8 MMO Games to Watch in 2023

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Upcoming AAA and Indie MMOs of 2023

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games have been labelled a top tier genre of game since its inception in 1985, with the release of Island of Kesmai. Players around the world have thrown themselves head first into the immersive experience of exploring virtual worlds, building communities, and engaging in battles of epic proportions with hundreds, if not thousands, other players.

In this article, we will take a closer look at 8 upcoming AAA and Indie MMOs set to release in 2023. These promising games are set to deliver new and exciting features that will push the boundaries of the genre and provide players with a timeless gaming experience.


Developed by MetaKing Studio’s, BLOCKLORDS is an MMO grand strategy, harnessing the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide an environment where players own their experiences and in-game assets. Choose your path, live a relaxing life as a farmer, or a blood-thirsty warrior, waging war on neighbouring nations to climb to the upper echelons of society, it’s all in your hands.

Each Hero in the game is unique, and develops based on the choices of the player – everyone has their own story. The title has seen immense support, with BLOCKLORDS backers including some of the biggest game investors in the space, and is set to release later this year. Check out some exclusive BLOCKLORDS gameplay

  1. Fractured

Fractured is an open-world sandbox MMORPG, where players define their destiny.

Choose your race and start your journey through the Fractured world and with unique talent systems, skills can be discovered, learned and mastered with haste, and throws players into the mixer from the get go. With no set path, there is limitless variety to the adventure, whether you want to explore the world with all its intricacies, or engage in dynamic PvP and PvE combat and craft unique items, the choice is yours. “Less grind, more freedom”, as the developers say.

  1. Chrono Odyssey

Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, by South Korean studio, NPIXEL and is set to be released later this year on PC, Console and Mobile.

Set in a world mirroring a mix of science fiction and fantasy,  players will be members of the task force “Idraiginn” who are tasked with fighting the gods. The game seems to boast a vast open-world, and an immersive experience like no other. Gameplay information is hard to come by, but from videos and images, it can be said there will be PvP and PvE gameplay, as well as a job system similar to that of Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty, is the upcoming release from NCSoft, and was originally meant to be the next instalment in the Lineage series but has now been repurposed, and is set to be released in the first half of this year. The game is an open world MMORPG, boasting dynamic weather mechanics, which affects gameplay. The class-less combat system provides freedom to players, and combat is dictated by the items players carry and allows them to adapt to situations as they please

  1. Corepunk

Corepunk, developed byArtificial Core, set in a post apocalyptic world, and is a blend of the cyberpunk and dark fantasy genres. The open world allows player to explorethe world, participate in trading, complete dungeons, or engage in next-gen PvP battles. The game utilises game-changing mechanics, such as dynamic weather and fog-of-war to enhance the gameplay. The game’s closed beta is set to be later this year.

  1. Ashes of Creation

Brought to us by Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation is one the most highly anticipated upcoming MMO’s. The game is set to be composed of a truly dynamic world, which adapts in lockstep with players’ actions. Run on Unreal Engine 5, the game is set in the mythical world of Verra, and players get to play as one of 9 races, and 64 possible class combinations. Participate in wars of epic proportions or gather resources to craft rare items, there are many avenues for exploration. The game is currently in its alpha test, but is one to watch nonetheless

  1. Soulframe

In July 2022, Digital Extremes– the team behind Warframe – announced their second title in Soulframe. Where Warframe is a shooter set in a sci-fi verse. Soulframe fantasy MMO, with a focus on melee combat. The game will be open-world, and players will experience the world changing in real time, even when logged off, the world continues to evolve.

  1. Dune: Awakening

Funcom are returning to the MMO genre with their latest title – Dune: Awakening. The game brings the vast world of Arrakis to life. Survival and dominance are the name of the game, as the title combines the best of survival games, with the social interaction and large-scale battle features, native to MMOs, its a game we are all excited for.

A promising year for MMO

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for the MMO genre, with some huge titles on the horizon! From the latest tech to studios awaking their inner MMO, the titles we’ve listed are some of the anticipated. There are a myriad of other titles out there waiting to be released, so keep your eyes peeled.

By Alex