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December 2013 Archive

    1. Happy New Year from VG247: aspirations for 2014 and beyond
    2. Best of VG247 2013: staff and reader picks from our featured article archive
    1. 2013 in Review: USgamer's Desert Island Games
    2. What $100 Can Do For The Novice Dota 2 Trader
    3. How Hearthstone is Making Me Play My First Blue Deck
    1. VG247's Christmas podcasts, episode 3
    1. My Dad is a Real Life Version of GTA V's Michael De Santa
    2. What's Nintendo's Next Move?
    3. How John Madden Changed Sports Games Forever
    4. 2013 in Review: Narrative and Consequence in The Stanley Parable
    5. 2013 in Review: In The Last of Us, No Death is Meaningless
    6. 2013 in Review: Luigi's Mansion and the Best of Two Worlds
    7. 2014 in Preview: Waiting for Watch Dogs' Multiplayer
    1. 2013 in Review: Why I'll Never Finish Papers, Please
    2. NES and Famicom: Recollections on the 30th Anniversary
    3. The Most Important Games on Sega's SG-1000
    4. 1983: The Summer That Changed the World
    5. VG247's Christmas podcasts, episode 2
    1. 2013 in Review: Gone Home: Pioneering Relationships in Video Games
    2. A very merry VG247 Christmas: wishlists and happy memories
    3. 2013 in Review: The Year's Best Games
    4. 2013 in Review: The Year We All Became Pokemon Masters
    1. That was the news: VG247's Christmas 2013 podcasts, episode 1
    2. GTA Online Christmas festivities bring snow to Los Santos, seasonal masks & more
    3. Guacamelee coming to PS4 & Xbox One with bonus extras - report
    4. Batman Arkham announcement coming December 31
    5. Blacklight: Retribution PS4 beta will carry over progress to launch build
    6. Xbox Live sale discounts GTA 5, Diablo 3 & more, savings inside
    7. PSN January sale begins today, hundreds of deals inside
    8. Minecraft in development for Wii U - rumour
    9. The Wolf Among Us: Episode One is free on Xbox Live
    10. 2013 in Review: With Super Mario 3D, We Demand of Nintendo, "Let My Princess Go"
    11. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX gets new trailer
    12. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Vita headlines US PS Plus update
    1. Destiny began as a third-person only title
    2. Final Fantasy 7 fan project unearths unused text, designs
    3. Call of Duty: Ghosts updated with brand new mode
    4. Wii U Game Pad high-capacity battery on sale in North America
    5. Halo: Spartan Assault slips quietly onto Xbox One
    6. 2013 in Review: The Tragic Fatalism of BioShock Infinite
    7. 2013 In Review: The Legend of Zelda Told Me to Get Lost
    8. Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry: DLC That Digs Deeper
    9. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Asgard Character Pack adds Thor 2 characters, out now
    10. TellTale discusses new Game of Thrones & Borderlands titles
    11. Mass Effect 4 is recognisable, despite all the changes
    12. Titanfall: new trailer takes a closer look at the Atlas mech
    13. Get Even: Painkiller dev reveals next-gen shooter, first images inside
    14. Xbox Live sale adds sports titles, discounts inside
    15. PSN: '12 Deals of Christmas' ends with The Last of Us, Persona 4 & more
    16. The Elder Scrolls Online's PvP developer spills many details on maps, guilds, combat & more
    17. Games for Change 2014 announced, returning to New York in April
    18. Nintendo downloads Europe: Super Mario Bros. 3 leads the week
    19. League of Legends: "non-essential" EU updates on hold to ensure stability over the holidays
    20. UK game charts: FIFA 14 bags Christmas number one
    21. Holiday gaming: what the VG247 crew are up to over the break
    22. Lara Croft: Reflections rolling out on App Store
    23. Star Citizen crowdfunding total hits $35 million
    24. Bravely Second teaser debuts at Japanese event
    25. Skullgirls Encore to include Typing of the Skullgirls feature
    1. Oculus Rift nabs former EA senior vice-president
    2. The Walking Dead: Season Two delayed in Ireland, New Zealand and Russia
    3. Tales of Zestiria gets first gameplay footage
    4. VG247 Staff’s Very Serious Game of the Year Awards
    1. What are the Best Starbound Mods?
    2. 2013 in Review: The State of Narrative in Games
    3. GTA Online weekend event: GTA$ 1 million competition, discounts & more
    4. Max: Curse of Brotherhood gets Xbox One launch trailer
    5. Elite: Dangerous alpha adds Oculus Rift, 3D TV and Track IR support
    6. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords adds three new playable characters
    7. Square Enix Christmas Surprise bundle unlocked, contents inside
    8. PS4 launch has boosted PS Vita sales, Sony suggests
    9. Dreamfall Chapters: Friar's Keep gameplay footage emerges
    10. Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft would gladly break yearly cycle to fix weak projects
    11. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth site opens with character bios, trailer & more
    12. Cut the Rope 2 out now on iOS
    13. Double Helix: unannounced game is next-gen shooter, new details emerge - report
    14. VG247 reader's GOTY poll now open, cast your vote here
    15. NBA 2K14 next-gen patch adds MyPlayer fixes and gameplay tweaks, patch notes inside
    16. EverQuest Next Landmark alpha teased for late January
    17. The Division: PC version "won’t be a port," developer vows
    18. GAME UK receiving "thousands" of new Xbox One consoles from today
    19. Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus is an iOS & Android endless runner, out now
    20. Castlevania sale hits Xbox Live, get the savings here
    21. MX vs ATV series to be revived by Nordic Games after THQ sale
    22. Hearthstone open beta delayed, now coming January 2014
    23. UemeU puts a world of creation in your hands - interview
    24. Dark Souls 2 dev team does not "expect" DLC
    25. Ludum Dare 28 game jam produces 2,064 playable games
    26. Batman: Arkham Origins interactive comic book first issue out now
    27. The Stanley Parable out now on OS-X
    28. Saints Row: voice actor confirms "new game"
    29. Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer details Season Pass, next-gen upgrades available
    30. Perfect World opens console MMO division
    1. Project Copernicus is "a lot of junk", says RI governor
    2. 3D Shinobi III Review: Re-Return of the Ninja Master
    3. Steam Holiday Sale 2013: Snow Globe promo, Arkham Origins 50% off
    4. Dota 2 invites artist submissions for Lunar New Year event
    5. Ultratron, Revenge of the Titan feature in latest Humble Weekly Sale
    6. 2013 In Review: Defiance is the Best Shooter MMO with a TV Show Tie-In This Year
    7. Peggle 2: Sam gets to know Bjorn and Jeff in Xbox One gameplay
    8. Dragon Age: Inquisition main storyline playable, new screens and assets released
    9. Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer free to PS Plus users during holidays
