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March 2009 Archive

    1. Dead Space wins two awards at 7th Annual GANG Audio Awards
    2. America's Army 3 will release on Steam
    3. Toby Keith track pack heading to Rock Band next week
    4. Fable II devs tested microphone controls for dog
    5. Red Faction: Guerrilla gets solid release date
    6. Germany goes bonkers with mature games labeling
    7. 17% of PS3 games have an 85 or higher review score
    8. Behemoth's "third game" may show PSN and Wii users some love
    9. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood gets new screens
    10. PS2 price drop could boost sales 30% this quarter, says analyst
    11. Live Play charts, WaW wins week of March 23
    12. GDC attendance drops to 17,000, GDC 2010 dated
    13. World at War map pack downloaded 1 million times in opening weekend
    14. Microsoft accidentally leaks new DLC details for Midnight Club: LA
    15. Blizzard says aerial combat wasn't "polished enough" for WoW expansion
    16. Keita Takahashi "not involved" with Katamari Damacy Tribute
    17. Sony says self-publishers should start marketing games early on
    18. Microsoft unconcerned by PS2 price cut
    19. Nintendo to release weekly DSi updates starting April 6
    20. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts DLC gets screens and movie
    21. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts DLC confirmed for April 7
    22. Rumor: Pepsi giving 1 million Rock Band tracks away starting in June
    23. Ghostbusters' Harold Ramis says game voiceovers "took forever"
    24. Starbreeze still working on Syndicate, platforms rumoured
    25. Kitase - FFXIII to use "100 percent" of PS3's "power"
    26. No UK PS2 price cut, European machine drops to 99
    27. Confirmed - PS2 to drop to below $100 [Update]
    28. 360 hits 1 million in Japan, PS3 breaks 3 million
    29. XNA games - you won't make a lot of money
    30. Fight Night Round 4 - knockout screens
    31. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets first gameplay trailer [Update]
    32. Gears 2 Snowblind map pack goes live
    33. Raven: Wolfenstein will show "what happens to a Nazi when he’s had too much to drink"
    34. Two new Bad Company 2 shots released
    35. Okami now $20 at Capcom Store
    36. Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 "maybe" announced at E3
    37. Fils-Aime - Wii games must sell 1 million to turn profit
    38. Rumour: Target ad shows $100 PS2
    39. BioWare - Dragon Age will "stand out more than a shooter will"
    40. Saints Row 2 to get three DLC packs
    1. Battlefield 1943 screens show planes, bombs
    2. New Diablo III screens show UI
    3. SCEJ trademarks "PSCloud"
    4. Wolfenstein - 15 shots of mental Nazis
    5. Gaming at young ages can lead to "deformed fingers"
    6. Blizzard in talks for Xbox 720? "We aren't," says rep
    7. Microsoft takes up to 60% of Community Games revenue
    8. SCEA: There's no PS3 price cut tomorrow
    9. New EA is the "right direction," says DICE
    10. Just Cause 2 gets new screens, mission structure details
    11. GDC: Wolfenstein has a Veil, upgradable weapons, is completely freakin' awesome
    12. Molyneux: Death in Fable 1 was "so tedious"
    13. WoW players rack up 16 million quests per day
    14. Weekly MMO news round-up: Darkfall patched, update coming for Warhammer, Old Republic Screens
    15. Just Add Water card features ship, 2D landscape
    16. Marvel MMO dev has "six or seven titles in production"
    17. Rally man Ken Block becomes DiRT2 "face"
    18. UK MP wants recognition for BAFTA winners
    19. Alien Hominid half price on XBLA
    20. 25 year-old man dies playing Wii Fit
    21. Max Payne 1 and 2 rumoured for XBLA
    22. Shooters can aid "contrast sensitivity" in vision, says study
    23. UK charts: RE5 sits pretty for third week
    24. Bleszinski: Epic's Chair game to be announced "in the near future"
    25. GDC: Gran Turismo 5's "all platforms" release timing will depend on "what makes the most sense," says Koller
    26. Dante's Inferno confirmed for 2010 release, will have animated feature film
    27. Buser: "Every major publisher is interested in Home"
    28. FFXIII gets proper battle system shots
    29. JAW to announce "Project V," first-party SCEE game, at E3
    30. Riddick DLC already in the works
    31. Rumour: PS2 dropping to $100 in April
    32. Play Lord of the Rings Online free until tomorrow
    33. Weather effects to play role in Alan Wake
    1. Lance Henriksen provides history lesson for The Old Republic
    2. Killzone 2 to get patched sometime this week
    3. Watch a video of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising's alpha build
    4. See what Wii games look like in 720p HD
    5. Final Fantasy XIII demos arrive in Japanese retail stores [Update]
    6. GDC: Dragon Age: Origins demo shows first look at the Village of Redcliff
    1. Marvel MMO not out till 2012
    2. Sony to make mystery announcement on March 31
    3. PSN video content update for March 27
    4. Kojima may do another "crazy" iPod/iPhone game
    5. Braid PC delayed 10 days
    6. GDC: Arkham Challenge Room vid shows Bat being badass
    7. Capcom: "We support all systems appropriately"
    8. GDC: New inFamous footage shows tons of play
    9. GDC: Dead Rising 2 dev wants 6,000 zombies at once (apparently)
    10. Killzone 2 "glitchers" could face PSN ID ban
    11. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time gets first movie
    12. Japanese charts: Super Robot Taisen K wins out for DS
    13. Watch stuff blow up in new Red Faction: Guerrilla video
    14. BioWare: Space combat planned for Mass Effect trilogy
    15. Mass Effect 2 "will feel like your game" if you keep your ME1 save, loads more details
    16. GDC: First Mass Effect 2 gameplay leaked
    17. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets first trailer
    18. GDC: First Uncharted 2 gameplay video leaked
    19. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing coming to Rock Band on Tuesday
