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<strong>Taking advantage of, utilizing, and evaluating Dronapushpi</strong>

Taking advantage of, utilizing, and evaluating Dronapushpi

The Guma is weighty, dryand hot in potency. It is piercing in nature so is successful for obstructive jaundice, aggravation and bronchial asthma. One such plant which is of pleasant importance is dronapushpi. Dronapushpi is a spice commonly present in India, from the Himalayas and directly down to Ceylon. The logical recognize of this plant is Leucas aspera, and it has a place with the family Lamiaceae. In Sanskrit, it is named dronapushpi, chitrak-shupa and chitrapathrika. In Hindi, it's known as goma madhupati. It is named thumbai, bahuphul in Marathi and Tunni in Southern India. On this article, we will…
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