How are Online Conferences Different from Online Meeting?

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When the pandemic first struck, it was assumed that it would only last a few months before returning to normal. However, it didn’t go as expected, and we had to look for alternatives to carry on with our lives. One option was to host online events, in which the entire event was digital. Physical events took a backseat, and terms like virtual events and virtual event platforms became common. 

Online events rose to prominence so quickly, and since then, the expansion of online events has happened at a very rapid pace. The importance of virtual events in the lives of ordinary people has grown, and businesses and organizations have joined forces to host events on online platforms. When it comes to the formats and types of online events, the two most common have been online meetings and conferences. 

Online meetings and online conferences have helped professionals and businesses from global industries come together without distance being a barrier. Online event platforms provide a variety of tools and features that allow attendees to connect quickly and easily. All the interactive and networking tools enable the attendees to connect seamlessly in real time. Shifting in the virtual sphere has its own advantages. Also, when we talk about the advantages of online meetings and conferences, there is a lot to count on. Conducting business-related meetings or even informal meetings over digital platforms has several benefits. When it comes to counting them, we will begin with the fact that online meetings and conferences help us save time and access helpful resources. 

Now that virtual events have become a part of our lives, it is important to understand the difference between the different verticals of online events. One should know the points that make them different and have a clear understanding of different terms. 

In this blog, we will try to understand how online meetings and online conferences are different from one another. Also, we will try to learn where both of these formats stand in the virtual world. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the blog and see what it has to offer. 

Virtual Conferences

When we talk about the term “conference,” it is generally a formal gathering of professionals where they discuss a theme and share their opinions. A conference consists of professionals coming together from different organizations and industries to discuss a particular topic and share each other’s perspectives. With the prefix “virtual,” conferences get transformed digitally. Hence, conferences that are hosted over an online platform are known as “online” or “virtual” conferences. 

Whereas physical conferences are hosted in regular physical venues, virtual conference platforms serve as the venues for online conferences. Professionals and attendees can come together and hold conversations, discussions, and share their business plans, ideas, etc. 

With virtual conferences, attendees from their homes or even some other place can attend the meeting even if they are not available at the conference venue. Online conferences come with several elements, such as forums, resource centers, networking lounges, and interactive spaces. 

Another thing to consider about online conferences is that there is no limit to the number of attendees or employees who can attend an online conference. This factor makes it a more favorable way of hosting and attending a conference. With an efficient online conference platform, the organization can connect a larger number of employees at once. Not only this, but conference platforms enable attendees to share documents and other information quite easily and conveniently. 

Virtual Meetings

Similar to virtual conferences, virtual meetings also enable attendees to connect in real time. All attendees can interact in real time, engage in discussions, and communicate. Not only this, but virtual meetings also help in the easy and seamless transition of information. Hosting virtual meetings is more beneficial; several advantages include environmental friendliness, globe-spanning communication, and more. Ever since the world got hit by the pandemic, businesses are relying on virtual meetings to keep the work going. When it comes to the virtual meeting platforms and the tools they offer, one gets live chat, live screen, feedback sharing, and document sharing in real time. 

Major Differences Between Virtual Conference and Virtual Meetings

One might feel that virtual meetings and conferences are the same thing, but there are several key differences between both of them. Whereas all virtual conferences can be online meetings, not all online meetings can be online conferences. Some major differences between both of them are: 


When it comes to the objectives of online conferences, they are generally hosted to bring in exports and keynote speakers from a field and conduct knowledge-gaining discussions and sessions. 

Attendees in virtual meetings talk about a problem and try to solve it.

2.Duration of Hosting

Speaking of the duration of hosting online conferences, they are generally longer than online meetings. Where virtual meetings generally range between a few minutes and a few hours, virtual conferences typically last for a day or more.  

3.Range of Execution

Virtual conferences include a wide range of speakers that address the audience in different sessions. However, in meetings, the attendees generally belong to the same organizations or teams. 

4.Online Platform

Speaking of the online platform, virtual conferences are hosted on a full-fledged platform with extensive and exclusive designs. However, in the case of virtual meetings, they are hosted on a single virtual platform. 


When it comes to nature, virtual conferences are generally formal in nature. However, when it comes to the nature of virtual meetings, they can also be informal, depending on the subject and objective of the meeting. 

It has been repeatedly observed that people think virtual meetings and conferences are quite similar in nature. Though their formats are the same and there is a lot of resemblance between both of them, they have a few differences. Since virtual meetings and conferences have become immensely popular, it is important to know the difference between them. The intent of this blog was to let the audience know what the main differences were between online conferences and virtual meetings. We hope it helped you learn more about both forms. 

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