Why is there a Rising Trend of Private Equity Outsourcing?

private equity outsourcing 

Investors are particularly interested in private equity, and the overall capital raised in the sector has exponentially grown over the last few years. Since the trend does not seem to diminish soon, institutional investors turn to private equity outsourcing to reduce risk and enhance their comfort level. Besides these, outsourcing the PE administration brings several other benefits that fund managers must consider while making their final decision.

Most importantly, one primary reason for the growing trend for outsourcing PE is to meet the investors’ demand. With a third-party PE fund administrator, investors get an oversight of the cash flow and accounting processes. Given the diverse requests investors make from fund managers, outsourcing allows them to retain focus on the fund itself rather than juggling with monotonous administrative tasks. The main reasons for the rising trend of PE outsourcing have been discussed below.

To Gain Efficiency

Complex investment types and fund structures are the primary strength of PE fund administrators. By outsourcing the PE administration tasks, managers can focus on their investment strategies and manage the funds in a better way. Fund managers have a lot of functions to handle while identifying and implementing the best practices. From the accounting perspective as well, outsourcing mundane tasks helps deliver accurate reports without compromising quality and reliability.

To Minimize the Risk

Fund managers often turn to private equity outsourcing to implement better processes, technologies and controls. Most of these are time-consuming, expensive, and complicated to handle in-house. The risk continues to grow for PE managers, including errors, omissions, and privacy concerns. Experienced and well-resourced outsourcing partners document and audit the fund manager’s procedures and policies, ensuring their organization adhere to the required regulations. With proper research and diligent decision-making, the risk of non-compliance and financial loss comes down to the minimum.

To Meet Regulatory Requirements

PE firms add value to their investments by staying competitive and timely responding to the changing regulations across their client base. While the fund managers are busy handling other fund-related tasks and decisions, the outsourcing partners use their advanced technological tools to identify blind spots and recommend the best practices according to the domestic and international regulatory requirements. Staying at par with the latest regulations minimizes the risk of non-compliance and prevents subsequent penalties.

To Upgrade Technology

Maintaining the latest technological solutions in today’s rapidly evolving PE sector is challenging for fund managers. Upgrading the equipment, training staff, and investing in the latest processes are expensive and time-consuming for PE firms. Outsourcing firms dedicated to managing PE funds for their clients invest in the latest enhancements and technology to support the most up-to-date regulatory changes. Therefore, outsourcing fund administration gives them the advantage of the newest technology without directly investing in it. 

Overall, the biggest reasons for the rising trend of private equity outsourcing include increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and access to the latest technology without investing in it. Therefore, a PE firm must partner with an outsourcing company that takes time to understand the current requirements and fulfill their individual needs in a responsible and timely manner.

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