    10. Ace Combat: Infinity and Soul Calibur: Lost Swords delayed into next year
    11. NES Remix Review: What Took You So Long, Nintendo?
    12. 2013 in Review: The State of Microtransactions and Free-to-Play
    13. Joe Danger Infinity: endless runner announced for iOS, screens inside
    14. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion dated & priced
    15. Sniper Elite 3 trailer shows a next-gen bullet to the eye
    16. Trials Fusion: Xbox One screens emerge online
    17. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC dated, Steam pre-purchase begins today
    18. Max: Curse of Brotherhood launches on Xbox One tomorrow
    19. E.T. landfill documentary will kick off new Xbox TV series in 2014
    20. Kingdom Come: Deliverance announced by ex-Mafia 2 devs, coming to PC & next-gen
    21. CS:GO Winter Offensive update adds new maps, Santa hats & more
    22. 2013 in Review: Grand Theft Auto V: An Ugly Journey Through a Beautiful World
    23. Dynasty Warriors 8 will hit PS4 and PS Vita in Europe, Spring 2014
    24. Assassin's Creed series getting two releases in 2014 - report
    25. Battlefield 4: Xbox One patch addresses 'kill-trade' issue, save corruption & more
    26. Freedom Wars gets 11-minute trailer, showing characters, combat & more
    27. PSN '12 Deals of Christmas' discounts Assassin's Creed 4 PS3, Pixeljunk Monsters & movies
    28. The Order: 1886 gets Japanese dub E3 trailer
    29. Fightback: Ninja Theory launches its scrolling brawler on iOS
    30. Forza Horizon deal knocks 50% off game, 70% off DLC pass
    31. Hearthstone update nerfs the Mage's freeze mechanic, Blizzard explains why
    32. EA flash sale offers 50% off at GameFly Digital, free C&C: Red Alert 3 with purchase
    33. Ridge Racer: Slipstream in-app purchasing is reasonable, developer insists
    34. Marvel Heroes: $129.99 DLC pricing isn't setting any precedent, says dev
    35. Shadow Warrior gets survival mode, Rise of the Triad's Excalibat
    36. Walking Dead: Season 2 - All That Remains reviews begin, get the scores here
    37. ID@Xbox: Vlambeer blows the doors off Microsoft's parity clause
    38. PS4 releasing Jan 6 in India for 39,990 INR
    39. Watch Dogs produces three new screenshots
    40. Warhammer Online has officially shuttered
    41. Watch Dogs began as salvage from a cancelled Driver project
    42. South Park: The Stick of Truth scenes replaced with text in censored Australian version
    43. Ninja Gaiden sequel in the works at Team Ninja
    44. Warcraft movie cast expands with Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu
    45. Framed to be backed by Indie Fund
    46. Dead Rising 3 Operation Eagle DLC delayed for polishing
    47. Might & Magic 10: Legacy release date locked down
    1. Nosgoth trailer shows off Legacy of Kain spin off's alpha
    2. GT6 update adds Sebastian Vettel as mentor, Red Bull X Challenge
    3. Mass Effect 4 already in a playable state
    4. Dark Souls 2 gets live action teaser for "live action event"
    5. Evil Genius Online now in open beta, Rebellion thanks fans for feedback
    6. Rise of the Triad gets Shadow Warrior's Lo Wang, new maps, Excalibat
    7. Joe Danger Vita coming Q2 2014 courtesy of Four Door Lemon
    8. Batman: Arkham Origins BTS trailer introduces Copperhead's two motion actors
    9. 2013 In Review: Dead Space 3 and the Problem With Big-Budget Horror Sequels
    10. 2013 in Review: Pikmin 3 Puts a Friendly Face on Video Game Violence
    11. JPgamer: Victory, After a Hundred Hours
    12. Thief: new trailer features the Queen of Beggars, watch here
    13. Minecraft Xbox 360 getting Avengers character skins, screens inside
    14. Battlefield 4: second class-action law suit filed against EA over quality concerns
    15. 2013 in Review: Why Being the Game No One Actually Wins is So Good For Dota 2
    16. Codemasters GameJam yields mind-controlled game 'Unagi' & physiotherapy racer 'Soap'
    17. War Thunder PS4: watch us take the free plane shooter for a spin
    18. Ryse: Son of Rome gets free and paid multiplayer DLC
    19. Tekken Revolution patch 1.4 hits Europe, adds Eliza and new costumes
    20. Japanese game charts: Puzzles & Dragons Z tops software, Wii U sales up
    21. Nintendo Direct - Dec 18: All the news and trailers here
    22. APB: Retribution looks to fill tablet gaming's maturity gap
    23. PlayStation Mobile launches in 8 more countries
    24. Quantum Break's episodic narrative was inspired by TV dramas, says dev
    25. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 gets final box art design, see it here
    26. How the Amnesia Sequel's Sausage was Made
    27. Assassin's Creed 4: Freedom Cry delayed on PC for extra polish
    28. Casting Voice is Namco's voice-actor management title for PS3
    29. Rocksmith 2014: Muse pack out today, trailer & tracklist inside
    30. Xbox One DRM check crashes live Killer Instinct tournament
    31. UPDATE: indies hit by Content ID on their own trailers, Twitter rage ensues
    32. The Banner Saga pre-orders open, 'Insane Viking Pack' detailed
    33. MotoGP Compact: digital-only racer announced for PS3 & PS Vita
    34. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is free space combat game for PC, trailer inside
    35. Doki-Doki Universe holds up a pink-tinged mirror, but not much more
    36. Flower, Halo 2600 added to Smithsonian's permanent collection
    37. Steam adds VR Support category to help you find Oculus Rift titles
    38. Overgrowth now available on Steam Early Access
    39. Xbox One: unique 24 carat gold-plated console available at Harrods
    40. Samsung GamePad, Mobile Console out now for Galaxy range
    41. PS4: "significant quantities" of consoles hit Australia in February
    42. PAX events will host "Diversity Lounge" spaces
    43. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma coming to PS3 in Q1 2014
    44. GTA 5 most played new release of 2013, according to Raptr
    45. Xbox One Verizon FiOS TV app now available
    46. Sony investigating PlayStation Mobile Vita TV support - report
    47. Zen Pinball 2 PS4 North American release delayed
    48. Microsoft CEO hunt down to less than 20 candidates, decision expected in 2014
    49. GTA Online update adds Capture mode tomorrow
    50. Skullgirls Encore to replace withdrawn original in January
    51. Terarria out now on Vita, launch trailer shows off portable version
    52. PlayStation "more committed to new IP" than rivals, says CEO
    53. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition's new Lara was "an opportunity we couldn't pass up" - producer
    1. YouTube stands by Content ID system as is
    2. Humble Bundle 8 includes Aaaaa!!! for the Awesome, Little Inferno, more
    3. DayZ standalone alpha sold 172,500 copies in 24 hours
    4. Dyling Light gameplay footage shows more than stupid zombie blasting
    5. US PS Store Update, December 17 - Minecraft, The Walking Dead, flOw
    6. Kickstarter game funding passes $200 million for 2013
    7. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 trailer gives you a guided tour of the world & plot
    8. Infinite Dungeons, Infinite Death: Tales of Maj'Eyal PC Review
