7 Ways to Jump-start Your 2023 Small Business Marketing

You’ll always get the same result if you do the same thing. Today, I’d like you to look at your marketing strategy for your small business in 2023 differently. Don’t make similar assumptions or expectations. It’s the moment to review your plan, choose your marketing channels, and test something new. Furthermore, these are all issues you can begin taking action on today. Take a look at the list and start working!

1. Reevaluate Your Market and Target Customer

You’re likely making beliefs about these issues… You’ve had enough data from 2022 to examine your assumptions and determine whether you’re targeting the right market and customer. What size is your market? What are the possibilities to be in 2023? What are the characteristics of your ideal client? Does your ideal customer have changed in the last year? These are the kinds of questions you must think about right now. If you’re a fan of my blog, I advocate for small-scale business owners interested in their expertise. If you still need to do this, it’s time to include it in your 2023 small marketing strategy for your business. Do you need help identifying your ideal customer? The following article will provide you with the information you need.

2. Create a Content and SEO Plan

Do you have blogs on your company website? If you do, are you writing “whatever you like”? It’s better than that in 2023, and now is the perfect moment to begin thinking about your SEO and content net marketing strategy. If you’ve done the above step, you’ve identified your market segment and target audience. What do they want to know about? What are their concerns regarding your company or industry? What kind of subjects will draw them to your site? When you are thinking about topics for your content, you should conduct search engine optimization to find keywords that can get your posts seen in relevant search results. Hub Spot offers a great introduction to the complicated subject of SEO. If you think about this, you can create your content calendar for 2023 to ensure you know what you’ll write about and which keywords you’ll target.

3. Fine-Tune Your Social Media Marketing

Your small business’s 2023 marketing plan must also include social media. No matter your company’s size or field, you must ensure a Social Media presence! The most critical issue is where to start, and as we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, we can evaluate the top social media platforms to promote your business. To determine the best place to think about where my target market’s customers hang out? Pick one or two websites, and then create an action plan to ensure consistent postings in the coming year. But remember that you should incorporate social media into your small business marketing strategy and avoid making more noise on the internet! It’s a way to establish relationships and increase sales! This is why you should start to get educated on the benefits of social selling. I’ve got a two-part course that you can also check out below on this page. Also, you can learn about my six-week practice on Social Media Sales. study.

4. Gear Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

Marketing through email and without getting [pii_email_019b690b20082ef76df5] & [pii_email_8c96c1c23f5914dd67d1] email errors should be an essential tool for every small company’s toolbox. “But I don’t have an email list.” It’s fine enough, but you can grow one today, beginning. It’s relatively easy to make a great lead magnet. You only have to think about what you have to provide in a way that’s such a valuable offer that people are willing to share their email addresses. For some ideas of lead magnets that you can make, why check out my lead magnet Since email marketing involves more than just making your lead magnet. You’ll be interested in my online course, the Ultimate Handbook for Email Marketing which will show people how you can master the basics of email marketing within just six weeks.

Your 2023 Small Business Marketing

I’ve been coaching small-business owners for more than 20 years, and the one thing I emphasize is to prepare for the future. If you wish for your small business marketing in 2023 to be more successful and effective you must consider the idea and begin working on prior to the time when the new year begins. I’m suggesting you test only some of the suggestions from this post. This is a bad idea and could be unproductive. However, I think you insist that you choose one or two of them and begin working today to get your business ready for the coming year—best of luck with your business journey. I’m excited to hear your success stories by 2023!  
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