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Driving safely, some simple tips to get safe driving, aquaplaning on the road advice for safe driving.

More and more people are taking a safe driving course. Most road accidents are caused by driver distraction and other factors that are often overlooked, automatic driving. In this article, you will discover some simple tips to achieve safe driving.

What are the tricks to driving safely?

Distractions behind the wheel are among the leading causes of road accidents. The first piece of advice on how to drive well is to never stop looking at the road; automatic driving, if you have urgent calls to make, use the headset; if the phone call is particularly stressful, it cause a loss of attention, it is better to postpone it or to pull over the car.

The same caution should be used if you need to send or read a message on your phone: take a few minutes to do it, pull over the car and resume driving only when you’re done.

Avoid using Phone

A small distraction can be fatal: moving at a speed of 80 km/h, you travel 22 meters in one second; this means that if you stop looking at the road for two seconds, to check a message or insert a CD, you are driving almost 50 meters without seeing what is happening in front of your vehicle.

We are also distracted to consult the navigator; if you can’t do without it, because you forgot to study the route before getting behind the wheel, automatic driving, place it where it doesn’t force you to look away from the road or entrust it to the passenger.

Keep a safe distance

The safety distance is often not respected when driving; its importance is underestimated compared to the real risk it entails. Chain accidents are often caused by failure to observe the safety distance, even by one car, automatic driving. The correct distance allows you to have the necessary space to stop the vehicle without hitting the car ahead of you. When evaluating it, remember to consider some factors such as:

Driving speed: the faster you go, the greater the distance from the vehicle in front of you;

Your reaction time: if you drive at night or when you’re tired, your reflexes will be slower;

The condition of the vehicle: you must always check that the tires and brakes are perfectly effective;

The load of the car: the heavier and more loaded the car, the more space you will need to stop, and drive safely on the road.

The safe driving course teaches you how to find the right driving position.

Maintain the correct riding position

Posture is very important; your shoulders should rest completely on the seatback while your arms should be extended so that your wrists touch the top of the steering wheel, Automatic car instructor. If you can touch the steering wheel without letting go of the seatback, then your driving position is correct;

Adjust the backrest to an upright position, so that your back and shoulders always fit; remember that the arms should not be stretched but stretched.

To drive safely, the pedals must be easy to operate:

Adjusts the distance of the seat also according to the length of the legs; fully depress the clutch, moving the seat until your thigh touches the seat without sticking to it.

Also, test with your right foot: try pressing the accelerator pedal and then the brake pedal, with the heel of your shoe pointing to the floor; the foot must not create an angle of less than 90° with the ankle.

Furthermore, placing your hands on the steering wheel at 9.15 am will avoid covering what is called the “airbag deployment area”.

Place your hands well on the steering wheel and adjust the headrest

When you drive, your hands must follow the clock rule and position themselves at 9.15 on the steering wheel. Thumbs must fit snugly between the spokes and the steering wheel. The opposition of the hands, in this grip, allows you to feel the suspension and steering more sensitively; these are the elements that first send you signals about the grip of the vehicle.

Never underestimate the importance of the position of the headrest. If you don’t place it correctly, it becomes useless. It is not enough that it is positioned at the nape of the neck; in the event of an accident, with a strong movement of the driver’s body, the impact can be so violent as to project the head back up to climb over the headrest: in the best case scenario, the driver risks whiplash; at worst a spinal injury.

How should it be positioned?

Its highest point must project at least two centimeters beyond the head; the distance between the neck and the headrest, on the other hand, must not be more than 5-8 centimeters.

To drive safely you must always have the situation around you under control.

Before starting the car, remember to adjust the mirrors. You have to use all the mirrors you have, usually, there are three so that where one’s field of vision ends, the other’s begins.

Driving is a big responsibility for yourself and others.

Don’t forget to place the mirrors.

These are just some useful tips to improve the quality and safety of your driving. The Just Pass safe driving course in Trento will allow you to face not only the theory but also the practice of safe driving.

In the safe driving course, you will learn how to avoid sudden obstacles, you will carry out practical braking tests on wet surfaces with and without ABS, you will feel the effect of understeer and oversteer and you will try the simulation of driving on ice with loss of grip. It’s the best way to eliminate all driving faults that often arise over time, even in the most expert drivers.

Get in touch with the Just Pass staff, automatic driving lesson in Coventry for information on safe driving courses. Even if you think you know how to drive the car, there may be an acquired defect that you aren’t aware of.

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