    9. Halo: 343 wants franchise in as many formats as possible, says dev
    10. Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, will focus on Spring 2014 line-up
    11. Walking Dead: Season 2 won't be 'nicer or kinder' because you're playing a kid
    12. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare trailer shows Gardens & Graveyards mode
    13. 2013 in Review: The State of Role-Playing Games
    14. PS Plus is strong platform for introducing indies to new audiences, says House
    15. Overachiever for a Day
    16. The future state of consoles lies in the ubiquity of experience
    17. Xbox Live sale discounts BioShock: Infinite, FIFA 14 & more
    18. PSN: '12 deals of Christmas' discounts Rain, Lone Survivor & movies
    19. Obsidian hopes to unveil new Kickstarter by March or April, is based on licensed property, says Urquhart
    20. PS4 shortage: being unable to sell consoles to consumers 'breaks my heart,' says Tretton
    21. Watch Dogs could have been best-rated launch game on next gen, says Ubisoft
    22. Sony VR patent details 'obstacle avoidance' tech, brainwave applications
    23. The Division: finding food and water is important part of the game, says dev
    24. Tomb Raider: PSone original out now on iOS formats
    25. GTA 5: body bag sleeping bag, iFruit phone case & more hit Rockstar's shop
    26. Marvel Heroes: villain advance pack comes in $129.99 & $99.99 flavours, has no release date
    27. Apple reveals 2013's best-selling apps and GOTY picks
    28. Game Expo Scotland 2014 announces Scottish Games Network partnership
    29. Lightning Returns: Cloud, Aeris & Yuna costumes hit PSN Japan, trailer inside
    30. Assassin's Creed 4: Freedom Cry launch trailer sets up the plot
    31. Battlefield 4: dinosaur roar easter eggs found, watch them here
    32. Steam Machine unboxing videos show SteamOS, controller overview
    33. Xbox Live and PSN: the digital disparity between the tortoise and the hare
    34. South Park: The Stick of Truth censored for Australia
    35. Tomb Raider: My Deepest Condolences For The Loss of Your Series
    36. Typing of the Dead: Overkill Filth DLC out now, includes phrases like "spunk fountain"
    37. République: crossing the finish line at a perfect time
    38. Dota 2 ditches sign-ups, now open to everyone
    39. Zen Pinball 2 hits PS4 this week, import your PS3 and Vita content
    40. LittleBigPlanet gets two DC Comics DLC packs this week, four more to come
    41. Xbox Live Countdown to 2014 sale starts Tuesday with Borderlands 2
    42. ID@Xbox boss asks indies to "get in touch" about parity clause
    43. Call of Duty: Ghosts sales down 19% on Black Ops 2, 36% on MW3 - analyst
    44. Australian Classification Board upholds ratings after Rau's "unwarranted, costly" review
    1. Xbox One: first ID@Xbox titles expected in early 2014
    2. Ludum Dare Explores the Theme "You Only Get One"
    3. 34,000 daily hacking attempts on gamers - report
    4. Xbox One to launch in China next year - report
    5. Dyad, Killzone: Shadow Fall trial in US PS Plus this week
    6. République hits mobile this week, other versions to follow
    7. DayZ Standalone - early access is available to download now
    8. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage promises a bloody Christmas
    9. CastleStorm flings itself onto Wii U on December 26
    10. Virtual Spotlight: Double Dragon
    11. Microsoft Studios job ad hints at new game for Windows 8, title is part of a "beloved franchise"
    12. The Never-Ending Journey: One Way Heroics PC Review
    13. Drakengard 3 advertisement movie shows off blood-soaked cutscenes and gameplay
    14. DICE releases a Battlefield 4 PC patch, fixes include the infamous sound loop crash
    15. Mew-genics blog post details cat identities, how to affect them
    16. Just Cause 2′s multiplayer mod gets a launch trailer
    17. Steambox gets unboxing, teardown videos
    18. Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor screenshots boast epic credentials
    19. Minecraft: PS3 Edition hits North America on December 17
    20. LEGO The Hobbit announcement trailer takes us back to blocky Middle Earth
    21. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse delayed until early 2014
    22. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster dated on Vita, PS3 Limited Edition detailed
    23. Super Smash Bros. Dr. Wily's Castle stage detailed
    24. Developers may be "waiving their rights" if they allow YouTubers to use game footage
    25. Shoot Many Robots now free on Xbox 360 Games with Gold
    26. Gamer Network websites record 20 million unique visitors in November 2013
    27. How to Survive will shuffle onto Wii U in 2014
    28. Destiny may "require" co-op play for end-game missions
    29. Beyonce's Onto Something, You Know
    30. PSN: '12 Deals of Christmas' discounts PES 2014 and Soul Sacrifice
    31. Nintendo eShop EU update adds 3D Streets of Rage, Shinobi 3
    32. UK game charts: Call of Duty Ghosts stays top, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes lifts to third
    33. Unknown Worlds reveal new project Subnautica, claims to be inventing a new genre
    34. MapleStory 2 cinematic trailer shows an epic forest throwdown
    35. Candy Crush Saga at one: King reflects on a year of mobile dominance
    36. Super Smash Bros. Director Sakurai quashes spring release rumour
    37. Need for Speed: Rivals gets free 2014 Ford Mustang DLC
    38. Trip Hawkins's new game is a social and emotional learning title for iPad
    1. Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King out on iOS today
    2. Sensei Wars out now on Android, iOS and Kindle
    3. Batman: Arkham Origins gets Hunter, Hunted multiplayer mode
    1. Ultra Street Fighter 4 to have online training mode, 3v3 team matches
    2. MMO Winter Festivities: WoW, GW2, Lotro, SWTOR, Neverwinter, more
    3. Xbox One: Microsoft to launch first instance of original programming in early 2014
    4. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 being pulled from PSN and XBL starting next week
    5. Naughty Dog will be “frequently rolling out fresh news and information” on its projects in 2014
    6. Battle of Heroes and Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals trademarked by Ubisoft
    7. Dustforce livestream shows 50 minutes of gameplay
    8. Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise will be released in January
    9. The Secret World: Massive Edition is on sale for 50% off
    10. Payday 2 free heist mission Charlie Santa drops on Monday, December 16
    11. Thatgamecompany’s flOw will be released on PS4 next Tuesday, December 17
    12. Tales of series has shipped over 16 million units worldwide since 1995
    13. Capcom iOS sale: Ghost Trick chapters and other titles just 99? each
    14. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance should "pop up on Steam any day now,” says Konami
    15. World of Tanks 360 open beta is this weekend, Gold and Silver XBL members are welcome
    16. Valve has released a public beta version of SteamOS
    17. Wasteland 2 is now available through Steam Early Access
    18. 2013 in Review: Tomb Raider Makes Us Ask, Do We Have to Kill a Classic in Order to Save It?
