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February 2008 Archive

    1. God of War III "coming soon", says ad
    2. Ikaruga imminent for XBLA?
    3. Viking trailer looks properly awesome
    4. New Age of Conan trailer shows Onyx Chamber
    5. Major League Eating is WiiWare launch title
    6. NETQUAKE: Sagat and Balrog in SFIV
    7. Screens from the MGS4 Online Starter Pack
    8. Major League Eating "is really a fighting game"
    9. Moore admits FIFA is EA Sports' "one truly global franchise"
    10. Initial D confirmed for PS3
    11. Sabotage renamed Velvet Assassin
    12. Lego Indiana Jones: new shots and details
    13. CoD4 patch goes live on 360
    14. "Dynamic" X-Blades for Q4 2008
    15. "Crazy Woody" advised on Army of Two, is mad
    16. Project Gamerz designed to stop "teh kids" going mental in London
    17. Iron Man of Gaming dated for "non-stop gaming radness"
    18. First Battlefield Heroes movie shows plenty fun
    19. New Mirror's Edge shots released
    20. Dress up like a pansy and get in the Guinness games book
    21. Connect attendees to receive free LotRO cloak
    22. First Resident Evil Zero shots break for Wii
    23. Video Games Live to play Games Convention 2008
    24. StarCraft II is best Blizzard work ever, says Metzen
    25. Mass Effect for May 15 in Australia
    26. Super Turrican and Psychosis go to VC
    27. Phil Harrison: "You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet"
    28. Battlefield Heroes: No ads in-game, just on website
    29. Mirror's Edge: "Gaming might never be the same again"
    30. MGS4 will only have one VO per territory
    31. MGS4 gets June 12 date for Europe
    32. SCi to cut 25 percent of jobs, bins 14 games
    33. Devs need to capitalise on PC penetration, says Flagship boss
    34. Battlestations: Pacific coming to 360 and PC
    35. Three more Soul Calibur IV characters revealed
    36. Iwata canned GoldenEye XBLA, says UK mag
    37. MGS1 won't be ported to PS2 for Essential Collection
    38. Okami does have true widescreen
    39. GTA IV is 100 hours long and there'll be no demo
    40. Gears of War 2 is "cool as s**t", says Bender
    41. Wii still leading Japan hardware sales
    42. MGS4 dated as June 12 for America
    43. GDC: Battlefield: Bad Company shots and impressions released
    44. PC gaming is about to not be in disarray, says Bleszinski
    45. Other companies are interested in Take-Two, says company
    1. GDC: Record attendance for GDC 2008
    2. Euro PS3 bundles not going to America
    3. New UK GTA IV hands-ons published
    4. Sega Superstars Tennis moved forward for Europe
    5. Freeloader set for Wii release
    6. CoD4 patch almost ready to go
    7. GDC: Crysis Wins GDC 2008 Best Technology Award
    8. Murderer acted out killing as if in videogame, says defence
    9. Titan Quest developer Iron Lore closes down
    10. Silent Hill V to be released in "Q4" 2008
    11. Borders to start selling games
    12. "Women are out there in significant numbers," says G.I.R.L. boss
    13. SCEE to confirm GT5 Prologue release date "next week"
    14. Supposed next-gen Team Ico shot leaked
    15. One beellion dollars needed to fight WoW, says Kotick
    16. Resident Evil Zero is Japan-only, says Capcom
    17. Koei has "no idea" if Disgaea 3 will release in Europe
    18. Amazing confusion over new 1UP letter-based scoring system
    19. GT5 Prologue and Movie Pack PS3 bundles for Europe
    20. DE boss backs away from Dark Sector PS3 debacle
    21. Alone in the Dark date announcement likely "in the next month"
    22. Gladius 2 rumoured from LucasArts
    23. Rainbow Six Vegas added to Japanese PS3 budget titles
    24. Japanese Wii outsells PS3 4-1 in February
    25. The 1995 Sega Schools Marketing Project revisted in video
    26. Warhawk and Resistance join Uncharted for Home add-ons
    27. New SpongeBob game for DS
    28. Microsoft makes mention of Lost Odyssey "series"
    29. Get your level in Bionic Commando: Rearmed
    30. New Alone in the Dark movie: OMFG
    31. WoW would just make terrorists fat, says expert
    32. Uncharted offers 2D side-scroller in Home
    33. Mario Kart Wii supports eight-player Battle Mode, wheel is rubbish
    34. running BestBuy trade-in program
    35. Dofus TV show in the works
    36. Pray your way onto the Age of Conan beta
    1. More Eight Days details, secret Sony game is Tears of Blood
    2. GDC "looking at moving to an invite model for press access", says CMP
    3. Disgaea 3 heading to US PS3
    4. Dead Space for PC on Hallowe'en
    5. MGS will be PS2 port for Essential Collection
    6. Sam & Max 204: Chariots of the Dogs Announced
    7. Fallout 3 OXM shipping to subs now
    8. Big Home movie hits YouTube
    9. Dengeki Playstation MGS4 scans hit web
    10. EA bid for Take-Two could rise to $2.3 billion
    11. Disney announces Ultimate Band for Wii and DS
    12. GTA IV given an 18 rating in Germany
    13. Three MGS4 packs planned for Japan
    14. THQ confirms 50-player matches for Frontlines
    15. HMV pulls Play TV pre-orders
    16. Monster SingStore update for March 7
    17. "The E3 2005 trailer was NOT false," says Killzone 2 dev
    18. Career Fair dated for October
    19. Microsoft explains 300's disappearance from Live, licensing for Video Store
    20. Home open beta rumoured for March 24 launch in Japan
    21. Wii to launch in Taiwan
    22. Turning Point faces slight delay in Europe
    23. Go!Messenger launches for PSP
    24. Details and new screen of Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack
    25. Wii Fit priced in the UK and Europe
    26. Resident Evil Zero for Wii
    27. PEGI site reveals massive PSN games list
    28. "Monster-as-hero convention" sets Dark Sector against Prototype, says Digital Extremes