    1. GDC: Bethesda at work on more Fallout 3 DLC
    2. GDC: Live from Peter Molyneux's session!
    3. New Prototype video shows 10 reasons to buy it
    4. Rock Band: SpongeBob, Von Bondies and Journey arrive next week
    5. Marvel MMO unshelved, will have comic writers on board
    6. Halo 3: ODST really is the end of Halo 3, says Bungie
    7. Eidos stockholders approve Square Enix take-over
    8. Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central now up on XBL
    9. GameStop's winning fiscal year allows addition of 400 stores worldwide
    10. GDC: Blitz shows 1080p120 3D game: the reaction? "Wow"
    11. PixelJunk Eden Encore - new stages shown
    12. Sony confirms timing for E3 press conference, all three now set in stone
    13. New Bionic Commando movies posted
    14. GDC: Playing WarioWare Snap makes you look like a t**t - proof
    15. Left 4 Dead sells 2.5 million at retail
    16. Blizzard confirms work on fifth game
    17. DiRT2 trailer shows woman in shower, cars jumping
    18. EA: No-DRM policy just for Sims 3 for now
    19. Ghostbusters - six-minute gameplay movie
    20. GDC: "Cloud is a great opportunity," says Wright
    21. Japanese hardware sales: DSi back on top
    22. LittleBigPlanet to get "Cornish Yarg" update
    23. GDC: We're "broader" than mature-rated content, says Nintendo
    24. Noby Noby Boy coming to iPhone
    25. GDC: Kaplan to WoW staff - "Stop writing a f**king book in our game"
    26. GDC: Sony to match dev budgets in return for PSN exclusivity
    27. GDC: Molyneux won't talk new game in session today
    1. Sims 3 won't have DRM, says EA
    2. GDC: Photos from Kojima's keynote - behold "The Wall"
    3. Wolfenstein 3D rated for 360, PS3
    4. Get Far Cry 2 cheap on Steam
    5. GDC: Next Fable II DLC to launch within "weeks"
    6. Video shows how PixelJunk gets made
    7. GDC: Modern Warfare 2 drops the "Call of Duty" bit
    8. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time announced
    9. GDC: VG247 LIVE from the Kojima keynote!
    10. Utah governor vetoes Thompson's retail Bill
    11. Katamari Damacy Tribute gets trailered
    12. GDC: Rockstar should have had more 'realistic expectations' for The Lost and Damned, says Pachter
    13. Gamestop posts record revenue for 2008
    14. Final Fantasy XIII to use Active Time Battle system
    15. Super Punch Out! heading to Virtual Console [Update]
    16. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor goes Gold
    17. 3D glasses to ship with every copy of Toy Story Mania
    18. ERA reports that UK videogame market is worth ?2b
    19. GDC: BioWare refuses to rule out Mass Effect 2 for PS3
    20. Rock Band franchise passes $1 billion in NA sales
    21. GDC: Balance Board has almost outsold PS3, says Iwata
    22. Call of Duty confirmed for XBLA/PSN? [Update]
    23. Euro PlayStation Store update - March 26
    24. Insane people pull Modern Warfare 2 teaser to shreds
    25. Remedy: We can't tell you anything about Alan Wake
    26. New Indy Staff of Kings Wii gameplay footage reveals waggle
    27. Batman won't be killing people in Arkham Asylum
    28. New Mass Effect 2 artwork released
    29. More Star Trek DAC details
    30. Bionic Commando gets US date
    31. Wii upgrades to version 4.0, SDHC card support
    32. GDC: New CryENGINE 3 trailer and screens
    33. GDC: God of War III gameplay video leaked
    34. Dissidia: Final Fantasy announced for Europe and PAL territories
    35. GDC: Braid cost $200k to make, says Blow
    36. GDC: Why OnLive "can't possibly work"
    37. God of War III developer interview reveals tanks and helicopters
    38. 505 Games joins the ESA
    39. Guitar Hero World Tour April DLC reveals Pixies, Nirvana and Mot?rhead
    40. Japanese interest in games dwindling
    41. First Battlefield Bad Company 2 trailer coming this Friday
    42. GDC: Hideo Kojima's keynote live here at 10.00am PST today
    43. GDC 2009: Resistance 2 patch detailed, out today
    44. All Street Fighter IV outfits available
    45. Empire: Total War update released
    46. Henry Hatsworth devs depart to Dreamrift
    47. GDC 09: DSi Ware launch line up revealed
    48. Five new Harry Potter screens
    49. GDC: Go Backstage with Guitar Hero in PlayStation Home
    50. GDC: Kojima to make Apple Store appearance
    51. Battleforge gets launch trailer
    52. GDC: No joy for PixelJunk at Independent Games Festival
    53. GDC: God of War III runs at 60fps, and sometimes 30fps
    54. GDC: LBP still isn't finished, says Media Molecule
    55. Gears 2 Snowblind DLC gets price, date and pics
    56. GDC: Level 5 confirms Western Layton sequels on way
    57. GDC: Kojima talks development
    58. GDC: Microsoft discusses next Xbox with Blizzard
    59. Beatles Rock Band site teases instruments
    60. GDC: Bungie working on Halo for "two more years"
    61. GDC: Kojima will make no game reveal in today's keynote
    62. GDC: Fallout 3 wins Developer's Choice Award GotY
    63. GDC: Infinity Ward teases, dates Modern Warfare 2
    1. First FFCC: My Life as a Darklord screens look real purty
    2. See Metallica men get mo-capped for Guitar Hero: Metallica
    3. Ziff Davis shutting down FileFront on March 30
    4. Campbell quits Edge for Intent
    5. GDC: New Kojima game to be announced at E3
    6. GDC: Nintendo working on "DSi-enhanced" game cards with DSi-specific features
    7. GDC: Major multi-plat reveal in "6 or 7 hours," say Keighley
    8. Shadow of the Colossus + Monster Hunter = Lost Planet 2?
    9. GDC: PS Home to gain three new spaces each month
    10. GDC: What Ueda said about his new game
    11. GDC: Portable Duke Nukem games' existence proven
    12. GDC: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Track gets first movie
    13. GDC: VG247 liveblog from the Luminaries Lunch!
    14. The Pitt back up on Live
    15. GDC: First Zelda: Spirit Tracks screens show spirit tracks, Zelda
    16. GDC: Watch Rock N’ Roll Climber demoed in Iwata keynote
    17. GDC: Nintendo details Virtual Console Arcade, lists games and prices
    18. GDC: Nintendo unveils WarioWare: Snapped for DSi
    19. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - new details
    20. GDC: Rock and Roll Climber to rock the faces of rockfaces
    21. GDC: Luminaries Lunch liveblog at 1.00pm PST, featuring Will Wright and Warren Spector
    22. GDC: Nintendo announces new Zelda for DS
    23. GDC: Final Fantasy IV, My Life as a King sequels confirmed for WiiWare
    24. GDC: Wii SD cards hold up to 240 games
    25. Wii now runs games straight from SD cards
    26. GDC: Wii hits 50 million worldwide
    27. GDC: VG247 LIVE from the Iwata opening keynote!
    28. GDC: OnLive model will impact console and retail sales and "appeal immensely to publishers," says Pachter
    29. GDC: This is the last console generation, says Pachter
    30. Netflix rumoured as on the way for PS3
    31. OnLive beta sign-ups online now
    32. PS3 Firmware 2.70 "in April," say dev sources
    33. Tales of Vesperia confirmed for all PAL regions in June
    34. Report: Alienware suffering job cuts, plant closures
    35. Nikkei: Wii to pass 50 million sales this month
    36. GDC: PoP boss says no-death mechanic was a "mistake" of "attitudes"
    37. Flock! PC demo live, 10% off via Steam
    38. Katamari Damacy Tribute for PS3 this year
    39. GDC: Downloadable PSP games "big push" for 2009, says Koller
    40. FFVII Advent Children is still "TBC" for Europe, says Square
    41. GDC: OnLive press conference in video, Crysis shown running on Dell laptop
    42. GDC: David Perry confirms entry into Cloud gaming race
    43. Bionic Commando gets Japanese release date
    44. GDC: Nintendo president keynote live here at 9.00am PST today
    45. GDC: APB to include Vivox voice chat
    46. GDC: Star Trek DAC gets first screens
    47. GDC: Sigma 2 will be "ultimate" Ninja Gaiden package, says Tecmo
    48. FF: Advent Children gets US release date
    49. GDC: Punch Out!! has Balance Board support
    50. Xbox boss: "It’s not as if we’re doing something like Halo Kart"
    51. GDC: Wii Qube and Wii Relax rumoured, video and add-on shots appear
