Plant Delivery | Choosing The Right Store When Ordering Online

Is there no better time than now to buy things online instead of going out of your way to do so? Now, we routinely order everything from food to electronics online. Moreover, we acknowledge that the thought of purchasing a plant online is appealing, especially if the desired specimen is not readily available in the area. Perishable things like plants need extra care when delivered online. Let’s know some of the things to be cautious about if you opt for online plant delivery.

A few things to consider before ordering vegetation from the web

The reputation of the vendor

If you don’t know where to begin, ask around. Inquire amongst your loved ones if they have ever bought one from a specific online store. You can find out how other customers felt about a specific store by asking in discussion forums and online groups. If you want to know what other people think about a firm, you can read reviews about them online; specifically, you should look for evaluations that discuss the company’s plant packaging and shipping processes.

One important thing to note is that, especially on the internet, every review is not reliable. Whenever anything bad happens with a purchase, customers are more inclined to write a review. However, the Internet is rife with bogus testimonials.

While you’re at it, see if there’s a refund policy the company stands behind. Will the vendor replace the plant if it arrives in poor condition? You can return an item within 30 days for a refund or a replacement from many retailers.

Technical Details of the Plant

If you’ve done the first thing on the list, you’ll know that a common complaint in ratings of plant sellers is that they don’t ship quickly enough. Despite its beauty, I was hoping for a more sizable plant.

Just as clothing stores employ airbrushed models to get us to buy jeans and blouses, garden centres use images of perfect plants to sell us their wares. In some cases, the plant pictured in an online store will not be the same as the one shipped to you. Model plants are typically larger, glossier, and have no yellowing or other flaws visible on their leaves.

That’s why it’s important to study the terms and conditions carefully before making such a pricey acquisition, especially when it comes to the dimensions and availability of your prized possession. Do you want to buy a fully-grown plant or a seedling? When it arrives, will it be in a pot or bare root? Do the instructions for how to take care of it come packaged with the item, or do you have to get them elsewhere? 

Shipment details 

Check the shipping details carefully after you’ve confirmed that you’re purchasing the desired plant from a reputable vendor.

In what time frame do you anticipate receiving your order? Your plant for example a Jacaranda may suffer from prolonged confinement if you’re receiving it from a distant retailer. Expect to pay more for priority shipping if you’re anticipating a large package.

There’s not much a plant vendor can do if they have to ship a plant during a heatwave or subfreezing temperatures. In extremely cold temperatures, some vendors will provide warming packs to increase the plant’s chances of survival, yet even this is no assurance.

Do you know when the plant will be delivered and if you will be there to accept it? Or are you planning to leave the plant outside in subfreezing weather? If the temperature or precipitation levels are too high for the plant to survive the trip home, you may want to hold off on purchasing until conditions improve.

Wrapping Up

Whenever you choose to buy plants from an online store, be cautious of the above-mentioned considerations. Plant delivery needs a certain level of care than other items and you must rely on a store that can fulfil those requirements.

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