8 Shopify Challenges that Every New Store Owner Face

Shopify challenges

Modern consumers are constantly refining their preferences and needs. In this context it is essential to choose the right eCommerce solution is the most important aspect of a sustainable and thriving prosperous eCommerce business. However, every beginner store owner faces Shopify challenges  on a regular basis. 

The checkout page is crucial for generating sales. If this step of the checkout procedure is skipped, more customers will leave their carts unattended at your store. With the Custom Checkout app, you can Customize Shopify Checkout page. The platform will recommend the best checkout page modification method based on your store’s needs.

If you’ve been around the bend of Shopify challenges and are wondering what you should do when Shopify sends an email alert to you, then you’re on the right track. In this post, I’ll take you through a few Shopify challenges , and provide some actionable ways to clear the obstacles off the table.

The complexity of setting in place Google Analytics on the Shopify store

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics software across the globe. It has advantages and drawbacks. For instance, when it comes to installing Google Analytics on the Shopify shop, this procedure isn’t easy.

When it comes to creating a Shopify store it is incredibly easy. Setting your store up with Google Analytics for your Shopify store isn’t as simple and user-friendly.

Once you’ve set up GA it is necessary to enable eCommerce tracking . This is an entirely different ball game. It is necessary to establish goals, track conversions, enhance ecommerce, and much more. There is a lot of work to handle. Shopify stores owners are frequently confronted with Shopify challenges in creating GA for their store.

Traffic towards your Shopify Store

The ability to make a store more visible Shopify shop is one of the significant Shopify challenges   for a lot of Shopify sellers. Although marketing and advertising are the most effective methods to establish a brand, the goal is to attract more genuine clients towards your store. 

Solution of this on of the Shopify Challenges

This is what you can do. Shopify store managers can get more customers into their Shopify store using these ways.

Create organic traffic using great SEO by modifying meta fields such as title description, URL slug and automatically creating sitemaps, redirects to 301, and canonical URLs

Ad campaigns can be run on platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram

Make use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as well as social media ads and influencer marketing. Banner ads and ad-retargeting

Collaboration with influencers from social media and celebrities by paying for advertising and shoutouts

Poor Site Performance

The performance of your site, concisely stated, is all about your site’s speed. Without doubt, it’s among the most important aspects which determines the performance and success of the Shopify store.

A fast page loading time provides customers with an excellent customer experience (UX) and, consequently directly impacting your conversion rates, bounce rates of the website and the revenue you earn from sales. Additionally, the speed of your website is also a key SEO ranking factor used by Google. A fast and lightning-fast site will please not just the visitors but as well Google.

Without purchasing Shopify Plus, you can modify your store with Shopify Custom Checkout. You can save close to $2,000 each month thanks to it. You may modify your checkout pages with the help of Custom Checkout, which will also help you increase your revenue.

Optimizing your checkout process

We’re sure you’re thinking – everything you do is designed to optimize to increase conversion. That’s the case, however of course, there are many easily implemented assets that have the potential to dramatically boost your profits without much effort.

If the checkout process for your store is long and complicated You’re likely to lose potential customers in the crucial time just before they make a purchase. This is one of the common Shopify challenges that a lot of online stores have to face, and not many are aware of how to tackle this issue. 

While many platforms provide the standard checkout for industry, it is crucial to continually test and enhance methods of personalization to reach that perfect spot for your particular customers.

Shopify Challenges with Shipping Costs 

The cost of shipping is one of the major problems faced by eCommerce stores. With the number of companies offering no-cost shipping options, this issue is particularly detrimental to small businesses that are unable to compete.

Larger businesses can enjoy this luxury since their warehouses are scattered across more areas. This reduces the costs of distribution. They can also deliver your order within a couple of days. Therefore, with each online customer looking forward to free and speedy shipping What can we do to compete?

Managing data security

It’s likely that you haven’t had to learn this lesson the hard way however, data breaches could be a nightmare. They’re not just able to cause your website to be infected with a virus, but they may also reveal confidential customer information including telephone numbers as well as credit card information.

The first step in dealing with this issue is to be always aware and alert of the Shopify challenges. It’s also essential to have a rapid emergency plan in case the worst-case scenario arises. The second reason is that most web builders have basic security features, and this is an important aspect to take into consideration when you decide that you’re interested in an online platform. 

In addition, there are many customizable applications that do more than just secure your site in the most efficient way possible, but give you the trust badge which will help your visitors’ feeling of security.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Someone bought your product. Thank you! It’s time for the next step. How do you convert the one-time client into a repeat customer? Whatever industry you’re involved in, there’s no more sought-after product. It could cost as much as five times more to get new customers than keeping an existing customer.

How can we achieve this? Apart from having an amazing product, which we’re hoping that you all do. The answer is easy, excellent customer service. The more comfortable the experience was for your clients, the more likely they will be to purchase from you again. 

If you can create a positive experience for your customers, you’ll be first on their lists whenever they decide to purchase that product in the future. If you own multiple products it is possible to offer customers free products and sales that are special offers.


In time’s end, tech issues may be among the most difficult-to-solve Shopify challenges. To be successful and prosper you should take a look-and-fix approach or seek assistance with Shopify experts. I hope this article was beneficial to you. Thank you for taking the time to read and best of luck in your business!

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