    29. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix site goes live
    30. PEGI better than BBFC, says Microsoft
    31. Samurai Warriors 2 XL offered as Live download
    32. The sketchiest rumour ever: ZOE 3 in the works
    33. Killzone 2 budget balloons, says rumour
    34. Sony dates MGS4 bundle as "late Q2 2008"
    35. Haze for May in Europe
    36. SCEE clams on Euro DualShock 3 price and date
    37. "No plans" for MGS4 or GoW bundles in Europe
    38. PS Store revamp for April 15 in US
    39. God of War: Chains of Olympus is five hours long
    40. Japanese erotic games industry suffering from Blueprint-syndrome
    41. 2007 was awesome for sales, say UK retailers
    42. Dark Sector PS3 was nearly scrapped, says developer
    43. Deadliest Catch game out in April
    44. New FarCry 2 movies show "tree regeneration"
    45. Two new Pokémon games announced for DS
    46. New LittleBigPlanet shots
    47. Ubisoft to focus on licenses, not acquisitions
    48. 360 failure rate is probably higher than 16%, says warrantee firm
    49. SFIV roster likely to be expanded for home versions
    50. Secret Sony game "should be thought of as an action movie"
    51. Some backwards compatability for MGS4 PS3 bundle
    52. Epic asking for input on Gears of War 2
    53. ZelnickMedia payout draws Wall Street's attention
    1. First UEFA Euro 2008 trailer released
    2. "Deep Red" PSP bundle for US in June
    3. US gamers get MGS Online beta access with MGS4 pre-order
    4. SCEA announces MGS4 80Gb PS3 bundle
    5. NFL Head Coach to return for 2009
    6. Pachter: Why EA will win
    7. Haze for May in the US
    8. DualShock 3 dated for US
    9. Leipzig plans Games Convention for 2009
    10. Two Worlds to expand twice
    11. Activision sued over Blizzard merger
    12. June 12 for MGS4?
    13. First Dead Space trailer oils our cogs
    14. Romero sues Capcom over Dead Rising
    15. Mass Effect PC for May 6
    16. D3 publishing Bangai-O Spirits in the US
    17. Guild Wars hits 5 million
    18. Sims closed down, replaced with... EA-land?
    19. Dead Space dated for Hallowe'en
    20. Lego Universe MMO: first images and new details
    21. WipEout HD soundtrack announced, Kraftwerk included
    22. One Life Left moved over to EG
    23. EndWar for DS and PSP, says rumour
    24. GDC: EA Blueprint seeking "way to make games with smaller teams"
    25. GDC: "The web is kicking the console industry's ass", says Koster
    26. GDC: Mark Rein meets his match - it's Tom Bramwell
    27. New StarCraft II gameplay movie show perfectly why we're s**t at RTS
    28. Requiem: Bloodymare beta set to begin
    29. MMORTS Saga beta opens today
    30. WiiWare Europe date remains off limits
    31. Sony "opens up PS3" to in-game ads
    32. Everyone's Pokemon Ranch detailed a bit
    33. SCEA upgrades three execs
    34. Mario & Sonic still lead UK charts
    35. Will Wright video interview
    36. Pepertual Entertainment not so aptly named, says rumour
    37. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for PC, DS and 360 this year