    1. StreetPass Shift
    2. How to Play Starbound, A Beginner's Survival Guide
    3. Rainbow Six: Patriots "wasn't working" and had to be "remade," according to Ubisoft
    4. Firefly Online heading to Mac and PC during summer 2014
    5. PlayStation 4 is now available in 11 more countries
    6. Wildstar and the Case of the Too Pretty Alien Females
    7. 3D Ecco the Dolphin Review 3DS: Chicken of the Sea
    8. Major League Gaming video consumption up 262% in 2013
    9. The Room is now a free download on the App Store
    10. Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends sold in 38 Studios auction
    11. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has sold 10 million copies, original Minecraft passes 13 million
    12. Xbox One back in stock at Amazon, Asda to have more PS4, Xbox One consoles available next week
    13. EA Sports UFC roster includes Jon Jones
    14. Blackguards Chapter 3 now available through Steam Early Access
    15. Pokémon Bank trailer explains the process
    16. Shades of Gray in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
    17. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z screenshots and video show bloody battles
    18. Dead Rising 3 DLC Operation Eagle out Dec. 24, 20 minute game demo now available
    19. Painkiller Hell & Damnation's City Critters DLC now available through Steam
    20. Bound by Flame story trailer released
    21. Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 Wants to Win Fans Back
    22. VG247 Scotland issue #0: why Scotland is more than GTA 5
    23. PSN: '12 Deals of Christmas' discounts Battlefield 4 and The Walking Dead
    24. ID@Xbox devs pitching "really cool concepts" using Kinect & SmartGlass, says Charla
    25. SOMA: Amnesia studio releases creepy new trailer and details
    26. Alien: Isolation screenshots leak online, Sega declines to comment
    27. Warframe PS4: update 11 adds new characters, bosses & more
    28. Battlefield 4 Xbox One update rolling out today, DICE confirms
    29. Xbox One Nordic delay: Swiss retailer says launch is unlikely before Easter
    30. Pokemon X & Y gets mandatory 1.2 update, Rating Battles reactivated
    31. UPDATE: Until Dawn isn't cancelled, studio will show more in the new year
    32. Forza 5 update makes cars cheaper, releasing this month with new modes
    33. PS Plus Europe adds free Don't Starve PS4, DmC: Devil May Cry PS3 & more in January
    34. Mega Man board game appears on Kickstarter
    35. Lego The Last of Us trailer brings cute post-apocalyptic violence
    36. League of Legends update 3.15 adds Yasuo, patch notes inside
    37. The making of Payday 2: from '1.5' project to heavyweight sequel - part two
    38. Oculus Rift secures $75 million to complete consumer model
    39. Forza 5 vs Gran Turismo 6 vs Driveclub - E3 Comparison
    40. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls closed beta now live
    1. NPD November: PS4 takes top hardware, software honours
    2. DmC Devil May Cry: Right Game, Wrong Name?
    3. Strider reboot trailer shows how new score pays homage to franchise's past
    4. Lord of the Rings offering level 50 characters for sale for a limited time only
    5. Don Bradman Cricket 14 delayed into calendar 2014
    6. Wildstar comparisons to "dated" World of Warcraft are "flattering"
    7. Square Enix hosting What’s in the Box! surprise sale on its store for ?4.99
    8. The Sims 3 Roaring Heights now available through the store
    9. Forza 5 microstransactions weren't Microsoft's idea
    10. Ghosts ‘N Goblins: Demon World Kickstarter pulled over "intellectual property dispute"
    11. LittleBigPlanet video teases with a Super Sackboy flying around the place
    12. Digital sales for November up 25% yoy to over $1 billion, according to SuperData report
    13. Atlus titles star in latest Humble Weekly Sale
    14. The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode One: "All That Remains" trailer released
    15. Saints Row 4: Child's Play Pack supports charity, lets you dress like a monkey or dinosaur
    16. Kerbal Space Program update 0.23 will launch next week
    17. Elite: Dangerous backers of ?200 or more can now try single-player alpha
    18. Toukiden: The Age of Demons video shows the opening sequence
    19. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices
    20. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag's Freedom Cry DLC will release next week
    21. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster videos show Yuna's Wedding, various characters
    22. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now available on select iOS devices
    23. Total War: Rome 2 - Caesar in Gaul releases next week
    24. Fable Anniversary will be released in February
    25. Planetary Annihilation to be published by Nordic Games
    26. Nintendo North America eShop update, December 12: Miiverse, NNID, Double Dragon
    27. Fallout 1-2 and Fallout Tactics free for PC and Mac as part of GOG's 2013 Winter Promo
    28. 2013 in Review: The State of Video Game History and Preservation
    29. The joy of (new) box: PS4 and Xbox One's celebrated launches
    30. Namco Bandai launches new "CV" countdown site
    31. Bullets and Toothpicks: Inside Hong Kong's Gaming Scene
    32. No Man's Sky: ID@Xbox boss would be "super-psyched" to see it on Xbox One
    33. Blockbuster announces closure of remaining UK stores
    34. Bayonetta 2 producer comments on "pedantic port-begging," for PS3 & Xbox 360 version
    35. PS4 & Xbox One generation is about, "freedom to think more openly," says The Division dev
    36. Walking Dead: Survival Instinct dev Terminal Reality closed - report
    37. GameHorizon 2014: speakers from Remedy & NaturalMotion announced, tickets on sale
    38. Soul Sacrifice Delta demo lets you fight Red Riding Hood, out now in Japan
    39. Tales of Zestiria announced for Japan and the west on PS3, character art, stills & trailer inside
    40. Amazon PlayStation Network store opens in the UK, games, DLC, season passes & more
    41. Xbox: original console was, "my decision, my accountability," says Ballmer
    42. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has 2D retro mode, watch it here
    43. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Android & iOS remaster restores cut Hidden Palace Zone
    44. Battlefield 4: Xbox One update delayed, will be included in next title update
    45. Call of Duty: Ghosts wolf DLC dog skin out today, trailer released
    46. Zelda: Symphonic Legends orchestra coming to London in July
    47. Competition: Two Eve Online Collector’s Editions up for grabs (finished)
    48. The making of Payday 2: from '1.5' project to heavyweight sequel - part one
    49. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 2 gets typically ridiculous trailer
    50. Sonic: Lost World Wii U update restores 100 ring 1UP system
    51. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers won't release on Linux [Update]
    52. Tekken Revolution's fan-chosen Eliza coming this month
    53. Framed coming in 2014, new trailer shows off comic noir gameplay
    54. Steam Machine - Digital Storm's liquid-cooled beast on show at CES 2014
    55. PS4 is "world's biggest console launch" - analyst
    56. Dota 2 Frostivus becomes Wraith-Night, adds new hero and much more
    57. Gran Turismo 6 debuts BMW M4 Coupé
    58. Wasteland 2 beta now available to backers, coming to Steam Early Access
    59. Colossatron: Massive World Threat arrives on Android, iOS next week
    60. Ys: Memories of Celceta arrives on Vita in February
    61. Silence - The Whispered World 2 coming in 2014
    62. Maia fully funded within four days of Steam Early Access launch
    63. Bedlam is a game of a book about games due on PC in summer
    1. Road Not Taken gameplay shows off rogue-like puzzle gameplay
    2. Gears of War creator keen on arena shooter for PC
    3. Take Two doesn't "invest in headlines"
    4. The Starbound Permadeath Diaries
    5. EA being investigated by law firm over whether it "deliberately misled its investors" regarding Battlefield 4
    6. World of Darkness project sheds more staff, no update on MMO
    7. Daily Royale announced by Indie Royale
    8. Fallout 4 casting call documents confirm Boston setting - rumour
    9. Crytek's free-to-play The Collectables to be released through DeNA's Mobage platform in 2014
    10. DC Universe Online's next update War of the Light Part I releasing early next year
    11. Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien lands next week on Vita
    12. Crimes & Punishments video demonstrates player choice and consequences
    13. 2013 in Review: Big Budget Games are a Joke, So Why is Saints Row IV the Only One Laughing?
