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March 2011 Archive

    1. Howard: Bethesda's heart is with single-player
    2. InFamous 2 to add oil and ice based powers
    3. Takahashi: Dissidia "has its own challenges"
    4. Sony: PS3 is no longer a "game machine," but an "entertainment media hub"
    5. Rein: Apple could have latest Unreal tech on iDevices within years
    6. Prey 2 to drop portals and gravity shifts for less of a puzzle vibe
    7. Pi Studios reported closed, staff join Category 6, new title already on the way
    8. Dark Angels DLC announced for Dawn of War II - Retribution
    9. Thursday Shorts - part deux: Shinji Mikami action figure, Monster World 4, IL2 Sturmovik, Earthrise, Gears 3
    10. The Third Place: PS3's "AIB" passes Xbox 360 worldwide
    11. THQ confirms staff redundancies at Kaos, Volition
    12. PS3 gets Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pat Rafter as exclusives in Virtua Tennis 4
    13. SK face-off: Epic expects to "be fully vindicated at trial"
    14. Nintendo will "be bringing some fantastic new experiences to" Wii this year, says Honeywell
    15. Confirmed: SOE drops 205 staff, cans The Agency
    16. Publishers complaining Gamefest being so close to EuroExpo will kill show budgets
    17. Quick Shots - Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster concept art
    18. Metacritic ditches plans to assign scores to developers
    19. The Darkness II gets a small developer video
    20. RIFT - Friends can play for free this weekend
    21. L.A. Noire video shows bonus case "A Slip of the Tongue"
    22. There’s not always "a pressing need" to replay story scenarios in a FPS, says Brink dev
    23. Magicka: Vietnam DLC gets a date and first screenshots
    24. Rayne's back in Bloodrayne: Betrayal, coming this summer to PSN and XBL
    25. Rocksteady: 80 percent of Arkham City will be set on Gotham streets
    26. Japanese charts - 3DS loses top hardware spot to PSP
    27. DS, Wii lead European console install base numbers
    28. Quick quotes: Yoshi Ono compares Street Fighter to Premier League football
    29. US court allows Silicon Knights to sue Epic over claims of incomplete Unreal Engine 3
    30. Activision announces Spiderman: Edge of Time
    31. GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz "busted" content-spamming Reddit
    32. PSA: Motorstorm Apocalypse launches in the UK today
    33. Thursday shorts: Virtua Tennis 4 goes PC, Wii video service, RIFT
    34. Rumor: Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch still 2-3 months away
    35. Xenoblade Chronicles making jump to Europe for Wii
    36. Plants vs Zombies DS given May 6 UK date
    37. Cave Story 3D given June release date
    38. BULLETCAST, March 31 – what you need to know now
    39. Full Fable III PC specs confirmed
    40. Megaman Universe canned by Capcom
    41. Japan's games and the quake - the then, now, future
    42. First Saints Row: The Third trailer coming today
    43. Sony Ericsson admits Xperia Play "freight issue," Vodafone and 3 delay UK launch
    44. Easy boss Ben Cousins leaves EA
    45. Hawken gets first mechtastic gameplay trailer
    46. Rare has only tapped 15% of Kinect's potential
    47. Ubisoft granted injunction against THQ's headhunting
    48. Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions to bundle six games
    49. Madden titles to implement concussion system
    1. Goichi Suda would like a new No More Heroes
    2. Toriyama: Final Fantasy leading ladies' looks come second
    3. Hudson bids farewell as Konami merger completes
    4. PlayStation emulator yanked from Android marketplace
    5. Shift 2 Autolog trailer pits pro drivers against each other
    6. Chahi: Innovation died, but digital distribution is bringing it back
    7. Wednesday Shorts 2: Burger Time HD, Age of Conan PhysX, WoW, 3DS vs microwave, SFII is 20, Penny Arcade
    8. Quick Shots: Atlus shows off more of the Cursed Crusade
    9. Kawata on RE: Raccoon City's "third-person shooter" set-up
    10. War in the North trailer describes knocking off heads, severing limbs
    11. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Reverie delayed on Xbox 360
    12. 2K announces value-packed editions of Mafia II
    13. Avalanche "loves" the Just Cause franchise, but a third installment is not its decision
    14. SSFIV 3DS development akin to "a path full of thorns," says Ono
    15. SEGA provides release schedule for Mega Drive Classics on PSN
    16. Evolution Studios gets tech chatty regarding MotorStorm: Apocalypse development
    17. Video - Rod Fergusson gives a play-by-play in Gears 3 beta demo
    18. Report: Steambot Chronicles 2 canceled
    19. Team Meat: Super Meat World "will be out very soon, days away even"
    20. SEGA and Avalanche announce digital download title Renegade Ops
    21. RE: Operation Raccoon City gets first teaser trailer
    22. Report: New disc format for Xbox 360 adds 1GB of space
    23. Epic: For the third Gears of War, less is more
    24. Max Payne 3 get first new screens in two years
    25. EA issues cease and desist on Ultima IV fan projects
    26. F.E.A.R. 3 video shows off story
    27. DiRT 3 Group B trailer goes all slow-motion
    28. Canceled Square game Project Dropship sees light of day
    29. 3DS launch beats DS in US, UK figures coming tomorrow
    30. Mass Effect 3 info dropping next month
    31. EU PS Store update, March 30 - The 3rd Birthday, Chime Super Deluxe, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
    32. Quick quotes: Gordon Freeman is not dead, says Valve
    33. Third Battlefield 3 gameplay vid shows melee, bombs
    34. Nintendo to open new R&D centre in Kyoto
    35. Child of Eden gets new trailer, has bangin' music
    36. Wednesday shorts: Crysis 2, Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club, Fruit Ninja
    37. BioWare holding UK Old Republic community hands-on next week
    38. Hideo Kojima becomes corporate officer at Konami
    39. Battlefield 3 campaign to last 12 hours
    40. Marvel vs Capcom 3 ships 2 million units
    41. BULLETCAST, March 30 – what you need to know now
    42. Insomniac: NGP titles "not something we would develop in-house"
    43. Report: GAME selling 3DS consoles and games bought elsewhere as "pre-owned"
    44. Reynolds: "It's never too late to do a sequel"
    45. French OPM teasing a "big comeback" reveal
    46. Jurassic Park developer diary: Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs
    47. Rumour: Mortal Kombat to employ online pass system
    48. Resistance 3 to support PS Move, Sharpshooter, 3D
    49. Tribes: Vengeance producer "never had a chance" to finish the game
    50. Homefront PC to sport new anti-cheating features this week
    51. Next Minecraft update "soon", wolves and achievements inbound
    52. Fez developer: WiiWare "dismal", not "worth our time and effort"
    1. Xbox Live Indie Games rating manipulation under investigation
    2. Free Realms PS3 delayed by technical difficulties
    3. US PS Store Update, March 29 - Chime Super Deluxe, Moon Diver, Free Realms, more
    4. Quick Shots - Red Johnson's Chronicles introduces new informants
    5. NoA implies 3DS won't see a hardware revision this year
    6. Next Nintendo console unlikely to support 3D
    7. Quick Shots: Tomb Raider HD Trilogy - Lara looks lovely as ever
    8. Darksiders developer contributed to Warhammer 40K: Space Marine
    9. Former Visceral staffer to lead new Crystal Dynamics team
    10. Kinect AI breakthrough could reduce lag, improve accuracy
    11. Quick Shots: RIFT's River of Souls gets screened, a video
    12. "If I was trying to sell $49 pieces of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too," says Rovio
    13. Rumor: Spanish distributor outs possible dates for 3DS releases
    14. More Tuesday shorts: DCUO, inFamous 2, Free Realms, Ocarina, PC sales
    15. "Updated Xbox 360 disc format" is likely piracy fix
    16. Moon Diver hits PSN today, gets a launch trailer
    17. Coming soon to XBL Marketplace: The Lost Hobo King, BFBC2 deals
    18. Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D video shows Jill and Wesker in action
    19. Zipper provides a look at Von Heine Express and Cesspool maps for SOCOM 4
    20. Crytek stomps on rumors of a DX11 patch for Crysis 2
    21. EA looking to hire a "web ninja" for unannounced MMO project
    22. Atari to release Warlords remake on PSN and XBL this summer
    23. Bring your XBL Avatar to life with FigurePrints
    24. Bizarre was "too ambitious" under Activision, says ex-staffer
    25. NFS World adds Team Escape in new update
    26. Quick shots: Stacking: The Lost Hobo King hits April 6
    27. First look at pre-alpha footage from Iron Lore vet's Grim Dawn
    28. XBL Deal of the Week: Arcade Four-Play, other nice sales
    29. Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 to be announced in mid-April
    30. Blue sky no longer - Cutlack shuts down UK Resistance
    31. Choplifter HD to mix original game's "accessibility" with "state of the art graphics and sound"
    32. Rumour: Production on old Disaster Report games ceased
    33. Back to the Future episode two hitting PSN "soon", Ep three now available
    34. L.A. Noire honored as official selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival
    35. PSN to get emergency maintenance tonight
    36. Treyarch hiring for new Call of Duty
    37. Starcraft II hits China on April 6
    38. Divnich: 3DS opening beat DS
    39. ME2's Arrival 'arrives' on Xbox Live Marketplace
    40. Shift 2 reviews go live - get the lot here