    38. Brawl for autumn in Europe date "not quite accurate"
    39. Defend Your Castle WiiWare will cost 500 WPs
    40. Bangai-O Spirits has full level editor, sound-transmitted levels
    41. Mr Driller rated by ERSB for XBLA
    42. Xbox World 360 details GoldenEye piece
    1. LittleBigPlanet is SCEE's "biggest" game, will be full price
    2. PlayTV show recordings can be taken off PS3s
    3. Free MS points with UK Lost Odyssey pre-order
    4. Overlord for PS3
    5. Valve looking at music and video for Steam
    6. Euro Patapon to cost three times more than US version
    7. Harrison retrospective details 15 years of history
    8. PS3 Bionic Commando: Rearmed will play wirelessly on PSP
    9. EA releases Take-Two conference call script
    10. Valkyria Chronicles releasing in the west on PS3
    11. Epic not working on digital download titles, says Rein
    12. TAKE-TWO-AGGEDON: Everything in one place
    13. Take-Two stock rises 50% in pre-trading
    14. Hellgate didn't meet expectations, says Roper
    15. Rein laughs off CliffyB comments about PC gaming's "disarray"
    16. Motorstorm 2 goes from desert to "lush island", has four-way split-screen
    17. EA bid for Take-Two timed not to "screw with GTA", slip unlikely
    18. EA: "Our focus is on Take-Two, it's not focused anywhere else"
    19. Riccitiello: GTA IV dev is "essentially complete"
    20. Riccitiello: Rockstar is "the asset" in Take-Two buy out
    21. GDC: amBX chief talks consoles, GDC and why PC gaming is "the testbed"
    22. Official Halo 3 tournament for Europe detailed
    23. EA launches website specific to Take-Two takeover bid
    24. Violence is "not about lopping off limbs", says Ninja Gaiden II creator
    25. Amazing Street Fighter IV vid - the only one you need
    26. GoldenEye for XBLA is bollocks, says Microsoft
    27. Riccitiello: "We don't anticipate closing the deal before GTA ships"
    28. Sony without Harrison: analysis starts here
    29. Harrison rumoured to be joining Atari
    30. Confirmed: Games Convention moved to Cologne, renamed GAMESCom
    31. Phil Harrison quits Sony
    32. TAKE-TWO-AGGEDON: A list of everything EA's bought in the last 20 years
    33. Pachter "baffled" at Take-Two rebuttal stance on EA merger
    34. EA's bid "provides insufficient value", says Take-Two boss
    35. That was the news – Week 8, 2008: Unconvincing GDC governed by two main themes: flux and fear
    36. Eye of Judgement expansion gets March release in the US
    37. Pachter on EA-Take-Two buyout: "This deal is happening"
    38. SCAG slows down Australian 18+ games rating
    39. GDC: Smash Bros. Brawl not released until Autumn in Europe
    1. EA offers to buy Take-Two for $2 billion
    2. GDC: The Sims Carnival detailed
    3. No GT5 in the UK this year, says GAME
    4. American government looks for real-life bad guys in MMOs
    5. Xbox 360 HD-DVD player discontinued
    6. Jackson collab Halo Chronicles will be a "different experience", says Kim
    7. New Pure movie shows big CG
    8. Bond movies hit US Live movie store
    9. GDC: Orange Box sells well in excess of 3 million
    10. GDC: Square Enix White Engine renamed Crystal Tools
    1. GDC: Nintendo announces "Pay to Play" for Wii games
    2. GDC: Boom Blox details and hands-on
    3. GDC: More "close-quarters fighting" for CoD4 DLC
    4. Nine Inch Nails pack next for Rock Band
    5. Wii still leading Japanese hardware sales
    6. Chainsaw battles included in Gears 2
    7. Analysts analysed by someone who clearly has too much time on their hands
    8. Amazing WipEout HD shots released
    1. GDC: Dates announced for GDC 2009
    2. GDC: Dan Boutros is crowned SFIV champion of North America
    3. GDC: Ninja Gaiden II demo... isn't
    4. GDC: GTA IV DLC is massive, says Microsoft
    5. GDC: BomberMan Live wins best XBLA game
    6. Tales of Vesperia confirmed for 360
    7. GDC: Jaffe pulls out of session!
    8. Minter's Gridrunner now free on Facebook
    9. Gamespot edits Lost Odyssey review but leaves score alone
    10. GDC: David Jaffe session live at 6.30pm
    11. GDC: 18 million 360s sold worldwide, says Schappert
    12. Home boss "amazed" at Second Life's popularity
    13. Games Convention press conference 10am Monday, confusion over new name
    14. Moore: "Activision Blizzard really can’t compete with us"
    15. No More Heroes gets slight delay in Europe
    16. GDC: Bionic Commando: Rearmed scaled back on Live limit
    17. GDC: Indiana Jones game "in production"
    18. GDC: Gears 2 narrative "even more interesting", says Bleszinski
    19. GDC: Prototype to offer "more than better experiences"
    20. GDC: Realtime Worlds shows APB, its "MMO Crackdown"
    21. GDC: "Downloadable content has come of age", says Microsoft's John Schappert
    22. GDC: Dave Perry's Luminary Lunch - full report
    23. GDC: Microsoft blogger breakfast audio available now
    24. No voice chat for Smash Bros. Brawl
    25. GDC: Valve confirms Portal 2
    26. GDC: Lego Batman guy video interview
    27. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt making game
    28. GDC: Boom Blox to include head tracking
    29. Fox News edits story headline - Kotaku knows how to screengrab
    30. Sony sees easing of PS3 price pressure
    1. GDC: Valve confirms Left 4 Dead left off PS3, moots Source for Wii
    2. GDC: Zombie developing Saw
    3. GDC: Giant update to Home beta next week, says Sony
    4. GDC: Wii will pass 360 in the US by June, says Reggie
    5. GDC: Premium DLC planned for XBLA Peggle
    6. GDC: Kurzweil "looking forward to Spore"
    7. GDC: "Evil EA" isn't so evil after all, says Pandemic boss
    8. GDC: Aliens: Colonial Marines confirmed and detailed
    9. Warhammer Online on course for Q2, says Mythic
    10. Wii Fit and Science Museum try to stop you being fat
    11. GDC: Street Fighter IV is "only 50-60% complete"
    12. GDC: Bionic Commando Rearmed simultaneous on PSN, XBLA and PC in May
    13. GDC: New Bionic Commando owes a lot to Japanese input, says Capcom
    14. GDC: It's "really important" to back low-priced consoles, says Molyneux
    15. Telltale working on WiiWare game
    16. GDC: Commodore 64 games heading to VC
    17. GDC: Video interview with Epic heads
    18. Videogames developers hit Telegraph rich list
    19. GDC: Starbreeze at work on classic EA franchise
    20. GDC: Micro-transactions don't give level playing field, says WoW man
    21. GDC: Microsoft keynote round-up - all the news in one place
