Baakiyalakshmi Bakkiya Comforts Ezhil

Baakiyalakshmi Bakkiya Comforts Ezhil

Vijay Television’s beloved daily soap Baakiyalakshmi is never a failure to delight viewers with its engaging but brisk storyline. This time, the show centers on Gopi’s decision to move out of his home. Can Ezhil be able to win the contest?

In the last episode, Ezhil was able that he would sell the script of his new writer to earn cash. Varshini heard about the situation via Eshwari. Ezhil told the family about his scheme to collect some money. Jeny suggested Cheiyan aid Ezhil financially. Ezhil and Sathish visited the producer and handed over his scripts.

 Ezhil Did Not Want To Tie The Knot With Vashini

In the current episode of Baakiyalakshmi, Varshini can inform Eshwari about the refusal of Ezhil. Eshwari can force Ezhil to get married to Varshini. Ezhil wants to avoid getting married to Varshini. There is a rift brewing between Eshwari with Ezhil. Eshwari accuses Bakkiya of the behavior of Ezhil. Bakkiya helps the distraught Ezhil. Eshwari tells Ramamoorthy about Ezhil’s problems. Eshwari advises Ramamoorthy to inform Ezhil.

Ramamoorthy counsels Ezhil before Bakkiya as well as Eshwari. Eshwari interjects, with Bakkiya, while Ramamoorthy gives advice. Ezhil takes note of Ramamoorthy’s warns him not to marry Amirtha. Bakkiya advises Eshwari not to pressure Ezhil to get married to Vashini. She comforts devastated, Ezhil. Selvi and Bakkiya are back home following the market in the Baakiyalakshmi.

Gopi talks about Bakkiya. Bakkiya feels devasted. Ramamoorthy is furious at Gopi for destroying Bakkiya’s blissful life. Ezhil promises and reassures Bakkiya about the possibility of reclaiming her home and you can watch all episodes at Jio Cinema USA.

Ezhil demanded Gopi return to his house back. Ramamoorthy slammed Gopi for his choice. Eshwari had a meeting with Varshini to discuss Ezhil’s issue. Ezhil was able that he would sell the script so that he could make cash.

 Varshini heard about Ezhil’s situation through Eshwari. Ezhil disclosed to the family his plan to collect cash.

In today’s episode, Jeny informs Cheiyan to aid Ezhil financially. Cherian isn’t willing to assist. Bakkiya helps comfort the grieving Jeny. Ezhil, as well as Sathish, meets with the producer to sign his scripts. Ezhil is locked in a spit-spit when he demands an old handwritten by Vashini’s father. Sathish and Ezhil are scheduled to meet the father of Vashini.

Ezhil visits Vashini’s father to obtain the script. He makes a list of conditions Ezhil needs to resolve his issue. Ezhil is not willing to get married to Vashini. Ezhil informs Vashini’s father of his love for Vashini. Ezhil comes home. Varshini tells Eshwari about Ezhil’s refusal. Eshwari can force Ezhil to get married to Varshini.

Gopi phoned his family to discuss his decision. Gopi decided to sell his home. Gopi invited Eshwari home. Ezhil confronted Gopi to get the house back. Ramamoorthy was furious at Gopi for his choice. Eshwari was able to meet Varshini to discuss Ezhil’s issue. Ezhil chose that he would sell the script so that he could earn cash.

In the current episode, Varshini finds out about the situation of Ezhil from Eshwari. Bakkiya is worried about the incident. Sathish shares the details of Ezhil’s behavior in the presence of Jeny along with Bakkiya. Ezhil is in contact with the producer to discuss selling his story. The producer is prepared to purchase his script back from Ezhil. Ezhil informs his family of the arrangement he has made to collect the money.

However, Gopi and Inya aren’t willing to eat dinner if Radhika invites them. Ramamoorthy warns Gopi about the plan for Ezhil’s money. Gopi hopes Ezhil isn’t able to provide the funds. Jeny can convince Cheiyan to aid Ezhil. Cheiyan is hesitant to assist Ezhil. He’s not willing to contribute money.

Neelam resolves to end the marriage since she is tired of what is happening. Neelam is stopped by Virendra, who advises her to stay put because they might not see Lakshmi again. Neelam no longer hears this. Once they have prepared. Shalu decides to divert Balwinder’s Chachi, while Ayush and Bani decide to abduct Lakshmi.

Shalu presents as though she has makeup in her eyes and cannot open them. Shalu requests that Lakshmi and Balwinder’s Chachi bring some water as well. Chachi from Balwinder concurred. Lakshmi is held in Ayush’s arms. Balwinder’s Chachi has left to carry water, says Shalu, who also wants him to go now. Ayush nods in agreement and moves on.

While operating the vehicle, Rishi discusses Lakshmi with himself. If Rishi gives up trying to save Lakshmi, his inner self queries. Rishi inquires himself, “What can I do?” Shalu receives water from Balwinder’s Chachi. Shalu compliments Chachi of Balwinder and thanks her for it. Shalu enters the space and advises the woman to remain in the area until she receives a call from Ayush before departing.

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