Are You Making These Serious Car Finance Mistakes?

Are You Making These Serious Car Finance Mistakes?

The feeling of driving away from the car you always anticipated is unmatched. Although, engaging in the car finance process is stressful and tiresome, especially if you are trying it for the first time.

It is important to be backed by knowledge and detailed research about the car you want to finance. It is vital if you seek used car finance.

Herein, you must ask for insurance, the car’s original holder’s details, and maintenance knowledge. It would help you decide right.

And the fact is, around 8 of 10 individuals often need to pay more attention to the most important aspects while availing car finance, especially on bad credit.

Do not panic because the blog talks about severe car finance mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

7 Car Finance Mistakes That Can Rob You of Your Money

Buying a new car mandates clarity on choice and costs. There are other aspects too that you should consider as a part of your car inspection. Let’s quickly check out the blunders you must avoid to ensure the most profitable car finance deal.

1)      Not aware of your credit history

 It is the most common mistake that car seekers commit as a part of their journey. Having a clear idea about your creditworthiness, the available credit flexibility, and the terms and interest rates you may qualify for helps you negotiate with the provider better.

While fetching the first loan quote without inspecting your affordability may dent your credit profile. Moreover, applying for multiple quotes with multiple providers may only dent your chances of securing one.

Instead, analyse your credit history. Identify the way to clear off some dues or delinquencies. It would help you boost your credit score. Working on your credit score rather than jumping on the first quote can help you qualify for better rates.

2)      Not budgeting up for the car

Generally, most individuals budget for the car they wish to own without indulging in any fix. If you are a first-time car finance seeker, you must budget and apply for a suitable quote. While budgeting for car finance, analyse the following:

  • Do you have too many high-interest debts to cater to?
  • Are you eying a home renovation or a marriage?
  • Do you own a driving license?
  • Have you overused the overdraft facility?
  • Are you in control of your excessive credit card usage?

Improvise on these aspects and decide how much you can budget every month without fail. Along with budgeting for a car, finance keep space to cater to emergency requirements without panic.

The amount to save depends on the car goals and interest rates you end up fetching. It entirely depends on your credit and income standing. Grab a near-about figure and start saving!

3)      Skipping budgeting for deposit

Yes, there can be a possibility to get car finance with no deposit, but only if you hold stellar credit. Not everyone qualifies for the same-as per facts. Thus, planning and saving for deposits before seeking car finance quotes is always advisable.

Individuals suffering from bad credit history and looking for economical car finance quotes can make things easier for them to qualify. How? By presenting a handsome deposit on the table.

Yes, you can fetch affordable interest rates along with lowering your liabilities by providing a massive upfront deposit. It is good both ways to have a handful lump sum by your side.

4)      Prioritising cheap monthly payments over loan length

Again, it is the biggest mistake or primary ignorance of car finance customers. As a part of the agreement, you pay as per the monthly deposits.

The provider decides it by basing a few parameters like credit score, credit history length, income, loans in the credit profile, deposit provides, interest rates, etc. Individual here focuses on securing lower monthly payments than shortening the loan term length.

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A longer term may seem attractive as it lowers your monthly payments. But it increases your interest costs. It implies that you eventually pay more than the car’s actual price. Thus, always make an effort towards shortening the loan term for economic finance.

5. Not sticking by the car finance budget

This one can do dire harm to your credit score and finances. While you apply for the loan, the provider always confirms the lending terms and repayment schedule at your convenience.

Now, it becomes your responsibility to draft a budget and dedicate some of your income to your car dreams.

Each month’s lump sum is low, but missing it frequently can impact your credit score. If you do not pay the loan by the term ends, the lender may legally claim the car or repossess it. Because in car loans, the car itself acts as a security or collateral.

Thus, you must be sincere and disciplined toward making regular repayments on the loan. Otherwise, apart from losing the car, you may also lose the ability to loan up another facility until the score recovers.

6)      Being blind-folded to additional charges or fee

Individuals wishing to drive their car often miss calculating the extras while securing car finance.

Have you ever found yourself dumbstruck on the face of car finance quotes?

Did you miss on saving for those extra (costs and additional charges)?

It could be a setback to your aspirations. Unless you have a sufficient deposit to put forward or good credit, it is always wise to ensure some flexibility in the budget.

For example, if the monthly payment on a car finance deal is £400, totalling up to £4,800 a year, it is not. The sum could exceed £5000. 

You must always save an additional £5000 before approaching a car finance deal and approving it. It could be for maintenance or incidental charges as a security that a lender may charge.

Always ask for a hidden fee or additional charges (penalty, missed payment, pre-payment, etc.) before agreeing.

7.  Not consulting an experienced direct lender

Yes, you share every potential to shop around and crack the best deal for your circumstances. You know yourself better. However, in the most critical decisions of life, like buying a house, car, or home renovation, you must consult the experts.

Most individuals skip consulting expert lenders for their car loan/ finance requirements.

It may only ease the deal if you are grappling with bad credit.

Individuals with less-than-ideal profiles often abandon their dream of exploring car finance quotes.


9. Do You Fear Fetching Costly Rates on Car Finance at Bad Credit?

If you face the above-listed insecurities, it is the very point where you should search for car finance on bad credit from a direct lender that covers you from head to toe while providing the best deal.

Apart from addressing the possible fears, he calms you down by educating you about the best way to qualify for car finance on a low credit profile without impacting your lifestyle.

Here are some possible ways you can qualify for bad credit car finance:


Eliminate every fear and grab the best quote for your circumstance hassle-free.

Bottom line

Thus, these are some car finance mistakes that you must avoid at every cost. Approaching a car finance deal with realistic expectations is the best way to win your dream car.

Avoid extending the loan term to a ridiculous length. It may impact other life aspects.  Seek a lender’s help for better guidance.

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