    22. Indiana Jones doesn't include four-way multiplayer, someone make big booboo
    23. Man sells every Dreamcast game ever made in eBay auction
    24. GDC: 100 WiiWare launch games will be drip-released
    25. GDC: Penny Arcade game releasing this summer
    26. GDC: Itagaki thinks Molyneux is "well-rounded"
    27. GDC: Dragon Age is back to the "core BioWare experience", says Zeschuk
    28. Smash Bros. still top in Japan
    29. GDC: Portal wins GOTY at Choice Awards
    30. Q1 release for Star Trek Conquest
    31. GoldenEye XBLA rumours refuse to die
    32. GDC: Spector's new project is "off limits"
    33. GDC: Bionic Commando will have PS3 "Trophies"
    34. GDC: World of Darkness will be "as real as it can be", says EVE Online creator
    35. "No release date" for Warhammer Online
    36. First Aliens: Colonial Marines shots
    37. Quake Live beta sign-ups now open
    38. GDC: Hands-on with Zune games
    39. GDC: Meier reckons on "golden age" of gaming
    40. New EVE Online financial data released
    41. GDC: Brash not looking to acquire yet
    42. GDC: Bionic Commando gameplay movies
    43. GDC: Crayon Physics Deluxe wins IGF award
    44. GDC: Echochrome for summer in the US
    45. GDC: XNA stuff revealed behind the sheet
    46. GDC: No progress on Live mods for UT3
    47. GDC: No demos for WiiWare
    48. GDC: WiFi PSP Store promised
    49. Microsoft cuts 360 price in Canada
    50. First two shots of new Banjo?
    51. GDC: Bungie goes recruit-crazy in SF
    52. GDC: New WipEout HD trailer
    1. GDC: Microsoft releases XNA Creators Club Game Launcher
    2. GDC: Microsoft keynote audio online now
    3. GDC: Gears of War 2 shows red artwork
    4. GDC: First Gears of War 2 trailer released
    5. GDC: Gears of War 2 announced at Microsoft keynote
    6. GDC: Co-op and XBLA game Keystone confirmed for Fable 2
    7. GDC: Ninja Gaiden II set for June release
    8. GDC: GTAIV DLC available from autumn 2008 for 360
    9. GDC: Community games for Xbox Live this year
    10. GDC: Rock Band downloads hit 3 million in US
    11. GDC: Over 1 billion Achievements unlocked on Live, says Microsoft
    12. GDC: Microsoft's keynote is done and dusted
    13. GDC: Champions Online "is all about total customization"
    14. Wii Fit "under $100" in US, says Fils-Aime
    15. Turbine and Tolkien Enterprises sign deal up to 2014
    16. GDC: XNA given to students for free
    17. GDC: LostWinds is "WiiWare launch title", says Braben
    18. GDC: WiiWare-exclusive LostWinds revealed by Frontier
    19. Universe at War takes a slight slip on 360
    20. WiiWare launching on May 12 in US
    21. European Wii Fit price to be announced in the "coming weeks"
    22. Wii Fit for Europe on April 25
    23. Red Faction: Guerilla is third-person and open-world, says THQ
    24. Mario Kart Wii dated for Europe
    25. Wii Fit gets US release date
    26. Okami Wii - see it in action
    27. The Sims and World of Warcraft "sucking air out" of PC gaming, says Molyneux
    28. Gerstmann and Davis launch new podcast
    29. GDC: New Echochrome trailer to dribble over
    30. GDC: "Very high likelihood" of Demigod on consoles, says Taylor
    31. DMC4 sells 2 million worldwide, says Capcom
    32. GDC: PC Gaming Alliance announced
    33. GDC: SOE announces G.I.R.L. game dev scholarships
    34. GDC: Age Of Conan "ideal for 360", on console 12 months after PC
    35. New concept art and no details on new Ninja Theory game
    36. Worldwide HD TV sales overtake CRT
    37. GDC: Too Human demoed in California - videos
    38. Xbox 360 was needed to "do justice" to Rez, says Mizuguchi
    39. GDC: Postal 3 shown on Xbox 360 dev kit
    40. GDC: Open MMO environments "overwhelming", says LotRO man
    41. GDC: Second Life headed to mobile
    42. GDC: IGF Mobile Awards winners detailed
    43. GDC: Cross-platform gaming likely to appear in Microsoft keynote, says Early
    44. GDC: Piracy forcing PC games onto console, says Supreme Commander man
    45. MGS4 intro movie took a year to produce
    46. CoD4 tops Live play yet again
    47. Xbox 360 warranty costs "tripled" in first nine months of 2007
    48. LittleBigPlanet to include voice chat lip synching
    49. 3D Realms refutes Earth No More lawsuit
    1. Games Convention Asia 2008 set for September 18-20
    2. Telltale hires original Sam & Max designer
    3. CSI creator to keynote MI6
    4. Saw writer "very excited" about horror game
    5. UK Live movies "skewing towards HD"
    6. GDC: The Sims about to hit 100 million units, says EA
    7. Sony shares rise on HD-DVD death
    8. GDC: CryENGINE2 MMO Blue Mars announced
    9. GDC: Mario Kart Wii playtests hit web
    10. GDC: First Grimm movie released by American McGee
    11. Gizmondo relaunch already delayed
    12. Release date for Clear Sky in a "few weeks"
    13. GDC: IGN launches Direct2Game
    14. GDC: First shots of Quake Live released
    15. First Pure footage shows monster jumping action
    16. GDC: Introversion admits publisher aspirations, talks Subversion
    17. HD-DVD demise will cause PS3 sales boost, say analysts
    18. GDC: Free-to-play Quake Live announced, IGA gets ad deal
    19. Tabula Rasa "financial disaster", says Korean Times
    20. Unreal Tournament 3 has sold 1.2 million units, says Epic
    21. GRID dev lead reveals Codemasters' Ego engine, confirms summer 2008 release for all SKUs
    22. "GAME time" theme announced for TGS 2008
    23. Rein on Epic sale: "We would prefer if they started at $2 billion"
    24. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for "2008"
    25. Lost Planet demo for Euro PSN this week
    26. GDC: PixelJunk Eden announced - trailer
    27. Mario & Sonic leads UK top 10
    28. First Red Faction: Guerilla shot emerges
    29. New Prototype video released
    30. Toshiba announces discontinuation of HD-DVD businesses
    31. GDC: Red ring of death blights Microsoft's stand, Waters swoops
    32. GDC: Casual games will make the hardcore "niche", says Welch
    33. Magic: The Gathering coming to XBLA
    34. GDC: Mysterious XNA sheet causes great excitement
    35. US immigration shown off in free game
    36. First footage of Samba de Amigo on Wii released
    37. PS2 hits $100 mark in US sale
    38. 3D Realms sued for copyright infringement
    39. PS3 hits 10.5 million global sales mark
    40. GDC: Conan still pegged for Xbox 360
    41. Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 console exclusive?
