Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins In 2023

woocommerce booking plugins

You’ll need a reliable tool to keep track of meetings and schedules if you manage a business that does so. Of course, using WordPress and WooCommerce to create an online store is possible. Contrarily, WooCommerce lacks a built-in default option for reservations and appointments. You’ll consequently need to rely on particular add-ons to complete tasks. There are numerous options, each with a unique set of features.

All commercial endeavours, from salons and clinics to hotels and consulting firms, depending on appointments. In the modern world, the ability to book an appointment for your service online is becoming more and more crucial.

Best Woocommerce Booking Plugins

The finest WooCommerce booking plugins for scheduling and making reservations are reviewed in this post.

Amelia WordPress Appointment

You may set up a fully functional automated booking system on your website with the free WordPress plugin Amelia Lite. It’s an excellent tool for individuals and small businesses who depend on reliable appointment scheduling.

Amelia Lite was created using the most recent Enterprise-level technology on both the front end and the back end, guaranteeing a slick and easy user experience. Since Amelia components were all developed with the idea of designing for mobile devices first, all of the admin and user interfaces are completely sensitive. They also don’t require page reloading.


The premium WordPress appointment booking plugin JetAppointment will assist you in establishing an effective appointment system on your website. This plugin is excellent for building several booking forms and a straightforward appointment scheduling system. A straightforward installation process will walk you through building your first appointment form. You can add numerous service providers, define holiday schedules, add working hours, and add time buffers.

Additionally, you are able to amend or add new reservations in the tidy dashboard where you manage your appointments.


For a variety of businesses, including hotel management, beauty parlors, repair shops, and school management systems, Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin. The feature-rich platform makes it possible to completely automate booking procedures and reduce manual labor.

The effectiveness of the company, employee activity, the most frequently used services and locations, and revenue made during the set time are all shown on a separate admin dashboard.

A group appointment participant cap, predetermined time slots for each appointment, and recurring payments based on the service can all be defined. A built-in CRM system that stores customer data as soon as they make their first booking is another fantastic feature of the WooCommerce and appointment booking plugin.


With the help of the free WordPress plugin Bookly, you can automate your reservation process and take online reservations. To save time and money, manage your clientele, programs, and booking schedule all in one place.

It is possible to set up Bookly without any coding experience. To free up your time to concentrate on what really matters—please your clients and boost sales—you’ll be able to operate the Booking Admin Panel like an expert, approve and modify bookings, and automate your online scheduling.

WooCommerce Appointment by Bizzthemes

The first plugin on the list lets you collect appointment fees or only appointment requests with a payment hold. You may have a flawlessly organized schedule and decrease no-shows by using sophisticated notifications and reminders. There won’t be any confusion during setup because the plugin is based on appointments rather than rentals, and your customers will have no trouble making appointments.

To keep track of appointments, WooCommerce is employed, and the eCommerce platform is connected to all controls. You may view and track your appointments in an orderly calendar, view your regular and weekly schedule, and manage availability, unlike any other way.

Woocommerce Booking

The WooCommerce Bookings and Reservations plugin allows customers to make online reservations for your products and services. To enable clients to make reservations for a specified period of time, you can add a number of bookable items, each with a price and availability. A booking calendar allows customers to choose the days they want to reserve a product with ease. To enhance the website’s revenue, develop more free or paid services and assign them to items.

By developing a selection of required and optional bookable services in addition to bookable items, you will raise your revenue.


Some of the WordPress booking system plugins on this list are necessary for all types of blogs. Consider Booknetic. By including meta descriptions, ad titles, and URLs, you will improve your Google ranking and advertise your site in this way. Similar to how contact forms are a requirement, WPForms is a must-have plugin. Words that are vital for the database and security are accomplishing something.

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