How To Publish Your Book On Amazon

How To Publish Your Book On Amazon

You likely have sixty to seventy thousand words that you could include in your own self-published book or novel because so many writers I follow have already honed in on a theme and been consistent with writing. in this blog we will learn How To Publish Your Book On Amazon

I was eager to publish my first book on Amazon as soon as I finished it.

I had the naiveté to believe it would take me a few weeks.

My self-publishing research alone took me two weeks to complete.

How much does self-publishing cost?

If you outsource everything, self-publishing can be pricey. Although a professional can format your book for $3000 or more, there is a chance that it will contain faults. Someone may not have done the greatest proofreading for you, or the ultimate output might not be delivered to your expectations. you can also go for affordable amazon publishing services.

You might even alter your mind about the title or a certain chapter. It might be more difficult to wait a month for a professional to produce a file that you may not be able to change than to do it yourself.

For my cover photo, I paid a photographer $150; the rest was all myself.

Which self-publishing business should you use?

I came to the conclusion that Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Direct (KDP) was the greatest option because of Amazon’s respectable reputation and sizable built-in audience. Additionally, you can release an eBook, paperback, and audiobook version.

If you’re interested in learning more about the various advantages, Scott Alan has outlined the top 12 self-publishing firms for authors.

KDP will provide you with a free ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your paperback and hardcover versions, in contrast to the majority of self-publishing businesses for authors.

No matter where you choose to publish your book, you will need an ISBN.

If you reside in the United States, you can acquire additional ISBNs through Bowker; otherwise, you can do so from the International ISBN Agency.

Make sure your fundamental formatting is accurate.

Although Kindle Direct Publishing offers some excellent courses, their recommendations won’t help you finish your book to a professional degree.

  • Line spacing should be at least 1.15.
  • You will select no bleed if you are not using any images.
  • Make sure the margins in your Word document are mirrored (page facing). You can modify them under the margins drop-down menu under “Layout.”
  • Make sure your margins contain room for both your page numbers and any headings. This depends depend on how many pages your book has and what size paperback you want to be produced.
  • You should indent your paragraphs.

If you mess up your line spacing, it’s going to be incredibly obvious to your reader that you don’t know what you’re doing, and you do not want them feeling that way. You want your reader to pick up your book and see it perfectly formatted so that they have confidence in you as a Creator and as a Writer.

— Natalie Leigh

The greatest resource I could find for basic formatting your Word document before self-publishing was Natalie Leigh’s YouTube video.

Use page breaks consistently, as opposed to screaming the return key like an overstimulated cat. After you have edited your book or novel, having to regularly edit several pages can be a pain when self-publishing. You will need to read and reread your book at least three times to get it just right, I promise.

How to design your spine art and front and back covers.

You’re in luck if you know how to use Photoshop since it will be easy to create your cover. Also available is Canva. I followed the steps below in order to get my bleed and margins just correct.

  • To create a template, go to
  • Enter the ISBN, book size, and page count information.
  • Using your email address, you can download the template for nothing.
  • Drop the PDF template into Canva or Photoshop.
  • Create the cover with your desired margins.
  • Get rid of the template.

Making a decision about your book’s size is essential. The ideal size, according to Kindle Direct Publishing, is six by nine inches. It wasn’t until after I formatted my entire book to be six by nine inches that I realized this wasn’t the case. Use five by eight inches instead, unless your book requires a different layout. My personal preferred measurements for writing a novel are five by eight inches.

Never undervalue a creative’s capacity to design a cover for you. The finest investment for the cover art of your book will be a photographer or illustrator. You might want to look into Behance if you’re writing a novel. There are so many fantastic artists, and Instagram is how I met my photographer!

Self-publishing is simple if you do your homework.

It’s not too late to style your work if you’ve already begun writing your book or taking ghost writing services. The best course of action could be to compose the first chapter or two, format your Word document, and then choose your margins. You will have a better visual understanding of the result as a result.

Because I enjoy writing, I started my Word project early without doing any preliminary research on self-publishing.

This was a terrible error.

Make sure you choose the size of your book in advance. Even the most patient monk could become frustrated when editing a Word document since it differs from the software I love to use, such as Lightroom, Sketch, or even Final Cut Pro.

No, I’m not a monk.

Because you must follow publication guidelines whether you utilize Amazon’s KDP or other publishing platforms, this checklist will save you days.

If your book isn’t ideal, you also don’t want them to buy it!

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