    42. GDC: Molyneux "close to announcing" revolutionary AI
    43. HD-DVD press conference at 8am GMT today
    44. Ex-Microprose people form Thriller Publishing
    1. Street Fighter IV to hit Japanese arcades in "late July"
    2. CD Projekt acquires Metropolis
    3. GDC: Make games memorable as opposed to long, says flOw dev
    4. Toshiba to announce HD-DVD death tomorrow: Nikkei
    5. US PS3 sales accelerate on news of HD-DVD demise
    6. Spore expected to sell 3-5 million in 2008
    7. GDC: Splash Damage says new action IP will be "deeper than Enemy Territory"
    8. Microsoft on HD-DVD collapse: "Games sell consoles"
    9. N+ hitting UK Live on Wednesday
    10. Witcher re-release to address "major criticisms" of topline RPG
    11. BBFC: "We don’t know what Dr Byron is going to recommend"
    12. Bethesda "has begun direct publishing operations in Europe"
    13. Thompson threatens NIU with lawsuit
    14. Violent games make you fick, says German study
    15. US doctor says Wii trains kids to kill
    16. Epic and the $1 billion Microsoft deal: it's GamePro again
    17. Ninja Gaiden III, Phantasy Star II added to US VC
    18. Lego Indiana Jones has four-player co-op, releases on June 3
    19. Frontlines: Fuel of War to support 50-player games on Xbox 360
    20. PEGI people warn over planned changes to UK classification
    21. Infogrames share split dated for March 4
    22. Motorstorm to "dominate reaction racing", says Evolution
    23. Fallout 3 versions "should all be the same date", says Bethesda
    24. "Major" LotRO announcement planned for Connect 2008
    25. Toshiba blanks HD-DVD death reports as shares surge on the news
    26. Paramount signs to Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store in the UK
    27. The Sims aims "to convert players into game designers", launches
    28. Don't "overdo it" with Wii, says Nintendo
    29. Heavy price-cutting on US Blu-ray movies as news of HD-DVD back-out spreads
    30. Toshiba HD-DVD decision expected on Tuesday
    31. That was the news – Week 7, 2008: Death of HD-DVD leaves way open for explosive PS3 sales in late 2008
    32. Toshiba expected to formally announce HD-DVD drop imminently
    33. CoD4 DLC confirmed for spring
    34. Microsoft seeking to build "totally new LIVE experience"
    35. Halifax blocks payments to Blizzard, blames fraud
    36. Extra instrument peripherals for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith?
    37. Blu-ray rumours kick off: Xbox 360 player within three months, Blu-ray successor in development
    38. Mass Effect wins at Canada's Elan awards
    39. Thompson's "murder simulator" tag is "laughably incorrect", says expert
    1. Aerosmith: "There are some battles you can't fight"
    2. Amazon planning downloadable games service
    3. Bungie to deliver nine Halo 3 dev sessions at GDC
    4. God of War III at GDC, says Gamespot
    5. Thompson writes to NIU president on "mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike"
    1. That's all, folks: Toshiba drops HD-DVD
    2. Team17 debuts new Leisure Suit Larry
    3. Lost Planet PS3 requires 5Gb install
    5. Activision applies for DJ Hero trademark
    6. Uber-cool Alone in the Dark movie released
    7. Blu-ray Association gloats over Wal-Mart HD-DVD decision
    8. No space combat in Halo Wars, says Ensemble
    9. New Silent Hill V screens and videos - yuk
    10. Thomspon connects US shooting to games - video
    11. 16% Xbox 360 failure rate is "suspect", says Microsoft
    12. Blizzard and Activision staffers back Republican campaigns with donations
    13. Talent without focus on business "really dangerous", says Epic president
    14. Stone Temple Pilots and Garbage for Rock Band next week
    15. Hands-on Okami videos raise eyebrows
    1. Get a job with Bioware at GDC
    2. GameStop raises guidance on strong NPDs
    3. Unannounced Rare game confirmed alongside Banjo details
    4. Thompson blames Illinois shooting on games
    5. Atari US "has lost plenty of money": Gardner
    6. Wal-Mart drops HD-DVD
    7. Gazza is Wii addict, says Sun
    8. Okami Wii to have 16:9, progressive scan, 480p support
    9. First King of Fighters XII trailer
    10. Undated Guitar Hero: Aerosmith confirmed for PS3, PS2, Wii and Xbox 360
    11. Harley Quinn confirmed for Lego Batman
    12. Read part of a Halo novel on the internet
    13. New WoW Wrath of the Lich King trailer
    14. 70 million user MMO can happen, says "Acclaim 2.0" boss Dave Perry
    15. NLGD Festival of Games dated for June in Utrecht
    16. Next Xbox 360 motherboards codenamed "Opus and Valhalla", says rumour
    17. Former Naughty Dog staffer launches Big Red Button
    18. Death Jr. coming to Wii this summer
    19. Overlord DLC launches today on Live
    20. WoW cash tournaments announced, instant level 70s promised
    21. Gamespot could change Lost Odyssey score
    22. Fallout 3 world "50% to 80% of the size of Oblivion"
    23. Virtua Fighter 5 R announced, no one knows what it is
    24. Trailer for Far Cry movie is supposedly rubbish
    25. Street Fighter IV: "I'm here to smash you up"
    26. Banjo not "traditional platformer", will have multiplayer
    27. Wii stays on top in Japan hardware figures
    28. Wright doing Spore presentation at GDC
    29. Rein on Gears 2: "When’s the sequel out? We’re still working on the first one guys!"
    30. Spore includes YouTube integration
    31. Nintendo files 301 in US over piracy
    32. Street Fighter IV played then written about
    33. Vigilante 8 coming to XBLA
    34. Tomb Raider Anniversary Mac demo released
    35. US PSN downloads near 8 million in January
    36. Wii and Cod4 top in US, shows NPD data
    1. No Metal Gear for GDC
    2. Witcher moves 600k in three months
    3. Farrell ditches THQ stock
    4. Xbox Live to broadcast GDC events
    5. Abel is new character in SF IV
    6. Manchester Cathedral visits up after Resistance nonsense
    7. Console WiC moves to end of 2008
    8. Red Alert 3 officially announced
    9. Future games mag sales up 23%, shows ABC
    10. Gamespot claims 3.5 million users per month in the UK
    11. NCSoft Europe CEO: New City of Heroes titles planned, Aion for Q4 2008 release
    12. Sports Interactive releases January transfer patch for FM08
    13. Ex-EA man to head up Kuju London
    14. Trackmania for DS - movie
    15. No Kurgan in Highlander, confirms Widescreen
    16. Take-Two sales expected to show big drop for January
    17. Earth Eternal dev secures $4.25 million in VC
    18. Z-Axis renamed to Underground Development
    19. Deadly Creatures heading to Wii for THQ
    20. Disney Brighton announces Pure racer
    21. Mythos video shows... fighting
    22. Perry "stunned" by Marvel MMO canning
    23. Smash Bros. stays top in Japan
    24. "More than 50 new hairstyles" for LotRO Book 12: The Ashen Wastes
    25. GTA IV's defining moment, by Dan Houser
    26. Play TV working on PS3 - video
    27. Patapon demo hits US PSN
    28. Million PlayStation party for UK
    29. Cryptic confirms Champions Online for consoles and PC
    30. Dead Rising-Romero legal spat escalates in US
    31. GT5: Yamauchi promises "global community"
    32. Dark Sector banned in Australia
    33. Xbox 360 failure rate at 16%, says report
    34. Bleszinski: PC is in disarray
    35. Dallas Business Journal posts audio file of 3D Realms interview
    36. nVidia reports record revenues and profits for FY07
    37. Sonic Chronicles this year
    38. Spore Creature Creator shipping before game
    39. Rock Band DLC pack reveals massive list of possible tracks
    40. TF2 update today
    41. Lineage II character transfer service goes live
    42. Red Faction: Guerilla and Aliens game named, acording to GI cover
    43. Major Nelson clarifies Mattrick GTA comments
    1. New Microsoft console in 2010, says analyst
    2. Driller for XBLA?
    3. Spector: "I'm tech's badboy"
    4. EA Sports planning five new franchises in the next three years
    5. Sega Bass Fishing Wii for March 28 for Europe
    6. Red Mile Q4 up over 1,000% YoY
    7. R-Type Command for May 6
    8. StarCraft Ghost may come back from the dead
    9. StarCraft II "this year", says Korean organ
    10. NCSoft shows steady growth as Tabula Rasa takes over $5 million
    11. Top-down GTAs and Street Fighter Alpha for PSN soon, says mag
    12. Computec claims 1.39 million users per month
    13. Metaboli grabs Frontlines, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., CoH and Soulstorm for download service
    14. Hello Kitty MMO goes beta and really weird
    15. Cross-platform play unlikely for The Agency, says SOE
    16. WiiWare session confirmed for GDC
    17. Senior German source "99 percent sure" Games Convention move is true
    18. CoD4 humiliates Halo 3 at top of Live
    19. NCSoft promises to show PS3 title this year
    20. Jamie Bell to voice Jumper
    21. New Resistance 2 scans from OPM UK
    22. New Atari games confirmed with financials
    23. Europe is "priority" for Spore
    24. PS3 sells 1 million in the UK, SCEE confirms
    25. Heavy rumour links Games Convention with Cologne move for 2009
    26. Both GTA IV versions will have online multiplayer: Rockstar
    27. Spore for Wii at "design stage"
    28. "Online videogames increase exposure to predators"
    29. Lair developer wants to "push" Wii with new game
    30. Spore: what it's like to play
    31. New Saints Row 2 shots
    32. Bioware rumoured for new KOTOR
    33. Mattrick: GTA IV online multiplayer "unique to 360"
    34. Mattrick admits American "shortages" for Xbox 360 hardware
    35. Pandemic working on new Lord of the Rings game
    36. Sony: backwards compatability is "important to us"
    37. EA edgy on Spore for Wii
    38. New OneLifeLeft available now
    39. New Sims projects overload as EA steps up a gear
    40. Atari losses continue in third quarter
    41. Silicon Knights creating "psychological thriller" for 2010
    42. PC giants plan gaming alliance announcement for GDC
    43. C&C Red Alert 3 confirmed
    1. Prototype for GDC, new trailer released
    2. EA targets $6 billion sales by 2011
    3. Spore movie released
    4. Sacred 2 playable at GDC
    5. No multiplayer for Just Cause 2
    6. Madden's 20th anniversary won't be a "ordinary year", says Moore
    7. Spore date announced, Wright interview hits web
    8. NovaLogic teases on new Delta Force game
    9. Criterion: No more Black "any time soon"
    10. Ubisoft smacks Bratz company for $13 million
    11. 2K licenses Unreal Engine 3 for "unannounced games"
