Shipping to India via Sea Cargo Procedures from UAE

Shipping to India via Sea Cargo and do you know how to deal in a safe way? India and the UAE have been trading partners for decades, with trade worth $180 million in the 1970s.   Today, the annual bilateral trade between the two countries is estimated at $60 billion. The UAE is now India’s third-largest trading partner. Trade and investment despite the effects of the global pandemic,  The two countries will be able to further strengthen ties in areas such as food security.

It is important to take into account different factors such as current rates, distance, and cost when it comes to shipping from the UAE to India. It will be possible to request quotes by sea, plan the shipping route and calculate the total distance and time it takes for your ship to reach. From UAE to India and vice versa by sea, land, etc. It is possible to transport goods in a very smooth manner through aviation.  The UAE-India trade relationship has remained stable with a steady increase since March 2020, despite India extending the travel restrictions of COVID-19 till January 2021. Uae exports to India reached USD 2.45 billion by October 2020.

Shipping to India via Sea Cargo and with professional Tracking

There are four types of goods by sea, let’s see which ones.

·         Heavy Machinery

·         Liquid chemicals

·         Construction Equipment

·         Temperature-controlled food and medication

You need to choose which is your cargo type according to the above goods and the right type of container. For example, you may have to choose a reefer container if your cargo temperature is sensitive, or if you have a small number of goods you can opt for a type of container called LCL because the FCL or full container load comes at an expensive rate. We are all well aware that this pandemic has affected most businesses around the world.  This has also severely affected the commodity industry. Marine cargo movements increased significantly during this period. Yet the choice of the importer and exporter to choose the means of transportation and the exporter depends on factors such as time, cost, cargo size, cargo value, etc. Considering all the above details, it is better to transport freight by sea.  

Shipping Times

In general, shipping from the UAE to India takes about 30 days depending on the port of origin and the final destination. Hence, sea cargo is shipped by ship in eight days from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to Kandala port in Gujarat,  but it takes 13 to 20 days to reach Chennai port in south India.

Some of the major ports in India and the UAE


·         Kandla Port is the largest container port in India in terms of quantity of cargo. The primary activity at Kandla port is the import of crude oil.

·         The Mumbai port is the largest in the country in terms of size. Chemicals, textiles, and petroleum products are handled in the jetties of the port.

·         The company, which handles more than 60 million tons of cargo at Chennai port, has direct links with more than 50 ports globally. 


·         Jebel Ali in Dubai is a port considered to be the largest port in the Middle East. More than 80 shipping services are used in Jebel Ali every week and it offers connections to more than 150 ports around the world.

·         Zayed Port is the main commercial port in Abu Dhabi. It can handle up to ten sea-bound vessels at a time, along with general and large cargo.

Keep an eye on the tracking things

If you are hiring support from professional movers, it would be amazing – obviously the quality you can easily figure out from the professional team. In order to keep the identity, it is recommended whether dealing with sea cargo or via land or air, the professionals will do their best to bring quality. For house relocation purposes or for permanent office relocation, the demand for professional movers always maintains the quality.

Most important factors while checking the cargo company is –

Are they providing live tracking support

Are they providing 3rd party services or their own live chat team

Are they proper in communication via online channels such as email or through any social platform.

Make sure they are licensed and the customs clearance and the moving will be precise and on time. Find the smart team for support in order to make sure the cargo reaches safely.

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