    52. The Pitt should be fixed today, says Bethesda
    53. GDC: PS3 Firmware to launch alongside Resistance 2 patch
    54. GDC: Titan releases new Fat Princess screens
    55. GDC: Battleforge gets Shadow trailer
    56. GDC: New Split/Second screens released
    1. GDC: Making OnLive work is a "psychophysical challenge"
    2. GDC: "PS3 Firmware 2.70 definitely this week. Developers got it yesterday"
    3. God of War III: Two PS2's would be needed to create Kratos's new "memory footprint"
    4. GDC: Star Trek DAC gets first details
    5. Capcom: Resident Evil 6 "could take up to 8 years"
    6. Empire stays on top of US PC chart
    7. New Persona PSP trailer released
    8. GDC: DC Universe Online and The Agency pushed to 2010
    9. Microsoft sued over alleged gay discrimination
    10. GDC: Report - Iwata to announce new Wii, WiiWare and VC games in keynote
    11. GDC: New Gears 2 DLC rumoured for April
    12. GDC: PixelJunk Eden was profitable within 24 hours of launch
    13. GDC: Microsoft unveils new dev tools, shows blue 360
    14. GDC: Split/Second gets first impressions
    15. GDC: "Gears of War 2-level announcements" to hit show, says Keighley
    16. GDC: Ubisoft announces new RTS, RUSE [Update]
    17. Prince of Persia at 50% off on Steam
    18. GDC: "Steamworks makes DRM obsolete," says Valve
    19. Rumour: EA bundling Grand Slam Tennis with Wii MotionPlus in Europe
    20. Bethesda: Corrupted file to blame for Pitt disaster, DLC pulled
    21. Bethesda looking into Pitt bug "situation"
    22. Dyack: "The ultimate game console in the Cloud model is no console at all"
    23. GDC: Sony cutting price of PS3 dev kits
    24. GDC: Noby Noby Boy multiplay shown in video
    25. GDC: Digital Foundry shows HDScope games video capture unit
    26. First Madden 10 screen released
    27. GDC: Havok moving into AI development
    28. GDC: Games for Windows Live gets cloud saves, anti-piracy
    29. World at War goes back to top of live play chart
    30. Gamers claim The Pitt is "completely broken," speak of "giant floating exclamation points"
    31. Wolfenstein released for iPhone, Doom on the way
    32. Epic, Ubi, EA, Take-Two and more sign up for OnLive, mental claims claimed
    33. GDC: DoubleFine posts point-and-click Schafer adventure
    34. Vampyre Story 2: A Bat's Tale out later this year
    35. Dan Harris to write Dante's Inferno movie
    36. 20-song "Classic Rock" Rock Band pack to include The Who, Boston and Police
    37. Fallout 3's The Pitt available now
    38. GDC: New Dark Void concept art shows real-world history
    39. DSi breaks 2 million in Japan
    40. Report: Sony cutting PS3 supply to South Korea
    41. PixelJunk Eden Encore out in April
    42. Last Remnant Steam activation error fixed
    43. House of the Dead: Overkill sold 45k in US last month
    44. GDC: Photos from the Indie Games Summit
    45. GDC: Shots of OnLive controller and box released
    46. GDC: Microsoft to show "very cool stuff" today
    47. GDC: OnLive cloud gaming service could change everything [Update]
    48. GDC: Zeebo console targets "next billion" gamers
    49. Four new Rage shots released
    50. Rumour: DSi to get Virtual Console for Game Boy games
    51. GDC: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - first impressions and video
    52. Aion: Tower of Eternity vid shows off Ishalgen Zone
    1. PC gaming worth $11 billion a year, says PC gaming body
    2. Castle Crashers wins XBLA Game of the Year award
    3. God of War III is "really deep," says dev boss
    4. GDC: DRM is a "waste of time," says 2DBoy
    5. GDC: ngmoco gets $10 million in funding
    6. GDC: AWESOME inFamous videos show karma, power-ups
    7. GDC: First CryEngine 3 movie released
    8. GDC: 2DBoy details how to succeed as an indie
    9. GDC: iPhone "better than DS, better than PSP," says Young
    10. GDC: Young confirms Rolando 2 and 3
    11. New Punchout!! trailer shows proper gameplay
    12. Wolfenstein still coming to PC, says Activision
    13. February NPD: Top 20 games by platform
    14. Volition - Red Faction: Guerrilla destruction "five to ten years" ahead of curve
    15. Left 4 Dead Survival Pack DLC dated for 360
    16. Ubisoft sale hits Steam, Ass Creed for $10
    17. StarCraft II beta invites are bollocks, says Blizzard
    18. Dylan Jobe forms Lightbox, starts on Warhawk project
    19. Sony launches Xi in Home, "the world’s first console-based Alternate Reality Game"
    20. inFamous's karma system detailed - you can be evil
    21. Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC delayed in Japan
    22. DJ Hero site goes live
    23. Alyssa Milano talks Ghostbusting, neglects to mention Sigourney Weaver
    24. Resident Evil 5 takes second week at top of UK chart
    25. Halo 3 Mythic Pack for April 9, Gears 2 Snowblind Pack for March 31
    26. Max Payne 3 confirmed for winter release
    27. Mass Effect 2 gets first plot details
    28. Need for Speed Shift - first movie
    29. German police union boss calls for "killergame" ban
    30. Need for Speed Shift confirmed for September release [Update]
    31. Blacklight gets first shot
    32. BioShock 2 still has Sea of Dreams moniker, says 2K
    33. GDC: Your 2009 survival guide to keynotes, liveblogs and superstar interviews
    34. Former Yahoo COO takes on Guitar Hero for Activision
    35. GDC: Recession forcing creative revenue-hunting, says Scavio
    36. High Voltage: The Conduit is Wii's "best-looking game"
    37. SCEA: PS3's 2009 packs "an absolutely amazing line-up"
    38. Molyneux: Lionhead working on projects "beyond" Fable
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: NCSoft hiring, EVE Online gives career guidance, Chronicles of Spellborn has pretty pictures
    2. Get 25% off golden oldies at Good Ole Games
    3. Mini Old Republic documentary discusses story customization
    4. Logitec universal remote adapter works on PS3
    5. NCAA Football 10 canceled for Wii
    6. Ubisoft details upcoming 360 patch for Far Cry 2
    7. Pokémon creators: No MMO coming any time soon
    8. Geralt gets propositioned in new Rise of the White Wolf screens
    9. Alyssa Milano is new leading lady for Ghostbusters game
    10. Lars talks Guitar Hero: Metallica, drops loads of f-bombs
    11. Scratch: The Ultimate DJ trailer shows DJs, dancers in action
    12. Customers to get 1,000 free Nintendo Points when purchasing DSi
    13. G4 to exclusively broadcast Dev Choice Awards on TV
    14. GTA IV PC patch fixes graphics issues
    1. New Mass Effect 2 info on Spike TV next Friday
    2. Microsoft: FFXIII will sell better on 360 than PS3
    3. Pre-order Fight Night Round 4, get early access to demo
    4. PC Wolfenstein shots pop up despite rumors
    5. Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile videos are quite adorable
    6. Wii Fit trumps Halo 3 sales in less than a year
    7. BioWare profiles Old Republic Bounty Hunter
    8. Dream of Mirror Online to allow same-sex marriages
    9. Terminator: Salvation gets fresh pics and trailer
    10. Steam's indie games sale is great for the wallet
    11. Rumour: Wolfenstein PC version dropped?
    12. EA: Dead Space for Wii was a "no-brainer"
    13. Gamestop: DSi pre-orders are "double" that of DS
    14. NASA MMO is Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond
    15. Pangya: Fantasy Golf will be a PSP exclusive
    16. Borg to be in Star Trek Online? Probably
    17. Wolfenstein trailer shows gameplay, is awesome
    18. Levine: We won't show new game for "some time"
    19. Bungie teases something for April 9
    20. ESA head excited about Into The Pixel art exhibit, says games are art
    21. Tripwire's Killing Floor is a British zombie game
    22. Netflix survey asks about possibity of Wii service
    23. US PS Movie Store gets Battlestar Galactica: Season 4, Black Sheep
    24. All studios formed by ex-Ensemble staff, in case you're confused
    25. New DSIWare game teaches you manners
    26. 700,000 registrants sign up for Runes of Magic MMO
    1. Smash Cars headed to PSN in April
    2. Steam rings in weekend with ridiculous Oddworld sale
