What Makes a Good Writing Assignment?

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Surprisingly, instructors were regarded to assign writing responsibilities without articulating to themselves what the undertaking is supposed to do for students. Good writing assignments continually start with a clear intention that the instructor can specific, typically at the assignment sheet so that scholars apprehend the aim as properly.

Good writing assignments also frequently take form by way of questioning backwards. In effect, instructors ask themselves, “What do I want to examine at the give up of this venture?

Five Principles

As you think about making up writing assignments, use those five standards:

  • Tie the writing project to specific pedagogical goals, in particular those articulated within the ordinary direction desires.
  • Note rhetorical elements of the assignment, i.E., target market, cause, writing state of affairs.
  • Break down the assignment into workable steps.
  • Make all factors of the undertaking clear.
  • Include grading criteria at the venture sheet.
  • Principle 1. Writing Should Meet Teaching Goals

Asking questions like those approximately your project will help assure that writing obligations tie at once on your teaching goals in the magnificence:

  • What specific route goals will the writing project meet?
  • Will informal or formal writing better meet coaching dreams?
  • Will college students be writing to learn course fabric or writing conventions inside the discipline or both?
  • Does the project make feel?
  • Work Backward from Goals

Although it’d seem awkward before everything, working backwards from what you hope the final drafts will look like frequently produces the first-class mission sheets. We advocate jotting down numerous factors that will help you with this step in writing your assignments:

  • Why need to college students write for your class? State your goals for the very last product as actually and concretely as feasible.
  • Determine what writing merchandise will meet those goals and match your teaching fashion/options.
  • Note unique abilities that will make contributions to the very last product.
  • Sequence sports (studying, studying, writing) to construct closer to the very last product.

Beyond the Basics

Writing duties fill many specific roles for students, so defining right writing assignments starts with the unique instructional context. For that purpose, the first key to writing an excellent project is tying the assignment to the particular direction dreams. After taking your magnificence and its desires under consideration, although, numerous other concepts can improve the writing duties you assign and the writing you get from students.

Principle 2. Consider the Rhetorical Situation

Perhaps maximum crucial, as referred to in the five concepts segment, is to don’t forget the rhetorical scenario. By this, writing specialists mean that you need to suppose carefully approximately the target market you want college students to write to as well as the specific style or format for the very last document and the bigger context for the report.

Setting up your writing task in order that the target reader is someone apart from you, the instructor, would possibly result in the most development in pupil writing. Students, in any case, have had massive revel in writing to teachers, and students realize that instructors are a “captive” target market. Your activity mandates which you read carefully and reply to their texts. Chinn & Hingers (2000) provide an explanation for this function for the academics as often limited to “corrector.”

Principle 3. Step Down the Task into Manageable Steps

The 5th principle noted within the widespread section on “what makes a terrific writing mission?”. Many teachers approach this element of appropriate task design with the aid of wondering carefully about challenge sequence. One especially thorough explanation of this method seems in. & Santi (2006). This writing specialist and geoscientist absorb the details of designing assignments with an eye fixed to direction goals. They also bear in mind the importance of not overwhelming teachers and college students (the Less is More method) as they provide an explanation for their precise technique of wondering their assignments (pp. 493-497). (See additionally Lord, 2009, and Greasley & Cassidy, 2010.)

Principles four and 5. Make the Assignment Clear to Students

A nicely-designed project will make the elements of the undertaking clean to students. This consists of identifying applicable intermediate assignments and activities, together with topic proposals or literature opinions for longer assignments, in addition to imparting data approximately applicable writing, research, and collaboration processes. In general, it is also really useful to listing grading standards on the venture sheet.


Good analytical writing is a rigorous and tough mission. It includes a system of enhancing and rewriting, and it’s miles commonplace to do a half dozen or greater drafts. Because of the difficulty of analytical writing and the want for drafting, we will be finishing the task in 4 levels. A draft of every of the sections described under is due whilst we end the elegance unit related to that subject matter (see due dates on syllabus). I will read the drafts of every segment and provide comments; those drafts will now not be graded but failure to skip in a complete model of a phase will result in a deduction on your very last project grade. Because of the time both you and I are investing within the challenge, it will represent one-1/2 of your semester grade.

It is also in all likelihood to provide better gaining knowledge of and overall performance.

Content, Concepts and Substance

Papers will consciousness at the peoples and regulations related to populace, meals, and the surroundings of your selected u.s. As properly as exploring every of these subsets, papers want to focus on the interrelations amongst them. These interrelations have to form part of your revision focus for the final draft. Important principles relevant to the papers might be blanketed in elegance; therefore, your research should be targeted on the collection of records on your chosen united states or area to verify your issues. Specifically, the paper desires to address the following questions.

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