    41. Bungie: Activision "really committed to being hands-off" with new IP
    42. Sony Santa Monica job listing looking for "senior online programmer" for "God of War team"
    43. Tuesday shorts: Ex-Koei boss takes over Zynga Japan, Magicka bathrobes, Lady Gaga
    44. Rumour - Take Two casting call links Pedeaston to GTA V
    45. BULLETCAST, March 29 – what you need to know now
    46. Vatra: Silent Hill multiplayer would need to be "compelling and new"
    47. Retailers happy with US 3DS launch
    48. Video - Watch someone dismantle a 3DS
    49. Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga pre-orders to score art book
    50. CESA: Tokyo Game Show won't be canceled, but could be downsized
    51. Sony vs Hotz - Hacker shuns PSN account lie claim
    52. Red Faction: Armageddon US pre-order bonuses detailed
    53. Syndicate: The long saga of EA's is-it-or-isn't-it-real
    54. PlayStation Rewards Program wraps beta, gets delayed indefinitely
    55. Darkspore open beta kicks off
    56. GI goes screen mental on Saints Row: The Third
    57. Metacritic disables dev aggregate score program
    58. BioWare experimenting with Dead Space-like HUD, greater enemy variation for Mass Effect 3
    59. Patent reveals unannounced Wii motorcycle, jet ski games
    60. Ubisoft "probably" had the 3DS longer than other publishers
    61. UK culture secretary: Tax breaks not enough for games industry
    62. Blizzard boss defends Activision's Kotick
    63. XBLA Triple Pack dated for Europe
    64. AMD throws the gauntlet on nVidia's "fastest GPU" claims
    1. CCP shows off EVE Online on mobile devices
    2. Media Molecule offers rare art, in-game item for charity auction
    3. Fils-Aime: No problem with indies, but "get some experience"
    4. Peter Molyneux wants to be involved with the new Syndicate
    5. Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC gets launch trailer
    6. Trip Hawkins in serious shizzle over $20m tax bill
    7. inXile bringing Choplifter HD to PC, PS3
    8. Nintendo makes statements on BSOD, 3D headaches
    9. Killzone live-action short shows prelude to war
    10. New Portal 2 trailer has lack of humans, features robots, is in German
    11. Apple dates WWDC 2011 for same week as E3
    12. New Katamari trademarks filed by Namco Bandai
    13. Analysts to no longer provide NPD sales data
    14. SSFIV: Arcade Edition outed by BBFC
    15. RE: Operation Racoon City out winter for PS3, 360, PC
    16. Resident Evil: Mercenaries to include Revelations demo
    17. Nintendo stands down from not working with garage devs comment
    18. UK charts: Crysis 2 takes top spot from Homefront
    19. Like: VG247 now has Facebook
    20. BULLETCAST, March 28 – what you need to know now
    21. Street Fighter IV gets 3D arcade edition in China
    22. Monday shorts: 3DS wrist charger, Angry Birds movie trailer, more Kinect hacks
    23. Grasshopper's Frog Minutes due soon, more Japan fundraising
    24. Rumour: Mortal Kombat roster image leaked
    25. Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive gameplay trailers celebrate launch
    26. SoE games offering Japan relief donation opportunities
    27. 3DS "black screen of death" error reports creep in
    28. DICE: Shooter competitors are just "treading water"
    29. APB Reloaded to use unique skill assessment system
    1. World of Warcraft data throttled by Canadian ISP
    2. Mortal Kombat to feature DLC characters
    3. Okamiden development team struggled with marketing difficulties
    4. Ignition: "The Japanese market is shrinking"
    5. Volition is "motivating players to destroy everything in sight"
    1. The glasses come off: 3DS launches in the US
    2. Saturday shorts - Evil Ryu, SSFIV 3D, Hulu, STO, Fight Night Champion, sales
    3. Japanese charts, March 14-20: 3DS, Dynasty Warriors 7 win
    4. Rumor: Details on WarHawk 2 outed by Saudi site
    5. US PS movie store update: Star Trek, Father Ted, Ancient Aliens, Event Horizon, Liz Taylor
    6. CCP details EVE Online changes and additions coming this summer with Incarna expansion
    7. Microsoft UK: "Xbox is moving to a broader audience in terms of its market appeal"
    8. Quick shots: L.A. Noire's Elsa Lichtmann
    9. Call of Juarez: The Cartel demo planned, likely for co-op mode
    10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is "like reading a great graphic novel, a page-turner,” says director
    11. Patch for Crysis 2 PC released, removes the auto-aim system
    12. Metacritic starts posting aggregate scores for developers
    13. Reggie shows off 3DS's AR functions on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    14. Cyanide working on Song of Ice and Fire RPG
    15. FOX News tears into Duke Nukem Forever over Capture the Babe
    16. Amanita Design: Three titles announced, Machinarium coming to PSN
    17. Pokemon Black and White move over 2 million copies in two weeks in the US
    18. The Weekly Wrap - Nukem delayed, 3DS mania, Geohot
    1. Remedy: Alan Wake missing PS3 was a "business" and "technological" decision
    2. Witcher 2 system requirements dug up by Polygamia
    3. Ubisoft: The core and "broader audiences will come quickly to the new 3DS"
    4. Huddy: AMD "committed to supporting" DirectX, previous comments were exaggerated
    5. Analyst: Sony could win mobile gaming race with NGP or Xperia Play
    6. PSA: First Strike hits PC for Black Ops, Double XP weekend follows
    7. Slightly Mad moved jobs to Gamagio over unannounced project getting "canned" before it started
    8. Reggie Fils-Aime to guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight
    9. Claudia Wells reprises her role as Jennifer in Back to the Future's third episode
    10. Kummer: People may expect things that "simply aren’t there," due to Dead Island's trailer
    11. Select US Walmart stores accepting trade-ins for 3DS
    12. Friday shorts II - Death, Dragonforce, DOW2, F1 2011, Jedi, sales
    13. O2 Xperia Play UK release delayed
    14. River City Ransom 2 coming to WiiWare this summer
    15. Motorstorm Apocalypse to get steering wheel support
    16. Nintendo confirms Amazon 3DS pre-orders are double Wii's pre-orders
    17. Launch video for Shift 2 released
    18. EA Games boss: We haven't forgotten old IPs
    19. Boon: “We think we’ve done Kratos justice" in Mortal Kombat
    20. Amazon UK says "thousands" of 3DS consoles sent to customers, others accuse it of delivery flub-up
    21. Mortal Kombat tag team video shows ninjas versus cyborgs
    22. Rise of Nightmares detailed by ESRB: impaling, folks cut in half, pasties
    23. Dead or Alive Dimensions gameplay vids show off gameplay, cinematics
    24. Crysis 2's first 20 minutes gets capped - see it in HD now
    25. Nintendo's 3D revolution: "I have to get this console"
    26. Nintendo UK warns of 3DS price-rise, but no stock shortage this weekend
    27. 3DS UK launch - Unboxing video, hardware shots and GAME midnight launch in Derry
    28. BULLETCAST, March 25 – what you need to know now
    29. Friday shorts: Diablo III, RIFT, Black Ops leads Live activity list
    30. Shank developer: Publisher marketing is not enough
    31. Pitchford explains Duke Nukem Forever delay
    32. Melbourne to host official Australian 3DS launch
    33. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass due in April
    34. Android in-app purchases coming next week
    35. Ubisoft hiring for Assassin's Creed encyclopaedia
    36. Gamersfirst to open Edinburgh studio
    37. Splinter Cell: Conviction arrives on Mac in Australia and Europe
    38. Rayman 3D launch trailer brings the cheer
    1. Ed Fries to keynote Nordic Game 11
    2. Mass Effect comics to return to series timeline
    3. Class action: SCEA removed PS3 Other OS to save money
    4. First freemium XBLA title inbound - Dungeon Fighter Online
    5. NPD: Guitar Hero 3 top-selling game in the US with LtD sales of $830.9 million
    6. 3DS launches in the UK - pics, details from HMV event
    7. New Dungeon Siege III trailer introduces Katarina
    8. Homefront ships 2.4 million worldwide, sells 1 million units
    9. Shepard alone in final Mass Effect 2 DLC, Cerberus News updates leaked
    10. Thursday shorts - the sequel: Tanks, Divinity II, SWG, KZ3 contest
    11. Pachter, HMV, more explain Nintendo 3DS UK Pricing
    12. SCEA to transfer its online services, including PS wallet and funds, to SNEA
    13. Crysis 2 PC multiplayer workaround issued until patch releases
    14. 3DS EU launch: All hardware, software reviews rounded-up
    15. Gaider explains the different romantic choices in Dragon Age II
    16. First worldwide, fully dynamic conflict event hitting RIFT March 30
    17. Nintendo: 3DSWare logo "simply a placeholder," not a thing
    18. GameStop financials: Digital PC and console sales up 61% YoY to $290 million
    19. GameStation defends "sexist" advertisments
    20. Final Fantasy Type-0 gets new screens
    21. Report - Resident Evil: Racoon City announced in US OXM
    22. New Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer shows off ways to play
    23. Downloadable Resident Evil 4, Code Veronica HD get western release this fall
    24. Nintendo: 3DS on track for 200k UK sales this weekend
    25. Ono: Darkstalkers reboot petition needs to hit at least 500k, SF x Tekken 3DS port "next step"
    26. New Hunted gameplay movie shows power of two
    27. Sky to air 3DS London launch party tomorrow
    28. F1 2011 gets September launch, NGP and 3DS versions confirmed
    29. Beyond parody - Duke Nukem Forever delayed into June
    30. Tesco, Currys slash 3DS price to sub-?180
