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Comedy Shows Los Angeles

In today’s fast-paced world, taking time off to laugh is crucial. It’s a great way to improve your mental health and reduce stress. Going to a live comedy show to unwind on the weekend or after a long day of work is the icing on the cake. We’ve collected this list of can’t-miss spots in Los Angeles where you can see a comedy event, so read on if you’re interested in laughing your way across the city. Explore which places you can visit for comedy shows in Los Angeles.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store is the sole classic stand-up venue to maintain a steady stream of new, hilarious acts while remaining faithful to its gritty Sunset Strip origins. Every night of the week, a huge variety of stand-up comedians perform on three stages. Tuesday evenings seldom fail to deliver at the hilarious Roast Battle, and the extended showcases are often graced by surprise appearances by celebrities who become household names. 

Hollywood Improve

The original Improv is perhaps the most famous nightclub in all of Los Angeles, if not the United States. It’s a lot more than a bar; it’s a community. You never know who of your favorite comedians you could run into in the bar, and the main room shows are always hilarious. Please arrive early as this event tends to fill up quickly. Some of the best newcomers to the business are performing next door at the Lab. There is a two-drink minimum for admission, but the events are a diverse mix of independent and experimental productions that often include notable comedians.

Laugh Factory

This Sunset Strip establishment was the site of a famous contest between comedians Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook, who took turns trying to outlast each other.  Simply said, the Laugh Factory is the place to watch famous comedians, even if they are beyond their prime by today’s standards. There is no more recognizable symbol of Los Angeles humor than the bright orange globe. You’ll need to shell out for pricey VIP tickets to get a front-row seat. 

Flappers Comedy Club

The Burbank club is open late every night of the week, so you may see comedians of varying skill levels whenever you drop by. You may park easily and at no cost in the adjacent garage. The wait staff is always helpful and kind, and they serve you beverages and a complete menu as you watch one of the many acts that are always going on in the various rooms. The space at Flappers is comfortable, and the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties creates an atmosphere perfect for enjoying a comedy show.

The Lexington Bar

When you’re thirsty, stop by The Lexington Bar for a refreshing soju drink with your beer or wine. It’s one of the best places to see stand-up comedy and live music in Los Angeles. Some of the greatest independent rock, pop, soul, jazz, underground hip-hop, and dance in Los Angeles can be found in these venues. If you’re visiting, look at the events schedule to find something fun to do!

Dynasty Typewriter

The timing of Dynasty Typewriter’s renovation of the Hayworth Theatre was perfect: The 200-seat theatre took in many of the best acts and performances that used to go to the now-defunct NerdMelt and Steve Allen Theater. It is widely recognized as Los Angeles’ premier alternative comedy venue, often hosting both rising talents and unexpectedly popular comedians.

Where To Get Details & Book Tickets

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