What Are The Roller Garage Doors? Are They Reliable?

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One of the main concerns for anyone who is considering installing Roller garage doors Sydney is the security that the door will provide. This is also justified since there were accidents in the past because of inadequate garage doors.

However, the answer is right there “poor quality” being the main point. In many industries, you will get the value you pay for and that isn’t any different. If you choose an option that is less expensive it could put you in danger.

Our Roller Shutter Doors

Let’s begin by examining a few details which make our doors secure. First of all, our garage doors with roller shutters are powered by electricity. These doors are operated by a CE-compliant, single-phase, 240-volt tubular motor that has a built-in manual overload feature. This lets the door be operated by hand in the event that the mains malfunction. We’ll go into more detail about the details of what CE is a reference to later on.

Next, we’ll have the canopy. In contrast to the majority of garage door companies that are available, we offer a full canopy with our doors. It adds strength to the structure of the door. It also assists in helping protect the moving components. A canopy can safeguard the door and make it more secure when it comes to opening. Another advantage of having the canopy is it’s also attractive and keeps fingers from getting stuck.

Our roller shutters are fitted with a CE-certified safety brake. This safety device is designed to prevent the door from falling free and possibly injuring someone when it is in an open position in the event the motor fails in a rare event. This reduces the dangers of rolling shutter doors to virtually zero. Safety brakes give you peace of mind that, if it is properly maintained the door will not be able to fall.

In addition, we attach automatic locks on our shutters for rollers. These robust anti-lift devices provide additional protection against potential intruders by stopping the door from opening even when it is closed in its fully closed position.

We provide our customers with a few extra accessories such as a low-level override as well as battery backup. The safe, external low-level override lets you manually open the door in case there is a mains failure at a low level when there is no other getting into your garage. The battery backup system is a continuous power source that permits the door to be operated electrically doors in the case that there is a mains failure, in the event that there is no other accessibility to the garage. If accessibility is a major issue for you, then it might be a good idea to go to purchase one of the additional options.


To ensure the best level of security, you have to choose approved installers of Roller garage doors Sydney.

There have been numerous instances throughout the years of contractors who have a poor reputation, fitting garage doors for a minimal price, and then returning to them, sometimes leading to serious injuries.

We could go on for hours about how crucial having a reliable installer for installing garage doors. Through DRS Premier we have a list of all our skilled installers and will help you locate the closest one to your area.

CE Marking

What exactly is CE marking?

CE marking is a requirement for every product made or sold in the EU should have. The CE label certifies that the product is in compliance with all the standards set through the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) as well as any other pertinent CE directives. Let’s take look into what that means for doors.

If a door is covered by the Harmonised European Standards (hEN) It is legal to require that it must be CE certified. Doors with additional powering requirements will need to be assessed according in accordance with the Machinery Directive to establish safety standards.

If your door isn’t CE labelled, isn’t CE labelled, or fails to conform to CE standards, it could result in a fine of up to PS5,000 and a maximum sentence of 3 months of jail time for the company’s director. This is a criminal act and is a serious offence of reckless disregard for safety placing the customer at risk and allowing shortcuts. It is illegal and a serious breach of the law. Trading Standards are the enforcing authority in the UK. The CE mark for powered doors is required in the Machinery Directive for a long time, and the CPR adoption in July 2013 aided in raising awareness.

There are several steps to get your product CE approved and marked. First, it is necessary to determine the CPR specifications and other requirements that must be identified, dealing with the performance as well as any dangers. Then, the product requires to be evaluated, whether this is testing and inspection, calculation, or any combination of these and you cannot get too comprehensive.

The installer/supplier of the door is accountable for ensuring that any safety devices like the safety edge, limit switches, and torque limiters are compatible with the doors correctly and are fitted in the system. When the CE certification is granted an item, a “Declaration of Performance’ has to be prepared that contains the complete specifications for the product’s performance. It must also be understood that electric doors must be accompanied by a ‘Declaration Of Conformity’ to be issued for each installation.

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