    12. Sims co-creator joins Red Mile
    13. EA ties up NFL license until 2013
    14. Mass Effect for PC in May, "brand new titles in the future"
    15. Smash Bros. goes over 1 million copies in Japan
    16. GT5 Prologue gets new date for Europe
    17. Street Fighter IV and both Bionic Commando titles for GDC
    18. Win ?1,000 for getting your friends arrested in 1989
    19. Get loaded, meet women at GDC
    20. City of Heroes dev plans MMO blitz for GDC
    21. Katashima takes head role at Koei outside Japan
    22. UK Army of Two content embargo lifts
    23. Resident Evil 5 will make people "flip out", says Capcom
    24. Halo, Battlefield men form Tyrant Studios
    25. Moore's sports mission "important" to overall EA growth
    26. DMC4 knocks Paradise off top of UK all-formats
    27. EA: ignore the "is-it-art" debate
    28. Ubisoft to open Singapore studio
    29. XBL DMC4 demo hits 1 million
    30. Burnout Paradise better than sex: official
    31. Commanders: Attack of the Genos for US XBLA tomorrow
    32. Hasbro is "embarrassment of riches", says EA
    33. Championship Gaming Series shows four titles for 2008 season
    34. Crazed US foreign policy to extend to games piracy
    35. Audio Surf hits Steam on Friday
    36. Peter Moore launches EA Sports blog
    37. Call of Duty 4 quote used in US Rambo marketing
    38. GTA IV Xbox 360 "episodes" are experiment, says Rockstar
    39. Army of Two achievements leaked
    1. Punk stuff for Rock Band in the US
    2. Miyamoto explains thinking behind Wii Fit
    3. Halo 3 and Burning Crusade win visual effects awards
    4. Nintendo UK boss: "We aim to be disruptive"
    5. Pathetic Telegraph launches assault at Byron Report
    6. E for All dated for October
    7. Circuit City to start selling used games
    8. Dave Chapelle, not Chuck D, was first choice for NBA Ballers: Chosen One
    9. Five minutes of Army of Two co-op, UK content tomorrow
    10. Flat US sales expected for January
    11. Kudo Tsunoda will oversee "MGS/Epic publishing relationship", says Rein
    12. FlatOut PSP demo for February 22
    13. Harvest Moon and Lords of Thunder hit US Wii Shop Channel
    14. NPD to publish quarterly MMO reports
    15. Banjo for "this holiday", says Kim
    16. Playable StarCraft II at first European Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational
    17. Lost Odyssey man steered clear of "risk"
    18. EA confirms Monopoly and Scrabble
    19. China dev cost "half" that of India
    20. Sega Bass Fishing trailer shows inlets and "average size" fish
    21. Jumpgate: Evolution for "second half of 2008"
    22. Far Cry man's "worry" over PS3 dev turned to "positive surprise"
    23. Tsunoda confirmed as new Gears of War boss
    24. Eurogamer hits 1.8 million users per month, hires MMO editor
    25. Forza developer now hiring for "next big thing"
    26. Beta for tennis MMO Smash Online goes live
    27. Penumbra demo up now
    28. Frontlines: Fuel of War multiplayer demo on Live now
    29. King of Fighters XII for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009
    30. Luke Goss to play Steve Fox in Tekken movie
    31. That was the news – Week 6, 2008: Are Brown and Byron really charting a collision course with the UK games industry?
    32. Listen to OneLifeLeft with Ellie and Tom
    33. EA Blueprint to support social games developers
    34. New Echochrome movie released
    35. Five new GTA IV videos hit web
    36. Professor Layton sequel confirmed for US
    37. EA Oz confirms lack of MoH2 multiplayer, offers refund
    38. Dead Head Fred wins Writer's Guild award
    39. Okami for Wii is "complete"
    40. Marine's disappearance linked to CoD4
    1. Apple applies for trademark protection on gaming devices
    2. Activision Blizzard could earn "$1.38 billion in 2009"
    3. Mental new Ninja Gaiden 2 screens
    4. Silent Hill V to be franchise's "most disturbing drama"
    5. Bioware boss to speak on MMOs at GDC
    6. PS3 Echochrome is half the price of PSP version: here's why
    7. New Square Enix MMO confirmed for GDC
    8. The Club demo out for PC
    9. Ace Combat 6 rumoured for PS3 in 2008
    10. Prime Minister beaten by child at Wii Sports
    11. New Mortal Kombat movie in the works
    12. Dragon Quest Swords dated in the US
    1. First Facebreaker trailer released
    2. GameStop to carry AIAS award badges
    3. Major League Eating franchise licensed for games
    4. PS2 ownership lead in Japan shocks no one
    5. Wii attach rate is increasing, says Nintendo UK
    6. Lost Planet demo pulled from US PSN
    7. No confirmation of Tales of Symphonia for Europe, says Nintendo
    8. Riccitiello: "I blew it"
    9. New Steam client available
    10. New Wrath of the Lich King shots
    11. Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed
    12. Take-Two "bombarded" with Bioshock movie requests
    13. Crysis movie "definitely planned"
    14. Destructoid pulls rumoured GTA IV multiplayer details
    15. Games "nomalize" (sic) killing, says report
    16. Games hit UK frontpages as evidence mounts over impending political "clampdown"
    1. Bizarre Creations fears racing genre is becoming "niche"
    2. Sega Sammy to lay off 400 staff
    3. Splash Damage announces growth plans
    4. Condemned 2 trailer brings the pain
    5. Giant GTA IV update - new movies and 25 shots
    6. XBLA Peggle to include online multiplayer
    7. Bangai-O Spirits for US DS in March
    8. Vegas 2 movies: three of them
    9. PGR4 DLC pack brings power-value
    10. Major Minor's Majestic March "for western market first"
    11. Discs of Tron for US XBLA next week
    12. This is Vegas - first trailer
    13. Pacman CE up for Developers Choice Award
    14. WoW miniatures game announced
    15. New Tomb Raider Underworld renders and shots
    16. Next Tabula Rasa update to include "eagerly awaited" spy class features
    17. Multiwinia for "summer", says Introversion
    18. Adam Roberts joins D3Publisher Europe as MD
    19. Nordic Game ramps up heavily for GDC
    20. First Lego Indiana Jones shots: no Nazis in sight
    21. Three more WipEout Pulse expansion packs for February
    22. Get 20% off your Connect 2008 ticket
    23. US date for PSP FLOw
    24. Grand Theft Auto - the Kate Moss Years
    25. Buy Conflict on Steam, get Deus Ex for free
    26. Million on day one for MGS4 quote incorrect, says Konami
    27. No more Vegas for Rainbox Six
    28. Will Wright demos Spore at NASA
    29. CoD4 takes top honour at 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards
    30. Moves for Takahashi and Remo
    31. First Saint's Row 2 screens
    32. Pray silence for... the Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet
    33. GTA IV site launching today
    34. Wii leads Japan arms race, DS drops back
    35. Over 60 new Street Fighter IV shots
    36. Activision financials: Everything in one place
    37. Activision financials: "Competitive advantage" on PS3 to be extended
    38. Activision financials: Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar 2 for this FY
    39. Activision financials: Three more Guitar Hero games this year, franchise push for Europe
    40. Activision financials: New Ultimate Alliance and Spiderman games confirmed
    41. Activision financials: Bond still on track for autumn release
    42. Activision financials: New CoD game to hit this fiscal year
    43. Activision financials: Hawk for revamp in this FY
    1. Reuters source rubbishes "$1.5 billion Viacom for Take-Two" story
    2. Activision financials: Activision's profits rocket on back of Guitar Hero and CoD4
    3. PopCap: No Peggle for DS
    4. Halo 3 has sold 8 million units, never say never on MS games portable: Kim
    5. New Street Fighter IV screens - s**t the bed
    6. Jaffe confirms Twisted Metal for PS3, three-game contract with Sony
    7. "We don't release failures": Blizzard
    8. Garriott "busy" with "several months" of Russian space training
    9. New Wacraft III patch removes CD support
    10. Steam hits 15 millon accounts
    11. England's football coach decries "PlayStation culture"
    12. Lighthouse signs up as SCEA publisher
    13. New GTA IV info, shots
    14. Fears emerge that Brown may use Byron to "crackdown" on games
    15. WoW tops US PC sales again
    16. Twisted Metal PS3 hidden message uncovered?
    17. European PSN updated
    18. Bizarre Creations made "concerted effort" to minimize gore in The Club
    19. New Halo 3 bundle for non-Japanese, Asian markets
    20. relaunches with "regimented, ordered design"
