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Why is it that self-love has just remained a word present in the dictionary? The more one tries finding solutions the more one gets entangled in these questions!! Or maybe none has ever thought of these questions. Also, it can be that those who thought had never tried finding answers. Whatever the case be, one thing is clear. The value of self-love is null. It is like a null and void set! And that’s where the problem lies!! This attitude of the people is the root cause of all the problems they face. There are many instances where people get hurt badly just because they don’t understand the importance of self-love. But the US Polo Association understands the importance of self-love in people’s lives. And that’s the reason it has made varieties of clothes available. So that one can buy quality clothes of his choice using US Polo Association deals

Suppose a person got into a relationship. But his partner whom he loves the most doesn’t love him as much as he does. His partner always mocks his physical appearance. Body shaming is the only thing his partner is an expert in! And this hurts him the most. Then one fine day he decides to get out of this toxic relationship. But the person fails to realise that the other person would never be able to hurt him. If he would have loved himself. If he would have understood his worth. How can he expect someone to love him when he doesn’t love himself? Because if he would have loved himself then the opinions of others would not have mattered to him. That’s the power of self-love! Humans are created by God. And God didn’t ask humans about his choices. Be it about the height or weight or skin colour or hair texture or body hair or face or body structure. God made humans according to his choice. So, it is not wrong to say that physical features were not in the hands of humans. If that’s the case then why has society created beauty standards? Why did the words beautiful or handsome come into existence? Why is a person who doesn’t fall into that category termed as ugly? Why do so much body-shaming and criticism go in society? Why?? A girl who is tall, fair-skinned, and has a slim body is beautiful. Whereas a short, fat, and dark-skinned girl made to look down upon her body. Be it a girl or a boy everyone has to go through this situation. A boy who has muscles and a good height becomes the apple of everyone’s eye. And the boy who doesn’t fall into this category is body-shamed. Strange, isn’t it? All these mockings and tantrums make their life hell. They die every day! They try to ignore the criticisms. But they fail to do so. It takes a toll on their mental health. This affects their mental health. But the person who is in love with himself can get over this. For a few days, she may get affected by the not-so-useful people’s criticisms. But after some time he will remain unaffected by the body shaming. And all thanks to the word “self-love”! It is his love of himself that helped him to get out of this negativity. This made him mentally healthy as anxieties and depression will never be able to come close to him. In short, he won!! But some people fail to come out of this situation. With every passing day, he goes deeper and deeper into this. And thus his mental health goes for a toss! Anxieties and depression become his only companion!! After some time he becomes so worried that he starts avoiding social interaction. And this makes him mentally more unstable. There are times when suicidal thoughts come to his mind. In short, he becomes the victim of body-shaming so much so that he fails to come out of it. And this is not normal!! But shopping from the US Polo Association is normal. There’s nothing abnormal in it! So, one can buy clothes of his choice there. That too at affordable rates using US Polo Association offers!! One should hurry up. As the US Polo Association sale is in full swing!!! This type of person is suffering from a disorder. A body dysmorphic disorder. But how can they be identified? So, there are a few signs through which one can identify that a person has body dysmorphic disorder. Read onto to know the signs: 

  1. Relationship with the mirrors – Too complicated! 

A person becomes the victim of body dysmorphic disorder when he thinks that his body is not perfect. And this is not like that one fine day he started to look down at his body. A child when born he is free from everything. But as soon as he starts growing he experiences the pressures around him. The societal pressures of a perfect body are one such thing. If he doesn’t fall into that category then he becomes the victim of body shaming. And this becomes the reason for his anxiety and depression. This is one of the reasons why a person suffers from BDD. Another reason for this is that the person has a preconceived notion that he has flaws. That he is ugly. So, whatever the reason is, this is a serious disorder. But the symptoms are not easily visible and hence it becomes important to know what the signs are. Isn’t it? One of the signs through which one can identify that a person has BDD is his complicated relationship with the mirror. Either he doesn’t look at the mirror at all. And for that, he removes the mirror from his room. Or else he keeps looking at the mirror throughout the day. And this is a complicated relationship!! Isn’t it? A family member or a friend of that person can help him in boosting his self-esteem to an extent. For that, he should wear clothes that make him feel confident. An outfit simple yet sassy!! The US Polo Association is where one can buy quality clothes to boost self-esteem. That top at bank-balanced rates using US Polo Association promo codes!!! 

  1. Social Isolation – The only way! 

Societal criticisms and judgments are one thing that matters the most for most people. But for a person having body dysmorphic disorder that’s the only thing that matters to them. And hence they try various ways to hide from body shaming. Hence the person suffering from BDD isolates himself from society. Since humans are social animals, disconnection from society takes a toll on the BDD patient’s mental health. That’s why it’s become very important that a person having body dysmorphic disorder has his family to take care of him. His family can help him in facing society by making him feel confident. A well-dressed person always feels confident. What is needed is quality clothes. The US Polo Association houses a variety of clothes. One can check out its website and buy using the US Polo Association coupons. Thus saving some money!! 

  1. Being obsessive about appearance: 

A person who has a body dysmorphic disorder is very obsessive about his appearance. But for all the wrong reasons! Since he thinks that he has skin filled with only flaws, he feels insecure about it. He tries every method to get perfect skin. Be it concealment or heavy cosmetic use or pathological weight checking or skin-picking or hair-pulling. He tries all the methods available in the market. Just to get rid of the flaws. Maybe he doesn’t have any. But because he thinks he has it, he tries every way to get rid of it. Strange, isn’t it? And hence this is one of the signs that a person has BDD. But if he wears something trendy then there are chances that he can get some control of this behaviour. And what’s better than the US Polo Association? Here one buys trendy clothes at good prices. Avail of US Polo Association coupon codes. Thus saving money!! 
It’s not just the duty of family and friends to help a person suffering from BDD. But society as well makes him feel that he is perfect in his way. Everyone is perfect in their way. And one cannot make judgments on a person’s physical appearance. If the mindset changes then everything will get changed! One can take the first step towards the change by visiting the US Polo Association website.  And do some US Polo Association shopping. That too at affordable rates. What are US Polo Association discount codes for?

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