What does a red light and generally different colors of LEDs on a kids hoverboard mean?

Hoverboards for Children

On some models of  kids hoverboards, color indication shows the battery charge. Green color – 60-100% charge Orange (yellow) color – 20-60% charge Red color – less than 20% charge When the light is red, it is recommended to put the Hoverboards for Kids on charge so as not to suddenly fall off the hoverboard when the battery goes to zero. There is another light next to the charge level indicator. It shows the readiness of the device and the response of the sensors. When you stand on the gyroboard with both feet, this light should be green, indicating that the kids hoverboards work properly and is ready to move. If the red light is on, something is wrong. Calibrate the gyro sensors.

Why do you need a keychain, a remote control for a kids hoverboard?

Some kids hoverboard models have a remote control for blocking and alarming – essentially turning the hoverboard on and off. That is, you can turn off the hoverboard from the remote control. At the same time, it can also be turned on with a button on the gyro scooter itself. That is, as they say in some stores, this remote control will not work as a blocker. But what to do if you blocked the kids hoverboard with the remote control and lost this remote control? Since to unlock the kids hoverboard without a key fob, just press the power button on the kids hoverboard itself – that’s all. So the remote control is a very dubious benefit for the operation of the hoverboard. However, in the latest models of kids hoverboards, the remote control can be used to switch speed modes. And also to turn off and turn on the backlight LEDs.

How to turn on the sound speakers on the hoverboards for kids?

There is no separate button for turning on the speakers on the hoverboard for kids. The Bluetooth module and speakers turn on automatically when the gyroboard itself is turned on. And then you need to search for bluetooth devices on your smartphone and connect to the device found. After connecting, you can listen to music that will be played through the speakers in the kids hoverboard.

Rating of kids hoverboards

The kids hoverboard is the most popular electric vehicle today. It is easier to learn how to ride on it than on a unicycle, and the compact size and affordable price add points to the kids hoverboard compared to bulky official segways for Kids. By 2020, many models of kids hoverboards have appeared, different in color, characteristics and price. In order to make it easier to make a choice, we have prepared a rating of hoverboards of 2017 according to our online store.

The main advantage is the weight – 4.5 kg, which will be a plus in choosing a hoverboards for children. However, a safer solution would be models with large chamber wheels and a self-balancing function.

  • One step away from the end of the list are motion hoverboards with  6.5-inch wheels . These models were one of the first on the market and have all the standard features.
  • The next in our ranking of hoverboards 2017 are the Smart Balance Wheel models with  6.5 inch wheels.  A huge selection of colors, light weight, built-in speakers and LED headlights have made them one of the most popular hoverboards on the market.

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