    31. Ludwig DLC for The Undergarden brings two new levels
    32. BULLETCAST, March 24 – what you need to know now
    33. Rumour - Forza 4 to feature 500 cars, Kinect casual mode
    34. First Resident Evil Revival Selection screens get out
    35. Thursday shorts: The Old Republic, Game and Watch, EVE Online
    36. Ubisoft says 3DS is "powerful," has Unreal Engine up-and-running
    37. Final Fantasy III arrives on App Store, is fantastically expensive
    38. Battlestar Galactica set to pull 1 million each month
    39. The Witcher: Versus storms App Store, immediately goes on sale
    40. Konami yet to rule on Hudson games
    41. Hotz on South American "vacation," lawyer fights back
    42. Night Trap controversy indirectly led to Petz series
    43. Netherrealm: Mortal Kombat's gameplay "keeps people coming back"
    44. Catherine's animations to match English voice acting
    45. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls coming to US, EU PSN
    46. Raven CoD contributions mentioned in designer job ad
    47. The First Templar dated and trailered
    1. Battlefield 3's hand-to-hand combat shown off at C2E2
    2. Blizzard plots World of Warcraft guild transfer service
    3. Nielsen: Wiis make up 59% of consoles in US living rooms
    4. Zynga Poker hacker gets two years for stealing $11 million
    5. Make Something Unreal darlings sign commercial UE3 deal
    6. GAME one ups HMV in UK 3DS launch war
    7. 3DSWare revealed by Nintendo Greece
    8. ESRB comments on Dead Island's modified US cover art
    9. DiRT 3 video shows off the Kenya Sprint Rally
    10. SEGA USA auctions rare stuff for Japanese earthquake relief
    11. GDC classic game post-mortem talks now free to watch online
    12. Stronghold 3 delayed into the summer
    13. Playstation Home gets a ton of new virtual pets
    14. Mafia II Director's Cut listed on Amazon
    15. Ubisoft opens online 3DS Portal
    16. Report - Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC being co-developed by Nixxes
    17. THQ confirms Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for August
    18. Mad Catz confirms 3DS accessory Line-Up
    19. Gothic 4 expansion "indefinitely" delayed, publisher in trouble
    20. Shift 2 licensed soundtrack features Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Bravery
    21. Tax loophole closure could see UK online game prices rise
    22. UKIE welcomes budget changes
    23. Patapon 3 gets new trailer, website
    24. Trion-ScFy MMO collaboration is 'Defiance'
    25. Mortal Kombat Kratos gameplay trailer has lots of gore, QTEs
    26. EALA hiring for "unannounced third-person shooter"
    27. Dead Island: "There is an apocalypse happening"
    28. Pachter: Battlefield 3 has "no prayer" in toppling Call of Duty this year
    29. Quantic Dream "staying exclusive to PlayStation" for foreseeable future, says Cage
    30. Quick shots - New Dead Island screens are free of child murder
    31. Osborne confirms 200% R&D tax credits rise
    32. Amazon: 3DS pre-orders 71% higher than PS3's
    33. EU PS store update, March 23 - Strong Bad, DCUO, Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Dissidia Prologus
    34. Evil Ryu hits Japanese arcades this week
    35. GOING LOCO: Hacker Hotz feels heat, hides in South America
    36. 3DS launch: Ono confirmed for HMV London midnight opening
    37. Wednesday shorts: inFamous 2 dated for Japan, StarCraft II patched, Angry Birds free on PC
    38. FEAR 3 to release on May 27 in the UK
    39. PlayStation 3 celebrates birthday, turns four in Europe
    40. Rumour - Potential GTA V web domains unearthed
    41. Dead or Alive: Dimensions to be distributed by Nintendo in Europe
    42. DC Universe Online now available from US PSN
    43. Splinter Cell Trilogy US release delayed into June, UK launch within first-half 2011
    44. Report - Spec list for Operation Flashpoint: Red River announced
    45. BULLETCAST, March 23 – what you need to know now
    46. No subscription needed for Torchlight MMO, says Runic
    47. First Madden NFL 12 trailer teases new stuff
    48. Gameloft announces "Backstab" as Xperia Play timed-exclusive
    49. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D gets Japanese release date, co-op
    50. Homefront Aussie servers to be doubled
    51. Swarm launch trailer gets shouty, violent, and pink
    52. Wednesday Shorts: Diablo III art, MvC 3 patched, Minecraft store, more
    53. Memories of Blizzard competition opens
    54. Western games dominate Japanese developers' best of 2010 list
    55. Rumour: Bomberman, other Hudson 3DS titles canceled
    56. Devil Survivor 2 announced for DS
    57. Famitsu leak teases Resident Evil Revival Selection
    58. Rumour: Two Kojima Productions announcements for E3
    59. Cousens: "There is no such thing as a casual shooter fan"
    60. Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition released
    1. SOCOM 4 beta schedule released
    2. Camarillo: Crysis 2 is PC brought to consoles, "not the other way around"
    3. US PS Store Update, March 22 - Legend of Mana, Hoard, NFS DLC bundle
    4. Angry Birds Rio free on Amazon's Appstore for Android
    5. Quick Shots - X-Men Destiny's Aimi Yoshida
    6. Report: Asian games industry still fuelled by Internet cafe culture
    7. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Togther the top selling PSP game in US in February
    8. Falcom aiming to ship new RPG at NGP launch
    9. Microsoft: More Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza on the way, surprises due at E3
    10. Rumour - Steam video recorder coming "very soon," iOS and Android support feasable
    11. Ready at Dawn job posting points to new triple-A console IP
    12. Valve updates to use Skype's audio codec for voice chat
    13. Pokemon Global Link launch delayed
    14. Final Fantasy XI and XIV back online this Friday
    15. Quick shots: Dynasty Warriors 7's story mode
    16. Super Stardust HD to get 'Impact Mode' DLC
    17. Alice: Madness Returns rated for the UK
    18. Portal 2 hypes up with Panels trailer
    19. New Spider-Man game to debut at WonderCon
    20. Chaos confirmed for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine
    21. Nintendo dishes out AR shirts to early 3DS adopters
    22. Sony: PS3 the home for 3D entertainment
    23. Tricia Helfer to return in Mass Effect 3
    24. Dragon Age II down to $40 on Amazon today, other games reduced
    25. Nintendo UK: 3DS pre-ordered twice as much as Wii
    26. Microsoft: House Party-like events for PC will come "eventually"
    27. Vodafone starts pre-orders for Xperia Play
    28. New Op Flash trailer is all about getting shot
    29. Quick shots: The original GTA design document
    30. Motorstorm Apocalypse gets March 31 UK release
    31. Back to the Future Episode 3 launching next week on PC
    32. 55% of 360 owners have bought a digital title, says EEDAR
    33. European iPad 2 priced ahead of Friday launch
    34. Easy boss Cousens: $60 games are "exploitative"
    35. Crysis 2 MC average beats both KZ3 and Bulletstorm
    36. Tuesday shorts: NFS: Hot Pursuit, Op Flash: Red River, EA and NPD
    37. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One gets new trailer
    38. BULLETCAST, March 22 – what you need to know now
    39. US Arkham City pre-order goodies partially detailed
    40. Witcher 2: Gop shrugs off "dumbing down" accusations
    41. Milo & Kate video shows off environments
    42. Diablo III may slow Torchlight development, World of Warcraft rules out subscriptions
    43. David Cage: Game creators should write stories about themselves - not space marines
    44. Director: Dead Space movie still in production, prequel idea "didn't quite work out"
    45. Dead Island's US release to feature toned-down cover art
    46. Ex-EA mobile publisher doesn't like Activision's transition chances
    47. Xperia Play games to cost ?1-?10, including PSOne Classics
    48. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars gameplay walkthrough released
    49. Section 8: Prejudice trailer goes behind the scenes at TimeGate
    50. 2K Sports decries "sexy" Top Spin 4 video - watch it now
    51. Dawn of War II content update due in April
    52. Konno: 3DS eShop delayed for qualitative concerns
    53. BioWare cautions against SWTOR beta scams
    1. APB Reloaded beta reaches 250,000 applicants
    2. Nintendo to install 6,000 3DS kiosks in the US
    3. Hints on Quantic Dream's next project
    4. Tekken producer: Arcades are "quite extinct" in the US and Europe
    5. Perfect Dark Core: Rare's canceled mech-action prototype
    6. Black Ops: First Strike hitting PC this Friday
    7. New Trine 2 trailer sweetens delay
    8. Crysis 2 plugs it in, turns you on, throws hands in the air
    9. gamescom 2011 tickets go on sale
    10. Dev shoots down Silent Hill multiplayer rumour
    11. Michael Jackson The Experience - PS3 and 360 screens and movies
    12. 3DS "not going to be competing" on mobile game prices, says Nintendo
    13. 1,200 stores to open for 3DS launch in UK and Ireland
    14. Madden NFL 12 cover to be fan-picked
    15. 3DS's EU and US launches this week – all the details
    16. New Xbox hardware in 2015? "It's not real," says designer
    17. Monday shorts: Rovio going public, EVE Online, 3DS
    18. Minor PSN maintenance happening today
    19. Rumour - Internal Microsoft video shows off "future of PC gaming"
    20. Capcom blanks Street Fighter X Tekken Captivate "confirmation"
    21. Blizzard: Diablo III may cannibalize WoW audience before Titan
    22. UK charts: Homefront enters at number one
