What are Algorithmic Trading Strategies? How does it work?

What are Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Algorithmic trading is a method of executing orders online. It uses automated pre-programmed trading instructions for the variables such as time, price and volume of the trade. 

In the trading traders can have various strategies to make them successful. So, through the article traders can understand about algorithmic trading strategies and how it works in the market. 

Let’s begin with algorithmic trading strategies for successful trading experience

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is referred to with various names in the financial markets. Some call it automated trading, black-box trading or algo-trading. However, the use of trading style remains the same. 

The trading uses a computer system or program that follows a set of defined instructions to palace trades online. Such trades can generate profit at good speed and frequency which a human trader cannot perform. 

The set of instructions in algorithmic trading are based on the time, price, volume, quantity or any mathematical model. 

What are Algorithmic Trading Strategies?

Algorithmic trading strategies are simple strategies which are coded in computer language. For example, computer language python is used for executing trading orders. 

Traders code these strategies to use the processing capabilities of the computer system. This makes trades more efficient with no or minimum intervention. The strategies are classified into the following sections: 

  • Momentum based or Trend following
  • Arbitrage 
  • Market making
  • Machine learning
  • Options trading 

Index Fund Rebalancing

Index fund rebalancing is a good trading strategy. It occurs when the composition of the index changes. The process notably is at regular periods throughout the year. These are publicised events with the dates typically known in advance. 

Using this traders of portfolio index funds can regularly adjust to reflect new prices of the funds underlying assets. It creates opportunities for the algorithmic traders that capitalise on expected trades depending on the number of stocks in the index fund. 

Algos and Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of occasional small market price changes that arise in the market price of the security which is traded on two different exchanges. 

Traders can purchase dual listed assets at a discount in Market A and sell it at a premium in Market B offers a risk free arbitrage opportunity for profit. 

Mean Reversion

Mean reversion is the mathematical method used in trading of assets. The method computes the average of the assets with temporary low and high prices. Traders use it to identify the trading range for the asset and calculate its average price using analytical techniques. 

Market Timing 

The market timing strategy is designed to generate alpha. It uses the method that includes live testing, backtesting, and forward testing. Backtesting is the first stage of market timing and it stimulates hypothetical trades through an in-sample data period. 

How does Algorithmic Trading Strategies Work?

Algorithmic trading strategies are coded in computer language to execute the orders. Traders can use the strategies to classify the strategies but for that traders can first know the basics of the trading strategy. 

Traders can follow the given steps to build their strategies: 

  • Decide upon the strategy paradigm 
  • Establish statistical significance
  • Build a trading model 
  • Quote or hitting strategy 
  • Backtesting and optimisation 
  • Risk and performance evaluation 

The strategies can be used by any trader having experience in the financial markets with coding skills. They can take different actions regarding the trade orders such as: 

  • Perform complex mathematical calculations to predict prices of financial assets
  • Forecast the market movements
  • Generate trading signals 
  • Risk management 

Traders can learn about the strategies and execute them. They can open their account and through the trading platform select algorithmic trading. Then build their strategy and apply it for successful trading. 


Algorithmic trading is a method of executing trades using computer algorithms to determine the timing, price, and quantity of trades. It is widely used by investment firms and hedge funds to execute trades at high speeds and with high precision. The use of algorithms allows traders to take advantage of market inefficiencies and identify profitable trading opportunities. However, it also has the potential to amplify market volatility and contribute to flash crashes. Overall, algorithmic trading has had a significant impact on the financial markets and is likely to continue to play a major role in the future.

Algorithmic trading is a good trading style to trade online. It is an automated way which reduces the work of traders and supports them with easy trading. Traders can build their strategy and then execute it for profitable gain

In the article traders can learn about algorithmic trading, its strategies and how they can apply these for a better trading experience. Thus, giving a detailed insight into the strategy.  

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