How To Move Graphic Design To Motion Design

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If you want to learn more about switching from graphic design to motion design, you are in place. This blog will emphasize the core abilities you need to learn initially, from understanding the fundamentals of motion design to examining animation concepts to learning about video effects.

Skills Required For Motion Graphics Designers

For those interested in a career in motion graphics, a clear understanding of design fundamentals like layout, typography, and colour theory is essential. You should think creatively and clearly understand animation and motion graphics fundamentals.

Learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects, because these are all crucial design programs. Traditional art abilities aren’t required but can aid when coming up with ideas and putting them on paper when technical skills aren’t enough.

Good communication skills are necessary for providing motion graphic services when interacting with clients, coworkers, and employers and explaining your designs to the broader public.

There are essentially six components that must work together to create a successful motion graphic:

Anticipation: it gets the audience ready for the scene’s climax—the act of taking a deep breath. For instance, it helps you to be more ready to express yourself when you talk. As a visual cue, a square could lean back slightly before launching itself forward in preparation for action.

Follow Through: the part of the dance that happens after the primary part is finished. The movement is more appealing because only some things must stop at once.

Action That Overlaps: Moving parts at various speeds makes the overall motion more interesting.

Slow In and Slow Out: refers to a technique in which an activity is performed more quickly at the outset. Before slowing down again at its end. In short, it improves the realism of the movement.

Arc: Movement paths that use an arc are more visually appealing than straight lines.

Timing: When it comes to timing, more frames mean slower motion, while fewer frames mean faster action.

Which software and Technical Abilities Are Necessary?

As a graphic designer, you likely already have access to some software and hardware required to transition into motion design, like Illustrator, Photoshop, and a tablet.

The most important thing to add to your tools kits is After Effects. After Effects is an absolute must-have to make any motion graphics, you can add some serious entertainment value to your animation with the assistance of this software.

The Following Items Need to Be Entered Into After Effects:

  • The Firm Foundational Element; the Anchor
  • Position
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Opacity

The power of After Effects, however, is far beyond that. Remember, these are only the fundamentals to get you going!

Resources Tools for Getting Started

If you’re a graphic designer looking to transition to motion graphics or just progress in your profession, you’ll need access to some valuable materials. There is plenty of knowledge in the modern era, but sifting through it all to locate the best resources can be a daunting task. 

  • In need of motion graphics services? Reach out to a reputable graphic design firm and put your mind at ease.
  • Schools for animation training: where you can polish your skills.

Knowing how to market your artwork after acquiring the necessary skills is the key to success. Let’s find out what goes on during promotions.

Build a portfolio

It will help if you put in the time and effort to create a stellar portfolio showcasing your most excellent work and make it easy for the proper people to find it. This is the first chance to make a good impression on those who ultimately decide whether to hire you.

Leverage The Power Of The Internet And Social Networks

Today, a solid social media presence is one of the most significant ways to advertise yourself and your art. You can communicate with potential consumers and fans in a personal way by posting photographs, videos, and other information to help build brand awareness. A more well-known brand can signal reliability and marketability to clients, colleagues, and partners.

Keep a blog updated and curated.

Many people are curious about the history of different art pieces and why they should care about them. Having a blog allows you to tell stories, show off your artwork, demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic, and, most importantly, rise in Google search results, making it easier for people to find you and your work.


In the dynamic field of motion graphics design, staying current with the latest trends is crucial. The industry is still developing, so learning as much as possible about the newest tools and aesthetic trends is essential. Please become familiar with the resources available, and make it a habit to check for software updates and read up on any changes made to graphic design applications. 

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