How to Light Modern Restaurants


Tips for lighting modern restaurants

The lighting design of restaurants and bars is currently an essential aspect of their success. Many chefs and entrepreneurs in the sector know this, and for this reason, they put great effort into this key section in terms of the image that their restaurant will convey.

We choose a restaurant for its good food, but this must be accompanied by a specific environment, effective and well-designed interior and exterior lighting, along with comfort, privacy, modernity, or casualness depending on each style.

The most important thing about a restaurant is the food, the quality of its services, and the teams of people, but if what you want is to enhance its uniqueness, it is essential to create an environment in accordance with the target audience you want to attract.

You must take care of every detail, and the correct sun chandelier design will undoubtedly help you to improve the experience of your diners.

In this article, we have prepared 6 essential tips for interior and exterior lighting in restaurants.

We have ordered them according to different areas, with the aim of giving you guidelines that allow you to create different atmospheres depending on the use or attraction that you want to provoke in each one.

How to illuminate the facade and entrance of the restaurant?

The external appearance of the restaurant is the first impression that the client will have, and in addition, there are many magazines, guides, publications, and restaurant blogs that use the photo of a restaurant entrance as a presentation of each establishment.

Do you now see the importance of lighting this entrance area?

You must illuminate the façade, the sign, and the door in a manner consistent with the character and style of the premises, something that is far from easy to achieve.

We recommend lighting that is not excessively intense, provides a bath of uniform light, conveys a feeling of comfort, and obviously invites you to enter.

Mood lighting in a restaurant

Good general lighting in the restaurant will create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will bring warmth to the space and good feelings in diners.

Did you know that we can help you remotely illuminate your restaurant, whether you are the owner or the person in charge of the interior design?

It uses indirect light with linear LED systems or with decorative lamps, both current and modern, as well as reinterpreted classic designs, which decorate and enhance the character of the establishment.

How to illuminate the tables of a restaurant?

The correct lighting of the dining room and its tables is vital for the success of the restaurant lighting project.

To illuminate the tables, install spotlights with lamps and/or anti-glare filters, or suspended lamps that create an intimate and secluded atmosphere.

Place the hanging lamps at a distance of approximately 75 cm from the table, and thus you will avoid dazzling the diners while allowing them to have visibility. On this subject, you may be interested in visiting the lighting news section on the website, in which we have discussed various models of hanging lamps.

How do light restaurant terraces?

The exterior of the terrace is, without a doubt, a continuity of the interior of the restaurant, so aesthetic and lighting coherence is also important. Maintain the same criteria in design and lighting style as in the interior, and take care of all the small details, these make the exterior a comfortable and pleasant place and invite you to enjoy the outdoor space.

To illuminate the umbrellas, it uses linear warm light LED systems with diffusers to shade the light. For terraces with pergolas, hang outdoor suspension lamps or incorporate decorative lamps to create a more suggestive environment.

How to reduce consumption and lighting costs in a restaurant?

To finish this article, I recommend that if you want to maintain adjusted and sustainable lighting consumption with your restaurant activity, use luminaires that allow the use of the latest LED, halogen or fluorescent lamps.

Likewise, you must correctly manage the.

So much for these essential restaurant lighting tips, which if you want from now on you can also receive direct and for the first time by email by registering on this blog.

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