    21. Gameloft sales grow 40% for fourth quarter
    22. Peggle for DS
    23. English of the Dead isn't a joke
    24. Guinness record book launches with Guitar Hero "marathon"
    25. German Conan players will be able to avoid censorship
    26. CoD4 back to top of Live multiplayer
    27. No Nazis in Lego Indiana Jones, release set for June
    28. Band Mashups for Wii, normal people cry a bit
    29. Namco to close a fifth of its arcades, blames Wii
    30. Smash Bros. first week sales official - 820,000 units
    31. Alone in the Dark site live
    32. Legendary: The Box confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3
    33. Patapon demo hits Japanese PSN
    34. Females over 30 back free, ad-based games
    35. Valve still "figuring out" Episode Three
    36. GCDC puts out call for speakers
    37. Skydiving game for US PSN tomorrow
    38. M-rated games drop from 8% to 6% of US market
    39. Microsoft should buy Sony: Stein
    40. 3D Realms has "learned lessons" over DNF release date debacle
    41. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World confirmed for US
    42. 1UP changes scoring system, shuffles editorial
    43. It's "time for madness", Verbinski tells developers
    44. "$30 million budgets" killing innovation, says former EA boss
    45. Lego Indiana Jones at GDC
    46. Kojima having a waz on Smash Bros. Brawl - pics
    47. PES 2008 movies show Wii game in action
    48. Gamestrata includes online rankings in Facebook
    49. Free and premium DLC planned for Burnout Paradise
    50. Fitch upgrades Sony to A-
    51. Jaffe's next project bigger than "$9.99" arcade games
    1. Smash Bros. goes over 800,000 in first week in Japan
    2. Madden producer David Ortiz quits EA Tiberon
    3. Exclusive: Miller responds to Dallas Business Journal article on DNF
    4. The comedy begins: 3D Realms disputes date and platform confirmation for DNF
    5. THQ financials transcript released
    6. Mass Effect DLC confirmed
    7. DNF "on target" for 2008, Xbox 360 and PS3: stop the press
    8. SCEE: "No plans for silver PS3 in Europe"
    9. Assassin's Creed PC named "Director’s cut edition", dated for March
    10. Viacom looking at Take-Two buyout, says rumour
    11. Microsoft US drops HD-DVD player to $129.99
    12. Star Ocean 2 PSP: "Nothing announced as yet for Europe and US"
    13. This is Vegas allows players to "live out their Vegas fantasies"
    14. Spielberg is "just one of the team"
    15. DICE kicks off in Vegas
    16. First Spielberg-EA game is BOOM BLOX for Wii
    17. Guitar Hero IV this year
    18. EA opens giant testing centre in Madrid
    19. Perry receives honorary Queen's degree alongside Tony Blair
    20. Singstore updated, as promised
    21. Famitsu scans show Mario Kart release date "rumour"... isn't
    22. Capcom raises full-year forecasts for 2008
    23. Halo tournaments played on "nuclear subs"
    24. PES 2008 "makes incredible use" of Wii control system
    25. The Club on track for "head shot heaven"
    26. Hybrids enter Tabula Rasa - trailer
    27. MGS PS2 collection goes unconfirmed for Europe
    28. Mario Kart date "just rumour", says Nintendo
    29. Bungie makes first mention of "totally different" project
    30. Conan interest goes through the roof, nipples or not
    31. Capcom "can't comment" on Lost Planet: Colonies
    32. Mario Kart Wii for April 10 in Japan, says rumour
    33. GTAIV uncensored in Oz, says Rockstar
    34. SFIV characters to be revealed this Friday
    35. Sronghold Crusader Extreme confirmed by Gamecock
    36. Lost Planet: Colonies rated, mystery
    37. Nintendo hits seven month low as Japan stocks slide
    38. Article solves the great Dragon Quest mystery
    39. Konami sees good profit off small revenue rise in third quarter
    40. Conker and Jade Empire not coming to Xbox Live
    41. GamePro's Gears of War 2 article hits web
    42. Houser rubbishes Variety's GTA movie report
    43. Iwata: 10 million VC downloads doesn't mean end of discs
    44. THQ financials: Everything in one place
    45. THQ financials: Investor call webcast online now
    46. THQ financials: Next UFC game for Memorial Weekend unveiling
    47. THQ financials: Ambition and "old fashion" killed Stuntman and Juiced
    48. THQ financials: Warhammer 40K MMO up and running
    49. THQ financials: Red Faction III confirmed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
    50. CONANGATE: Woman make boo-boo, nipple strong in America
    1. THQ financials: THQ hits guidance but sees earnings slashed for third quarter
    2. Greeks get uppity about lack of Live
    3. CONANGATE: No nipples for US
    4. Davis: "Gerstmann firing destroyed me"
    5. The Club goes gold
    6. Rollcage, Omega Boost and Devil Dice for PSN?
    7. "Exceedingly strong" PS3 performance in 2008, says Hickey
    8. Gamestop "wants to sell you used games"
    9. Brawl sells 700,000 in four days
    10. New Conflict has "auto-adjust difficulty level"
    11. Mass Effect for PC, says rumour
    12. Site seeks to educate parents about games
    13. Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection confirmed
    14. First Golden Axe shots released
    15. Devil May Cry 4 ships in US
    16. FlatOut PSP demo this month, says Empire
    17. Euro PSN content delays addressed in "six months"
    18. Rock Band Stage Kit: pictures of the box
    19. takes Future money, joins GamesRadar Network
    20. PSN has "all of the capabilities", says Army of Two guy
    21. Dualshock 3 not packaged with Japanese silver PS3 bundle
    22. Games blamed for decline in outdoors lifestyle, says study
    23. Pirates Vs Ninjas "best looking thing" on XBLA
    24. Tom and Ellie Eurogamer on London radio tonight
    25. C&C announcement in "about two weeks"
    26. Vegas 2 dated for Europe
    27. newsletters now operational, captain
    28. Black, Ninja Gaiden and Pirates! make US Live
    29. Microsoft brands imminent Xbox 360 price drop as "rumour"
    30. Lost Odyssey dates firm for US and Europe, says Microsoft, despite Asian release
    31. GTA film deal "fell apart" at last minute
    32. David Gardner starts job at Infogrames
    33. Gearbox title is "set in the Halo universe"
    34. Wii "demand outstripping supply" in Australia
    35. Sega Bass Fishing for March in Europe
    36. Bethesda posts monster update on Fallout 3's Brotherhood of Steel
    37. Shots of budget Japanese PS3 games appear
    38. Faith and a .45 teaser gets gun-ho
    39. "Satin Silver" PS3 next month in Japan
    40. EA guidance needed for 09, says Pachter
    41. nVidia acquires AGEIA
