Poles are Installed in Solar Power Generation Areas

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Areas where electric poles are installed in Solar companies in Pakistan for solar power generation.

In order to sell the electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation to the power company, it is necessary to install utility poles on the premises and connect the facilities with the utility poles outside the premises with electric wires.

However, the installation of utility poles and the purchase of electric wires will lead to an increase in initial costs, so it is recommended that you start by comparing areas where utility poles have already been installed.

Land with Strong Ground

Land with strong ground makes it easy to prepare for disaster risks and is also suitable for installing solar power generation.

The operating period of solar power generation varies depending on the condition of the equipment and the policy of the operator, but generally it is about 20 to 30 years. A big earthquake can happen anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, heavy rain disasters and typhoons occur in a shorter span than earthquakes.

Therefore, solar power generation may suffer damage from typhoons and earthquakes.

If installed on land with strong ground, it may be possible to suppress damage caused by earthquake shaking and reduce the risk of landslide disasters.

Land with Low Flood risk Such as Tsunami and Flooding

Land with low risk of flood damage and land with little flood damage on the disaster hazard map are one of the areas where it is easy to install solar power generation.

We do not know when river flooding due to heavy rains, or tsunami damage due to earthquakes or submarine volcanic eruptions will occur. In addition, in areas that have suffered flood damage in the past or areas with a high risk of flood damage, there is a possibility that equipment will be damaged by flooding, or that foundations will be swept into the sea or destroyed by a tsunami.

To reduce disaster risk, it is necessary to investigate areas with low flood risk. The risk of flood damage can be confirmed on the hazard map of each municipality. In addition, past flood damage may be summarized on the local government website.

Land with Less Snow

Some solar panels and mounts are reinforced to withstand snow accumulation.

On the other hand, there are cases where solar panels cannot withstand heavy snowfall and the entire facility is warped, so it is recommended to find land with as little snow as possible.

Photovoltaic power plants installed in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku were damaged by the heavy snowfall from January to February 2021, including damage to their mounts and solar panels.

The solar panels should be installed at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees to help the snow fall off. However, if a large amount of snow is recorded in a short period of time, the snow piles up before it falls off the panel, resulting in damage.

When installing a solar power generation system on land where several meters of snow have been recorded, it is necessary to take countermeasures after assuming the risk of damage due to snow accumulation.

There are Cool days Even in Summer

Areas that are cool even in the summer are relatively suitable for solar power generation.

Generally, solar panels are vulnerable to high temperatures, so a rise in temperature will cause a drop in power generation efficiency. A crystalline solar panel will drop 0.4% per degree rise, and an amorphous solar panel will drop 0.2% per degree.

The surface temperature of the panel is the temperature that is 30 to 40 degrees higher than the air temperature. If you install a solar panel in a place with a temperature of 40 degrees, the surface temperature will rise to about 80 degrees.

When you find cool land in the summer, it is also important to recognize it as an area suitable for solar power generation.

Areas without Installation Regulations

Areas that do not fall under the installation regulations of local governments are suitable for solar power generation and avoid the risk of trouble.

In some cases, local governments have enacted ordinances regarding installation regulations in order to reduce the risk of landslides and complaints from local residents due to the installation of solar power generation. For example, Okayama and Hyogo prefectures have proposed or enacted ordinances regarding installation restricted areas.

If you have purchased land such as farmland where equipment cannot be installed, you will need to apply for the conversion of farmland.

In order to avoid the trouble and troubles of procedures, check in advance the Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan whether the area is subject to installation regulations

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