The 8 types of urban construction that you should know

urban construction

How many constructions do you see in the morning on your way to work or school? What are they like? Is there one that attracts your attention more than another? That you know the 8 types of urban construction that you should know, after this you will enjoy seeing them much more in your day to day, keep reading and discover the valuable information we have for you!

What are the types of construction?

There are 8 main types of construction and each one has different characteristics, due to their shapes, uses and materials with which they are manufactured, their main objective is to guarantee their structural safety to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that the activities that are carried out within its surface are carried out without setbacks.

The most prominent types of urban construction are:

  • residential construction
  • Public Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • industrial construction
  • Construction of green areas
  • Construction of services
  • sports construction
  • Cultural Construction

Do you want to know in depth what each of these types of construction consists of? Keep reading to discover all the details.

1. Residential construction

They are used as people’s homes, so they must be built with materials that guarantee that they have adequate conditions to be inhabited. Among the main materials with which they are built are: cement and steel profiles, thanks to the structural support they offer.

Residential constructions have basic service supply facilities, such as electricity and water, and are regularly found in the form of houses, condominiums, and apartments; they also have other types of construction near their perimeter, since they help educational development, social and economic of the people who inhabit them.

2. Public construction

Also known as public works, this type of construction is regularly financed by the government and its main focus is to guarantee the benefit of a community. To carry out these constructions, foundation processes are carried out in order to guarantee the structural support in its building.

Within public construction we find:

  • Transport infrastructures: highways, highways, roads, canals, airports and railways
  • Hydraulic: dams and distribution networks
  • Urban: streets, public lighting and parks
  • Public buildings: educational, offices, sanitary

3. Commercial construction

They are designed for the location of businesses that favor economic exchange between individuals in a community, regularly found in shopping centers or on main avenues. In the same way, it is common to see how some residential constructions are adapted to become this type of construction.

Other types of commercial constructions are also: warehouses, offices and industries, since this type of building allows the carrying out of buying and selling activities within their structures. Among the main materials that are used for its realization are:  structural steel profiles, losacero sheet and translucent sheets, as they provide great structural and aesthetic opportunities to constructions.

4. Industrial construction

They are more robust constructions, unlike residential or commercial ones, because they are used to carry out productive, manufacturing or product distribution activities, in order to guarantee the safety of the individuals who perform said functions.

Industrial buildings are regularly found in conjunction with others of the same type and are located in industrial parks. To carry out this type of construction, structural support elements are used. Such as concrete, corrugated rod, corrugated sheets   and the losacero system.

5. Construction of green areas

This type of construction focuses on the creation of recreational areas focused on taking care of the environment and are regularly conditioned with grass, flowers or trees. Within these constructions are: parks, gardens, squares and green surfaces in general.

The construction of green areas and sustainable constructions require structures that help safeguard their living areas and materials that are also friendly to the environment, such as the plastite sheet made of recycled plastic or PVC sheets.

6. Construction of services

This type of construction focuses on creating solid structures that allow the distribution of services to the general public, so they must be conditioned and have adequate structural support for the development of said activities.

7. Sports construction

Regularly made with concrete structures and profiles, they focus on building the necessary conditions to carry out physical and sports recreation activities in their facilities, which can be outdoors or under a support structure.

Among the main sports buildings are:

  • Stadiums
  • Racetrack
  • gyms
  • pools

8. Cultural construction

Finally, the cultural construction, this type of construction is regularly used for educational and training activities, so they are adapted to perform artistic representations on its surface. They usually have stages and ceilings made with insulating panels, also known as sandwich panels, in order to prevent noise and external temperature from affecting the internal conditions of the construction.

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