Social Media Marketing Guide For Realtors in 2023

social media for real estate

The real estate industry mainly depends on networking which happens in person. But more realtors are now trying to take advantage of several social media platforms and improve their digital marketing efforts.

Social media for real estate is an excellent resource to target people looking to buy houses. Yard signs and newspaper ads were the best marketing strategies earlier. However, with rapid technological advancement, buyers are more aware and actively looking for properties online.

Social media can be a game-changer for the marketing in real estate industry. Both organic and paid social strategies perform favorably for real estate. Here, we will focus on how you can leverage the most popular social media platforms to grow your real estate business this year.

Social media: What’s in it for realtors in 2023? 

The National Association of Realtors report on Real Estate in a Digital Age (2021) shows that social media is the best tool for generating high-quality leads for realtors. It makes sense because a brand’s social media presence enhances its followers’ trust. The report also cited that 97% of all homebuyers look online.

If you haven’t hopped onto social media, it’s time to establish your presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms enable you to share content with everyone and attract potential leads. Actively using these platforms in a planned way allows you to reach your relevant audience more effectively. 

There’s been tremendous growth in the popularity of video content. The trend of videos on social media nearly doubled in 2018 and has been rising. Embracing this movement in real estate marketing will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run. 

Home buyers want to see the properties’ videos before making an offer. Drones are perfect tools for realtors to capture the beauty of their properties. Drone footages are the best way to promote your brand and persuade potential buyers to purchase from you. Capture videos with drones and create highly realistic 3D models of structures, mappings, and more. The trend is here to stay, given the demand for real estate photography and property listings.

How can realtors save time while growing their social media in 2023?

Even though many realtors use social media, are they getting the best of it? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms for listing your property and benefitting in multiple ways. 

Real estate business owners usually don’t have much time. So they can use automated social media tools to grow online without doing all the hard work. There’s no botheration of creating and publishing posts once you start using a social media marketing app like Practina. It maximizes your brand visibility and helps reach out to many people. 

Effective marketing, including using a tool, can help you learn and understand customers’ wants and needs. Besides, tools use the power of artificial intelligence to gather behavioral and social data. AI uses NLP (natural language processing) that finds positive and negative words in a comment or post.

AI tools can help streamline property management processes such as landlord accounting and tenant communications. For the best understanding of property valuations, house modifications, and debt levels, AI can comb through millions of documents, including homeowner information. It is hard to determine how many hours it would take to gather this data manually.

Realtors can use a few popular platforms as powerful marketing tools:

  • Facebook- One of the best social media platforms, Facebook helps you build your real estate business by connecting with potential customers. It allows you to post about your property listings by adding images, videos, etc.

Demographic targeting on Facebook can help you run successful ads and turn in more clients.

Facebook ads are one of the most prominent features to reach your relevant audience. Connect with more potential leads on Facebook by running lead-generation ads. There’s the Special Ad Category every realtor has to take care of. 

People of all age groups use Facebook. Roughly 23% of Facebook users are over the age of 25 – 34, and 13% of users are in their mid-50s. You can’t select the age ranges in Special Ad Category, but you can still reach your target audience.

Before creating your real estate Facebook ads, research the type of advertisements that stand out. Running Facebook ads using a marketing tool is faster and easier, which also shares insights into your ad’s performance.

  • Twitter- Real estate social media marketing on Twitter is much like other platforms. It offers a space where people can be social, support each other, and even remain updated on the world around them. It ranks as one of the leading social networks worldwide, with 436 million monthly active users.

Twitter is about volume, meaning you must send at least ten tweets daily promoting your brand. Posting about new listings, more retweets, and likes on other tweets can help you expand your brand’s reach. 

Automated tools enable you to schedule your tweets, track your related keywords, and welcome new followers to your profile. They enhance the reach of your tweets and make them more successful.

  • Instagram- Besides inspirational quotes, personal moments, food, and pets, people like to share landscapes, homes, and interiors on Instagram. Instagram now has one million users, making it one of the more popular social media platforms worldwide. 

Using a personal profile to promote your business on Instagram is less impactful than using a business profile. It allows you to unlock many features that are not accessible to a personal profile. You can run ads, generate leads, and get insights into which ad performs best for your business.

Although social media takes time and effort, the right marketing tools are essential to effectively planning, creating, publishing, and tracking your social media progress. 

For instance, using the Practina app, you can click and upload photos, and Practina will enhance and transform them into engaging posts. Practina’s MLS posting is another feature to look out for. 


Real estate agents need to track their social media success to stay on the right track. 

But it doesn’t have to be complicated with all the information available out there. In fact, 2023 is the year to make the most of its power and take your social media marketing to the next level with Practina the best social media marketing tool.

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