Can I shave my own hair after Umrah?

We know this fact, every Muslim aspires to perform Umrah because it is a religious journey. This holy journey includes several obligatory rituals. Each ritual has a significant and spiritual purpose. One of the mandatory acts of the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca is shaving the head or Halq. In this scenario, read the following topic for more information: “Can I shave my own hair after Umrah?”

The fundamental objective of Umrah is to atone for major transgressions and seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Since a pilgrim invests his money and time in the way of God, this holy journey is also considered protection from poverty and life’s troubles. Muslims can perform a minor pilgrimage at any time by booking their Umrah Packages 2023.

What is Halq?

Halq is the act of shaving the head after performing Umrah. Only men are eligible to perform this ritual. Pilgrims must complete this obligatory duty to exit from the state of Ihram after Tawaf and Sa’i.

What is Taqsir?

The term “Taqsir” refers to the minor cutting of hair that is advised for women. Ladies are required to trim their hair to the length of their fingertips.

Can I shave my head myself after Umrah?

Shaving the head or trimming the hair is one of the requirements for performing Umrah. One of the crucial activities of a holy journey is the performance of Halq or Taqsir. It is permissible for pilgrims to shave their own hair. If they have completed their previous duties of pilgrimage, then they can simply shave or cut their hair.

A male pilgrim can shave his own head. However, he must follow all the rules of Umrah haircut. It entails shaving off every hair on the head until none is left. You might be referred to as a pilgrim once the procedure has been completed and all the hair has been removed.

Can men perform Taqsir after Umrah?

Taqsir, or haircutting, is a requirement of Hajj and Umrah. After completing the journey, both men and women must trim their hair. However, male pilgrims have the option to shave their heads or cut their hair after making a pilgrimage to Mecca. This choice is only available to men. A lady cannot shave her head in any situation. But men should shave their heads because its reward is much higher than trimming the hair.

According to Islamic history, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) completed his Umrah with his followers. Some of them shave their heads, while others trim their hair. The Messenger (PBUH) prayed three times for those who shaved before praying for both. He only made mention of the others once. This shows that shaving one’s head is considerably more advantageous.

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Significance of Umrah haircut

According to Umrah rules and regulations, pilgrims must do either Halq or Taqsir to exit Ihram. A woman must cut her hair to the length of her fingertip to remove Ihram. Numerous narrations highlight the importance of Umrah haircut rituals, and Islamic scholars agree with these narrations. The importance of this act is based on the fact that one’s head hair has material attached to one’s beauty and vanity. One must disassociate from it and follow the path of spirituality and simplicity to complete submission to God.

Halq rules for men

  • Halq is not a requirement for ladies in any situation.
  • If a pilgrim performs Halq, he must shave his entire head.
  • The ritual must be carried out with a razor, even if a pilgrim has no hair.
  • When doing Halq or Taqsir, one must face the Qibla from the right side.

Taqsir Rules for Ladies

  • A female pilgrim should trim her hair rather than shave her head to exit from Ihram.
  • For performing Taqsir, all hair ends must be trimmed to the length of a fingertip.
  • If a woman has short hair, it must be slightly cut to leave the pious state of Ihram.


Umrah is also known as a small pilgrimage. Halq or Taqsir is essential for both men and women. This ritual should be performed after the completion of all Umrah rituals. There is no indication that shaving one’s own hair is possible only after Umrah, but one can shave one’s head even after Hajj.         

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