6 Methods to Take a Screenshot on Windows

6 Methods to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

Whenever we come across a screen that we wish to revisit again, we capture a screenshot. We may need screenshots to create tutorial videos or presentations. Just screenshots are not enough at times when we need video clips for our task. The best screen capture utility for Windows allows you to record videos, live streaming, webinar, or conference calls.

There are different modes of taking a screenshot. We may require a small portion or need to capture a full-page screenshot. There are times when you need to capture scrolling screenshots to capture the entire webpage. Let us explore the best manual methods to screen capture on Windows. If you need professional editing and snipping utilities, you can install the best screen capture software for Windows 11 and earlier versions.

1.    Print Screen Key

2.    Win + Print Screen Key

3.    Alt + Print Screen Key

4.    Win + Shift + S

5.    Snipping Tool

6.    TweakShot Screen Capture

Print Screen Key

The Print Screen key is the most popular key that is often used to take screenshots. This key is used to capture a full-page screenshot. You can capture the screenshot and paste it into any of the apps like MS Paint or MS Office app.

The Print Screen (Prt Sc or Prt Scn) key is available on the top right corner of the keyboard on every Windows PC. It captures the screenshot on the clipboard for you to paste on other apps. You can press (Ctrl + V) to paste it on the required app.

Win + Print Screen Key

Print screen key has different combinations and one of them is the Win + Print Screen key. If you wish to save screenshots directly to a folder, you can simply keep on pressing the (Win + Prt Sc) key. The captured screenshot will be saved to the Screenshots folder in your Pictures album.

You can access Windows Explorer (Win + E) and double-click on the Pictures folder. Access the Screenshots folder and you will find your screenshot there. This is the quickest method to automatically save screenshots in the Pictures folder.

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Alt + Print Screen Key

When you capture a full-page screenshot, you may need to crop the image to select what you want. You can automate the process by capturing just the active window. This key combination will not take a full-page screenshot. It will only capture the selected window from corner to corner.

Alt + Print Screen key also captures the screenshot on the clipboard. You will need to access the app where you want to use the captured screenshot and paste it there.

Win + Shift + S

Windows 10 came up with a new updated tool called Snip & Sketch. This utility allows you to capture screenshots with different aspect modes. You can capture full-page screenshots, drag and select a rectangular region, freeform select area to capture, capture an active window, or capture a full-screen window.

You can access this Snip and Sketch utility with the Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut or access the console from the search bar. You can select the capture mode and drag the portion you wish to capture. It will capture the screenshot and store it on the clipboard.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is the newer version of Windows’ inbuilt screen capture utility for Windows 11 and earlier versions. It has all the features that were introduced in Snip & Sketch utility. What makes the Snipping tool special is its editing features.

You can make small editing like using highlighters, cropping, cutting, or erasing unwanted captures. You can save the edits or copy the edited image to use in any of your apps. As soon as you capture something, you get a notification in the action center. You can click on that notification to access the Snipping Tool and the editor will open to make changes.

TweakShot Screen Capture

TweakShot Screen Capture is one of the best screen capture software for Windows 11 and earlier versions. It is a lightweight app and doesn’t utilize much of your system resources. The app console has a small handle-style interface that has all the capture modes on the console.

TweakShot Screen Capture offers different capture modes like capturing an active window, dragging to capture a rectangular area, capturing a full-screen window, capturing a scrolling screenshot, or recording a video. The greatest advantage of using this app is you can edit your captures to enhance the quality of captured screenshots. The inbuilt editor is helpful for businesses, students, trainers, or regular users to create great presentations or tutorials with unmatched editing effects.

Final Words

This article on how to take a screenshot on Windows 10, 11, and earlier versions has the best manual methods to capture screenshots. There are different capture modes and different key combinations to capture full-page screenshots or capture scrolling screenshots. The best screen capture software can offer multiple editing effects and utilities to tweak your screenshots and create your designs. TweakShot Screen Capture is a great screen capture utility for Windows 11 and earlier versions to capture screenshots in different modes. You can edit your screenshots to personalize them.

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