The Top 5 Advantages of Moving to the Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Future office spaces are here and it’s not the same as in the past decade. The growth of coworking spaces Powai like Flexo continues to open doors to entrepreneurs and businesses. It is possible to change the needs quickly however it appears that coworking spaces are ticking every box. Here are 5 reasons Coworking spaces are on the rise:

1. Productivity

  • Seventy-four percent of colleagues say they are having more productivity since joining a coworking facility.
  • 64 percent of coworkers are more at completing tasks on time
  • 68% of respondents said they were able to concentrate better when coworking

Between kids, pets laundry, as well as other chores for the household, making sure that employees are in a place that allows them to focus and not be distracted can be a challenge when you have remote workers. Private offices and coworking spaces enable members to achieve more work by providing space that eliminates distractions and improves productivity. high-end infrastructure with fully-equipped meeting rooms and private workplaces designed to encourage creativity and encourage collaboration.

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2. Professional Development and Continuous Learning

  • Sixty-nine percent of the coworkers who were surveyed reported that they learned new skills through being in coworking spaces.
  • The majority of employees said they were improvement in their capabilities
  • Sixty-seven percent of colleagues stated that they attended the educational and social events offered at their coworking spaces.

Innovations within any particular industry are ever-changing and those working from home frequently miss the opportunity to grow by working with colleagues. Coworking gives remote workers flexibility while giving them opportunities to learn and grow. At Flexo, we invite experts from the field on a regular basis to assist our Lodgers to stay abreast of the latest developments in the business world and also provide high-end tools and services that ensure that no one is left out of a beat. We also provide the same resources available as the corporate campus structure.

3. Connectivity Collaboration + Community

  • Eighty-six percent of colleagues have reported having a greater network of business contacts
  • 93% say they have a stronger social network following joining coworking spaces
  • 67% of respondents feel more creative and would like to collaborate more on projects.
  • 83 percent of remote workers reported being less lonely after the introduction of a coworking community.

The advancement of technology has allowed us to be more efficient than we have ever. However, despite all the tools that let remote workers remain connected, nothing is able to replace the benefits you get when a group works in the same room.

The unique atmosphere of coworking spaces allows employees to establish networks both for business and personal, which is not possible at home offices. Flexo is proud to be an environment that allows making connections within your own group and with fellow Lodgers through regular interactions, as well as regular social gatherings and events. Since you don’t know when a new conversation can lead to the next great idea!

4. Health

  • 89% of members are more content after joining a coworking space.
  • 60percent of colleagues have reported feeling more relaxed at home since their cowork

The health of your employees is a top priority for you as well as for them. A balanced work/life balance can allow employees to work more efficiently when they are working, however, it is difficult to maintain long-term if the workplace is connected to the personal space of an employee. A separate offsite workspace for remote workers allows safe boundaries between the two worlds.

At Flexo, we also consider care of the well-being of your team seriously. We’re proud of the best products available, like ergonomic seating, standing desks with natural lighting, and many additional amenities that were designed with our Lodgers at the forefront of our minds.

5. Cost

  • Teams of 10 or fewer could save on average $12,435 in their first year
  • Teams with 10 or more members could be able to save 20-30% on costs per employee

With flexible terms and possibilities to grow with the business and fully-serviced amenities which allow coworkers to connect, walk in and get working and work, it’s easy to appreciate the advantages of coworking for both employees and employers. Although coworking from home can appear to be cost-effective, businesses should consider the overhead costs of reimbursing employees for the setup of their home office and equipment purchases, and ensuring security for just some.

Flexo Lodgers are provided with enterprise-grade infrastructure and contracts to ensure you’re covered for everything and everything you do not. We’re always developing new amenities and services including Podcast studios, as well as training rooms to make sure your staff always has the most up-to-date technology available in the marketplace.

At Flexo, We take pride in living our company motto: Workspace. Transforming Lives. Everyday. We believe that business has the potential to impact lives. We are committed to providing our Lodgers with the tools and the resources to achieve this. We encourage you to visit our office and experience the impact coworking has on your business in the coming decade. Book a tour today and feel the Flexo differently.

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