    14. Super Smash Bros. spring 2014 release window was a "misquotation"
    15. Valve to ship Steam Machines and Steam Controller to testers on December 13
    16. GTA Online's Deathmatch and Race Creators beta update is now available
    17. JPgamer: Another Number Nine
    18. Rayman Legends will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 28
    19. EU PS Store update, December 11: Doki-Doki, Tiny Brains, Terraria, Saints Row 4 DLC
    20. Borderlands 2: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day headhunter pack arrives next week
    21. Battlefield 4 patch issued on PS4, should fix "a large amount of the client crashes"
    22. Twitch support added to EVE Online, players raise $190,890 for Philippines typhoon relief
    23. Arma 3's free AAF Reinforcements Pack is now available
    24. Battlefield 4 Premium Members Receiving Refunds
    25. The Elder Scrolls Online launches on PC and Mac in April 2014, PS4 and Xbox One in June
    26. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Collector's Edition shown off in latest video
    27. Assassin's Creed 4's companion app and the unfulfilled two-screen dream
    28. Xbox One and PS4 sales to remain "relatively balanced" by the end of launch window - analyst
    29. Paris in the Spring – Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse (Part 1) PC Review
    30. Xbox One sold through over 2 million consoles since launching 18 days ago
    31. Teslagrad hits Steam, GOG for Linux, Mac and PC next week so here's a new trailer
    32. Gran Turismo 6 tops Media Create in Japan, Dragon Quest X boosts Wii U sales
    33. Terraria out now on PS Vita, cross-play with PS3 active
    34. PlayStation Mobile makes Super Crate Box & Fuel Tiracas free today
    35. Peggle 2: free 'Duel' multiplayer DLC on the way, says PopCap
    36. No Man's Sky's "Future That Has a History"
    37. PSN '12 Deals of Christmas' discounts Saints Row 4, Velocity Ultra & movie rentals
    38. The Walking Dead: Season 2 Xbox 360 dated
    39. Dark Souls cafe opening in Japan: pull up a seat, drink an Etsus Flask
    40. 2013 in Review: The State of the Japanese Games Industry
    41. Square Enix Christmas album suggests new Mana title is in development
    42. Oddworld devs talking with Microsoft about Xbox One release
    43. Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green: Super Music Collection on iTunes now
    44. Battlefield 4: Premium Xbox One refunds being issued by Microsoft
    45. GTA Online glitch gives players access to North Yankton - video
    46. Gran Turismo 6 glitch lets players farm 20 million credits repeatedly
    47. Xbox One: UK store price hike confirmed by Microsoft - statement
    48. Wasteland 2 beta: serving up 'odd' until the very end - interview
    49. The Order: 1886's fidelity on PS4 will exceed the trailer, says dev
    50. Hearthstone's latest update tweaks gold, ranked play, gold cards & more
    51. PS4 firmware update 1.52 rolling out now, improves system stability
    52. Double Helix: unannounced sci-fi game art outed by The Last of Us concept artist
    53. Bravely Second: hidden trailer found after Bravely Default credits
    54. Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Day offers double XP, new details & more
    55. Battlefield 4: hidden 'Phantom Prospect' assignment appears, this video explains what it is
    56. North American 3DS StreetPass Weekend kicks off in a few days
    57. Xbox One exclusive digital prices increased by ?5 in UK
    58. Carmack: "So much you can still do" with PS3, Xbox 360
    59. Shadowrun Returns now available on, coming DRM-free to Linux soon
    60. World of Warcraft pets, mounts now available at in-game store
    61. Candy Crush Saga developer delays IPO due to breakout success
    62. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture removes one hour time limit
    63. Proteus patch improves frame rate, adds "wild" Sony content
    64. Dota 2 Frostivus cancelled, to nobody's surprise
    65. Xbox One launch delayed to Q3 2014 in Nordic territories - rumour
    66. Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker follows DICE's patching progress
    1. USgamer Celebrates 20 Years of Doom
    2. PS4 outsells Xbox One in Spain by more than 3:1 - report
    3. Doki-Doki Universe PSVita Review: Twee or Squee?
    4. Xbox One firmware update aims to address multiplayer, notification issues
    5. US PS Store Update, December 10 - Doki-Doki Universe, Sorcery Saga, Borderlands 2 for PS Plus
    6. Here's how the Xbox-exclusive Raiden mission ins Metal Gear Solid 5 will work
    7. Peggle 2 update to add versus duelling mode
    8. Project Eternity now Pillars of Eternity, gets first gameplay trailer
    9. Peggle 2's Xbox One reign kicks off with a tease of a trailer
    10. Samurai Gunn out now on PC
    11. Double Fine announces Hack 'N' Slash, another Amnesia Fortnight alumni
    12. Humble Jumbo Bundle bonus games include Cities in Motion 2
    13. Company of Heroes 2 gets two free maps, Southern Fronts pack out today
    14. 3DS eShop having problems after Miiverse update
    15. The Witch and the Hundred Knight moves West in March
    16. Next-Gen pool game hitting PS4 with bonus sexual tension-filled trailer
    17. First Rome 2: Total War expansion pushed to next week
    18. Kojima confirms he will not make Metal Gear Solid games for eternity
    19. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' box art is just Snake's ugly mug
    20. Xbox One hard drive filled up at 362 gb used -- report
    21. Xbox Live hosts significant Ubisoft sale
    22. Notch wanted to "create a Valve," not work for actual Valve
    23. The PS4 share menu has been seen almost 11 million times, and more weird PS4 stats
    24. Online passes: the king is dead, long live the social world order
    25. Createrria brings game creation to iPad for free, trailer & details inside
    26. Xbox One to get more demos as console rolls along, confirms Major Nelson
    27. Titanfall beta "definitely" being thought about at Respawn
    28. Train Simulator 2014 dev re-branded as Dovetail Games
    29. Xbox One modders unlock PS4 pad, fight stick & mouse support - video
    30. Sony patent looks like a new version of PlayStation Move, see it here
    31. DUST 514: Uprising 1.7 adds new weapons, overhauls vehicles
    32. Entropy: Battlestar Galactica Online studio launches new space MMO
    33. Zavvi threatens legal action against customers after accidentally mailing them free PS Vitas
    34. GTA Online content creator is same tool-suite used by devs, Rockstar offers more details
    35. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC to add white wolf dog skin - report
    36. 3DS firmware update adds Miiverse support, patch notes inside
    37. Keiji Inafune's KAIO: King of Pirates delayed again, launching 2014
    38. Game of Thrones: TellTale Games deal is "multi-year, multi-title partnership," says HBO
    39. Camelot Unchained Q&A unearths details on stretch goals, add-ons & more
    40. Awesomenauts PS4: chances of it launching in 2013 are "slim to none," says devs
    41. Minecraft Twitch broadcasting to go live today
    42. God of War Collection age-rated for PS Vita
    43. The Banner Saga marches to launch: Stoic talks style, stats and strategy
    44. Criminal Case wins Facebook Game of the Year 2013, cross-play games on the rise
    45. Earth Defense 2025 trailer introduces the Fencer
    46. Payday 2, Battlefield 3 joins Hand of Fate team as guest designer
    47. EA scores 100% on Human Rights Campaign's equality index, again
    48. Dota 2 Frostivus event announced with vague hints of content to come
    49. Wonderful Memories, Crummy-Looking Postcard: Ys Memories of Celceta Review
    50. The Walking Dead: Season Two Vine tease pulls heartstrings
    51. Dead Space developer recruiting for new IP
    52. Fez sales reach 1 million across all platforms
    53. GTA 5 to receive "substantial" story DLC in 2014
