertation.

  • First, select the author or poet whose writings you are interested in and want to work on it.
  • Then narrow down the authors list. Remember to give great time and attention in choosing the authors, as it is a base for your PhD dissertation.
  • Remember to get hands-on with many writings of your author and choose the one that is relevant to your subject.
  • English literature demands a great deal of creativity and critical thinking. Read as many books as possible to get a gist of how to develop your writing style.
  • Get yourself familiarized with the author’s personality. A book, essay or literature reflects the personality of its readers, which distinguishes them from other writers.
  • Take proper and enough time to read the novels. It will help you develop ideas in your mind.
  • Summarize your author’s work. It will help you be clear in your stance.
  • You can take online courses on literary theories and learn how to relate those theories. It would help to find out how the author has used and connected those theories in his work.
  • Through this, you can pin down the theory you find interesting.
  • Use this theory to choose your topics. Remember not to select already beaten topics.
  • Ask your supervisor or literature expert to review those topics and choose the one suggested by them.

Tip: Remember; thoroughly survey your topics before finalizing them so that, in the end, you will have enough data to analyze your topic. Make a habit of reading novels and taking notes, as it will help you to develop a creative mind.

Most demanding English Literature topics:

Despite that, if you are still struggling to choose your topic of interest for your literature PhD dissertation, the topics mentioned below can help you clear your mind and choose your desired topic.

  1. Impact of politics on the literature in the twenty-first century
  2. Analysis and representation of gender in the Gothic literature
  3. How does realism emerge in the twenty-first century
  4. Understanding the war, the saying of Ivor Gurney and the new poetry style
  5. Understanding of science and the twenty-first-century literature
  6. Why is philosophy important in the literature
  7. The relationship between arts and science since 1900
  8. Identity, narration and origin in the colonial exploration narratives
  9. The sea as a symbol of hope, mystery and truth in the twenty-first-century literature
  10. Importance of humour in kid’s literature
  11. Why are the names important in kid’s literature
  12. Climate change and post-colonialism literature
  13. Eco-criticism, Covid-19 and the modern novel
  14. Exploring in Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard, the relationship between spiritual and eco narratives
  15. Exploring the role of eco-criticism as climate change/vegan activism
  16. Social context and necessity of different literary works
  17. The controversy of the characteristics that make an Epic
  18. Importance of narration of the physical appearance of a character in the novel literature
  19. What are the effects of using informal contractions in a British English novel
  20. Determining the relationship among literature, philosophy and psychology


English literature is a challenging field, as it demands critical, logical and analytical reasoning from its students. To pursue your PhD in English literature, you must be creative to support your claims and present new ideas. English literature demands something new from its students. Many students find it difficult to choose a befitting literature PhD dissertation topic based on the requirement of the subject. However, throw your frustrations away now. We have provided guidelines and the best dissertation topics through which you can get an idea of selecting a suitable dissertation topic.

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