Many pipelines are equipped with a concentric reducer

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A concentric reducer is a device that reduces the size of a bore in the pipeline. For example, a 3-inch pipe could be reduced to 2 inches. The device could be made out of steel, brass or copper. The device is called a concentric reducer because its working parts reduce the size of the pipe by narrowing it down.

Many pipelines are equipped with a concentric reducer for safety reasons. This is because it makes the pipeline easier to repair or work on. Sometimes it’s necessary to reduce the diameter of a pipeline. It can be done using a concentric reducer. For instance, a pipeline might be buried underground.

The concentric reducer is used in the industries stainless steel hollow bar such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil, food, power generation, petroleum and chemical, shipbuilding, nuclear power, and petrochemicals.

This is because the diameter of the pipeline is too big to fit in the hole. When a pipeline is buried underground, it is easier to lay it out if the pipeline is narrower.

Another example is that if a pipeline has to cross a road, it would be difficult to have a large-diameter pipeline if the road is too wide. The diameter of a pipeline needs to be narrow enough to fit the road. A smaller diameter pipeline is easier to cross roads.

In order to install a concentric reducer, you must first cut off some parts from the pipeline. These parts are called “couplings”. Couplings come in two types.

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