    42. Double XP weekend detailed for City of Heroes
    43. TF2 update "within a month"
    44. Firaxis explains "hold" status of Civ Revolution for Wii
    45. Gearbox starts "big" project
    46. Myst Online given 60 days on death row
    47. Console MMO dev not so easy, says NCSoft
    48. Dead Rising 2 at western developer, says rumour
    49. Jaffe to keynote GDC Career Seminar
    50. British Columbia warns on Montreal tax incentives
    51. Watch mad gamers lose rag
    52. Videogames reward men more than women, says study
    53. Killer Instinct 3 rumours start again
    1. Ryan Davis quits Gamespot as Gerstmann fallout continues
    2. Daxter sells 2 million in two years
    3. Watchdog slams Nintendo for discrimination against Northerners
    4. Prototype attracts Hollywood talent (we think)
    5. Sega Bass Fishing gold!
    6. Winning Eleven moniker dropped in US
    7. European Xbox 360 price cut rumoured
    8. CoD4 DLC to contain maps, God knows what else
    9. Weight Management DS title from Ubi goes to US
    10. New PAL PS3 bundle for Oz
    11. A million people Folding@Home, says Sony
    12. Gears 2 GamePro announcement is "complete nonsense": Rein
    13. Criterion makes full statement on Burnout Paradise HDD dependency
    14. Chuck D lends voice to EA game
    15. B-52s, Faith No More, and KISS next for Rock Band US
    16. Madden's "realism" claim destroyed by Super Bowl
    17. Paradise holds second week in UK all-formats
    18. US police fail MMO crime victim
    19. American McGee announces next Spicy Horse project
    20. Idiotic newspaper writes story about Wii and prison
    21. MGS mobile: first shots
    22. Ton of Killzone concept art from Xavier Marquis
    23. DMC4 takes "22 minutes to install on PS3"
    24. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC this year
    25. Command and Destroy RTS unveiled for DS
    26. Lost Odyssey on sale for Euro Xbox 360's, in English, right now
    27. X3: Terran Conflict to end trilogy
    28. amBX to announce new publisher partners at GDC
    29. Easy to make monkey dance, says Samba man
    30. THQ takes on new CFO
    31. "Platinum" PS3 budget range "likely" for Euro PS3, says SCEE
    32. GDC is for "engine, not games": Rein
    33. Ex-Xbox men announce indie dev contest
    34. Japanese Home survey rude awakening for Sony
    35. Entry level Xbox 360 for Japanese release
    36. UT3 PS3 for February Euro launch
    37. Singstar PS3 set for May launch in US
    38. Sega drops Euro price of VF5 and Golden Compass
    39. Monthly bonus NiGHTS content revealed for Wii
    40. DS Lite launching in South Africa
    41. The Red DS Lite you'll never own
    42. "Greatest Hits" PS3 budget line planned for Japan
    43. Meier "exploring possibilities" of Firaxis MMO
    1. PS3 DMC4 drowns Xbox 360 version in Japan
    2. New GTA IV trailer surfaces
    3. That was the news – Week 5, 2008: The Road to the Great American Show? starts here
    4. Sega Bass Fishing Marsh video has us hooked
    5. Chinese fear games "breakdown traditional community life"
    1. Massive FFXIII update: 27 scanned pages from Famitsu PS3
    2. Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection all true, on pre-order now in US
    3. "High fidelity neuro-system" controller to be shown at GDC
    4. Two women held at gunpoint for Wii
    5. Halo 3 map misses DLC package
    6. Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne - Kamael launches in Europe
    7. Lost Odyssey hits India?
    8. Conan trailer looking peachy for May launch
    9. Gears of War 2 in next issue of GamePro
    10. Massive Army of Two presentation... in Spanish
    11. Conker: Live and Reloaded and Jade Empire for Live?
    12. "Vietnam bans computer games"
    13. Silent Hill V scans show new screens
    14. Germans to get Conflict demo after all
    15. Jaffe accelerates into Bananagate
    16. Rock Band mic not compatible with Wii
    17. Frontlines US promos show how it's done
    18. EA extends Paradise demo online play
    19. Max Payne movie to begin filming on March 2
    20. No More Heroes was originally for Xbox 360
    1. Pre-order Turning Point, get postcards
    2. Lucasarts president bows out, praises "fantastic team"
    3. "Hard-core" becoming smaller part of mass audience: NYT
    4. New Gamespot ed "taken aback" by Gerstmann sacking
    5. ELSPA DS piracy story "completely false"
    6. Subversion "at crossroads" says Introversion
    7. Microsoft spins 2007's NPDs
    8. Gameplay first, not Lara: Tomb Raider producer
    9. Square Enix target acquisitions for growth
    10. Climax closure affects "two staff members"
    11. Dragon Quest IX nearly done, says Wada
    12. Sony stock stiffs on limp earnings
    13. No current plans for Uncharted DLC
    14. PS3 SKU rumours gets out of hand: 160Gb, slim machine for autumn?
    15. No UEFA Euro 2008 for Wii or DS
    16. Silent Hill Origins for PS2 in May
    17. Buzz! for PS3 and PSP "this spring"
    18. Tiscali responds to CoD4 online play blocking
    19. Smash Bros. sells 500k on day one?
    20. Climax closes Kingston Studio
    21. First shots of improved Home
    22. EA beats Gameloft to be biggest mobile games pub for 2007
    23. New Lost trailer says, "Where is the camera?"
    24. Console Space Siege being “considered” says Sega
    25. Conan gets communal in Spain
    26. Germans miss out on "uncut" Conflict: Denied Ops demo
    27. Sony "mulling over" PS3 SKU strategy
    28. Hi-res Tomb Raider Underworld shots
    29. EA financials: Full transcript available online
    30. Acti-Blizzard deal "came perilously close to never seeing the light of day"
    31. New Killzone shot and faction rumour
    32. Final Folklore packs in US PSN update this week
    33. Big TV additions move onto US XBLM
    34. DS still leading Japan hardware charts
    35. Sony gives away 28,000 PS3's in Australia
    36. Mental DMC4 trailer: must-watch
    37. Unconfirmed Mario Kart box art looks... Mario Karty
    38. Jumpgate moves away from EVE's point and click
    39. Get a job with 2K Boston
    40. EA financials: Everything in one place
    41. EA financials: Orange Box titles to be split out
    42. EA financials: Lord of the Rings gets new title
    43. EA financials: Rock Band complaints in "single digits"
    44. EA financials: Bioware's Dragon Age for 2009
    45. EA financials: PS3 still tough for development
    46. EA financials: SKATE outsells Hawk 2:1
    47. EA financials: Rock Band confirmed for Wii
    48. EA financials: Crysis sells a million
    49. EA financials: Full webcast available now
    50. EA financials: Spore before Holiday 08