    23. BULLETCAST, March 21 – what you need to know now
    24. First Hitman 5 screen revealed through ARG, E3 reveal likely
    25. Kinect hacked to work with PS3, plays Killzone 3
    26. Crysis 2 story bridged by prequel comic mini-series
    27. WWE All-Stars demo dated, character creation trailer released
    28. Trion responds to RIFT security fears
    29. Hulst: Killzone 3 is Guerrilla's first "veteran" project
    1. Crytek had to 'rip CryEngine apart' for multi-platform
    2. Slam Bolt Scrappers dev diary recounts indies' gamble
    3. Dell and Sony DADC drop out of PC Gaming Alliance
    4. Levine not keen on motion control, but likes 3D
    5. Sony faces "misrepresentation" accusations in hack case
    6. Arrowhead teases Magicka multiplayer, Vietnam influences discussed
    7. Dragon Age II SecuROM debate continues
    8. No Collectors Edition for LA Noire, says Rockstar
    9. First Prey 2 info gets out, inspired by Mirror's Edge
    1. Saturday shorts - Tribes: Ascend, Xbox phone, EA goes green, Dungeons, Cthulhu goes long, SWTOR
    2. Japanese charts, March 7-13: 3DS still tops, Dynasty Warriors 7 crowned winner
    3. XBLIG developers would like MS to add Achievements, a new storefront, offline play
    4. Former EA exec believes Microsoft’s in much better shape than its competitors
    5. Multiplayer modes detailed for Duke Nukem Forever
    6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution video shows "multi-path, multi-solution gameplay"
    7. Rumor - Konami investigating a separate Downpour chapter devoted entirely to multiplayer
    8. Saints Row: The Third - Have a look at the Syndicate's leader, Phillipe Loren
    9. Red Faction: Battlegrounds hitting US April 5, Plus members get it free
    10. Cage: "We need to talk about emotions and work on stories that appeal to all people"
    11. US PS movie store update: The Fighter is new, Best of Robot Chicken sale
    12. DICE “thinking about” Move and 3D for Battlefield 3 on PS3
    13. Lionhead has "a very clear idea where Fable will go in the future"
    14. Film treatment for canned Fallout movie turns up
    15. FF Type-0's Ace and Queen detailed through Jump scan
    16. Angry Birds has become the new Super Mario Bros, says mobile game developer
    17. Digital Extremes explains the use of demon arms in The Darkness II
    18. Kevin Butler develops SHAFT method for trash talking in MLB 11 The Show
    19. Xbox Live doesn't have enough active users for Zynga to bother with it
    20. Quick shots - From Dust: More screens from Ubi's hands-on event
    21. The Weekly Wrap: March 13-19 - Homefront, Jaffe, more
    1. Friday shorts la segunda parte: Kylie, Molyneux, Mario, Minecraft perv, Boondock Saints
    2. Sony: Donate to the Japan tsunami effort with PSN wallet
    3. Insomniac: "Core audience isn’t really expanding much," industry needs to broaden the audience
    4. Chime Super Deluxe hitting PSN at the end of March
    5. Global Agenda is on sale, all proceeds go to The Red Cross
    6. Shift 2: Unleashed video features the Corvette C6.R GT1, Tommy Milner
    7. "Traditional developers are coming around to the opportunities of Facebook," says Brathwaite
    8. Packaged NGP games will get day-one digital release
    9. Level-5 expects to make 20 announcements at Vision in August
    10. Video for The Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater is undeniably awesome
    11. Sony delays MotorStorm Apocalypse release in the US
    12. River City Ransom 2 hitting consoles this summer
    13. LBP2: Costumes, stickers, and a Move update on the horizon
    14. Mortal Kombat's Raiden gets a gameplay video
    15. Quick shots: L.A. Noire screens show the high-life of 1947
    16. Gears of War 3 still tops on UK and US purchase intent charts
    17. Sony has moved over 3 million PS3 units in France since launch
    18. Into the Pixel accepting submissions for 2011 exhibit
    19. Duke Nukem Forever gets a tarty schoolgirls gameplay video from PAX East
    20. DirectX stifling PC performance, says AMD
    21. EA confirms March 29 release for Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC
    22. Shift 2 inspired by Bizarre, says Slightly Mad
    23. Bethesda: New Vegas DLC report "incorrect", more info "soon"
    24. Nintendo doesn't want to work with garage devs, says Reggie
    25. Mortal Kombat 'Kollectors' Edition announced by Warner
    26. Back to the Future Ep 2 hitting PSN on March 29
    27. Blizzard: Old Republic can grow MMO market "if done right"
    28. The morning BULLETCAST - what you need to know now
    29. Square Enix cans Gun Loco
    30. Friday shorts: StarCraft II gets beta tested for China, Dragon Age II patch, Monday Night Combat
    31. Rocksteady: Multiplayer would have "compromised" Arkham City
    32. Homefront GM: “There are things we'd like to do better”
    33. EA pulls Crysis 2 PS3 demo, aims for "flawless" launch
    34. Gameloft takes aim at WoW with Order & Chaos iOS MMO
    35. Achievements reveal Stacking "Lost Hobo King" DLC
    36. Sucker Punch: Gamers expect social features
    37. DreamRift: Publishers not keen on new DS IP
    38. Darkspore officially delayed until April, more betas announced
    1. Captain America and Thor to see 3DS versions
    2. Homefront multiplayer patches inbound
    3. Molyneux: Gaming is changing "incredibly fast"
    4. Villain's safehouse explored in DC Universe Online trailer
    5. Microsoft: Games on Demand about "convenience," not thrift
    6. Valve's in-house Portal 2 ad the result of "copycat" agency treatments [Update]
    7. Analyst stands by 1.5 million Homefront sales prediction
    8. Mythos UK release date announced
    9. Housemarque's side-scroller Outland hitting PSN this spring, has online co-op
    10. Thursday shorts 2.0: Anarchy Reigns, PC sales, NASCAR, Tom Clancy, Volition
    11. RIFT outs Alsbeth the Discordant
    12. Molyneux wants people to focus more on upcoming talent, likes Minecraft
    13. Machinarium creator to speak at GameCityNights next week
    14. The Crysis 2 Experience Part 3: Gatekeepers video
    15. BioWare releases another Mass Effect 2 DLC teaser
    16. Rumor - More Fallout: New Vegas DLC to hit as soon as next week
    17. Quick shots - Happy St. Patrick's Day from Prototype 2
    18. Play Crysis 2 demo with Crytek this weekend
    19. World of Tanks invades Europe and US on April 12
    20. "We want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence or a lucky shot," says Cage
    21. Warner signs long-term agreement to use Unreal for game development
    22. No "specific timeline" for Marketplace release, says Blizzard
    23. Quick shots - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    24. THQ doesn’t want to do away with the pre-owned market
    25. Beyond Good & Evil HD on PSN nets US'ers free Avatar goodies
    26. SWARM gameplay trailer is full of suicidal blue fellas
    27. PEGI explains its reasoning for handing WeDare a 12-rating
    28. HOARD date and price announced for Steam
    29. Nelson reboots blog, adds tiger picture
    30. Visible War: Hands-on with Deus Ex: HR's first two hours
    31. Sony given permission to subpoena George Hotz's PayPal records
    32. Emotional Molyneux lauds BAFTA in Fellowship speech
    33. Atari announced as TERA's North American publisher
    34. 3DS is Amazon UK's most pre-ordered console of all time
    35. Pachter: Post-thanksgiving Madden NFL 12 release would "impact" sales
    36. Quick shots: LA Noire screens detail Stefan Bekowsky
    37. Thursday shorts: Braben and Metacritic for journalists, fart jar for SR3
    38. GAME announces Gamefest consumer show for UK
    39. Dragon Quest IX ships 5.3 million units
    40. Japan quake update: Disruption, charity continues
    41. The morning BULLCAST - what you need to know now
    42. Hans Zimmer to contribute to Crysis 2 soundtrack
    43. New Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime title takes to the high seas on 3DS
    44. Petroglyph: Strength of MOBA is in immediate competitive action
    45. Steam Guard officially launches
    46. Play Black Ops with Treyarch on the PSN
    47. Fez trailer shows off gameplay footage
    48. EA: Tiger Woods PGA hasn't "hit the limits on the Wii"
    49. Company of Heroes Online disables new sign ups
    50. Tabata: PSP restricted The 3rd Birthday development
    51. Quick Shots - Dead Island tantalises with ten new screens [Update]
    52. Activision vs EA, West and Zampella case given the go head
    53. Report: Square Enix to open new Canadian studio
    54. Ubisoft: 3DS "brilliant" for third party
    55. Oblivion's horse armour still selling
    1. Thief designer Doug Church joins Valve
    2. Wedgwood: Brink will make multiplayer with strangers fun
    3. Rockstar didn't enter Red Dead Redemption for the BAFTAs
    4. Hines: Graphics do matter, you liars
    5. Homefront sells 375,000 on day one in North America
    6. Wednesday Shorts, again: No PS4 talk, AssCreed the movie, Blizzard remains mum, EverQuest is 12
    7. First impressions and screens of Eric Chahi's From Dust
    8. Wipeout in the Zone hitting Kinect this summer
    9. Mass Effect 2 wins BAFTA for Best Game
    10. Crytek talks up Crysis 2 as multiplayer demo hits PSN
    11. More possible clues pointing to Hitman 5 surface
    12. Euro PS Store update, March 16 - Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, Jill Valentine, PS Plus additions
    13. EA aiming for over $40 million in digital revenue for ten of its franchises
    14. SCEA doesn't think it "makes sense," to do away with standard game controllers
    15. Dissidia 012 Prologus launching in Europe next week
