How To Choose The Right Workforce Management Software

How To Choose The Right Workforce Management Software

Managing the workforce requires a lot of planning and strategizing. First, managers must ensure that their workforce is productive and working to the best of their capabilities. Also, managers must see that the field employees serve the clients, not adequately committing time theft. To help with all of this, workforce management software is a big time necessary.

But what really helps is choosing the right kind of workforce management software. While investing a software, it is essential to look at its features. Also, questionable yourself – are the features offered to fulfill your requirement?

What is a Workforce Management Software

To put it in simple words, workforce management software helps managers plan and manage their employees, including field executives. Through the software, managers can assign tasks, track their field agents, and check the task status of the tasks allotted. In addition, all the tasks and functions get streamlined through the software.

As for the employee, they too enjoy many benefits from the workforce management software. The software automates many mundane functions that are too much effort and time-consuming for the employees. Now they can meet their clients and deliver higher-quality outcomes. In addition, data accessibility becomes more accessible as the software is cloud supported.

Features to Look for While Selecting a Workforce Management Software

Using workforce management software can help you gain a productive workforce and simplify your management process. So investing in software that can efficiently help you achieve your goals becomes essential. There are some features that a successful employee management software should possess like: 

Smart Task Management

Scheduling shifts, jobs, and tasks are an integral part of the profile for managers and employees. And it is the job of the software to help both of them to do their work with as much ease and perfection as possible.

Our field force management software allows managers to bulk upload tasks in advance. They will be visible to the employees accordingly. Managers can even track the task status of employees.

Attendance Management

Recording authentic attendance is a very important function, and often managers struggle with it, especially with field employees. So we offer Geocoded attendance which automatically mark’s the agents once they reach their first task location. 

Live Location Tracking

Tracking the location of your employees becomes necessary when it comes to field executives. However, constant calling for whereabouts and task updates can cause managers and executives both stress. That is why workforce management software helps managers keep tabs on their agents with accuracy on their phones.

Expense and Claim Management

Managers are constantly aiming to work in a cost-optimized manner. And with the software, it does become possible as they can track the expenses in real-time. Moreover, even employees can submit requests for claims instantly through the software, which will automatically be visible to the concerned manager.

Workforce Analytical Reports

Measuring the productivity of your employees accurately is important, but managers had to wait earlier for quarterly reports to do so. But not with field force management soft, as it presents accurate real-time reports. These reports range from productivity and performance quality to sales. In addition, they are detailed, which helps managers make calculated decisions.

Document Management

Paperwork has been a constant complaint of managers and employees; managing paperwork costs companies money, time, and effort. And to solve this problem, the software offers cloud storage where documents can be uploaded and accessed.


Frequently companies are required to use multiple software to work better. But switching back and forth can cause confusion and energy drainage. That’s why the workforce management software offers API integration; it can be combined with other software like CRM.

TrackoField is an Ideal Workforce Management Software

Investing in workforce management software is important but choosing the right one is crucial. It can help your organization save money, time, and effort. Not only that, but ensure that your employees are being competitive and productive.

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software with technically advanced features and tools.

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