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 Nowadays some people are party animals, who like to celebrate any event lavishly at banquet halls. Not only weddings, engagements, and receptions are celebrated in banquet halls but also baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, promotion parties, bachelors’ parties, etc. Parties at banquets are very common in metropolitan cities. Delhi is an amazing example of parties at banquets. There are cheap banquet halls in Gurgaon, that provide amazing menus, great services, and a good party environment along with a wide range of mocktails and cocktails. 

Well, going out and booking banquet halls can be a time-consuming affair, there are banquet halls in west Delhi, for which you can book banquets or restaurants online at certain websites. These websites are helpful and are perfect for your plan.

The advancement in technology has proved a boon for people who are foodies and partyholic. It has become easy to enjoy at various cafes and restaurants by booking it from your home, you can also book tables easily. 

  • Sloshout– This is a platform from where you can book party venues, events, banquets, etc. online, they have a huge service list for parties. This web-based platform is very famous in metropolitan cities, mainly Delhi. Sloshout provides and ensures its best services through proper planning and organizing.
  • OpenTable- This is an amazing site to book your table at great cafes and restaurants. This platform has many users as each month 16 million people book restaurants through this website. Open Table helps diners experience and discover beautiful eateries and the perfect table for an amazing dining experience.
  • Well don’t think only about the country you are living in has this facility for table booking, it’s also famous in countries abroad like the UK. This website books restaurants online instantly and operating this platform is also easy. They have made their mark not just in the UK but also in 19 countries. You can easily make your booking by going through their website.
  • Want your pizza instantly at your doorstep? Have a house party and want to order food that rapidly arrives at your doorstep? Then you must use this amazing website to order food. This platform does local delivery businesses of fast food, grocery, beverages, laundry, and anything that provides local services. You can book things from their website and also through their app which is available both on android and iOS. This app can be used through the admin panel very easily. 
  • this is another great platform to search for restaurants anytime, you can always check the availability f the restaurants from this website and book things instantly. This platform shows more than 19000 restaurants along with their availability. They have more than 2 million users who are providing sincere reviews on their website for other people to have an idea of the perfect dining place to eat.
  • This platform is easy to use, they allow you to make proper online reservations at restaurants. They can show you restaurants from any corner of the world. You can also earn rewards and enjoy other perks on using this platform. An interesting fact about applying for a reservation to restaurants from this site is that your reservation cost gets lowered with online reservations. 
  • they have a huge listing of restaurants around 20000 and more and they provide offers which are many, they have around 1500+ offers. They have gained exposure in 42 cities in India. They have also partnered with mobile brands, telecom operators, content reviews, websites, etc. they have also become famous in listings of directories and leading search engines
  • Do you want bookings for more than one thing through online booking? If yes, then is the perfect place for it. You can book restaurants, health care, and beauty salons appointment through this website. You also get a 50 percent offer, when you use this website. You also get rewards, vouchers, and perks for using this platform. 
  • Dineout. This is a famous platform for any foodie or partyholic person. This app helps in booking tables at restaurants by the customers online. You can easily use this app on your Smartphone. You also get amazing FREE discounts on using this app which you can avail of by dining at your favorite restaurants and cafes.
  • BookingDiva-  Are you interested to go to top-notch cafes and restaurants in your city for a fine dining experience? If yes, then you must use this platform for amazing offers at your favorite place of eating and other events for fun.
  • Rezzo- This is another amazing platform to use abroad for a food trip in an amazing place like Bulgaria. This platform will help you find amazing restaurants in the city for an amazing dining experience. You also get a 50 percent discount on the final bill. 

Conclusion:  If you are thinking to go out for a food journey to amazing places and also wish to enjoy certain perks, discounts, and vouchers, you can use these platforms and see, which one works best in your city and enjoy your good food.

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