    16. The Dark Knight Returns: Rocksteady riddles Arkham City
    17. Avalanche poised to announce its first multiplayer game for PSN and XBLA
    18. Around 1.5 million have signed up for SWTOR beta
    19. Homefront 2 single-player will be longer if it can be balanced with multiplayer, says Kaos
    20. Carmack: Bar 360, "PS3 still far away better than anything else ever made"
    21. Prototype 2 details slip out of EGM
    22. Sony considering Home connectivity with NGP
    23. Second Battlefield 3 gameplay video goes prone for sniper
    24. EG Expo early entry tickets sell out, line-up announcements after E3
    25. GamesAid Develop poker tournament registration opens
    26. Rumour - Ubi-sponsored NGP survey suggests $350 price
    27. Gears boss: It's "really hard" to do technical betas
    28. Quick shots - Ridge Racer 3DS shots get out
    29. NPD to include digital sales data in future reports
    30. Euro morning news bulletin – March 16, 2011
    31. Fighting the Homefront - THQ's biggest gamble to date
    32. Wednesday shorts: City of Heroes, RIFT, MMA Supremacy
    33. First Prey 2 trailer goes live-action, really fears flying
    34. LittleBigPlanet educational DLC incoming
    35. Doodle Jump hits 10 million sales, propelled onto XBLA
    36. Silent Hill: Revelation sees return of original cast members
    37. Halo: Reach added to Xbox Live Games on Demand
    38. Rocksmith debut trailer and screens
    39. Patrick Stewart narrates The Sims Medieval intro
    40. US PS Store Update, March 15 - Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, Dissidia 012 Prologus, more
    41. Australian R18+ debate to be settled in July
    42. Gibeau: Wii is a "legacy" platform, Nintendo will "come back at it"
    1. Crysis 2 contains hidden abilities
    2. Report: Ubisoft soundtrack files sourced from pirates
    3. Metacritic adds iOS section
    4. Street Fighter IV 3D commercial came here to fight
    5. Gibeau: The Old Republic is the first MMO with a story
    6. Homefront server demand "outstripped expectations", analyst predicts "decent" sales
    7. Quick Shots - MLB 11 The Show shines in 50 ways
    8. Grasshopper Manufacture memorialises quake victims with free music release
    9. Kinect may diagnose childhood mental disorders
    10. Alpha test announced for Realm of the Titans
    11. SWTOR will not launch before July 1, says EA
    12. THQ's 26% drop in stock value blamed on Homefront scores
    13. Quick Shots - LOTRO Echoes of the Dead screens show scary gaunt lord
    14. Yakuza 4 launch trailer lands a few kicks
    15. New F.E.A.R. 3 video suggests you beware the Ides of March
    16. Crytek plans to release a CryEngine 3 SDK eventually
    17. Newell: If not for id's support, "Valve wouldn't have gotten its start"
    18. Total War: Shogun 2 reviews go live, get rounded-up
    19. ESRB chart: 5% of games released in US during 2010 were rated Mature
    20. Shogun 2 "multiplayer is absolutely massive," modding out of the box "better than Empire," says dev
    21. EA gushes on how lovely Dead Space looks on iPad 2
    22. Shadows of the Damned, Duke Nukem Forever rated by BBFC
    23. Portal 2 interview discusses play testing, cross-platform co-op
    24. is the only place to get the Digital Premium Edition of The Witcher 2 DRM-free
    25. Dance Central demo now available on Xbox Live
    26. New Arkham City trailer shows first look at gameplay
    27. New Brink trailer shows classes, pre-order bonuses detailed
    28. Roxio Game Capture software being released for PC and consoles
    29. Rocksteady: Arkham City story could be finished in 8 hours
    30. Buy a razor or shaving gel, get DLC for InFamous 2, GT5 and Killzone 3 for PSN
    31. DJ Hero 2 gets indie hip hop DLC
    32. Torchlight day one sales on XBL are best in Runic's history
    33. Bethesda readies for MMO launches with Irish customer centre
    34. Homefront reviews go live - get the full round-up here
    35. Prey 2 mag cover features a dude in a hat
    36. Yerli: New Crytek UK game announce at E3 likely
    37. Report: Zune dead, no more models to be made
    38. Tuesday shorts: Cthulu hits PC this spring, Pachter analyses NPD, Lord British's new game
    39. Analysts: Nearly 1m US iPad 2s sold in opening weekend
    40. Ubisoft announces Rocksmith, will support real guitars
    41. Euro morning news bulletin - March 15, 2011
    42. PAX East sees 69,000 visitors, 2012 event dated
    43. Two Old Republic videos get out from PAX East
    44. Bethesda: Prey 2 not being made with id Tech 5
    45. Report - 1 in 8 US homes own Black Ops
    46. EA: Publishers should "court controversy" if it "matches creative integrity of a game"
    47. PlayStation Move Heroes dated for March 25 in UK
    48. Vicarious, Raven Software, High Moon defend Activision in wake of lay-offs
    49. Jaffe: Twisted Metal reboot was originally PSN title
    50. Four Yakuza 4 videos gameplay videos shows murder, thieves, eviction
    51. BioWare teases ME2 Arrival DLC with screen
    52. EG giving away Battlefield Play4Free beta codes
    53. Xperia Play to launch on April 1 in Europe, new commercial released
    54. US 3DS TV Spot asks you to "look inside"
    55. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC dated and trailered
    56. Report: More cuts at Disney Interactive
    57. InFamous 2 beta sign ups open
    58. EA repeats NPD data crticisms
    1. Quick Shots - Dungeon Siege III screens turn up the special effects
    2. Hayashi: Ninja Gaiden II is "already outdated"
    3. Dance Central DLC includes Weapon of Choice
    4. Okamiden launch trailer changes scale
    5. Battle: Los Angeles launches amid screens and trailer
    6. Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition port hinted at by Korea's Rating Board
    7. Wolpaw: Players don't care about Portal's Chell
    8. Mustard: Infinity Blade's graphics "a one-time deal"
    9. Four minutes of Portal 2 gameplay stolen from PAX
    10. Arkham City gets new concept art
    11. Report: LA Noire takes over 25 hours to complete
    12. Staffer: Canned Starbreeze game was The Bourne Ascendency
    13. Angry Birds downloaded over 100 million times
    14. DCUO priced for European PSN
    15. Jagex developing Transformers MMO
    16. New Operation Flashpoint trailer follows the leader
    17. Prey 2 announced by Bethesda, releasing next year
    18. New Deus Ex: Human Revolution footage gets out from PAX East
    19. Report - New Mass Effect 3 info for Bratislava event
    20. Ubisoft confirms June 17 360 UK date for Child of Eden, PS3 "TBC"
    21. UK retail sees second consecutive YoY loss in 2011
    22. UK charts: Dragon Age II grabs number one from Pokemon
    23. Sega: Kenzan localisation depends on Yakuza 4 success
    24. Parasite Eve confirmed for US PS Store tomorrow
    25. Euro morning news bulletin – March 14, 2011
    26. Japan quake: Sony delays Motorstorm Apocalypse in UK
    27. Hack lets you play Katamari on your favourite websites
    28. Jaffe: Call developers out on artistic pretension
    29. Total War: Shogun 2 trailer teaches multiplayer basics
    30. Rovio: Console games are "dying"
    31. Mortal Kombat Australian appeal lost, RC status upheld [Update]
    32. id Software retrospective traces the rise of FPS
    33. Shakycam double feature: Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2
    34. Fez trailer confirms it's still boggling
    35. A Game of Thrones: Genesis will require "a certain investment" from players
    36. Shadow Complex 2 will happen, but not on iDevices
    37. Quick Shots - Red Faction: Armageddon include explosions
    38. Portal 2 won't require "twitchy ninja skills" to solve
    1. Wrecked: Revenge Revisited revealed as sequel to Mashed: Drive to Survive
    2. Insomniac Games expands to open social gaming division
    3. Swarm to release next week
    4. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime dev diary talks locations
    5. BioShock 2 Protector Trials DLC hits PC Monday
    6. Dragon Age II PC beta patch available
    7. FFXI, FFXIV, Metal Gear Online servers offline
    8. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One enters third dimension
    1. Saturday Shorts - Battle: Los Angeles, DA2 glitch, Men of War, Dead Island music
    2. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II heading to 3DS and PSP later this year
    3. Thief profession in Guild Wars 2 will take a "higher degree of skill to play," says designer
    4. Japanese charts, February 28-March 6: 3DS leads and Dissidia: 012 is tops
    5. PAX East demo of RAGE nets a few new details
    6. Chair calls iPad 2 a "game changer," which allowed it to "crank up" Infinity Blade's looks
    7. Analyst: Kinect bundles outsold Move 5:1 in February
    8. Amazon lists partial PSN updates for March 15 and March 22 - Parasite Eve included
    9. US PS movie store update: Jackass 3, The Inside Job, Anime, sales
    10. BioShock: Infinite - Irrational details Skylines, environment during PAX East talk
    11. Milo storyboard images surface, show secret woods
    12. Homefront trailer gets you ready for launch
    13. Ocarina of Time 3DS is "crammed with interesting things" not in the original
    14. Dragon Age II does not "use SecuROM for the DRM," says BioWare
    15. SWTOR Taral V Flashpoint video walkthrough released
    16. J.K. Simmons lends voice to Portal 2's Aperture Science president and founder Cave Johnson
    17. Red Faction: Armageddon video shows stuff being blown to bits
    18. Prey 2 slated to grace cover of next Joystick magazine
    19. Microsoft reveals number of Achievements unlocked since 2005 - it's a lot
