How To Read The Bremod Hair Color Chart Violet

Bremod Hair Color chart Violet

Selecting the suitable color for your hair structure is hectic. You may be confused to decide which color may provide the best look in this festive session. There are a lot of thighs that you need to pick up while choosing the right hair color. 

The only thing that can help you is the Bremond hair color chart. If you want to do violet shade in your hair, then try Bremod violet hair color. Before discussing the violet color, we need to talk about the entire hair color chart of Bremod. 

However, this article is going to discuss the Bremod hair violet color, how to use it at home, and the color review. So, keep on reading till the end point of this article. 

How To Read The Bremod Hair Color Table?

We can understand when you take the Bremod hair color chart, it might be confusing. You may consider that this chart is not useful. Well, if you can read the chart, you will understand the usefulness of the Bremod Hair color table. 

1.  The First Number After The Decimal

Identifying the primary tone is super easy. The number before the decimal can change your overall hair color. It will show the prominent hair color. For example- 0.22- violet color. It changes the entire hair color. 

2. The Third And The Fourth Numbers

The Third And The Fourth Numbers is the secondary tone. For example, Light Ash Blonde Hair Color Chart is the 2nd or 3rd tone. It is not as powerful as primary tones. 

3. No Tone

Here ‘Zero(0)’ has the value. If you see 0 after the decimal it refers to no tone. In the char of Bremod hair color, .0 is neither cool nor warm. 

4. Next Comes The Decimals: 0.1 And 0.2

00.1 means Ash blonde hair color while 0.2 refers to Mauve ash. However blue ash is basically blue and mauve ash is violet. 

5. 0.3 As Gold, 0.4 As Copper

Next you will get 0.3 which means Gold hair color tone. On the other hand, 0.4 is an infamous copper color tone. This Bremod hair color tone is mostly applied for highlights. For example- Copper Balayage on Black Hair.

6. 0.5 As Mahogany, 0.6 As True Red

V-0.5 Mahogany gives a violet touch if the base is neutral. Similarly, R-0.5 gives True red for warm skin tone hair color. 

How Many Colors In The Chart Of Bremod Hair Color?

A Bremod hair color table consists of the following colors. You will find violet colors among these. However, you will not find each of these hair colors in every Bremod hair color table. For example, Ash blonde hair color chart might be different from medium light brown hair color or red hair color chart. 

Here, we have listed the color’s name and number. It will be easy to find out your preferred color. 

0.00  – Dust

0.19 – Ash

0.22- Violet

2.0 – Black

3.0 – Dark Brown

4.0 – Medium Brown

4.5 – Red Chestnut

5.0 – Light Brown

5.17 – Mocha Brown

5.2 – Light Brown Green Reflect

5.4 – Dark Copper

5.45 – Rich Burgundy Red

5.66 – Purplish Red

6.0 – Dark Blond

6.1 – Dark Ash Blond

6.17 – Honey Tea Brown

6.3 – Dark Golden Brown

6.31 – Dark Ash Golden

6.4 – Medium Copper

6.5 – Coffee Brown

6.7 – Warm Velvet Blond

7.1 – Gray

7.31 – Light Golden Ash Blonde

7.33 – Dark Golden

7.5 – Red Brown

7.7 – Velvet Blond

7.77 – Mocha Chocolate

8.0 – Light Blond

8.1 – Light Gray

9.0 – Lighter Blond

9.01 – Metallic Gray

9.3 – Light Golden Blonde

9.33 – Very Light Golden Intense Blonde

9.37 – Light Golden Flaxen

10.00 – Lightest Blond

10.01 – Silver Gray

12.22 – Very Stuffy Green Blonde

12.45 – Very Red Blonde

12.66 – Very Violet Blonde

12.88 – Very Ash Golden Blonde

Bremod Hair Color Chart Violet: Basic Things You  Should Know

Color TypeFashion Hair Color
Quantity100 ml
Price$ 9.00

Product Description: It is 100% original and a high quality product. It increases your hair texture and provides long lasting hair color. 

Mid brown to fair skin color tone can prefer this hair color. However, these skin tones can match with 0.22  Bremod hair color chart violet.  This professional hair color gives you a fine finish and a bold look. To maintain the hair texture and color, you can use Bremod Ultra Violet shampoo. This shampoo is specially produced for violet hair color. 

However, if you think about where you can buy this product, let us answer this, this product is variable on e-commerce sites. You can get it from any country and any place. 

Final Words

Bremod is a renowned hair color company that produces DIY hair color products that you can use at home easily. If you are new to selecting hair color from the Bremod hair color table, then it can be out of the world to you. 

These are the ways that you should follow to read The Bremod Hair Color  table and find the Bremod Hair Color chart Violet. Hopefully, this article will help you out. If you have any doubts regarding the same matter, you can raise your question in the comment section. 

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