    3. Students in Massachusetts protest over dog killing in CoD: Waw
    4. Achievements detailed for Gears of War 2 Snowblind map pack
    5. GameStop riding economic woes, says boss, but times are tougher
    6. Masaya Matsuura: WMP not a "huge advantage"
    7. Assault on Dark Athena goes gold, gets new pics
    8. 2K is "aiming for simultaneous release" of BioShock 2 on all formats
    9. February NPD: 2009 "promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand," says Sony
    10. Sony charging publishers 16 cents per Gb for PSN content
    11. Users say The Last Remnant "unplayable" on PC
    12. LittleBigPlanet has over 600,000 user-created levels
    13. February NPD: 360 up 53% year-over-year, attach rate at 8.2, says Microsoft
    14. Realtime Worlds looking to recruit 40 at GDC
    15. Stereotypes still plague games industry, says SCEE
    16. New details surface for Behemoth's third game, mini-games included
    17. Sony rolling out new Greatest Hits for PSP starting April 5
    18. Three new Starcraft 2 screenshots released
    19. E3 rumour extravaganza – Trico, Blizzard-Microsoft megaton and more dissected using Top Gun quotes
    20. Boy and His Blob is a "massive reworking of the entire concept"
    21. Patcher: Feb NPD's will cause "limited market reaction"
    22. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne get patched
    23. McGill - PGR4, Mass Effect and Halo 3 are "perennial" games
    24. Cryptic confirms attempts to poach City of Heroes players, doesn't care
    25. Japanese analysts love Capcom, says research firm
    26. Reports: StarCraft II beta invites releasing now
    27. 2DBoy to speak at Nordic Game
    28. EA admits being "over-ambitious" with Army of Two
    29. Bushnell: Online gaming is "not cool"
    30. Guitar Hero: Metallica demo up on Live
    31. Dille: PS3 will be the "centerpiece of your entertainment for the next 10 years"
    32. Watch Carmen Electra talk dirty for Leisure Suit Larry
    33. Galeria Kaufhof pulls violent games after school shooting
    34. Midnight Club: LA South Central DLC delayed for 360
    35. Publishers pumped for PS3 says Sony VP
    36. Red Alert 3 demo on PSN now
    37. February NPD - Edge in breakneck sales analysis mega-slap-down
    38. Japanese hardware sales, March 9-15
    39. New launches
    40. February NPD - Wii Play passes 10 million in the US
    41. February NPD - The Lost and Damned "would have outsold Killzone 2" at retail
    42. February NPD - PS3 business is "hemorrhaging at retail," says Greenberg
    43. NCAA Football 10 gets a release, still no cover athlete announced
    44. Pre-order Zeno Clash on Steam and get half-off
    45. City of Heroes mission architect now in open beta
    46. Sony puts out "to do" list for Resistance Retribution players
    47. FIFA 09 Ultimate Team pack now on XBL and PSN
    48. UK to get Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga in November
    49. Capcom thinking of other platforms for Lost Planet 2
    50. Molyneux: Games to have Godfather-quality storytelling by 2016
    51. Demigod shots show more of the same
    52. Far Cry 2 map pack now on Steam
    53. Square Enix: We've fallen behind in multi-plat development
    54. Final Fantasy's Hironobu Sakaguchi not worried over economic crisis
    1. February NPD - Industry revenue up 10% YoY to $1.47 billion
    2. Overlord II screens show minons riding wolves
    3. February NPD - Street Fighter IV in combined 850,000-unit software smash
    4. February NPD - Wii breaks 750,000 units to dominate US hardware sales
    5. Resident Evil 5 gets a Home update, more soon
    6. Australian parents riled up over House of the Dead: Overkill
    7. Euro PSN update, March 19 - FIFA 09 Ultimate Team Pack lands
    8. Live experiencing some billing issues; fix on the way
    9. Age of Booty avatars coming soon to Xbox Live
    10. Neversoft says band's prefectionism helped "drive" Guitar Hero Metallica
    11. Paddington Academy officially opened today
    12. Ys Seven set for PSP, will arrive in Japan first
    13. Wolfenstein trailer and info to be shown tomorrow night, site and new shots live
    14. E3's back - 'We're using almost everything but Kentia Hall,' says ESA
    15. Wii supply finally on par with demand, says GameStop
    16. New Age of Booty demo now up on PSN
    17. Pre-order BioShock: Breaking the Mold-Developer's Edition and get free shipping
    18. Rumor: Nintendo pushing devs to work on "apps" for DSi
    19. No more "Sea of Dreams" in BioShock 2 title
    20. Over 30% of MMO players purchase gold
    21. Unity 2.5 3D tool now available for Windows Vista and XP
    22. Midnight Club LA South Central DLC pack released
    23. Mirror's Edge gets Swedish Game of the Year honors
    24. XBLA VOOT controls leaked
    25. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - first shots and art
    26. Zelda fan renders Link's Awakening in 3D
    27. Fallout 3 takes home two OXM awards
    28. Halo Wars hits one million sales worldwide
    29. and GAME see sales surge after BAFTAs
    30. ESA: E3's 90 percent sold out
    31. Cryptic releases new Champions Online shots
    32. CoD: World at War Map Pack 1 live now [Update]
    33. Dragon Quest IX - new shots
    34. Sony: PSP is "separate business" to iPhone
    35. Rumour: Artwork from next Mistwalker game released?
    36. Merchants of Brooklyn alpha version accidentally released on Steam
    37. Atari: Ghostbusters is "Gears of War lite"
    38. Last Remnant hits PC tomorrow, promises better animation, more
    39. Computec sites close on 3 million UU, says Computec
    40. Layton and the Devil's Flute - cat art, man in hat shots
    41. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 out this autumn, unveiled next week
    42. Indie horror The Path released for $10
    43. Kojima gets new job title
    44. Ubi UK gets new marketing director
    45. ASA dismisses Change4Life ad complaints
    46. Singularity gets shots from PC Action
    47. Punch Out!! confirmed for May 22 in Europe
    48. Yakuza 3 ships over 500,000
    49. Dusty Monk forms Windstorm
    50. Dan Hsu announces new site, BitMob
    51. PixelJunk 1-4 for GDC? Not so, says Cuthbert
    52. Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack hits PS3 today
    53. Dragon Age to be shown at GDC
    54. Japanese software sales: RE5 slips from top spot
    55. Watch Andy Dick's voice-over session for PAIN
    56. "XomB" to invade feudal Asia
    57. Namco releases Pac-Man and Dig Dug on Facebook
    58. Game with Fame celebrates Pearl Jam's "Ten" coming to Rock Band
    59. Swashbuckling platformer The Three Musketeers: One for All headed to Wii
    60. Resident Evil 5 outsells entire UK singles chart at debut
    61. Museum dedicated to the history of electronic games opens
    62. Watch bossy Lisa Kudrow in Professor Layton TV spot
    1. Atlus giving away goodies with upcoming games
    2. Nintendo brings Rhythm Heaven by the MTV offices
    3. OXM to include NXE upgrade disc in next issue
    4. Rumor: Cryptic using City of Heroes to recruit for Champions beta
    5. inFamous shots show a strange monster of sorts
    6. Uncharted 2: Naughty Dog talks snow and ice game mechanics, shows new shots
    7. Songbird shown in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    8. Blow's next game "different in almost every way from Braid"
    9. Vin Diesel "begged" for Dark Athena multiplayer
    10. Alpha Protocol screens show off a bit of sneak
    11. Outrun Online Arcade dated for Live
    12. GameStop to reach $2 billion in sales this year says analyst
    13. Nintendo has hit financial peak, says analyst
    14. GameQuarry declares Visual Concepts “most consistent” developer
    15. Requirements relaxed for World of Warcraft dual specs
    16. Mt. Dew joins the World of Warcraft alliance, and horde too
    17. GDC 09: PS Blog mixer hosting Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Insomniac
    18. Research shows 13% of Xbox 360 games have an 85 or higher review score
    19. Mad Catz ships Resident Evil 5 stuff, including "wall scroll"
    20. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood confirmed for June launch
