Wedding Dress Ideas for Men

Wedding Dress Ideas for Men

While weddings itself may be a lot of fun, trying to figure out what to wear to one can be a hassle. Especially if there are strict dress requirements. We as textile sourcing partner frequently have questions such as, “Which suit will look best?,” “Do I need a tie?” Which wholesale fabric distributor shall I contact? Additionally, it might be difficult to choose a suitable outfit so that you don’t end up looking like every other male there. You’re in luck since we’re here to provide a hand in textile. Here is your new bible for looking dapper as hell, regardless of whether you know anything about the dress code or not.

Formal look for wedding 

Only a few events need the extreme formality of black tie and other dress standards. Dress to the nines if you get a wedding invitation with this dress code. To succeed in this dress code, maintain an air of cool sophistication by sticking to basic colors and cuts of clothing that are well tailored.

Cocktail wedding attire 

Dressing appropriately for a cocktail party is striking a balance between informality and formality in one’s evening ensemble. It’s an opportunity to express yourself via your clothing choices and try something new. A wonderful method to get this appearance is by combining both modern and traditional items. At the end of the day, your outfit should be a dynamic mashup of current and classic elements.

Black tie wedding suit 

A black tuxedo is the standard attire for a wedding with a black tie dress code. A well-tailored suit is the key to projecting an air of timeless sophistication. Choose a single-breasted cut for a sleek, uncluttered look that will help keep the focus on the details. You should also bear in mind that a slender cut is the most flattering and will help you seem appropriately current. Peak or shawl lapels are recommended. Try a midnight blue tuxedo if you want to be noticed.

Shirts for cocktail party

If the wedding calls for a cocktail attire, use a tailored dress shirt. Choose a white or powder blue shirt if you want to err on the side of caution. But if you want something really one-of-a-kind, spice things up with some color, pattern, or fabric. Adding a distinctive texture, or even just a dusky pink shade, may take your outfit to the next level. Make sure your shirt goes well with your suit and doesn’t distract from it.

Wedding shirts 

Dress for a black tie event with a basic and understated shirt. The best option is a crisp white dress shirt with a turndown or wing collar. For a more refined and professional appearance, choose one made from a luxurious material. To maintain a classic look that will last the test of time, avoid using any flashy decorations or embellishments. Next, complete your modern minimalist ensemble with a sharp black bowtie.

Smart casual wedding shirt 

A suit may not be necessary, but a button-up shirt certainly is for a “smart casual” wedding. Avoid wearing a T-shirt to a wedding in favor of something more formal. If you want to seem more put together, choose a shirt with a simple design or in a classic hue. It’s OK to introduce “casual” into the fabric. Wearing loose-fitting, breathable materials will help your ensemble exude an air of effortless cool.

Wedding shoes

Dress shoes for a black-tie wedding should be elegant. Wearing a pair of patent leather dress shoes is a certain way to maintain yours in a fashionable state of good repair. Black is, of course, the most practical color to wear in accordance with this dress code since any other color would make one seem too casual. Choose a classic design with a narrower, round toe to nail the sophisticated aesthetic. Make sure your shoes are clean, well-polished, and scuff-free before you wear them.

Suit for cocktail party 

Suits for a cocktail wedding should be well-tailored and semi-formal. Suits with darker shades, such as blue, cobalt, or dark gray, are often seen during cocktail parties. For a more up-to-date style, choose for a cut that is close to the body without being skintight. Maintaining a mostly traditional suit, you may inject modern flair with a patterned pocket square or slender tie. A windowpane or check suit is another option for the more daring among us.

Semi formal wedding attire 

The semi-formal dress code is a gray area between full-on formal and completely casual. The dress code for an event that requires clothes that is neither completely professional nor completely casual might be difficult to define. The benefit of semi-formal is that it is less rigid than formal dress regulations and allows for more creative interpretation. The only requirement is that you dress sharply and classically in whatever you feel confident dancing in.

Smart- casual wedding attire 

You could see “smart casual” instead of “casual” on a wedding invitation. A smart casual dress code is popular for beach weddings because it allows attendees to relax and enjoy the event in whatever they feel most beautiful in. Finding a comfortable middle ground between “casual” and “smart” attire may be difficult. To pull off this dress code, you might consider wearing deconstructed versions of traditional formalwear and combining fitted items with more casual pieces.


Weddings are no doubt full of hustle not just for the couple but for everyone. We can’t remove this problem but with the above write up, we would have tried to assist you in getting the best outfits and looks for the wedding. And if you are the one who is looking forward to opt for it for your wedding special designer collection then you can take inspiration from it. Further, if you are ready to do textile sourcing for this collection then approach fabriclore for success. We have the best source of textile to provide you with high quality fabrics. 

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