How to play VR games on desktop

How to play VR games on desktop

How to play VR games on desktop

The Meta Quest 2 (previously referred to as Oculus Quest 2) is a top-notch standalone headset from Meta (previously Facebook). There are hundreds of local content materials to be had at the Oculus Store, however, one of the key functions of the Quest and Quest 2 is their capacity to additionally play PC VR content material as well, at the same time as linked to a VR-geared up PC — stressed and wirelessly.

First and foremost, there`s Meta`s respectable stressed technique known as Oculus Link, which makes use of a USB cable. However, there are additionally extra superior wi-fi options — Meta`s respectable wi-fi option, Air Link, and a third-birthday birthday celebration app, Virtual Desktop.

We`ve mentioned what you want and covered commands for the setup of all 3 techniques below, focusing ordinarily on Oculus Link.

For wi-fi options, we`ve written up a brief how-to precis on every after which connected to our other, extra specified courses for the one’s techniques, in case you want them.

VR-Ready PC

In addition to your Quest headset, you`ll additionally want a VR-geared-up PC.

Take an examination of Meta`s Oculus Link page to peer in case your computer systems meet the minimal necessities for Oculus Link. Also, take a look at that every one of your hardware is well suited — now no longer the whole thing well suited with Link yet (however it`s getting better).

The specification necessities will extrude relying on the sport as well — a few PC VR video games require beefier specifications than others — so make sure to test sports necessities too.


For Oculus Link, you`ll want a USB-C cable to attach your Quest on your laptop. The gain of the use of a stressed connection is reliability.  The wi-fi connections — Air Link and Virtual Desktop —  may be much less dependable, relying upon your conditions.

Depending on what cables you’ve got on hand, you could now no longer want to buy a brand new cable to apply with Link. Any USB-C cable that meets a minimum USB 2. zero specification must work, however, USB three and above is preferable. The cable must be a minimum of three meters minimal, preferably five in case you need the most variety of movement.

The authentic Oculus Quest covered a protracted Link-well-suited USB C to C cable withinside the box.

The Quest 2, however, does now no longer include a cable this is the precise period for Link — you`ll want to shop for one.

Depending on the cable, you could additionally want to shop for an adapter to plug it into your laptop. Most Link-well-suited cables are USB C on each end, however now no longer all PCs have USB-C ports. You should purchase a USB-C to A adapter if so, however, you`ll want to make certain it`s additionally as a minimum USB 2. zero (or matching the specification of the cable, if better than USB 2. zero, for first-rate overall performance).

Regardless of what cable and adapters you use, make certain they`re from dependable brands — we`ve discovered Oculus Link can act a chunk humorous while you`re in the use of much less dependable equipment.

We were given a whole manual on constructing an Oculus Link cable, so examine that in case you`re nevertheless unsure.


How to play VR games on desktop
How to play VR games on desktop

Download the respectable Oculus PC app, for you to run Oculus Link (and Air Link) and let you play PC VR video games on your headset. You can get it here, indexed as a download for Air Link and Link Cable.

Oculus Link additionally works with SteamVR, so make certain to download Steam and defloration SteamVR in case you need to play any of that content material.

Oculus Link Setup

Make certain your Quest is becoming on and linked on your laptop together with your USB cable. From there, open the PC Oculus app and press `Add a New Headset`, and pick both the authentic Oculus Quest and Quest 2. The app will then run you thru a smooth first-time setup process.

Oculus Link setup

After you`ve installed Oculus Link, it is going to be had to apply every time you plug your headset into the PC — a activate must seem in VR asking in case you need to permit Link.

Adjusting Oculus Link Refresh Rate on Quest 2

When the use of Quest 2, you could alter Link`s refresh charge to run at better prices than the default 72Hz. The authentic Quest is constrained to simply 72Hz, so the subsequent steps won`t apply.

Once you`ve been given Link up and running, you could tweak its refresh charge to run at both 72Hz (the default, endorsed option), 80Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz. To do this, join your Quest 2 on your PC and visit the Devices tab withinside the Oculus PC app.

This technique works for putting Air Link`s refresh charge and rendering a decision as well — your possibilities must be carried over.

Air Link Setup

Note: The Windows eleven replacement in advance this yr delivered with it a few performance troubles for the ones with the use of Air Link. We strongly advocate now no longer the use of Windows eleven in case you`re seeking to play PC VR content material on Meta Quest 2 till the problem is resolved.

First of all, you`ll want an AC or AX router with a 5Ghz community for top overall performance, together with your PC linked thru Ethernet. Meta warns that mesh wifi networks or computer systems linked wirelessly are acknowledged to purpose overall performance problems.


If you`re having a hassle or want an extra explanation, we have a separate manual with extra elements on putting in and the use of Air Link here.

Virtual Desktop Setup

An opportunity to Air Link is the third-birthday birthday celebration app Virtual Desktop, which permits you to deliver your laptop`s show into VR and engage with it from inside your headset. However, it additionally has a comparable capability to Air Link, permitting you to flow PC VR content material wirelessly on your Quest.

Virtual Desktop Quest 2

Just like Air Link, you`ll want a `dependable` router with a 5Ghz community and a laptop linked thru Ethernet. You`ll additionally want to put in the Virtual Desktop streamer app for PC and buy a replica of Virtual Desktop for Quest.

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