    54. Harmonix issues "small number" of lay-offs
    1. Microsoft adds additional security features to user accounts
    2. PSN maintenance extended till 4:00PM PT
    3. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag gets first multiplayer DLC this week
    4. Halo: Spartan Assault arrives on Xbox One this month
    5. PS4 sold 66% more units than Xbox One last month - Pachter
    6. PSN: '12 Deals of Christmas' discounts Payday 2, Dead or Alive 5 & movies
    7. Xbox One sets new Australian sales record - report
    8. Tough Love: Eryi's Action PC Review
    9. Some PS4 users report not being able to play online, Sony investigating
    10. Peggle 2 Xbox One reviews drop, get all the scores here
    11. The LEGO Movie Videogame gets new trailer, watch it here
    12. DICE releases another patch for Battlefield 4, aims to fix PC client crashes
    13. ID@Xbox parity clause punishes small developers, says Assault Android Cactus devs
    14. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes star Kiefer Sutherland helped raise bar, says Kojima
    15. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes dated, new trailers and Raiden DLC revealed
    16. NSA: new report unearths spying on Xbox Live, WoW, more
    17. The Truth Behind "The Survivor 2299"
    18. Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3 Review: Flawed Genius
    19. "I know I'm a douche": Fallout 4 hoaxer explains why he did it
    20. In Praise of Early Adopters
    21. introduces money-back guarantee for entire game catalogue
    22. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Xbox One runs at native 1080p
    23. The Division's Snowdrop engine allows for "smarter", "bigger" development, says devs
    24. Nintendo downloads Europe - Zelda: A Link to the Past leads the week
    25. PSN: 12 Deals of Christmas discounts Need for Speed Rivals, Rayman Legends & movies
    26. UK game charts: Call of Duty Ghosts holds top, Gran Turismo 6 in at 8th
    27. Alien: Isolation concept art surfaces for The Creative Assembly's tie-in
    28. Peggle 2 achievements appear in the wild, get the list here
    29. Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars gets first off-screen photo from United Front Games
    30. Kodoku: PS4 & PS Vita indie horror title gets first screens, out 2015
    31. Strider screens show returning Mecha Pon boss, more combat
    32. Total Drivin: how a PSOne racer sowed the seeds for future success
    33. Bravely Second setting and new character detailed
    34. League of Legends pro streaming bans lifted
    35. Torment: Tides of Numenera vote decides in favour of turn-based combat
    36. EA Origin Humble Bundle pays out $1.65 million to American Cancer Society
    1. Tomb Raider creative director now at 343 Industries
    2. Titanfall trailers show off Ogre and Stryder mech classes
    3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gets a short trailer during VGX
    4. Thief story trailer shown during VGX, pre-show discusses gameplay elements
    5. Techland’s Dying Light demo shows daytime level running on PS4
    6. No Man’s Sky from Joe Danger studio Hello Games debuts during VGX
    7. Game of Thrones title announced by Telltale for 2014
    8. Tom Clancy's The Division - Snowdrop trailer shows off next-gen engine
    9. Broken Age to star Elijah Wood, Double Fine's Tim Schafer demos game
    10. Destiny will be released in September, beta coming in summer 2014 - watch VGX trailer
    11. South Park: The Stick of Truth gets a new trailer
    1. Agents of Storm for iOS out in early 2014 from Remedy Entertainment
    2. Quantum Break gameplay debuts during VGX
    3. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze launches in North America February 21 with playable Cranky Kong
    4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition set for release January 28 on PS4, Xbox One
    5. Tales from the Borderlands announced by Telltale and Gearbox
    6. Spike VGX 2013 Award winners: Grand Theft Auto 5 wins Game of the Year
    7. VGX 2013: No Man's Sky and two Telltale games announced - all news here
    8. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade's Eldar race revealed
    9. CastleStorm "should be ready to rock soon" on Wii U, says Zen Studios
    10. False Xbox One "backwards compatibility" information on the net can brick your console
    11. Bravely Default video shows an hour of gameplay
    12. Skullgirls takedown request on PSN, XBLA issued by Konami
    13. Broken Age's lumberjack Curtis to be voiced by Wil Wheaton
    14. Planetary Annihilation will be released "when it's done," says Uber Entertainment
    15. PSN 12 deals of Christmas: sales updated with Rayman Legends, Need for Speed: Rivals
    16. Fallout 4 teaser site finally revealed to be a fake
    1. What are CCP Games' Future Plans for EVE Online?
    2. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog Review: Giving a Sega Classic the Reverence it Deserves
    3. Project Ascender in the works for PC, PS4 from Duke Nukem creator and Rise of the Triad developer
    4. EverQuest Next Landmark video released
    5. Steam has put VGX nominated titles on sale
    6. EA named one of British Columbia's "Dream Employers"
    7. Samurai Warriors 4 gameplay trailer released
    8. South Park: The Stick of Truth VGX teaser trailer released
    9. Ubisoft survey polls fans on next Assassin's Creed, possible pirate game outside the franchise
    10. Minecraft 1.7.3 pre-release introduces Twitch integration
    11. Knytt Underground releasing for Wii U later this month through eShop
    12. Gran Turismo 6 boss details development process for the game's lunar circuits
    13. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors introduces Fables staple Jack
    14. Visceral Games working on military shooter, possible brand extension of Battlefield - Pachter
    15. EU and NA PlayStation Charts: Call of Duty: Ghosts proves to be the most popular
    16. Free-to-Play on PS4: VG247 takes a look at Blacklight: Retribution
    17. Omerta – City of Gangsters has new DLC available for PC called The Japanese Incentive
    18. Bohemia Interactive announces 500,000 Make Arma Not War content creation contest for Arma 3
    19. Super Smash Bros. will contain a Skull Kid Assist Trophy
    20. Razer has an iPhone controller called Razer Kazuyo in the works - report
    21. Xbox One: "Microsoft loses the next generation unless they cut price," warns Pachter
    22. A DOA Xbox One, Microsoft Support and a Paperclip
    23. PSN: 8-hour maintenance scheduled for Monday, times inside
    24. inFamous: Second Son moral choices explained by Sucker Punch
    25. Thief dev: "The gap between PC and next gen has massively reduced"
    26. Just Cause 3: "too early" to talk about it says Avalanche, but gives Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod its blessing
    27. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn update 2.1 'A Realm Awoken' detailed, trailer & notes inside
    28. Battlefield 4 gets more PS4 multiplayer fixes, one-hit kill bug explained
    29. Dark Souls 2 covenants and roles explained
    30. Fallout 4 teaser site changes again, new message mentions The Institute
    31. owner Rakuten deems Wii U and iPad 2013's most-discussed Christmas presents for kids
    32. The Walking Dead: Season Two release date and price revealed on Steam
    33. From lumbering start to graceful finish: a brief history of PS3
    34. Speedball 2 HD launch trailer shows bone-crunching sports action, game out now
    35. SOCOM developers post first screen of PS4 successor H-Hour: World's Elite
    36. Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign gets new screens ahead of Japanese localisation test
    37. Dragon Quest 8 mobile gets off-screen gameplay trailer, watch it here
    38. Battlefield 4 DLC delay causes EA's stock to dip - report
    39. Gran Turismo 6 reviews drop, get all the scores here
