The Different Kinds of Dashcams in India

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The market size value of global dash cameras was USD 3.83 billion in 2021 and is all set to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% in 2022-2030. The numbers clearly show how these devices have become important for drivers and other users. 

When you look at its value in the market, it is true to say that it is at its peak. Users need to know that various types are available in the market. 

Here are some varieties of dashcams available in India:

Dashcam with a Rearview Mirror

The main purpose of all dashcams is to record video footage. This type of dash cam for cars in India comes in the shape of a rearview. The dash cam has a clip on or over the other mirror and does not block the front vision or cause distractions while driving. 

The camera works like the car’s rearview mirror, but the difference is that it comes with an in-built camera. The dashcams are suitable for small cars and not trucks because you cannot use them as a widescreen mirror.

Traditional Dashcam

The camera is used widely in cars, SUVs and trucks. The dashcam can be placed along the dashboard or attached to the front of the windshield. These devices are single-use, as you can only place them in the front of the vehicle. 

The camera’s main objective is to record the car’s exterior while driving. The traditional camera is generally available as one with parking mode and another as a dual dash camera. The camera with parking mode records while your car is in parking and turned off.

Dual Camera Dashcam

This camera is two-way, just like the name suggests. The cam has one forward-facing lens or camera and a second one that works as a side window. You can use the second camera in this dashcam as a rear mirror. The dual dash cams are popular because they offer a wide view of 360 degrees and other features such as cam live stream.

The second camera in this device has a long wire attached to it, which you can mount on the rear screen. The dual-camera dashcam can record the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Digital Camera

These types of cameras are among the oldest and cheapest available in India. When you start driving, you have to start recording to get footage. Users can use a battery to run this device while on the road. The digital camera also has removable storage media such as micro SD or SD.

The image and video clarity they offer could be better. The reason is that they are still made for indoor and outdoor videos and not recording while on the move.

There you have the different types of dash cams available in India. Before you make that purchase, you must consider some things.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Dash Cam

Video Resolution

Video resolution is among the top things to consider. A standard camera can record up to 1080p, while the newer models can do 2k to 4k ultra HD resolution. Remember that quality resolution in a dash cam is vital to help while driving and record clear footage. The 2k and 4k are the best if you want clarity while travelling.


A chipset is important for various devices such as laptops, mobiles, and cameras. The chipset helps in holding all pieces together in any electronic device. The chipset helps run the dashboard camera, preventing recording lag.

In the list, you have the various dash cams available in India. You can choose from the traditional, digital dual-camera dashcam or one with a rearview mirror. Before buying, you must consider the chipset, resolution, and the chipset.

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