Does Your Mirror Face The Bed? It May Be The Reason Behind Your Anxiety!

Mirror Facing The BED

It’s common advice by many Vastu experts that placing a mirror facing your bed is inauspicious. Is this advice worthwhile to implement? Or is it another myth floating around on social media? The truth is – it is advisable not to have a mirror facing the bed.

But we won’t leave you hanging with a vague reason like “it’s inauspicious”. In this article, we’ll unravel the real reason behind it and also tell you the options through which you can balance the energies of your bedroom despite having a mirror there.

Why Is A Mirror Facing The Bed Not Good As Per Vastu?

The straightforward logical reason is that it can cause restlessness, anxiety and confusion. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to drink water. As you climb down the bed, you feel someone else in the room. Now, this feeling may or may not be of horror. For those who believe in the existence of ghosts, this feeling is terrible. For those who don’t, even they will feel the horror, but not to a great extent.

If you already have a mirror in your bedroom – especially one that faces the bed – you know this feeling. You will agree that it may not be of horror but is definitely of peace. Vastu is all about creating a calm and peaceful environment for you to live in. The balance of energies creates a harmony which helps avoid such tense feelings by working on your mindset.

Having a mirror that faces your bed, does not help get rid of the tense feelings, rather invites them. But do you need to pay attention to this advice of not keeping a mirror facing the bed, if you don’t have a habit of getting up at night?

Yes, you do.

Having mirrors and the consequent reflections near you also pave the road to restlessness. Imagine having a bad day when you couldn’t find any good clothes to wear in the morning. You dump them all out on the bed in your search for the right outfit.

Now, this might already be overwhelming – having a big pile of unorganized clothes – when you have to leave for work soon. The reflection of this pile in the mirror has a devastating impact on your mind as it makes it look like there are two piles to organize.

While your conscious mind may know that there’s only one pile to sort, your mind isn’t trained well enough to register that. What happens next is a rise in panic, restlessness and little mishaps like hurting your toe, forgetting essential documents, and missing breakfast. Vastu shastra wants you to avoid all these mishaps and make way for a simple, balanced environment where things happen smoothly without causing anxiety or restlessness.

Vastu Tips To Implement If You Have A Mirror Facing The Bed

  • Check the direction of the mirror.

Where is your bedroom – the one, which has the mirror in front of the bed? Is it in the North? Or the South? Ideally, mirrors should only be placed in the North or East directions of the house (not the room). The energy of the South or West is degrading and should not get multiplied due to mirror reflections. However, the energy of the North and East is highly enriching. And therefore needs mirrors to be reflected around to get multiplied and improve your life. Once you have checked the direction, here’s what you should do.

  • Remove the mirror if it’s in the South or West.
  • Let it stay in its place if it’s in the North or East.
  • Can’t remove the mirror in the wrong direction? Cover them.

You can use a shutter system or curtains to cover the mirror whenever it’s not in use. It would be best to shift them inside your wardrobe or your dressing table inside a walk-in closet if that’s the mirror in question. In case you have mirrors or reflective panels in any other form, like false ceilings or as the outer layer of your wardrobe, you should call the carpenter or any other suitable professional to get it fixed.

  • Change your bed position.

Is your bed’s position according to Vastu? Ideally, you should sleep in the South or East of the house with your feet facing the North or West respectively. If that’s not your bed’s position, you should change it. This might help remove the bed from the mirror’s purview and help you avoid the negative feelings we talked about before.

  • Call a Vastu expert.

If all the above Vastu tips don’t work, you should get in touch with a Vastu consultant in Delhi, NCR, or wherever you live. With over 40 years of experience, the experts at Vaastu Devayah Namah have been changing lives one at a time. They do this by balancing energies and helping create a space that promotes health, prosperity and happiness. You can book your online consultation with them right away!

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