    21. New King of Fighters XII shots show enthusiastic crowds
    22. Rhianna Pratchett gets her own site
    23. Road to Retribution Tournament giving away $25k in Sony prizes
    24. Ubisoft has "very ambitious plans" for Massive - Walfisz
    25. CVG rumours imminent PS3 price cut, sources wrinkle noses
    26. Watch person playing Metal Gear Solid Touch
    27. Godfather II to get free multiplayer mode DLC
    28. Chris Ellis made IGN international MD, is "playa"
    29. Overlord II video explains story, Overlord sex
    30. Resistance: Retribution devs chatting live on PS Blog today
    31. Coke giving away ?25,000 in MS Points on Live this week
    32. 30th anniversary Gundam game announced for PS3
    33. GoGamer “Madness” sale annihilates price of LittleBigPlanet, others
    34. Empire wins US PC charts
    35. Steinberg - Sony's 2009 is "relentless and AAA quality"
    36. THQ set to close Big Huge Games, spin off two more devs
    37. Peter Moore to keynote MI6
    38. Nvidia gets tools and middleware license for PS3
    39. Codemaster's COO Tony Williams departing company
    40. Awomo: Play digital games before the download is complete
    41. Capcom releases another Flock! video
    42. Wii Fit girl now an EA Sports Active spokesperson
    43. Wallace & Gromit demo now up for grabs
    1. Capcom to release more PSone titles via PSN soon
    2. WAR: Choppa and Dwarf Slayer ready tomorrow
    3. Fenner Investments's lawsuit against Nintendo dismissed
    4. Target expecting new PS3 bundle March 29
    5. Grin to court publishers with three new projects at GDC
    6. Capcom: More SFIV MadCatz Fightsticks are on the way
    7. Namco buys out 95% of D3Publisher
    8. Army of Two: The 40th Day influenced by CoD4, GoW2
    9. Stargate developer being sued for unpaid account
    10. Mass Effect 2 - new image
    11. Survey: Most UK developer staff satisfied with pay
    12. Google to give GDC attendees a peak at OpenSocial gaming gadgets
    13. GTA: Chinatown Wars could sell 2 million in the US
    14. Devil May Cry series ships 10 million units
    15. Mass Effect 2 in 2010, PC and 360 only
    16. Molyneux: Fable "burnt people’s lives"
    17. Bill Roper likes the look of original Diablo better than Diablo III
    18. The Behemoth releases first trailer of next game
    19. EA Redwood bossman talks more Dead Space: Extraction
    20. Red Alert 3 PS3 demo this week
    21. Backlight to be game, film, comic
    22. Xbox Live activity, week of March 9
    23. Massive Entertainment founder Martin Walfisz leaves studio
    24. PSP Store may soon offer digital comic service
    25. Halo Wars and Halo 3 combined hardware bundle spotted, snapped [Update]
    26. CoD: World at War vids viewed 10 million times at GameTrailers
    27. The Pitt is for both Fallout 3 "completists" and "casual" players, says Bethesda
    28. gamescom accreditation now live
    29. Just Cause 2 scans show new screens
    30. Secret Agent Clank confirmed for PS2
    31. Entire BioShock 2 Game Informer article scanned
    32. Rumour: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in works for PS3 [Update]
    33. Americans get early look at DSi
    34. Red Faction: Guerrilla demo for April 3
    35. Marvel MMOs on the way thanks to Gazillion deal
    36. BottleRocket claims Namco's handling of Splatterhouse was "inept"
    37. In-game DLC feature announced for Steam
    38. Destructoid is three years old
    1. Wolfenstein multiplayer shots leaked?
    2. Suda51 starts Edge blog, promises daily updates
    3. Capcom: Moaning about RE5 DLC charges is "bulls**t"
    4. Three bits of Valkyria Chronicles DLC announced
    5. GTA: Chinatown Wars review embargo lifts - "It's good," says internet
    6. New York Times: Resident Evil 5 isn't racist
    7. Fight Night Round 4 trailer shows Ali-Tyson gameplay
    8. EEDAR: The Lost and Damned to generate $40 million in revenue
    9. Alpha Protocol confirmed for October 2009 [Update]
    10. Natsume joins ESA
    11. Resident Evil 5 tops UK chart on debut
    12. GDC 09: Epic adds MMO dev suite to Unreal Engine 3
    13. Kramer: Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 for "next year"
    14. Bounty Hunter class confirmed for The Old Republic
    15. EEDAR's NPD estimates are quite similar to Michael Pachter's
    16. House of the Dead: Overkill is sweariest game ever, says Guinness
    17. Wii sold more than 700k consoles in the US last month - Pachter
    18. US Patapon 2 demo restricted to pre-orders
    19. Metal Gear Solid Touch out this Thursday in Europe
    20. Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4 added to 360 Classics
    21. Sony US boss: Developers want PS3 to be free
    22. Eidos delays Championship Manager
    23. Capcom: Resident Evil 5 is "new direction" for franchise "going forwards"
    24. No new Bone game in the works, world shocked
    25. Second Old Republic webcomic released
    26. David Hayter forms Dark Hero Studios
    27. Wii to get "cock-socket" microphone accessory in Japan
    28. BioShock 2 will have multiplayer
    29. Nintendo Europe issues giant Q2 release list, first DSi title dated
    30. German played Far Cry 2 the night before shooting 15
    31. Resident Evil 5 ships 4 million units, demo hits 4 million
    32. Moore: Mixed martial arts is "future of fighting"
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: EQII Brewday, adult Second Life content, no MMO for Zork
    2. Upcoming Battlefield 2 patch to include Operation Blue Pearl map
    3. Second Sins of a Solar Empire micro-content will be a bit late
    4. 1UP takes on six top Street Fighter IV players
    5. Turbine releases Lorien patch early through official site
    6. EVE Online: Apocrypha tutorials explain new exploration system
    7. First look at Australia's Resistance Retribution PSP-3000 bundle
    8. Pre-order Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures for PC, get Sam & Max
    9. Boston mayor and former game critic has change of heart
    10. Team Fortress 2 update includes game changes and fixes
    11. Street Fighter IV walkthrough demos all the trial modes
    12. Blizzard contest will hand out awards for best fan fiction
    13. Sony starts handing out High Velocity Bowling vouchers
    14. Valve updates Left 4 Dead with a few fixes
    15. Star Trek Online to include never-before-seen races
    1. Dead Space: Extraction will last as long as original
    2. Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack: Bungie talks haunted houses and zombies
    3. Japan to get Resident Evil 5 "Versus" DLC cheaper, sooner
    4. Game industry to reach $40 billion annually by 2012
    5. Get a lesson in espionage with Alpha Protocol's debut trailer
    6. First look at The Pitt shows mutated city held hostage
    7. Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition detailed
    8. RE5 producer Masachika Kawata hands out gameplay tips
    9. Red Orchestra now $5 over on Steam
    10. Microsoft and PalTalk settle $90 million lawsuit early
    11. The Pitt adds four hours play, new Achievements, to Fallout 3
    12. Capcom: RE5 Versus mode charges cover dev costs, bandwidth
    13. GTA Chinatown Wars - the full intro
    14. IGA seeks buyer, Townsend confirms
    15. Pikmin 2 Wii-make - first footage
    16. GameTap adds more Grimm, Just Cause is free until March 26
    17. Peter Moore talks WMP, EA Sports Active, Ali vs Tyson
    18. ESA wants stronger tax incentives for developers in Texas
    1. Warner bombards internet with Terminator: Salvation shots
    2. Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 English demo available
    3. The Chronicles of Spellborn hand picking beta testers starting today
    4. EA's Singleton explains WMP in Grand Slam Tennis
    5. Watchmen: The End is Night Part II gets rated, detailed by ESRB
    6. Tekken 6 screens and character info released
    7. Platinum Games: MadWorld is a "reason to buy a Wii"
    8. BioShock 2 - You play as a Big Daddy
