Eyecare advise that will improve your vision

Eyecare advise

The problem with vision is similar to running in the jungle on a new moon night, where you do not know where you are heading. Although you cannot expect the moon to appear on a new moon night, with proper care, you can have better vision.  

Without the right care, millions of people suffer from minor eye issues that impair their eyesight. If you have an eye condition, there are numerous vision therapy activities that can help. Additionally, VR for eyecare is useful for vision correction. However, there are ways to prevent many eye issues with the help of eyecare tips.

Eyecare Tips

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is one of the first eyecare tips that one needs to follow and best to start with your diet to support healthy eye health. Age-related vision problems including cataracts and macular degeneration may be avoided with the help of vitamins C and E, lutein, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Green leafy vegetables like collards, spinach, and kale are also good sources of calcium and vitamin K. Additionally high in omega-3, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium, oily seafood like salmon, tuna, and other fish contribute to better vision. The best sources of protein include eggs, almonds, and beans.

Oranges and other citrus fruits and drinks are excellent sources of vitamin C. You can maintain a healthy weight with the aid of a well-balanced diet. Additionally, it lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is one of the main factors in adult blindness.


Eliminating smoking is another eyecare tip need to follow for good eyesight. Smoking increases your risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Your optic nerves can be damaged by smoking, which over time could have a severe effect on your vision.

Your likelihood of getting cataracts and a host of other illnesses rises as a result. Try again if your previous attempts to break the habit were unsuccessful. Your chances of succeeding in quitting increase as you make more tries. A VR device might be useful if you relapse more regularly.

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Use sunglasses

All ocular structures deteriorate due to UV radiation. Chronic UV exposure can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and corneal damage, all of which can impair vision in the long run. Consequently, picking the appropriate pair of sunglasses will aid in protecting your eyes from UV rays. Choose a pair that blocks 99–100% of UV (A and B) rays as well.

Eye protection from the side is best provided with wraparound glasses. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, lessen glare when you’re driving but may not necessarily provide additional protection. For more information, you can also speak to your eye doctor.

Screen time and lighting

We frequently squint at screens on computers and cell phones as a result of technology. Long-term screen use can also dry out the eyes and irritate them. Studies show that people of all ages blink much less frequently when focused on a screen, which results in dry eyes.

Always use the proper eyewear and keep it up to date with frequent doctor appointments when viewing a computer screen. If any problem arises, such as pain or strain, see a doctor.

Attempt to reduce the amount of glare from windows and lights as well. If required, use an anti-glare screen. Increasing your blink rate or thinking about utilizing artificial tears if your eyes are dry. Additionally, blink frequently and take regular pauses from the screen.

Regular exercise

A healthy lifestyle reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. Studies have shown a correlation between lower levels of activity and a number of eye conditions, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

You don’t need to exercise till you start to perspire; even a quick walk around your neighbourhood for 30 minutes, four times per week, will significantly improve your vascular health.

Aerobic exercise, such as cardio, improves blood flow to the retina and optical nerve while lowering intraocular pressure. Therefore, it’s imperative to give up sedentary behaviour and switch to an active way of life.

Contact lenses

A fantastic substitute for prescribed glasses is contact lenses. Do not fall for any advertisement that says single lenses can fit to anyone. Wearing incorrectly fitted lenses might harm your eyes permanently. Since no two pairs of eyes are the same, you must see an optometrist who can precisely assess your visual needs.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to take it off at night and leave it in the cleaning solution. It will aid in bacterial eradication and prevent eye infections.

Use of VR for eyecare

Virtual reality is successfully supporting people in accomplishing their health and workout goals. It also has shown significant support in Vision Therapy. Virtual reality therapy (VR) for vision can be used instead of or in addition to more conventional therapies due to its high level of efficacy.

Through a variety of activities, VR for eyecare aids in both diagnostic and visual correction. Those who desire to do regular or eye workouts can also benefit from it. Vision exercises have been proven to benefit from playing virtual reality games that maintain unobstructed, single-vision binocularity.

Additionally, a new era for assessing vision-related handicap may be made possible by virtual reality. It also helps eye care specialists comprehend how visual impairment affects a person’s capacity for daily functioning.


Wherever you go, you will find some eyecare tips, however, what to follow and what not to follow only a medical practitioner can guide you. Therefore, never forget to discuss even a tiny problem with your eye doctor. Also, you can ask them more about the efficacy of VR in your case for better results. 

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