7 Ways to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Error

7 Ways to Resolve 502 Bad Gateway Error

Your WordPress website will face a lot of glitches, but none are as often as the “error 502”. Surprisingly, it occasionally affects even major tech businesses like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 

Your Website’s pages may go unavailable for a long time if you receive a 502 bad gateway error. Additionally, your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking may suffer as a result of this complex issue. 

It might be like unraveling a puzzle when a 502 bad gateway issue occurs on your site. You are unsure of exactly what occurred or why; all you know is that there is a problem that needs to be resolved. 

Let’s discuss what this 502 Bad Gateway Error is exactly, as well as, some of its most frequent causes and fixes to help you navigate the problem of correcting it.

A 502 Bad Gateway Error: What is it?

A 502 Bad Gateway Error is a standard signal that a site’s server connectivity is not working properly. Because it is a general error, you cannot understand what the precise problem is with the website from it. When this occurs, users trying to access your website will receive an error web page. 

Not to worry though, fortunately, there are seven widely used and reliable methods for identifying and resolving the majority of 502 Bad Gateway Error problems.

A 502 Bad Gateway Error: Solutions

The strategies covered here offer standard solutions for 502 Bad Gateway Errors. This problem might need WordPress-specific fixes if you have a WordPress website.

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  • Update the page

Problems with server connectivity can occasionally be fixed rather fast. Make sure that this is genuinely a serious fault and not simply a blip before you investigate what is causing the issue. 

Wait a few seconds, the page will then reload. There might have been a slight connection issue if the website reloads without any errors. 

Clear the cache in your browser, then try refreshing the page again if the error persists.

Investigate the error if that doesn’t fix the problem.

  • Check for problems with server connectivity

Most websites are hosted by third parties or use many servers. Your website may display a Bad Gateway 502 Error page to users if your server is offline due to maintenance or for maybe any other reason. 

Waiting for your server to complete the maintenance or resolving the issue that is causing the error are your only options for troubleshooting this issue.

Operating a mock test to check if the messages are reaching your server IP could be a quick approach to determine if you should be contacting your hosting service.

  •  Look for any DNS modifications

The DNS server for your website will change if you recently switched host servers or transferred them to a new IP address. This can result in your website sending a 502 Error page to users. 

It may take a couple of hours for the DNS changes to fully take effect, at which point your site will not be operational. 

  • Check your log for errors

Your server’s status and health can be found in detail in the server logs. Screen through them to find any troubling information and act on it. 

  • Correct misconfigured firewall settings

Your firewall acts as the gatekeeper for your website, guarding it against malicious users or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assaults. 

A Bad Gateway 502 Error may occur when your firewall incorrectly interprets requests from CDN (Content Delivery Networks) as an attempt to attack your server and rejects them. To identify and resolve the problem, check the settings of the firewall.

  • Look for flaws in the coding of your website

Your server may not be able to accurately respond to requests from a CDN if there is a bug in the coding of your website. To detect bugs, go through your code or paste it into a development environment. 

It will carry out a detailed debugging procedure that will recreate circumstances in which your 502 Bad Gateway Error happened and let you know exactly when things went wrong. 

  • Get in touch with your Host

Get in contact with the web hosting support if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own or if you believe they are to blame. They might be able to investigate the case further and provide more insight. 

They might be able to resolve the problem quickly if it is a problem on their end. They may also be able to assist you through the solution if the issue is one that is specific to your website. 


It is crucial to fix a 502 error issue on your website. It will cost you and your business the longer you are offline. If you encounter this difficulty, be careful to fund a quick solution to lessen the effects. 

You can utilize any of the above-mentioned approaches to fix the problems with your website host and ask for help. 

Additionally, you can choose to delegate the technical aspects to a company that provides 24×7 server management assistance, that way you can focus entirely on your business, and you will no longer have to worry about a 502 Bad Gateway Error. 

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