Top 6 Best Webcast Software in 2023

Webcast Software

Webcasting Services and platforms are spreading throughout society. Many companies and organizations use webcasting services to interact with their audience, market their goods and services, and connect with them. Therefore, you have found the ideal article if you are looking for webcasting software or services. The top webcasting platforms that can help you stream your event are included in this post.

An overview of webcasting systems is provided here before we get started with the content. Webcasting platforms, to put it simply, are any websites, programs, or applications that let you broadcast or stream live videos. There aren’t any physical limitations on how your audience can see or stream the video. There are numerous webcasting service providers available today, and they provide a range of services that will enable you to broadcast your content across various platforms.


Dreamcast is the platform to use if you want an all-in-one system. They offer the most effective and adaptable event live streaming services. The system offers a number of live streaming alternatives, including virtual event streaming, hybrid event streaming, on-demand live streaming, Facebook live streaming, Youtube live streaming, Instagram live streaming, LinkedIn live streaming, and IP-based live streaming. They will assist you in streaming your content, and you can select any platform based on your preferences. This webcasting software provides complete customization options and live-streaming options in multiple languages. Any of your events, including conferences, meetings, summits, fairs, and seminars, can be streamed. You can also gather the essential insights that might be useful for your company towards the end of the streaming session. You can use this information to gauge the success of your event.

GlobalMeet Webcast

One of the most adaptable webcasting services that may be utilized to broadcast to huge audiences is GlobalMeet Webcast. It offers a variety of solutions and enjoys the trust of numerous Fortune 500 firms and businesses globally. This cloud-based SaaS, formerly known as Talkpoint, enables you to produce top-notch webcasts for up to 3000 live viewers, replete with interactive engagement tools and outstanding audiovisual setup. The interaction features include social media feeds, polling, and live Q&A. Additionally, you can use the webcasting service to support you before, during, and after managing one-time events with up to 10,000 online spectators.

Then you can make an on-demand recording so that an endless number of people can see it. To keep your audience interested in what you are presenting, it delivers flexible HD video streaming with no network bandwidth interruption. Another benefit is unrivaled worldwide scalability, which enables you to host the webcast or stream premium video to audiences of all sizes. One of GlobalMeet’s key USPs is its adaptability. The service can be used for events involving human resources, corporate communications, investor meetings, town hall broadcasts, marketing, employee onboarding and training, and other things. Other helpful features include tools for managing attendee registration data, enterprise-grade security, robust analytics and reporting, easy interaction with CRM and marketing systems, and more.


With the help of ezTalks, you can create automated, pre-recorded webinars for simulating live events, taking your webcasts to the next level. Hosting marketing events, sales conversations, online classes, remote training, and other pre-recorded events is a great use for this webcasting software. Additionally, since it’s so simple to use and run, technicians are not required. You can pre-record an event and start the webcast “live” for your viewers at a predetermined day and time. You do not need to be present at the time of the event. Due to webcasts’ one-way information flow, the viewers won’t be able to tell the difference.

Cloud storage is available through ezTalks. As a result, you can capture a full webcast session for viewing at a later time and social media sharing. Other amazing features of the program include a personalized webinar waiting area, bespoke branding, and a thank you page that enables you to express gratitude to participants. For each session, up to 10,000 people can attend. Additionally, attendees can engage using their mobile devices rather than laptops or desktop computers to view the webcast. An interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, text messaging, polling, and other great audience involvement tools are all included with ezTalks.


The award-winning webcasting service provided by ClickWebinar is made possible by the participants’ and presenters’ easy-to-use interface. With the help of this solution, customers may instantly create and host webcasts on the platform without having to download other plugins. Setting it up is simple. This program offers adaptable capabilities that draw a sizable audience to a specific webcast. Users can connect ClickWebinar with third-party applications like Outlook and social media sites. The audience can send, receive, and respond to private messages with this function.

The convenience is in the hands of the attendees, who can also register for the webcast using their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts! However, some users feel that the entire program is a little out of date and needs an updated version.


You may offer expert web-based seminars to up to 20,000 guests using one of the best online webinar platforms, GoToWebinar from Citrix is your ideal choice. It supports up to 6 simultaneous streaming webcams, making it perfect for group presentations. Several methods are available for inviting others to the webcast, including personal invitations, the service’s program, Outlook integration, via social media, or even during the webcast itself.

This platform enables VoIP and toll-free integrated audio service for audio participation. Thanks to its highly interactive e-mail feature, there is also a chat option. In the QA part, presenters have the option of answering audience questions in private, in public, or not at all. According to customer reviews, a lot of people are unable to get a confirmation for this since the email is delivered to spam rather than their inbox, which disrupts communication. Additionally, there is an additional expense of $89 per month (paid annually at $1,068).

Adobe Connect

One of the best online webcasting services is Adobe Connect, which has a wealth of smart and adaptable features that make it quite simple to conduct your presentations in a polished manner. By acquiring or purchasing some extensions, most of which are significantly more expensive than those offered by rival software, the teleconferencing functionality of this program is improved. Users of this webcasting program can control various presentations from PCs to mobile devices. Participants are kept interested by participating in polls, sharing desktop programs, watching, and listening from their devices, much like on other excellent webcasting service platforms.

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