    20. Man gets tossed from roof, flies through city in Prototype 2 video
    21. Child of Eden to be released on June 14
    1. Valve plans to let us in on more of the Portal 2 story soon, says Wolpaw
    2. "Glitch" caused Dragon Age 2 player's account to be banned for 72-hours
    3. Friday Shorts: The Second - Shogun nuggets, The National in Portal 2, Mega Man 3, DNF Boobtube, sales
    4. 3DS and NGP game budgets are "two-to-three times" that of previous handhelds
    5. Quick Shots - The Witcher 2 screens make our fingers itch for some slaying
    6. Tribes: Ascend set to release this year for PC, XBL
    7. Jurassic Park's story is seperate from the films, but contains the same elements
    8. SWTOR Fate of the Galaxy trailer slips out of PAX East
    9. Goro Majima's story detailed for Yakuza of the End
    10. Guild Wars 2 - Screenshots and trailer shows off thief's shapeshifting moves
    11. Gazillion Entertainment hires former Cryptic Studios CEO John Needham
    12. Sony to launch Xperia Play in UK on March 31
    13. Free Realms finally hitting PS3 on March 29
    14. Miyamoto: 3DS remakes of Ocarina and Star Fox 64 came down to 3D
    15. Black Ops top selling game ever, 13.7m US units sold
    16. TDU2 gets first of two patches on 360
    17. Xbox 360 poised to outsell Wii by the end of March, says analyst
    18. Arkham City launches October 18 in US, October 21 in UK
    19. Dead or Alive: Dimensions SpotPass DLC costumes detailed
    20. Crysis 2 trailer wants you to be fast
    21. DICE: "Our competitors are getting lazy"
    22. 5th Cell's Slaczka on the road from Scribblenauts to Hybrid
    23. High Voltage's The Grinder still alive, waiting for publisher
    24. SOCOM: Special Forces gets dated for Europe
    25. Friday shorts: Namco and Codies deal up, STALKER gets mod pack, GT Academy
    26. Wii 2 announcement at E3 predicted by analyst
    27. Euro morning news bulletin – March 11, 2011
    28. NBA Jam won't get roster updates, says EA Sports
    29. Dragon Age II on short release to "capitalize on the success of Origins," says composer
    30. Mark Rein: "Possible" that Samaritan could become a full game, UE4 when next consoles arrive
    31. Garriott: Social gaming is the "new third era"
    32. DICE: 256-player Battlefield 3 is possible, but "not fun"
    33. Mortal Kombat's Raiden trailer sadly lacking evil
    34. Warriors: Legends of Troy stealthily released in US
    35. Capps: Fox News scandal good for Bulletstorm, bad for everyone else
    36. Transformers: Dark of the Moon in second trailer, screens
    37. Dreamlords: Resurrection launch marked by trailer, free in-game currency
    38. Resident Evil 4's camera had its genesis in Onimusha 3
    39. Hawken trailer is mechtastic
    40. Final Fantasy III iOS to release simultaneously wordwide
    41. Microsoft: MSP exploit losses "nowhere near" $1.2m
    42. Pucino: Games "like Homefront" need to sell around 2 million units
    43. Tokita: FFIV Complete Collection makes "concessions" to the old school
    1. NPD February 2011 – 360 and Black Ops tops again
    2. TIGA proposes tax reforms for smaller UK games companies
    3. Platform holders strive to preserve gaming history
    4. Rise of Immortals character progression outlined
    5. Molyneux: “You can get very attracted to gimmicks”
    6. Capcom initiates college grads with iPhone game creation
    7. Animales de la Muerte rises from grave as PSN, XBL title
    8. EA looking at growing the Dead Space franchise by branching out into other markets
    9. Nintendo 3DS firmware updates could brick systems using flashcarts
    10. Ubisoft Toronto likes the new digs, "talking" about the next Splinter Cell
    11. Success of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has Capcom "evaluating" similar efforts for other titles
    12. Naughty Dog dishes details on 3D, villainess in Uncharted 3
    13. Bungie beta tester program mails being sent out
    14. Court lifts LG Sony injunction, sets 300,000 PS3s free
    15. Thursday shorts - part deux: Christian videogame explosion, Yakuza 4 locations, PS Twitter
    16. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 hitting this summer
    17. Mortal Kombat - Mileena, Sub-Zero, Cage, and Scorpion pull heads off in new video
    18. BioWare opens up pre-launch guild program for SWTOR
    19. Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy prologus hits PSN March 15 with Lightning, Aerith unlock
    20. Might and Magic Heroes VI Collector's Edition announced for Europe
    21. God Eater Burst screens and mini-bios for Quadriga and Alisa get out
    22. UK PM Cameron launches Britain's first accessible games centre
    23. Funcom release GDC trailer and screens for The Secret World
    24. Report - Rovio secures $42 million in investments
    25. Latest Shift 2 trailer is all about the corners
    26. Microsoft rolls out Xbox Live Labs optional network testing program
    27. Ape Escape announced and dated for PS3
    28. Latest Edge gives Dragon Age II a 6, Homefront a 5
    29. Konno talks about Nintendo's 3DS plans outside of gaming, NGP
    30. Bethesda's Howard: Oblivion "sacrificed some of what made Morrowind special"
    31. Red Faction: Armageddon to last 12-15 hours
    32. First Saints Row: The Third screen gets out
    33. Quick shots: Shift 2 screens are cartastic
    34. Rumour - IPTV coming to Xbox 360 this year in the US
    35. Rockstar bringing LA Noire to Japan this summer
    36. DC Universe Online coming to PS Store, teases the Penguin for update 2.0
    37. Rumour - New look for PlayStation Home inbound, gets concept art
    38. Thursday shorts: 3.6 may fix PS3 hacks, unlimited DAII XP, other acronyms
    39. PS3 Firmware 3.60 now live, includes Online Storage
    40. Rumour - NGP releasing on November 11 in Europe
    41. Take-Two: GTA IV hits 20m, BioShock series at 8m
    42. EA: 40% of all game sales now digital
    43. Euro morning news bulletin – March 10, 2011
    44. PS boss climbs Sony ladder as restructure shuffles divisions
    45. Orion: Prelude trailer pulls out the big guns
    46. Fils-Aime: Skyward Sword will keep Wii ahead of the pack
    47. THQ Investor briefing: Dark Millenium Online to cost $50 million, uDraw sale projections up
    48. Limbo, Splosion Man and Trials HD to be retail bundle
    49. Two Worlds II Royal Edition hits US retail
    50. Networking company attempting to break world record with 1,000-player FPS
    51. Rumor: Universal planning another Doom movie
    52. Quick Shots - Mortal Kombat web series teasers
    53. Report: Telltale to produce iPad 2-specific versions of current games
    54. Total War: Shogun 2 dev diaries get into nitty gritties
    55. Battlefield Play4Free trailer shows off Oman map
    56. Spicy Horse to return to free-to-play development
    57. Dutch police confiscate thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles
    58. Survey: UK gamers owners ignoring Wii consoles
    59. PS Home scores kittens, gangsters and racing kit
    60. UK teacher dobs school kids in for illicit late night gaming
    1. RISK: Factions now on Steam
    2. Serious Sam Indie Series brings Sam out of shooterville
    3. Report: Code exploit cost Microsoft $1.2 million
    4. Ubisoft pull We Dare from UK release
    5. PAX East 2011 sold out
    6. Zelnick: Metacritic ratings vital, "good is the new bad"
    7. The Darkness II prequel comic available on Free Comic Book Day
    8. Homefront online pass priced for PSN
    9. Gibeau: PC may become EA's biggest platform
    10. John Needham passes Cryptic CEO torch to Jack Emmert
    11. Wednesday shorts, part 2: Bilson hates cut-scenes, ICO wasn't good enough, more
    12. Toy Soldiers: Cold War announced, heading to PAX
    13. Kinect hardware, software sales hit 10 million
    14. PS3 to get Online Storage cloud-save service now live
    15. Second LA Noire gameplay trailer shows interrogation
    16. Homefront 2 is "certainly the plan," says Kaos
    17. Report - Sony cans, streamlines projects at UK studios
    18. White Knight Chronicles II, White Knight Chronicles PSP coming westbound
    19. Wednesday shorts: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Tekken, UDK
    20. LotR goes mature with War in the North: movie, hands-on
    21. Motorstorm Apocalypse demo now available from PSN
    22. First Motorstorm Apocalypse reviews are go, go, go
    23. Unreal Engine 3 GDC demo goes direct-feed
    24. Mafia II 75 percent off on Steam
    25. HMV holding 3DS midnight launches in London and Liverpool
    26. Rumour - ICO/Shadow of the Colossus: The Collection moved out of spring
    27. Keiji Inafune holding event about future next week
    28. Euro morning news bulletin – March 9, 2011
    29. Blizzard: Titan to be "next big thing from us" after Diablo III
    30. Irrational to detail BioShock Infinite location at PAX East this Friday
    31. Rein: NGP offers "ridiculously compelling" console experience
    32. Mikami: Shadows of the Damned won't feel like Resident Evil
    33. Peter Dille exits Sony
    34. PES 2011 DLC plays dress ups
    35. Darkspore pre-order bonuses include Dragon Age: Origins
    36. Hudson Soft to be Konami's social network gaming arm
    37. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime celebrates dating with trailer
    38. Bleszinski: Poor Gears of War 3 multiplayer could kill the series
    39. Prototype 2: Radical's Ken Rosman on murdering makers
    40. Latest StarCraft novel dated
    41. EU PlayStation Network downtime this week
    42. Suda51: "It's not just me who's crazy"
    43. Crysis 2 multiplayer demo PC patched
