Barbering Program: What You Need To Know

Barbering Program: What You Need To Know

Are you interested in a career in the hair and beard industry? If so, you’ll want to check out the Barbering program at Touched by an angel beauty school. In this article, we’ll outline what you need to know about this exciting field and dispel some of the common myths surrounding it.

What is a Barbering Program?

A barbering program provides you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the beauty industry. Barbering programs offer a variety of degree options, from traditional hair styling programs to cosmetology programs that focus on skin care services.

In order to become a licensed barber in most states, you will need to complete an accredited program. While there are many different types of accredited barbering programs available, most consist of at least 900 hours of instruction and hands-on experience. In addition to classroom learning, many accredited barbering programs require students to complete internships or apprenticeships.

Once you have completed your accredited program, you will need to pass an issuing board examination. The passing grade for this exam is typically 75%. After you have passed the exam, you will be able to apply for a license in your state.

Course Requirements

The Barbering program at a college or university typically requires 120 credit hours. The curriculum typically includes courses in anatomy, chemistry, English, hair and scalp care, hygiene and safety, principles of hair cutting and styling, client education, business skills such as bookkeeping and marketing, and electives.

In order to be admitted to the Barbering program, you will need to submit an application to the school. The application can be found on the school’s website or in their admissions office. Typically the application includes an essay about your interest in barbering as well as letters of recommendation from people who know you well enough to speak highly of your ability as a barber.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will need to schedule an appointment with the registrar’s office so that you can sign up for classes. You will also need to provide the school with your transcripts and marks from previous schooling. Once all of this paperwork is completed, you are ready to begin your education in barbering!

Barbering Program Overview

Barbering is a growing field and with good reason! There are many benefits to having a professional haircut. Not only do you look great, but you also feel better knowing that your hair is in good hands. Here is a list of what you need to know about the barbering program:

1. What are the requirements?

In order to be accepted into most barbering programs, you will need to have either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Barbering. You will also need to pass a state licensing exam.

2. What courses will I take?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will attend basic coursework which includes hair care techniques, fashion design, and customer service. As you move through the program, you will likely continue taking classes such as advanced hairstyling techniques and scalp analysis.

3. How long does it take to become licensed?

The length of time it takes to become licensed varies from state to state, but on average it takes around two years to complete the program and pass the licensing exam. Cosmetology school of TBA is best in Georgia.

4. What are my career options after becoming licensed?

After completing your barbering program, there are many career opportunities available for you including salon management and cutting hair for people of all ages.

Barbering program curriculum

The Barbering program at a vocational school typically offers 28 classes, with 6 hours of instruction per week. In order to be admitted to the program, you must have at least an Associates degree in barbering from an accredited school.

Upon admission, you will need to submit an application, official transcripts from all previous schools attended, and a resume/CV. The admissions committee will also require you to take the National Board Certification Exam for Barbering (NBCE).

Upon successful completion of the Barbering program, you will be able to apply for licensure in your state. After licensure is obtained, you can open your own barbering business or work as a professional barber in a salon. Some of the skills that you will learn in the Barbering program include: haircutting, beard trimming and styling, scalp massage, shampooing and conditioning, etc.

Job prospects for barbering students

There is a growing demand for barbers in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job prospects for barbering students are excellent. Barbers hold many positions throughout the country, including as salon owners, hair stylists, and personal assistants. In addition, there is a great demand for barbers who can provide haircuts and beard services. The BLS projects that growth for barbering will be about 20 percent between 2012 and 2022, which is much faster than average for all occupations. This indicates that there will be many opportunities for barbering students to find employment after they complete their training.


If you’re thinking of starting a barbering program or if you have already started one, there are some things that you need to know. In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of a successful barbering business and what it takes to make it thrive. We will also provide tips on how to market your business and attract new customers. Finally, we will outline some important financial considerations that every barber should take into account when starting up his or her own business. So whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the business for years, read on to learn everything that you need to know about becoming a successful barber!

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