    40. War of the Vikings free this weekend with new gameplay mode, weapon
    41. Tecmo Koei to limit minors' social spending
    42. Wipeout developer returns as Firesprite
    43. Deep Down armour is modular, varies depending on era
    44. Ouya now accepting BitCoins
    45. Bayonetta creator 'doesn't really get a chance' to do sequels
    46. PS4 has opportunity to "significantly expand" on PS3 sales - House
    1. Bethesda boss says no content at Spike VGX
    2. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed free this weekend on Steam
    3. "I don't know why Iwata is still employed": Pachter gloomy on Wii U's future
    4. Sony resets some PSN account passwords after detecting "irregular activity"
    5. Microsoft calls government snooping an “advanced persistent threat,” vows to protect customer data
    6. Super Time Force announced for Xbox One, release moved into 2014
    7. StarCraft 2 Patch 2.1 is now available for testing in the Public Test Realm
    8. Microsoft has shuttered its Victoria studio in Canada
    9. Atari's bankruptcy plan approved by US court
    10. Stick it to the Man releasing on Steam later this month
    11. Neverwinter's Shadowmantle module is live
    12. Tom Clancy's The Division teaser trailer is a 24 second look at the Snowdrop Engine
    13. Ultra Street Fighter 4's digital upgrade will be available in early June on consoles, in August on PC
    14. Final Fantasy 8 is now available through Steam
    15. Sir, You are Being Hunted December update introduces the Poacher
    16. Gran Turismo 6 video shows the game's opening movie
    17. Dark DLC Cult of the Dead now available for PC, Xbox 360
    18. Ace Combat: Infinity's beta will start next week in Japan
    19. APB: Retribution gets debut trailer, screens and a Hotline Miami twist
    20. Dark Souls 2 screenshots highlight Covenants, online multiplayer
    21. The Last Door episodic point-and-click adventure greenlit on Steam
    22. Total War: Rome 2 update contains the Baktria faction
    23. The Banner Saga's latest "Rough Guide" video focuses on combat
    24. VG247 reaches new high in November with 3.1 million unique users
    25. Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame to launch on GameStick
    26. Nintendo North America eShop update, Dec. 5: Donkey Kong 3, 3D Altered Beast, Donkey Kong sale
    27. Xbox One video shows you some tips and tricks
    28. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster videos show Blitzball, Wakka and Rikku
    29. Battlefield 4 one-hit-kill bug update out for PS4, PS3 update rolls out in Europe
    30. War Thunder: Ground War beta pricing explained by Gaijin
    31. ID@Xbox: launch parity clause called out by Vlambeer
    32. Xbox One: for every feature in a launch game, we've got five in the queue, says Harrison
    33. Did Video Games Change the World?
    34. PS4 share function used 6.5 million times since console launched
    35. The Year of Luigi will continue into 2014 as new products on the way
    36. PSN '12 deals of Christmas' discounts F1 2013 & MGS HD Collection
    37. Bravely Default designer Akihiko Yoshida has left Square Enix
    38. Double Dragon Trilogy hits Android & iOS, pricing & trailer inside
    39. Save the last humans: Resogun and its neon afterglow
    40. Surgeon Simulator devs announce bloodsport title Time to Live, demo available now
    41. Xbox One gets another Xbox Live service alert, social features & Battlefield 4 affected
    42. Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions are for busy players, wait for reviews says Yoshida
    43. Assassin's Creed: Pirates reviews begin, get the scores & launch trailer here
    44. The Evil Within: people have become harder to scare, says Mikami
    45. Blockbuster closes another 62 stores in the UK, 427 more jobs lost
    46. War Thunder: Ground Forces expansion enters PC beta, paid options available
    47. Heroes of Dragon Age: free-to-play title out now on Android & iOS
    48. Space Hulk and three DLC packs out now on iOS, pricing inside
    49. Nintendo: petitions don't affect what we do, says Reggie
    50. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus age-rated for PS Vita in Europe & Brazil
    51. Payday 2: Gage Weapon Pack DLC out today, says Overkill
    52. Zelda: The Misadventures of Link's next episode is on 3DS eShop now
    53. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis book funded on Kickstarter, new interviews and expanded page count detailed
    54. Valve sends Remedy a mystery box, contents revealed
    55. Call of Duty: Ghosts hot-fix live on all platforms, said to fix invisibility and god mode hacks
    56. $9 million and counting: why Prison Architect underlines a changing tide
    57. Warcraft cast includes Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, more
    58. Red Baron, GUTS, Scraps and more in latest Steam Greenlight approvals
    1. League of Legends pros banned from streaming competing titles
    2. FIFA 14: 991,000 goals scored every 90 minutes
    3. Gran Turismo 6's microtransactions detailed - ?120 for Jaguar XJ13
    4. DayZ standalone alpha is a "recipe for disappointment" except for hardcore fans
    5. Outernauts Facebook closing in favour of new mobile version
    6. Rush confirmed for Wii U eShop release next week
    7. Mad Max developer to "maintain sense of mystery about what has happened in the world"
    8. PC shipments to fall by 10.1% in 2013 and an additional 3.8% in 2014 - IDC report
    9. Battlefield 4: work halted on expansions, Battlefront 3 until game issues are resolved
    10. Yakuza Restoration video shows katana and dual wielding gameplay
    11. World of Warcraft patch 5.4.2 now available on Public Test Realms
    12. Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode One is now available through GOG, Steam
    13. JPgamer: 2014 is the Year of the Chibi Spinoff
    14. Bravely Second announced as sequel to Bravely Default
    15. Toki Tori to release on PS3 through PSN December 17
    16. Starbound goes into public beta today, new trailer released
    17. Teslagrad will be released next week on Linux, Mac, and PC
    18. Zen Pinball 2 will release for PlayStation 4 later this month
    19. Shovel Knight has been delayed into early 2014
    20. PlayStation Mobile Update: download Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown free of charge
    21. The Wolf Among Us will be released later today on the iOS App Store
    22. Doki-Doki Universe will be released next week on PS3, PS4 and Vita
    23. Football Manager of the Dead Lexicon Pack now available for Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL
    24. Valve joins The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating Linux growth
    25. O2 offering Xbox One on contract with FIFA 14, a Nokia Lumia 1020 W8 phone, XBL Gold
    26. EU PS Store update, December 4: Gran Turismo 6, Blacklight Retribution, more
    27. Guild Wars 2's Wintersday event is returning December 10 along with a balance update
    28. Arma 3's second campaign episode Adapt will be released in January, free content coming next week
    29. Bravely Default launch trailer released
    30. Unreal Engine 4: second Inside Unreal video takes a look at VFX in the Infiltrator real-time demo
    31. Nintendo needs to reach beyond its catalogue to save Wii U
    32. ID@Xbox: Microsoft signs 32 developers - includes Comcept, Double Fine, Slightly Mad
    33. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 tops Media Create, barely besting Pokemon X & Y
    34. Pokémon X & Y 2DS bundles announced for North America
    35. Never Been So Much Fun: The Making of Cannon Fodder
    36. Call of Duty: Ghosts' critical response doesn't mirror fan appreciation, says Activision
    37. Hawken 'Wreckage' map gets trailer & details, festive update discussed
    38. Battlefield 4: getting 64-players online took priority over 1080p, says DICE
    39. Destiny gets info blow-out, courtesy of GameInformer's January issue
