Why Study MBBS in China at Kunming Medical University?

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The university is situated in Fuzhou, Kunming, China. Kunming Medical University is a popular study MBBS in China. Kunming Medical University, formerly Kunming Medical College, is a medical school in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China. Kunming Medical University opened its doors in 1933. Kunming Medical University now has over 15000 students, 1400 of whom are graduate students. In addition, the institution employs over 6000 people, with over 1150 of them being professors or associate professors. The University for China MBBS is divided into 13 schools that offer 15 Bachelor’s Degree programs, 34 Master’s Degree programs, and 1 Doctor’s Degree program. 

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University Characteristics:

The institution offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees, as well as study centers for post-doctoral studies in several fields of medicine.

  • Kunming Medical University currently offers medical courses from two main sites, where medical courses in China are taught.
  • There are nine teaching hospitals, five research institutions, nine affiliated hospitals, 39 practice hospitals, nine forensic medicine sites, six preventive medicine practice sites, four pharmaceutical practice sites, and two optical practise sites at the university.
  • All of this must ensure that the institution gives students a solid learning and practicing environment, which is critical for them to become effective doctors in the future.

Why Study MBBS in China at Kunming Medical University?

  • Quality education is provided.
  • University admission on the spot
  • Admission does not need a donation.
  • English is the medium of instruction. There is a low tuition structure for MBBS in China. Hostel facilities are available on campus at a reasonable rate.
  • Sophisticated methodologies of instruction
  • More than 100,000 book collection in a library
  • Excellent infrastructure for high-quality studies
  • The student-to-teacher ratio is good.

Kunming Medical University’s MBBS program lasts four years.

Studying MBBS in China lasts a total of six years. The six-year program is structured into five years of classroom instruction and one year of internship. During the first five years of classroom education, students receive all theoretical information as well as practical instruction. On the other side, during the one-year internship, students will gain hands-on experience in operations, surgeries, and all other related pieces of training.

Documentation is required:

When applying for admission to Kunming Medical University to study MBBS in China, students must bring the following documents with them:

  • Application type
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Class 11 and 12 mark sheets from the respective boards of education Certificates from the relevant boards of education
  • Certificate of Completion of High School
  • a scanned copy of a valid passport with an image
  • Certificates demonstrating participation in extracurricular activities, if applicable
  • All documents must be authenticated and notarized by the appropriate authorities.

The following are the documents needed for a visa application:

  • The applicant’s valid passport
  • Recent passport-sized color pictures
  • Form for requesting a visa
  • The JW2O2 form is also required in the original when traveling to China.
  • The university has issued a letter of admission.
  • Form for physical examination or health check-up

Eligibility for the MBBS program at Kunming Medical University

All applicants for an MBBS seat in China at Kunming Medical University must meet the following MBBS in China eligibility requirements:

  • The top age restriction is 25 and the lower age limit is 17 to study medicine in China at Kunming Medical University.
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are to be studied at the Plus 2 level to study at Kunming Medical University in China.
  • The minimum necessary score in all three topics indicated above is 70.
  • To study medicine in China, applicants must have at least two years of study experience in all three subjects.
  • Applicants with qualifying marks are required to pass the NEET.
  • A TOEFL or IELTS score is required.
  • English fluency is necessary.

Kunming Medical University’s MBBS Admission Procedure

The following actions are required for admission to Kunming Medical University:

  • The first step in studying medicine in China at Kunming Medical University is to complete the admission form with all of the required documentation.
  • Following the submission of the application form, the application costs, admission fees, and processing fees must be paid. Both the application and admission fees must be paid in advance, although the processing fees can be remitted to either China or Pakistan, whichever comes first.
  • The official photocopy of the admission letter issued by the institution is expected to reach the candidates within seven to ten working days of full payment of fees.
  • The next step is to process the documents, which should be delivered to China’s Ministry of Education for processing. This step is required for the issuance of the JW2O2 form, which the Chinese Consulate requires for the processing of the student visa for MBBS admission in China.
  • It takes approximately 30 days to receive the admission letter and obtain the Chinese visa, finishing the process of admission to MBBS abroad in China.

Why Study MBBS in China?

Reasons to Study MBBS in China:

  • China is one of the greatest venues for Pakistani students seeking a higher-quality medical education at a reduced cost.
  • One of the causes for the establishment of prominent institutions in China is the growing need for medical students.
  • The universities have good infrastructure and amenities for students’ comfort.
  • With a low crime rate, it is safe for females.
  • Healthy competition among students to thrive in life Clean, green, and nice studying environment
  • Medical graduates from China have excellent chances for advancement.
  • China has produced some notable educators and professionals.
  • One of the reasons why students from different parts of the world feel at ease is because of the Chinese people’s culture and accepting attitude.
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