    1. US PS Store Update, March 8 - Da Vinci, Disney classics, Killzone soundtrack, more
    2. Pokémon Black & White shifts over 1 million on first day
    3. Fils-Aime: 3DS and Pokémon to blame for empty Wii schedule
    4. Quick Shots - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC due soon
    5. Magnetic Billiards trailer geeks out with iPads and papercraft
    6. Modern Rock Mega Pack released for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    7. TestYourself: Psychology coming soon to PSN
    8. Crysis 2 multiplayer progression video Part 3 – it’s all about perks and skills
    9. Study - Violent games can help people, soldiers cope with nightmares
    10. Quick Shots - Lexis Numérique's AMY looks a bit freaky
    11. Spring Fever returns to PlayStation Network
    12. Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath get official Marvel vs Capcom 3 videos
    13. Microsoft: Games for Windows Live had a "rocky start," but will "continue to get better"
    14. Dragon Age II reviews go live - looking good so far
    15. Uncharted 3 cut-scene introduces main villain
    16. Alice: Madness Returns - Insanity bakes great cake
    17. Suda's Hell - Shadows of the Damned's GDC demo
    18. Analyst: Homefront to ship 1.5 million units at launch
    19. Tuesday shorts - HOARD dates, WOW housing, other STUFF
    20. Op Flash: Red River movie explains shifting focus
    21. EGM announces Prototype 2 cover for next issue
    22. Battlefield Heroes hits 7 million subs
    23. Dragon Age II trailer is go for launch
    24. Rumour - Activision developing Dance Hero
    25. Disaster-porn: Motorstorm Apocalypse's Southern hits 11
    26. Saints Row: The Third info breaks from GI: story detailed, multiplayer dropped, upgradeable weapons
    27. Report - Mortal Kombat gets R18 rating in New Zealand
    28. Just Dance 2 sells 1 million units in UK
    29. Tom Bramwell becomes Eurogamer operations director
    30. Blizzard releases second 20th anniversary video
    31. 343 details Defiant Map Pack for Halo Reach
    32. Euro morning news bulletin - March 8, 2011
    33. Killzone 3 gets reduced to ?28 on
    34. 3DS ads will be seen by 85 percent of UK population, says Nintendo
    35. Bulletstorm gets $20 drop to $40 at Amazon
    36. Future perfect - Deus Ex shipping August 26 in the UK
    37. Moon Diver creator: "Old school" design adds "variety" to action genre
    38. Fallen Frontier trailer gives off little Halo vibe
    39. Dragon Age's optional upgrade spruces PC textures
    40. Quick Shots: Saints Row 3 promotional art
    41. Tomb Raider film in the works
    42. Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil more than "trendy features"
    43. Dark Souls camp fire, health recovery and NPC details
    44. Take-Two and Rockstar casting for "Rush"; all signs point to GTA V
    45. Mass Effect 2's PlayStation Network sales "meaningful"
    46. APB: Reloaded gameplay footage shows driving, mayhem
    47. Second LA Noire gameplay video releasing on Wednesday
    48. Lou Castle joins Zynga
    1. The Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition UK price dropped
    2. BioWare: MMO group play is "hardcore"
    3. Report: Microsoft recruiting for next-gen Xbox console
    4. Silent Hill: Revelation film begins casting
    5. Capcom: DMC to be "one of the greatest" Dante games
    6. Comedy: Shenmue III ending detailed by Suzuki at GDC
    7. Red Faction: Battlegrounds releasing first week in April
    8. Pachter: 360 price cut to be announced at E3
    9. Alice: Madness Returns gets first official gameplay trailer
    10. Homefront's multiplay is carnage, video proves it
    11. Crytek confirms lack of Online Pass in Crysis 2
    12. Persona 3 PSP Collector's Edition detailed for Europe
    13. 19,000 visitors hit GDC 2011, 2012 event dated
    14. OXM UK gets first Crysis 2 review, gives it a 9
    15. Resistance 3 multiplayer footage gets out
    16. Shift 2 videos shows off Autolog 2.0
    17. New Blizzard MMO to be "more complementary than competitive"
    18. Crytek shows off CryEngine 3 at GDC
    19. "More and more" core Kinect games inbound, says Microsoft
    20. The Day of Reckoning: BHG on Kingdoms of Amalur
    21. GDC 11: Iwata isolated as iPad 2 signals Apple intent
    22. Three new dev ideas in mind for life after Minecraft, says Notch
    23. Monday shorts: Bleszinski's GDC session on video, Dudebro II, Bit.Trip history
    24. UK charts: Pokemon White and Black takes over top two, Bulletstorm overtakes Killzone 3
    25. House: Sony looking to sell PSN titles at retail
    26. Euro morning news bulletin – March 7, 2011
    27. EA hoping to see MMA sequel
    28. The Kezcast - The Activision cuts and what they mean
    29. Dynasty Warriors 7 reviewed in Famitsu, costume DLC plans detailed
    30. Gaikai's launch was delayed by "Zero Day" demo servers
    31. Taylor: Age of Empires Online transition "a true pleasure"
    32. Quick Shots: Tomb Raider Trilogy HD compared with PS2 originals
    33. Catherine difficulty patch nearly done
    34. Japanese charts, February 21-27: 3DS launch in figures
    35. Trion Worlds: RPG mechanics are like getting one piece of Lego at a time
    36. Good Old Games: DRM scares off customers
    37. Quick Shots: Battle Los Angeles screens show city in ruins
    38. Rumour: Strider and Frank West still on for Marvel vs Capcom 3
    39. Shift 2: Unleashed's Pagani Huayra gameplay footage
    1. Sim City began life as an Apple II tool
    2. Developers: If you want a games job, make games
    3. It's true - Killzone 3 did max out all of PS3's SPUs
    4. Age of Empires Online video blog plays dress ups
    5. Infinity Blade more successful than Shadow Complex
    6. Blizzard: StarCraft II's eSports features were "worth it"
    7. Saturday Shorts: GDC nuggets, game sales, Yakuza 4, Angry Birds
    8. Digital Extremes sheds a bit of light on The Darkness II
    9. DICE doesn't plan on making a FPS MMO
    1. Yoshida "excited to see what kinds of games," small developers create for PS Suite
    2. Guild Wars 2 demo videos show off the Norn
    3. GAME trialing pre-order used game incentive
    4. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon videos show off some gameplay
    5. Mortal Kombat demo gets previewed by the EU PS Blog
    6. THQ: inSane trilogy will only happen if the first entry in the series works
    7. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a "thinking man's game," says Codies
    8. SOCOM 4 beta and Bomb Squad Mode detailed
    9. NOA confirms Master Quest included in Ocarina of Time 3DS
    10. Gabe Newell reveals Steam ID and password to show how Steam Guard works
    11. Warm Gun - Wild West meets Mad Max in Emotional Robots' new shooter
    12. SWTOR site update and video is all about the Bounty Hunter
    13. 3DS pre-orders nearing 100,000 in the UK
    14. Microsoft: UK 360 owners spend around ?64 a month on games
    15. Court allows Sony access to GeoHot website visitor IPs
    16. Gears of War only shipped because of the team's amazing "talent and passion," says Capps
    17. Deus Ex: Human Revolution getting release date "next week"
    18. Crysis 2 multiplayer weapons trailer features holograms, dead people
    19. New Resident Evil movie in production, to release in 2012
    20. Alice: Madness Returns gets first gameplay footage
    21. Bungie: Massively multiplayer action game GDC slide was a "joke"
    1. Unreal Engine 3 GDC demo gets shakycammed
    2. Off-screen Battlefield 3 footage gets out from GDC
    3. 343: Halo Wars a "success", sequel currently not planned
    4. GT Academy 2011 kicks off today
    5. Gears of War 3 beta to kick off on April 25
    6. Battlefield 3 on consoles will still look "very good," says DICE
    7. Splinter Cell 3DS gets trailered
    8. Death is no option: Digital Extremes on The Darkness II
    9. No Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel being planned, says Retro
    10. Dragon Age II leaflet teases Mass Effect 2 DLC
    11. Quick shots - Dark Souls' latest screens are pretty much amazing
    12. Friday shorts, part 1: Fruit Ninja acquiring "next big thing" status, John Romero's still hardcore, much more
    13. THQ confirms Homefront goes gold
    14. Xbox Live Marketplace in March detailed
    15. New Mortal Kombat trailer shows off Challenge Tower mode
    16. New Anarchy Reigns trailer features a tsunami, carpet bombing
    17. Alan Wake PC cancellation decision not made by Remedy
    18. Cage: Quantic Dream's two projects are "very different"
    19. GDC 2011 day four bulletin – the vinegar strokes
    20. THQ Montreal to co-develop Homefront series
    21. ArenaNet details Thief profession for Guild Wars 2
    22. Black Ops First Strike DLC arrives on PSN with celebratory music video
    23. Battle: Los Angeles game confirmed
    24. Tropico 4 delayed, marks occasion with trailer
    25. Undead Labs: Class 3 is the "platform" for Class 4
    26. Bilson: THQ is "in the conversation" with Homefront
    27. Rumour: French OPM to reveal a new zombie game next month
    28. Miyamoto: "Plain" Zelda's success unexpected
    29. Bungie confirms "massively multiplayer action game"
    30. Okamiden trailers introduce the Thunders
    31. Two secret projects at Capcom Vancouver
    32. Another World coming to iOS, Chahi talks publication troubles
    1. Guild Wars Update travels to Embark Beach
    2. Blizzard turns 20, thanks fans for support
    3. Kevin Butler and pure analog control in MLB 11 The Show
    4. Bleszinski: "AAA is not dying" - full GDC session report