    9. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastics headed to PSN
    10. Wii Music to be part of 50 US schools' curriculum
    11. BioShock 2 forum rumours are "not true," says 2K
    12. Report: BioShock 2 will not be exclusive to the Xbox 360
    13. Lips Update: Coldplay and Boys Like Girls
    14. Noby Noby Boy multiplayer update in the works, must get to Mars first
    15. Stormrise "Verticality" trailer demos line of sight command
    16. US PS Movie Store gets Shaun of the Dead, Transporter 3, Blue Harvest
    17. Rock Band gets funkified with James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire
    18. EA officially announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
    19. EA Sports Active site updated with list of activities
    20. Rumor: New Bone game to be released in the spring
    21. Kawata: Darkside Chronicles goes "back to a very dark style RE"
    22. Buy a new Mega Drive with 15 games for ?38
    23. Gears of War 2 ranking update and map pack dated
    24. Media Molecule co-founder teases new LBP project
    25. Rumour - BioShock 2's beans spilled
    26. "Console wars" medals launched
    27. Nintendo: White and silver DS Lites discontinued "because retail are not ordering them anymore"
    28. Confirmed: TT working on Lego Potter and Indy Crystal Skull games [Update]
    29. Deaden the pain by listening to 900 SNES game sound files
    30. Metal Gear Solid Touch to have 20 levels, 8 via DLC
    31. Atelier teased for PS3
    32. Wheelman goes gold, confirmed for March 27
    33. Flower most downloaded PSN game in February
    34. Ray Parker Jr "working on" getting Ghostbusters into Rock Band
    35. Valve TF2 scoring system to root out poor servers
    36. Takeuchi to attend Seattle RE5 launch
    37. Diesel confirms Tigon MMO, Barca BC
    38. New WaW trailer shows more Nazi zombies
    39. EA shows "deep fitness" Active in US
    40. Japanese hardware sales: Godzilla PlayStation rules Tokyo
    41. US PSN update, March 12
    42. EA: Longer console life cycle means more price drops
    43. DCM aware of financial issues facing UK's game industry
    44. Game with Fame: Play World at War with Vernon Kay
    45. COD4 reaches 11 million unique players on Xbox Live
    46. EA releases first proper pics of G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra
    47. Chun-nan Adventure DLC pack hits Sonic Unleashed
    48. Screen Digest analyst: Wii price hike is "perfectly justified"
    1. C&C: Red Alert 3 Uprising now available for PC
    2. German Foundation wants violent games banned after school shooting
    3. LittleBigPlanet content updates include monkeys and leprechauns
    4. PSN-integrated features now live on Euro PS boards
    5. Warcraft 3 champ signs $500k gaming contract
    6. US PC charts: February's top 20 best-sellers
    7. Mythic offering incentives for gamers returning to Warhammer Online
    8. Sony pulls 300 Killzone 2 adverts from bus shelters in Toronto
    9. Watch the Japanese trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
    10. Chinatown Wars video shows Dealing and Delivering
    11. Euro PSN update, March 12 - Patapon 2 released
    12. New inFamous trailer has lightning, jumping
    13. Red Baron Arcade lands on the US PlayStation Store
    14. Arkham Asylum trailer shows a stealthy Batman
    15. Qore Episode 10: Burnout, Riddick, LittleBigPlanet, more
    16. CoD: World at War Map Pack arrives March 19
    17. Capcom: We're "not done" with HD fight remixes
    18. Op Flashpoint: Dragon Rising demo confirmed for all platforms
    19. Namco pulled Splatterhouse off Bottlerocket because of "performance issues"
    20. Lionsgate exec thinks streaming Movies and TV are headed to the Wii
    21. Sega details XBLA VOOT remake
    22. The Beatles: Rock Band to contain "unreleased" music
    23. Rumor: Warner takes Lord of the Rings away from EA
    24. More Fable II DLC confirmed
    25. "Versus" DLC confirmed for Resident Evil 5
    26. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - first 10 direct-feed screens
    27. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles confirmed the western release this "winter" [Update]
    28. EA talks Grand Slam Tennis multiplayer and racket spinning
    29. German school shooter was, of course, a Counter-Strike Player
    30. Bayonetta - 12 new shots scream SUPER-COOL
    31. Shiva's unlockable RE5 outfit leaves little to the imagination
    32. Battlestations: Pacific gets worldwide May release dates
    33. Fallout 3's The Pitt - three steamy new screens
    34. EA announces Army of Two: The 40th Day
    35. Farrell: Dawn of War has sold 4 millon units
    36. The Pitt gets first video tomorrow morning
    37. Sony: PS3 will always have Blu-ray
    38. Play Control! Pikmin 2 and Jungle Beat get Euro dates
    39. Majesco can’t be bothered with recession, makes bank
    40. Namco Bandai registers EXCALIBUR trademark, hurts our eyes
    41. Call of Duty: World at War demo hits Live
    42. Nintendo denies phasing out solus DS Lite in the UK [Update]
    43. Ubi: PC is "priority" for Soviet Assault, we're "brimming with great ideas" for RTS genre
    44. Brit retailers: Wii price hike leaves no margin, will affect sales
    45. New Tecmo game to be announced in SF on March 24
    46. Source: Last solus DS Lites on the way in "coming weeks"
    47. 7 DS games have passed 10 million mark, says Nintendo
    48. Red Faction Guerrilla - new movie and shots
    49. Japanese software sales, March 2-8: Resi 5 rules supreme
    50. James Hannigan talks videogame soundtrack composition
    51. Rumor: Wii's Monster Hunter offerings require purchase of Hunting Tickets
    52. Klingons spotted in new Star Trek Online shots
    53. Monolith releases Toy Solider DLC shots for F.E.A.R. 2
    54. Japan: Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute releasing alongside Layton film
    1. AMD ships 50 millionth ATI 'Hollywood' graphics processor for Wii
    2. Sony to focus more energy on PSP, says Maguire
    3. Activision targeting a younger, contemporary crowd with DJ Hero
    4. Rockstar details a bit of Chinatown Wars' soundtrack
    5. Epic patches PS3 UTIII a week early, minus a few goodies
    6. Guinness lists GTA and Resident Evil's biggest records
    7. Crytek to demonstrate CryEngine 3 at GDC
    8. Midnight Club: LA South Central slips to March 19
    9. Champions Online to be PC-only at launch
    10. Shigeru Miyamoto felt "sadness" during Nintendo's GameCube era
    11. Activision says Modern Warfare 2 "looks incredible"
    12. Capcom posts previously unreleased Japanese Dark Void trailer
    13. CEO: If we beat NCsoft in court, Blizzard's next
    14. China blocks Wrath of the Lich King release
    15. Sega's Winter Olympics game - first trailer
    16. Star Ocean producer originally wanted to make erotic games
    17. Two new BUZZ! updates coming for PSN
    18. Software prices may rise also, says Nintendo
    19. Steam extends Unreal Tournament 3: Black sale
    20. Turok 2 was in the works, proof is in the pictures
    21. ActiBlizz applies for Sing Hero trademark
    22. DS breaks 100 million mark worldwide
    23. Save game analysis tool launched for Burnout Paradise PS3 [Update]
    24. Nintendo - We hope consumers understand Wii price rise is for reasons "beyond our control"
    25. Split/Second gets press release, shots, 2010 release date
    26. Nintendo: Wii to rise up to ?20 for UK trade [Update]
    27. Multiplayer details released for Ghostbusters, crossing streams not mentioned
    28. Tiga to UK government: Give us tax breaks or bin 1,700 jobs in five years
    29. Fuel weather trailer shows weather, is pretty
    30. Molyneux: GDC will show what's "really coming up"
    31. GameStation doing 200-store midnight RE5 launch tomorrow
    32. Multiplay PSP Dynasty Warriors confirmed for Euro release
    33. David Jones to keynote Develop 2009
    34. Peggle goes Live
    35. "The most ridiculously in-depth review of Street Fighter IV you will read" - part 1
