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Introduction to modern flooring options in bathrooms

In a newly constructed or remodeled home, flooring is one aspect of the home that visitors usually take noteof. It is entirely up to the flooring designers and the exterior of the floor how they would visit your home worth watching.

Waterproof bathroom flooring appears to be the most stylish yet advanced option in recent times that you can choose to take into account for both upkeeping a fancy look along with durability. This blog is composed to offer urbanites a range of alternatives they can choose to cater to their demand for a fanciful exterior, accompanied by sustainability. Along with the classy decor, the floors of your sweet home would speak a lot about your refined taste and priority to sustainable choices.

When it comes to embellishing a bathroom with a careful selection of flooring materials, users usually become perplexed and it seems to be difficult for them to strike a fine balance between quality and durability.

From wooden flooring to tile flooring, there are abundant scopes of experiments with flooring to give a modern look to your home and bathrooms. Often people fail to pay attention to the flooring design in their bathrooms but designing the place where you are taking bath is also necessary to keep pace with the good mood derived from pleasing aesthetics.  

Which type of Flooring is best for bathrooms?

This writing piece welcomes you to the world of flooring as its main aim is to help you in navigating the perfect fit from the angle of durability and waterproofing. Here are a few flooring options that you can try experimenting with.

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring  

Admit it or not, your bathroom is the place where convenience is the only reality and due to that, it deserves the best design and models to survive for a long time. In the below section, we have explained the nook and crannies of every type of flooring available for the bathroom flooring with the criterion of waterproofing.

Hardwood Flooring: Usage of Hardwood in flooring is highly popular and it appears to be most feasible to users for its ability to present a timeless look. However, in the area of the bathroom, usage of the hardwood is never a good-to-go option as it involves additional expenses in terms of ensuring no chances of water penetration and being sealed from moisture at the same time.

Tile Flooring: In the context of waterproof bathroom flooring, nothing can beat tile flooring. From a variety of color and design alternatives to resilience and waterproofing all are guaranteed in this flooring prototype. Moreover, Porcelain and ceramic tiles even have possessed the ability to deal with pools of water, making them the best shower tiles. To stand apart from the crowd, you can undoubtedly resort to the tile flooring option as its exterior and resilience would never leave you utterly disappointed.

However, the only setback of tile flooring is that the usage of smooth tiles on the bathroom floors might make them more slippery. The solution to this problem is also there in your hand as instruct your tile flooring craftsmen to use strategically the textured tiles so you can easily get rid of them.

Vinyl Flooring: Getting disenchanted by the high prices of the tiles and hardwood, people often chase after vinyl flooring ideas to give a wooden finish to their bathroom. Before using the cheap alternative of wood flooring, house owners need to reckon with the risk factors, embedded within the vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors appear to be extremely persuasive to users owing to their inexpensive nature; still, they can wreak havoc in your life anytime.

Reasons for choosing Tile flooring

If you are looking for a smart investment in your bathroom flooring backed by waterproofing, tile flooring is best and it can guarantee you long-term service without further expenses. Tile flooring is considered the best choice for the below options,

  • Resilience
  • Abundant options in design and color
  • Water-proof
  • Easily removable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Which areas in the bathroom are feasible for Tile flooring?

Although you are free to use the tiles in the overall area of the bathroom, still certain spaces require it most. Give a look at the four best places where you should install the tiles for waterproofing and the finest experience,

  • Shower walls
  • Base
  • Outside the shower
  • In front of the entrance of the bathroom 


Waterproof bathroom flooring is one of the prevalent trends in the context of interior decoration and styling and the choice of tiles can help you to achieve the long-term goal of durability without the need for repeated amendments. To stay updated with the Wooden Flooring in Glasgow, do visit the websites of renowned flooring design organizations. 

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