    5. Quick Shots - Dead Island screens contain no kiddies, lots of deceased folk
    6. DICE boss: Death of PC gaming is "bulls**t"
    7. Halo: Reach launching on Marketplace on March 15
    8. PSP go drops to $150 in the US following PSP-3000 cut
    9. Valve unveils security service Steam Guard
    10. Call of Juarez The Cartel devs insists: “The wild west lives on”
    11. New LA Noire video shows off "The Naked City"
    12. Mortal Kombat demo hitting PS3 next week
    13. Sony contradicts itself, says 41.6 million PS3s sold worldwide
    14. Thursday shorts, part 2: Jaffe and console design, more GDC panel bits, THQ gets into bother over Homefront balloons
    15. Acti claims Black Ops is biggest PS3 seller ever
    16. Valhalla Game Studios enlists help of Score Studios for Devil's Third
    17. Prototype 2 gets extended VGAs trailer from GDC
    18. Minecraft iOS being handled by another developer, says Notch
    19. Homefront the most pre-ordered title in THQ history, says Bilson
    20. NGP media format detailed at GDC
    21. Ueda: Games can be art depending on the definition
    22. Notch: Piracy is not theft
    23. Rocksteady: Arkham City takes place 18 months after Arkham Asylum
    24. Thursday shorts, part 1: iPad2 "fantastic for games," no dead children in Dead Island, tons more
    25. Cage: Heavy Rain was finished by 72 percent of players
    26. Ueda "considering" Last Guardian demo inclusion with ICO and Shadow Collection
    27. "We’ll probably do Minecraft 2," says Mojang
    28. GDC 2011 day three bulletin – everything you need to know
    29. Braben: Not doing Elite IV "would be a tragedy"
    30. RDR, Minecraft and Amnesia scoop big GDC awards
    31. Double Fine's Trenched announced, first teaser
    32. GDC: NGP panel showcases new Uncharted footage, more
    33. Resistance 3 multiplayer to feature a maximum of 16 players
    34. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is “in the fifth inning”
    35. Beyond Good & Evil HD launch trailer takes the fight to the Alpha
    36. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC will not use always-on DRM
    37. Epic reveals mind-blowing new Unreal Engine tech
    38. Wednesday Shorts, part 3 - Street Fighter turns 20, FFXIV, Halo: Reach art
    39. THQ announces Saints Row: The Third for late 2011
    40. No publisher found for Super Meat Boy Wii, retail version canceled
    41. Jaffe: No patches on the heels of release, please
    1. Sony announces Move.Me tool for hobbyist developers
    2. Jobs: 100 million iPhones, 15 million iPads shipped
    3. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon spews forth over 40 images, trailer
    4. Dragon Age 2 trailer introduces The Exiled Prince
    5. Quick Shots - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS looking suitably lovely
    6. ACB: Da Vinci Disappearance releases next week - now with trailer
    7. Suzuki: "Sega probably will let me make" Shenmue III
    8. Free Infinity Blade Deathless Kings update out now
    9. The Last Guardian previews provide new details and screens
    10. Apple announces iPad 2, ships in US next week
    11. Magicka: Vietnam to release "in about a month"
    12. EA "did not kill" Mirror's Edge, says Gibeau
    13. Beyond Good and Evil HD landing "later this year," says Ubisoft
    14. Find Makarov shown as CoD fan film
    15. "No other engine" can make Battlefield 3, says DICE
    16. EU PS Store update, March 2 - PixelJunk Shooter 2, Black Ops, Dragon Age 2
    17. Infinity Blade took five months to make, new content update incoming
    18. Wednesday shorts, part 2: Dualshock 3 goes candy blue, "Retail PC Gaming Is Dying," more
    19. Sony details PS Plus content for April
    20. Hunted gets 8-minute long gameplay video
    21. LA Noire has previews, will be awesome
    22. GDC in Crysis: Crytek's Zala on leaks and love for PC
    23. Eurogamer Expo 2011 tickets go on sale
    24. Crysis 2 PS3 multiplayer gets videoed
    25. ESRB summarizes Crysis 2: stealth attacks can "break enemies necks"
    26. Beyond Good and Evil HD now available on Live
    27. Battlefield Play4Free open beta kicks off on April 4
    28. APB: Reloaded enters closed beta
    29. Wednesday shorts, part 1: GDC panel bits, Rift launch trailer, much more
    30. EA's Gibeau on regaining shooter crown: "We're going to compete"
    31. GDC keynote: “Must-have” Iwata announces 3DS Mario
    32. ngmoco head: NGP is "dead on arrival", 3DS is "gimmicky"
    33. US PS Store Update, March 1 - Vagrant Story, NFS Lamborghini DLC, Nine Inch Nails
    34. GDC 2011 day two bulletin – everything you need to know
    35. Yakuza: Of The End demo appears on Japanese PSN
    36. GT5 to get mid-race save feature, says Yamauchi
    37. Killzone 3 Operations DLC "unlikely"
    38. Battlefield 3 breaks GDC: play impressions, shots, video
    39. Battlefield 3 utilises Madden, FIFA tech
    40. Report - Warner to appeal Mortal Kombat Australia ban
    41. Crytek: PS Move "didn't really lend itself" to Crysis 2
    42. First Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer goes live
    43. Homefront trailer sports live action sequence
    44. Stacking DLC in development, confirms THQ
    45. Minecraft developer's next project is card game Scrolls
    46. Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns dated
    47. Microsoft researching realistic avatars
    48. Paradox highlights King Arthur II, Supreme Ruler: Cold War, Magna Mundi and With Fire and Sword
    49. Quick Shots - L.A. Noire looking gorgeous in twelve high-res screens
    50. BioWare: Fan feedback a big part of Mass Effect
    1. Crysis 2 PS3 MP demo arriving in two weeks
    2. DeMartini exits EA Partners, Neider assumes GM role
    3. Report claims European digital market to reach $4.2 billion
    4. Nintendo of America appoints new VP of corporate affairs
    5. Tuesday shorts, part 3: Ms. Splosion Man video, Unreal Engine 3 supports DX11, more
    6. Tokyo Game Show 2011 detailed
    7. Razer to release Dragon Age 2 branded PC peripherals
    8. Sony: Home hits 19 million downloads, real-time multiplayer incoming
    9. Traveller's Tales "exploring" LEGO Kinect, Move possibilities
    10. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to get PSN release
    11. Catherine gets a US launch trailer, screens [Update]
    12. MS to allow "dead" Gamertags to be used again
    13. Ironclad announces Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    14. Closed Motorstorm: Apocalypse beta underway
    15. Rift launches in the US, hits UK on Friday
    16. Visceral hiring for "bold new IP"
    17. Nintendo confirms live-stream for Iwata GDC keynote
    18. PSA: PixelJunk Shooter 2 out in US today, tomorrow in EU
    19. Paradox announces Magicka: Vietnam
    20. Sucker Punch unveils inFamous 2's player creation suite
    21. THQ holding fake anti-North Korean protest for Homefront
    22. Tuesday shorts, part 2: DA2 character interaction, Child of Eden's vibrating belt, more
    23. EA waits for Crytek comment on Crysis 2 Online Pass status
    24. Skyrim trailer now on Live
    25. Good sports - MLB 2K11 and Top Spin 4 demos hit Live
    26. Dead Space 2: Severed out now on Xbox Live
    27. Fable III: Traitor's Keep out now on Xbox Live
    28. Harmonix: Rock Band 3 "outperformed" by Dance Central at retail
    29. PSN-exclusive Rochard announced, features platforms
    30. Crysis 2 MP demo now available again on Xbox Live
    31. Iwata: Nintendo looking to top DS sales with 3DS, no Wii successor soon
    32. SOE opens applications for 2011's GIRL scholarship
    33. Angry Birds does GDC: St Patrick's Day content, movie, engine credits
    34. Quake 4 now legally available to download in US and Canada
    35. MS offers $75,000 prize money for Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge
    36. Black Ops single-player demo available on Live now
    37. Ubisoft announces AC: Brotherhood: Da Vinci Edition
    38. Motorstorm Apocalypse trailer brings the goods
    39. Panasonic kills off Jungle development
    40. Quick shots: Sega Rally Online Arcade still looks great
    41. Suzuki "thinking about" iOS, Android release of Shenmue Town
    42. Survey: Over 30% of UK and US adults play mobile games
    43. F1 2011 info to drop prior to Melbourne season opener
    44. Gameloft using Unreal Engine 3 for four new games
    45. Modnation Racers results in 2 million "creations"
    46. Famitsu: Last Guardian has gameplay gauges, uses fake language
    47. New CoD: Black Ops Xbox 360 patch live, PS3 patch coming March 3
    48. Catherine western localisation confirmed for summer
    49. Splash Damage "just focused" on Brink before anything else
    50. GDC 2011 day one bulletin - everything you need to know
    51. Half-Minute Hero rated for Xbox Live Arcade by Australian Classification Board
    52. Tuesday Shorts: FFXIV, Monster Hunter, EA and BigPoint double team, more
    53. NGP to use Skyhook as location program
    54. Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo out now
    55. Recruitment hints at new Media Molecule title
    56. PC Gaming Alliance reports increased revenue worldwide
    57. Zynga: Do it "light, fast and right"
    58. Super Meat Boy post-mortem: Microsoft support failures, 3DS plans, Ultra Version, and more
    59. Wolfire founder explains Humble Indie Bundle's success
    60. Paradox announces Sengoku
    61. Nathan Fillion defends Wahlberg casting decision
    62. Devil May Cry film rights acquired by Resident Evil studio
    63. NCSoft only interested in "big" MMOs
    64. Ten minutes of The Witcher 2 escape
    65. Harmonix: A "lot more" in the motion gaming domain inbound