    36. Housers to receive 2,849,003 shares in Take-Two stock
    37. "Wossy" mentions Fable III, people get excited
    38. First Grand Slam Tennis screens show tennis players
    39. Club Nintendo Australia now open
    40. DS close to breaking 100 million units, say Nikkei
    41. Western outfits hit Live Avatars
    42. Take-Two Q1 earnings call - the full transcript
    43. Biohazard: Darkside Chronicles announced for Wii
    44. Titan Online beta goes live next week, trailer shows nothing
    45. Gameloft bringing Terminator: Salvation to iPhone
    46. Play an early dev version of World of Goo
    47. NBC to offer shows the day after airing on PSN
    48. Star Trek D·A·C to be released on PSN and XBLA in May
    49. Take-Two: "We're the right company for mature content on DS, Wii"
    50. PalTalk sues Microsoft over online gaming patent infringement
    51. Guitar Hero: Metallica co-op video surfaces on YouTube
    52. Mythic to close 43 Warhammer Online servers
    1. Game CEOs make loads more than you do
    2. The BAFTAs - full list of winners
    3. Bioshock 2 site teases "Ghost Lights"
    4. Project Origin getting Toy Soldiers map pack in April
    5. BioShock 2: "Female" Big Daddy shown on Game Informer cover
    6. Watch BAFTA results unfold on Twitter [Update]
    7. GTA IV sales hit 13 million
    8. Take-Two losses increase for Q1, revenues slope up
    9. Take-Two declines to give out The Lost and Damned numbers
    10. BioShock 2 listed as "TBA" platforms
    11. Take-Two confirms fiscal 2009 line-up
    12. GTA IV DLC - second episode confirmed for fiscal 2009
    13. Activision details Wolverine pre-order DLC, new trailer
    14. Ninja Blade demo arrives on Xbox Live
    15. Behemoth to post trailer for "game #3" online next week
    16. Possible Noby Noby Boy update hinted at on official site
    17. EVE Online: Apocrypha goes live
    18. Ensemble was a "victim of its own success" - Bonfire
    19. Turbine hires Ken Surdan as new VP of operations
    20. Dark Void site launches, first trailer
    21. Band kits are most popular of Guitar Hero: World Tour offerings
    22. Dev diary for Assault on Dark Athena explains the game's genesis
    23. The Secret World to be shown at GDC
    24. Insomniac's next game to be PS3 exclusive
    25. Bethesda parent announces "major" MMO recruitment push
    26. Online console gaming pushes up to 25% this year
    27. Behemoth to show next game in Tokyo
    28. Rock Band Wii adds 14 new tracks, gets KISS
    29. EVE Online expansion Apocrypha goes live today
    30. EA launches BattleForge open beta
    31. Killzone 2 designer jumps ship for Splash Damage
    32. Capcom: "Accidental" Resident Evil 5 island review restriction is "not relevant"
    33. Halo 3 back on top of Live play charts
    34. Tomb Raider: Underworld - Lara's Shadow available now
    35. Red Alert PS3 demo in "a couple of weeks"
    36. MotionPlus not included in The Conduit because it didn't "fit"
    37. Kotick: We've seen Wii as an extension of Xbox and PlayStation
    38. Kotick: Get hardware below $199 for "mass market" success
    39. BBFC rates first Silent Hill [Update]
    40. BioShock 2 teaser site updated with very obvious notes
    1. GamePro becomes indie publisher
    2. Pandemic: Battlefront III isn't here
    3. Lara's Shadow gameplay shown in new trailer
    4. Ninja Blade - new shots
    5. Godfather II goes gold
    6. Killzone 2 patch detailed, bosses dev diary released
    7. Rage won't make this year, says id
    8. Insomniac news on the way, says Insomniac
    9. First MadWorld review is a 9/10 [Update]
    10. Sony may sue over Change4Life ad
    11. Annotated GoW III trailer is excuse to watch GoW III trailer again
    12. Burnout Paradise Booster pack out this week
    13. Sacred 2 high elf mount has video, go-faster stripes
    14. Empire denies Killzone 2 second week at top of UK chart
    15. Dawn of War II holds US PC chart for second week
    16. Peggle on XBLA this week
    17. Southpeak joins ESA
    18. Lips patch to stop "white noise" scoring
    19. PGR DLC is Live Deal of the Week
    20. Ocarina is "best game to play today," says Edge
    21. BioShock 2 in next PC Gamer
    22. Xbox UK boss: I don't believe Sony's PSN figures
    23. GTA Chinatown Wars - new trailer shows proper gameplay
    24. Limited edition 12" Mega Drive record compo winner is...
    25. Edge 200 review scores - RE5 and DoW II both get 7
    26. Creative Assembly: Console poses no threat to Total War
    27. EG gives Resident Evil 5 7/10, VG goes with 9 [Update]
    28. Army of Two: The 40th Day - it's real
    1. Big Sisters in BioShock 2, rumours Kotaku
    2. Weekly MMO news round up: Patches, betasm and Mines of Moria preparing for Book 7
    3. Infinity Ward in London for BAFTAs
    4. Falcom announces two new Ys titles
    5. Stalin vs. Martians trailer is the strangest thing ever
    6. Dead Space: Extraction set three weeks before original, says Schofield
    7. Witcher part of the top 100 best-selling PC games
    8. 17% of iPhone's 6,000 games are puzzlers
    9. New Zealand censor wants to prosecute parents who allow "violent" games
    10. Square Enix still working on post-Final Fantasy XI MMO
    1. NWN2 expansion Mysteries of Westagate expected "soon"
    2. The Conduit to be Wii Speak enabled, will not use MotionPlus
    3. "New game announcements" at Resident Evil 5 launch party
    4. Dramatic World in Conflict trailer introduces characters
    5. Rabbi destroys fear of Nazis with World at War
    6. First Boom Blox sequel trailer here now
    7. Debut trailer for Black Rock racer Split/Second released
    8. Mad Max director: Games no longer "poor cousin" to film
    9. LittleBigPlanet Update a bit light this week, loads of bums
    10. BioWare: PS3 is "a really amazing platform to work on"
    11. Resident Evil 5 getting 360-only adverts in UK
    12. Halo Wars spoiled completely in less than two minutes
    13. Capcom releases Seasons trailer for Flock!
    14. Direct2Drive taking 30 percent off its entire Rockstar library
    15. REM, Offspring and Richard Thompson coming to Rock Band
    16. Resident Evil 5 - Full video of island section banned from UK reviews
    17. First Resident Evil 5 reviews - IGN goes with 9.0, 9.0 and 8.7
    18. Steam adding new map and achievements to Red Orchestra
    19. Bethesda hires new marketing and PR director, Sarah Seaby
    20. World of Goo now on $5 on Steam
    21. Red vs Blue creators take on City of Heroes
    22. Change4Life ad has some up in arms
    23. Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile hitting UK this summer
    24. DLC for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts coming soon
    1. Rise Against to rock Guitar Hero fans with unreleased single
    2. US PS Movie Store has Rocky V, Transporter 3 coming up
    3. Capcom: Wii's Resi Evil fans will be "very happy very soon"
    4. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box heading to Steam
    5. Capcom tells UK Resident Evil 5 reviewers to blank island section [Update]
    6. Anthropologist says Resident Evil 5 racism claims are "silly"
    7. inFamous due June, demo confirmed
    8. BioShock 2 teaser site updated with note from '67
    9. Rumor: Army of Two sequel titled "The 40th Day"
    10. Rumor: Activision to release Guitar Hero 5 and Hard Rock: Van Halen in 2009
    11. Yasuhara working on 30th birthday Pac-Man game
    12. Patcher: The Lost and Damned has sold one million so far
    13. Atari hands out shots and an MP3 for Afro Samurai
    14. Street Fighter IV drawing is most valuable game art ever created
    15. LucasArts and ActiBlizz renew publishing deal
    16. Valve releases patch notes for today's Team Fortress 2 update
    17. Sigourney Weaver wanted in on Ghostbusters game too late
    18. Virtua Tennis 2009 - first movie
    19. Legends of Wrestlemania - large asses grind in video
    20. Entire Wanted: Weapons of Fate demo played through in video
    21. Inafune and Suda51 to speak at Nordic Game 2009
    22. Legends of Wrestlemania - 28 shots
    23. Wanted: Weapons of Fate - 31 shots
    24. New PSP colours launch in the UK
    25. Days of Arcade promo hits Live on March 18
    26. 200th Edge issue to have 200 covers
    27. New Black Rock racer titled Split Second
    28. I am Alive pulled from Darkworks to Ubi Shanghai
    29. SCEE - No PS3 birthday bundles for the UK
    30. Rumour: Bioshock 2 site gives up more from map
    31. Gamestop stock battered as Amazon enters used game market
    32. US PSN update, March 5
    33. Euro PSN update, March 5
    34. Dragon Age novel brings new shots
    35. EA trademarks "Visceral Games"
    36. Square: Game storytelling can surpass film
    37. Lara's Shadow DLC shown in video
    38. First Ruffian concept art is a big red monster
    39. Japanese hardware sales, February 23 - March 1: PS3 beats everything
    40. GameStop shows little concern over Amazon's used game program
    41. CoD:World at War hosts another double XP weekend
    42. Explore the Poeta zone in latest Aion trailer
    43. New Grimm and Rogue Trooper free on GameTap for limited time
    44. Best Buy postpones UK debut until next year
    45. Sumner and Shari Redstone subpoenaed over Midway sale
    1. Codename Panzers: Cold War multiplayer demo up on official site
    2. Tales of Valor trailer shows SS Tank in action
    3. "Other" Red Steel 2 shown in concepts