    40. Xbox One & Xbox 360 hit by Live status alert, Battlefield 4: China Rising affected
    41. Just Cause 3 development suggested by Avalanche's Costa Rica dev diary
    42. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Freedom Cry DLC dated for December
    43. Blacklight: Retribution PS4 out today after slight delay
    44. PS4: 'PSN Live' feature back online following European launch restrictions
    45. Gamers certainly not listening to press reviews, says Curse exec, suggests sites are dwindling
    46. Final Fantasy 6 iOS & Android screens compared to SNES original
    47. Final Fantasy 8 Steam release could be gaining momentum
    48. New Tales of game to be announced December 12, Namco confirms
    49. Battlefield 4: China Rising raises multiplayer level cap, rewards for top-tier players
    50. Battlefield 4 update: did it fix the one-hit kill bug? "yes and no," says DICE
    51. Battlefield 4: China Rising gameplay videos show new map carnage
    52. Monster Hunter 4 has shipped 4 million units in Japan to date
    53. PS4 and Xbox One launches: were they any good? - opinion
    54. World of Warplanes video schools players in equipment, consumables
    55. Spec Ops: The Line developer recruiting for next-gen free-to-play project
    56. Saints Row 4 gets Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin' DLC pack
    57. WWE 2K14 DLC adds Big E Langston, Fandango, Bella Twins and Summer Rae
    58. US PS Store update, December 3 - Tiny Brains, Stick It To The Man, holiday bundles
    59. Runescape players raise $90,000 for charity
    60. Peggle 2 videos introduce new Masters (and Bjorn)
    61. PS4, Xbox One will soon face "fairly stiff competition" from new devices, says EA CEO
    62. Vita TV commercial does a good job of selling the living room dream
    63. Maia now available on Steam Early Access
    1. Battlefield 4 China Rising fixes incoming for PC, Xbox 360
    2. PS4, Xbox One sales will overtake PS3, Xbox 360 in five years - Zelnick
    3. Dungeons & Dragons Online 2014 update to bring Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, Anauroch, more
    4. Soul Sacrifice Delta trailer shows off demo coming to Japan next week
    5. Planetside 2 dev looking at more end-game progression content
    6. Humble Jumbo Bundle includes Magicka, Natural Selection 2, Garry's Mod, more
    7. Need for Speed: Rivals video touts the advantages of OverWatch
    8. Splinter Cell: Blacklist dev "took nothing away" in making series more accessible
    9. Sony brings PSN code redemption back online
    10. Windows Store paid-game downloads up 34.12% in November, free game downloads hit 16.7 million
    11. Xbox One players have driven 90 million miles, killed 186 million enemies - other stats
    12. The Secret World Membership deals can be yours from now until December 16
    13. Renegade Kid delays Treasurenauts 3DS release into Q1 2014
    14. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter early access now available to subscribers
    15. The Elder Scrolls Online video details character progression
    16. Dragon's Crown and Persona 4 Golden ship 800,000 and 700,00 units, respectively
    17. Gran Turismo 6 video provides a lesson on how to "become at one with your engine"
    18. GDC 2014 adds sessions from Brenda Romero, Ubisoft's Patrick Redding
    19. VGX: awards show to feature upcoming Wii U title, The Division, Titanfall, The Witcher 3 more
    20. Eufloria HD will be released later this month on Vita
    21. Stasis: 2D isometric point-and-click sci-fi horror adventure game funded on Kickstarter
    22. Battlefield 4's China Rising DLC launch trailer, screens released
    23. Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC videos feature Silk Road and Guilin Peaks gameplay
    24. Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC broadens horizons for both veterans and raw recruits
    25. Survarium closed beta starting in "a week or two," scheduled for launch during second half of 2014
    26. Path of Exile exceeds "initial expectations," has over 4 million registered users
    27. Gaming Tuesday Bundle from Indie Royale is live
    28. Project Spark PC beta registrations are now live for Windows 8.1 users
    29. Ridge Racer Slipstream announced for mobile
    30. Battlefield 4 has been updated on PC, PS4 update rescheduled for additional testing
    31. Animal Crossing: New Leaf players can pick up a free Tree-Stump Chair using SpotPass
    32. Rainbow Moon releases for PS Vita today in North America, tomorrow in Europe
    33. WildStar's Medic and Engineer classes revealed
    34. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 - Inside The Square part 2 goes behind-the-scenes
    35. Velocity Ultra will release on Steam next week
    36. PS4 compilation video features launch clips from various European countries
    37. PlayStation Awards 2013: Grand Theft Auto 5 takes Platinum
    38. Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod releases on Steam December 16
    39. Ever, Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen meets Kickstarter goal
    40. Fallout 4 teaser site updated with gibberish, says "Nuclear Winter has come"
    41. Project Spark intro video promises a universe of infinite possibilities, watch it here
    42. Nintendo "steadfastly refuse" to accept that Wii U is not interesting to consumers, says Pachter
    43. Taking Games Seriously
    44. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has musical easter eggs from across the series
    45. PS Vita TV will take "different road to market" in the west, says House
    46. Kirby: Triple Deluxe 3DS scans are a smorgasbord of colour and glee
    47. Xbox One party system "will get better," says Microsoft, improvements inbound
    48. We're yet to see real value of second screen play, argues Epic's Rein
    49. PSN '12 Deals of Christmas' day 2 discounts Diablo 3 & Spelunky
    50. Microsoft's Lift London studio to reveal three 'innovative' games soon
    51. Xbox One dev kit menus unlocked by a gamer, process could brick your console
    52. Wii U won't see another Christmas, "nobody gives a s**t" about Mario, says ex-Sony dev
    53. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth screens show chibi RPG action
    54. PocketStation PS Vita app now free for all in Japan
    55. MGS 5: The Phantom Pain has "enormous volume," says Kojima, will take time to finish
    56. Final Fantasy 14: PS4 version dated, next-gen beta test confirmed
    57. Gran Turismo 6: video preview tours the game's labyrinthine menus
    58. PS4 Vita Remote Play: it just works, and it's just brilliant
    59. Dragon Quest 8 mobile trailer is full of PlayStation 2 nostalgia
    60. Persona 4: Dancing All Night gets plot details, screens and character bios
    61. PS4 sales hit 2.1 million worldwide as Sony thanks its fans
    62. Gran Turismo Drive is Bathurst's newest street
    63. Desert Strike trademarks pop up
    64. Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone to be united by Threshold - rumour
    65. At the Gates delayed to make it a great game, not just a good one
    66. Virtual Spotlight: Ninja Gaiden III
    1. Rymdkapsel coming to Linux, Mac and PC in enhanced form next year
    2. PS4 stock available in UK for hardware replacements
    3. Nvidia Shield update adds 1080p streaming support
    4. PS4: PlayStation Network's What's New feature enabled
    5. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution coming 2014
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    7. How Could Crimson Dragon Go So Wrong?
    8. How Final Fantasy XIV Cost Me a Good Night's Sleep
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    39. UK game charts: Call of Duty Ghosts back on top, Killzone in at four
    40. PS4 is fastest-selling console in UK history, beating PSP record
    41. Nintendo is "irrelevant" in hardware space, says former Naughty Dog boss
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