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Digital Marketing Services

Company Overview

Zak-digi team is passionate about using the power of the Internet to grow any business. Our capabilities include web design and hosting, SEO, content writing, social media, PPC, email marketing, and more. We understand the importance of staying on the cutting edge of web design principles and digital marketing best practices.

When you work with us, we will create the best possible website for your business and budget and craft a unique digital marketing strategy that’s tailored specifically to you. We make sure that no two websites and no two digital marketing strategies are ever the same – because cookie-cutter solutions don’t yield the results you deserve. Our goal is to help you maximize your online visibility and drive more leads to your business.


Digital marketing services are becoming more and more essential for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive market. As technology evolves, so do the techniques and strategies used in digital marketing. It can be overwhelming to try to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices, but investing in the right digital marketing services can help your business stay ahead of the curve. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the digital marketing services your business needs to succeed.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing a website to make it more visible and rank higher in search engine results. This is done by employing a variety of techniques such as keyword research, content writing, and conversion optimization. Through SEO, businesses can increase their online visibility and attract more website visitors, resulting in more sales and conversions.

SEO begins with keyword research. By understanding what words and phrases people use when searching for services related to yours, you can make sure that your website is easily discoverable. Using white hat SEO practices, such as avoiding keyword stuffing, is also essential for achieving high rankings in search engines.

Good SEO relies on effective content. They create marketing copy that is informative and compelling to help increase website visibility and attract more visitors. They can also use techniques like internal linking to help improve the overall structure of a website.

SEO also includes conversion optimization. This involves optimizing website features such as call-to-action buttons, forms, headlines, and visuals to increase the percentage of passive website visitors into active users. By employing Conversion Optimization techniques, businesses can increase their online sales and conversions.

Social Media Management

In addition to managing accounts on multiple social media platforms, an effective social media manager will help the company develop an overarching strategy to maximize its reach and engagement. This strategy should include setting goals, researching relevant keywords and hashtags, establishing target audiences, creating an editorial calendar, tracking analytics, and measuring performance.

An effective social media manager will also ensure that the company is using the best practices for its advertisements. This includes creating compelling visuals and copy, selecting the right platforms for the company’s target audience, optimizing ads for mobile devices, testing different creative variations, and measuring results. By using these tactics, companies can maximize the impact of their social media campaigns and see a significant return on investment.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a method of digital marketing where advertisers pay for every click on their advertisement. It’s one of the most effective forms of online advertising because it allows advertisers to reach potential customers at the exact moment when they are looking for products or services like theirs. PPC ads are highly targeted, cost-effective, and can be tailored to the user’s search intent and behaviors.

When setting up a PPC campaign, advertisers select keywords that are relevant to their products or services and bid on how much they’re willing to pay for each click on their ad. Ads will then appear in a variety of placements depending on the keyword and the bid amount, including search engine result pages (SERPs) and display networks. Ads that are shown higher up on the SERPs tend to have higher click-through rates because they are more visible.

PPC campaigns offer numerous advantages over traditional advertising methods. They can be used to test different marketing strategies, target specific audiences, generate leads, increase website traffic, and measure success. Additionally, they can be turned off or adjusted quickly if necessary, allowing businesses to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Email Marketing

When done correctly, email marketing can help a business to create brand awareness, drive traffic to its website, and create relationships with customers. Through emails, businesses can track customer engagement and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. Furthermore, email marketing allows businesses to personalize their messages according to customers’ needs, interests and preferences.

The benefits of email marketing are that it is cost-effective, allows for segmentation and personalization, offers convenience for customers, and helps to build trust and loyalty. Additionally, email marketing is an automated process that can be easily managed without too much time or effort.

When used strategically, email marketing can be an effective way for businesses to reach out to new customers and build long-term relationships with existing ones. With its potential for high return on investment, email marketing can be a valuable tool in any digital marketing strategy.

Website Design and Development

At zak-digi, we specialize in WordPress web design and SEO. Our team of web designers, developers and marketers has a proven track record of success when it comes to helping customers establish an online presence. With website design and development from zak-digi, you can be sure that your business will be able to stand out from the crowd.

We are experts in designing unique websites that will be optimized for search engines, providing customers with the ability to find your business online. We also provide copywriting and keyword research services, so that the website can be optimized for search engine rankings. Our team has experience in creating and hosting websites, giving you the flexibility and control you need for a successful online presence. With zak-digi, you can be sure that your website will be attractive, user-friendly and efficient.


The success of any business in the digital age depends on a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy. Zak-digi helped several businesses create new websites and take advantage of search engine optimization, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing to drive more traffic and leads to their sites. With their expertise, these businesses have seen tremendous growth and improved online visibility.
If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with digital marketing services, contact zak-digi today and get started on creating a successful online presence.

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