    4. Steam offering a free trial weekend for UT3 Black
    5. BioShock 2 teaser site launched [Update]
    6. Banner on Army of Two site teases sequel
    7. inFamous trailer "I am Scared" has little girl narrating
    8. Will Wright to keynote SIGGRAPH
    9. PS3 Age of Booty now has Trophies, a demo
    10. Amazon enters used videogame market
    11. Dawn of War II debuts at top of global PC charts
    12. EA: Dead Space and Mirror's Edge will eventually be considered successful
    13. MGO SCENE expansion pre-orders start March 10
    14. San Diego declares March 16 Sony Online Entertainment Day
    15. GameQuarry declares Ubisoft to be "least consistent" publisher
    16. Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits revisits franchise favorites
    17. Team17 to give exclusive look at Alien Breed Evolution during GDC
    18. Demigod dev diary shows tons of in-game footage
    19. Blizzard wants your input on upcoming Diablo II patch
    20. UT3 Titan pack released for PC
    21. Beatles Rock Band game dates, priced, titled
    22. The Pitt confirmed for March 24, three new shots
    23. Watch unlockable Mercenaries Mode for Resident Evil 5
    24. Wheelman - 10 minutes of direct-feed play
    25. Wheelman - 14 exclusive screens
    26. A Boy and his Blob gets video
    27. Tekken 6 tech "may affect development of the next iteration" of Xbox
    28. Burnout Paradise Toys Pack to cost $12.99/12.99/?9.99/1000 MS
    29. Wheelman, Wrestlemania and Wanted demos hit Live
    30. Gamespot UK hits 4.5 million UU
    31. Relentless secret project is a social game for PSN, says producer
    32. Square UK: Star Ocean "has not been delayed"
    33. Metal Gear Solid Touch gets more shots
    34. Left 4 Dead DLC - four movies
    35. PS3 passes 2 million, PSP over 3 million in the UK
    36. Fallout 3 patch boosts 360 graphics
    37. PS2 enters tenth year of life
    38. PS3 UT3 Titan Pack delayed two weeks
    39. Japanese software sales, February 23 - March 2: The Yakuza win edition
    40. Home: Capcom Q&A, Resident Evil 5 game space announced
    41. A Boy and His Blob officially announced
    42. Rock Band will run out of Warner music by the end of the year
    43. First screens for Mines of Moria expansion's Book 7
    44. Worms on XBLA will have Avatar support, is titled Worms 2: Armageddon
    1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope delayed until June in UK
    2. Dundee 360 developer working on "MMO" [Update]
    3. Empire: Total War launch trailer looks epic
    4. Rockstar: No exact Lost and Damned figures "at this point"
    5. DirectX 10 and Vista required for Stormrise PC
    6. Voltion lay-offs will effect "core" staff, says THQ
    7. Nintendo Power teases June release for Wii MotionPlus
    8. Infinity Ward comms boss debunks rumored Modern Warfare 2 info
    9. Gamers may soon be controlling drones for the RAF
    10. Batman: Arkham Asylum will be a Windows Live title
    11. EA to announce new project for Army of Two devs next week
    12. Demon's Souls is in English, just in case you want to import it
    13. Report: Square and Eidos agree buyout terms
    14. FFXIII site gets more shots, new characters
    15. Need for Speed Shift - new shots
    16. US Xbox Live Activity for the Week of February 23
    17. Warner releases loads of Terminator: Salvation shots
    18. Guerrilla to potentially alter Killzone 2's controls
    19. Designer needed for "new Halo experience" at Microsoft
    20. Croal quits Newsweek
    21. Capcom: Downloads "absolutely" more important to PC games than retail
    22. Riddick: Dark Athena - 10 minutes of direct-feed gameplay
    23. HAWX delayed for PC
    24. Riddick PS3 demo "coming soon," says Atari
    25. Watchmen demo and full game hit PSN [Update]
    26. Riddick: Dark Athena demo - 16 hi-res shots
    27. Riddick: Dark Athena demo hits Live
    28. QuakeCon registration opens on March 6
    29. LittleBigPlanet drops to below ?18 at Play and Tesco [Update]
    30. A Boy and his Blob remake shown in Nintendo Power
    31. Batman: Arkham Asylum gets new screens
    32. New Wheelman movie shows bikes, shooting
    33. Activision on the scout for acquisitions, says Griffith
    34. Volition drops 39 full-time staff, 47 temps
    35. Diablo III screens show the same staircase, are still sweet
    36. Rumour: Modern Warfare 2 features leaked
    37. PSP will play other formats' games, says Koller
    38. Ubisoft - World in Conflict: Soviet Assault no longer coming to consoles
    39. AT&T and Blizzard renew hosting vows
    40. Savannah, Georgia offers free office space to developers
    41. Warhawk community to get access to more features
    42. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard arrives at retail
    43. Watch mine level footage from Resident Evil 5
    44. ESA offering double scholarships to minorities and women
    45. Grand Slam Tennis screens show a screaming Roger Federer
    46. Relentless will self-publish new title, still close to Sony
    1. Codemasters VP: "We are not going to make cheap, crappy ports" for Wii
    2. Midway: "There’s definitely interest in Mortal Kombat"
    3. USA Today launches game blog
    4. OTX's Nick Williams: Only 1/3 of God of War purchasers own a PS3
    5. NXE to be mandatory update for new games
    6. Tiga: UK developers are at a "severe competitive disadvantage"
    7. Possible Deus Ex 3 shots show up on Eidos forums
    8. Choppa and Slayer invade Warhammer Online
    9. God of War III concept art shows fire titan
    10. EA hopes Sony's future gets a little brighter
    11. Atlantica Online opening new server to meet extra demand
    12. Miscrosoft unsure about Netflix coming to UK
    13. More Master Chief may be in Halo's future
    14. King of Fighters XII confirmed for July on 360 and PS3
    15. Queen, Hendrix coming to Guitar Hero: World Tour this month
    16. Metal Gear 5 and Trico for GDC? Nope...
    17. 360 was "the only way" Capcom could break into the West, says Inafune
    18. What the first 10 in-game minutes of HAWX looks like
    19. Wondercon 09 goes to Hell with Dante's Inferno
    20. Capcom releases free online SFIV manual
    21. Warner to Rock Band: We want more money
    22. drops Avatar star system
    23. European DSi unboxed, looks like a DSi
    24. Burnout Paradise Toy Cars Pack out this Thursday
    25. Western Ninja Blade demo - first 11 minutes in video
    26. Perry calls Koller out on "PSP2" UMD claims
    27. Atkinson delaying public debate on 18+ games rating in Australia
    28. New owner: Midway "hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate"
    29. Klingon Raptor ship class unveiled for Star Trek Online
    30. Ready at Dawn: We know nothing about new PSP
    31. Rumour: King of Fighters XII for PS3 this summer
    32. Infinite combo loops found in Street Fighter IV
    33. US court throws out Gibson Guitar Hero case
    34. Halo Wars: Universe Expanded vidoc - parts 2 and 3 released
    35. Nintendo: DSi was region-coded thanks to international age ratings
    36. Yakuza 3 sells more than 300,000 in first week
    37. Halo 3 sees billionth game played
    38. New FFXIII screens released
    1. Jay Cohen goes to Jerry Bruckheimer's game firm
    2. Sony launches PSP "yourwholeworld" competition
    3. Konami to release PSP double packs in the UK
    4. Take-Two first quarter results for March 10
    5. PS3 Trophies viewable on as of tomorrow
    6. Midway: We're not "going out of our way" to sell Mortal Kombat
    7. BioWare takes on extra Mass Effect 2 staff for Montreal outfit
    8. Midnight Club South Central DLC gets trailered
    9. Dawn of War II takes UK and US PC number one
    10. More PSP-4000 details tell of shoulder play and controls
    11. Killzone 2 takes UK number one
    12. RE5 red controller bundle out March 13
    13. Space Invaders Extreme XBLA - first look
    14. LotRO events planned for April second birthday
    15. VG247 gives you chance to own Mega Drive Ultimate Collection blue vinyl EP
    16. Activision gets new European MD
    17. Whopping FIFA 09 PC update released
    18. See Outrun Online Arcade in video
    19. Watch Tabula Rasa’s final moments
    20. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault gets UK release date
    21. Live boss on gay ban row: We want people to be able to express themselves in a way that can't be misused
    22. Midway selling off Mortal Kombat rights
    23. Radiant Mythology 2 bestselling Japanese game in February
    24. Know what you want in Modern Warfare 2? Tell Infinity Ward
    25. Sony makes it easier to crown your Sackboy
    1. Hickey - THQ has a 50-50 chance of going bankrupt
    2. Need for Speed World Online UI - first shot
    3. Weekly MMO news round-up: D&D turns three, Hello Kitty, WAR gets a forum
    4. ESA boss Gallagher earned $789,929 last year
    5. Get a tour of Uldar in new WoW teaser trailer
    6. Monsters Vs Aliens demo for PC is everywhere
    7. Game Connection confirms 220 exhibitors for GDC
    8. UFC 2009 Undisputed video -- Kongo intro
    9. US SingStar update gets Britney, Vanilla Ice, etc
    10. ESRB unveils Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock
    11. Watch full trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    12. New images released for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
    13. Papaton 2 costumes coming soon for LittleBigPlanet