8 Reasons For Leaking Shower Taps And Their Solutions!

leaking shower taps

Have you had the experience of turning off a faucet and tap, only to discover that after a brief period or the following day, you discover that there’s evaporation and your faucet is running? This could be very frustrating because you’ve discovered that you’ve consumed water and, metaphorically speaking it is like you’ve taken your cash. You should be aware of a leaky faucet to prevent a sudden rise in your water bill.

Loose Components

Sink and leaking shower taps components may be unable to connect due to a variety of causes. The most important issue is that a number of connections between the components could have become damaged or resulted from poor-quality of tap installation and caused a drip in the tap. Secure the broken components of the tap may not be effective since it could happen in time. There are no screws that can secure a tap, and the ideal solution is to get an alternative tap. We have top-rated plumbers that can complete the installation for you. They will make sure that water droplets do not come from an unrelated source.

Washer Damaged Washer

A damaged washer can be one of the causes behind the leaky faucet. Sink washers are composed of rubber or metal which covers the pipe holes to stop leaks. Washers are replaced over time due to wear and tear or damage to other components. In addition, leaks could increase when the washer isn’t fitted correctly or is of insufficient size. We have experienced plumbers who are able to repair these typical plumbing issues, as well as the less obvious ones at a low cost.

O-Rings That Are Damaged Or Worn Out

O-ring is an alloy rubber seal that tends to fill in the holes in faucets with cartridges.

The components could be damaged one day which could lead to water leakage under the handles, spout, or even around the nozzle. Therefore, it is necessary to be replaced it because it triggers the development of mould around the edges of your tap and is not visible to the naked eye however, it poses a serious danger to our well-being.

Valve Seat Problems

The valve is connected to the piper for water, and leaking shower taps in the kitchen or bathroom. As the water flows over the seat towards the faucet, the valve creates minerals that cause the degeneration in the seat of the valve, which could result in leaks throughout the area of sprouting. The leaks appear when the valve seat has been damaged. Our plumbing company provides a range of solutions, therefore, should you experience issues with your faucet, we’ll solve the issue right away. Our plumbers are outfitted with the proper plumbing tools to make sure that the work we do is done swiftly and efficiently completed We are also available 24/7.

In The Accumulation Process, There Is Calcium Or Lime

If your tap begins to develop lime, you will see an opaque and flaky substance on the faucet that makes it difficult to close and open the faucet. Sometimes, this can lead to leaks from faucets as it isn’t able to shut the faucet properly to minimize the abrasion caused by the lime residue. There are a variety of DIY plumbing techniques to get rid of flaky mineral residue. However, to prevent the possibility of this happening learn more from our article on how to keep your faucet clean to keep it looking new and shiny.

Seals That Are Not Of A Standard

The majority of faucet designs come with a variety of inlet seals. These seals allow water to move through with ease when you switch off the tap. When the water faucet is shut off, the flow of water will also stop. Due to the high pressure of the water flowing the seals may be brittle and flake over some time, which can make the faucet tap inoperable. If you turn on and off your faucet despite damaged seals, it could cause water leaks.

Pipes Damaged By Corrosion

A burst pipe could cause a leaky faucet. In most cases, when the fitting or pipe bursts, it could cause water to drip under the sink. If the fragments cause another issue with water pressure, you’ll notice that your faucet is leaky over time. The best way to fix the issue with damaged pipes is to get them replaced or repaired. If you’ve tried both methods and they’re inoperable you should employ a professional plumber to check the pipes that supply water to your home.

Incorrect Installation Of The Washer

If you are unable to properly install the washer it could cause a faucet to leak. This could also occur if you use the wrong dimensions for your faucet. It is recommended that you hire an experienced plumber. They are sure to have the expertise and expertise in the installation and maintenance of faucet leaking shower taps.


If you’re having problems with a leaky tap, it is possible to check the condition of the faucet’s tap. There are a variety of reasons for this issue, like loose parts or a broken valve seat and improper installation of the washer. It is possible to also be able to determine whether there is damage in the valve, o rings, sealants, or pipes. Being aware of the signs that indicate leaky faucets is crucial to avoid more inconvenience. Our highly skilled and experienced electricians, plumbers technicians for air conditioning, and handyman teams also assure you that the job done is effective and efficient, as shown by our highly rated Google as well as Facebook reviews.

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